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Umaftur (The Orchard) (Tutl Records)

The best known Faroes-based folk band, with members from the Faroe Islands, Denmark, Scotland and the US. This is theY2K reissue of their 1978 recording of music from Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and the Faroe Islands

Nu goer'e e godt igen

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"...this band has enough energy and fire to keep you happy and warm even on the coldest Faroese nights." - Dirty Linen

Their name means means "the folk musicians." The band started in 1974 in Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands. Originally a largeer local group known as Spælimenninir I Høydolum, the touring ensemble became known simply as Spælimenninir. They perform traditional and modern folk music from the Nordic countries, the British Isles and occasionally the US; Swedish polskas and walking tunes, Norwegian waltzes and reinlenders, ancient Faroese dance tunes and religious songs, Shetland reels, Danish quadrilles, and original compositions.

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