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cd cover The English Country Blues Band
Unruly (v1.1)

The Italian Job / Lodge Road (full song in Real Audio)
Baby what you want me to do
Under the waterbed / Under the army blanket
England's power and glory

I have always been a sucker for Brits doing the blues and American folk, and this band was always a favorite interpreter (as well as a charming innovator on their own roots), with both a deep sense of reverence for the music and also a solid wit that kept it from ever getting too stiff. These 21 songs covered a lot of distance in the short life-span of the band's recording career, 1981-83. Just enjoy it!

The press release stuff:
Two decades ago, well ahead of their time, the ECBB brought together well-known musicians from opposite corners of the English folk scene in an innovative, barrier-demolishing blend, naturally anglicising blues and old-time country and finding new ways of looking at British traditional songs and tunes. These tracks from their two albums and one single feature the core trio of Maggie Holland, Rod Stradling & Ian Anderson, regular members Chris Coe, Sue Harris and John Maxwell, and guests including Nic Jones, John Kirkpatrick, Dave Peabody and Danny Stradling. Much improved from the only previous re-issue, this is all completely remastered from original tapes, extensively repackaged, and has replaced tracks plus an extra brand new recording featuring veteran English folk giant Bob Copper, to close the circle opened two decades ago.

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