Kristian Blak and Yggdrasil - Risastova - CD
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cd cover Kristian Blak and Yggdrasil
Risastova (Tutl)

The ensemble Yggdrasil embarks on its 25th year with an ensemble of musicians from Faroe isalnds and Estonia, and featuring vocalist Kári Sverrisson. They perform modern interpretations of traditional Faroese skjaldurs, ballads & hymns. There are also unusual compositions by Kristian Blak.

The musicians are: Kári Sverrisson (vocal, acoustic guitar), Villu Veski (tenor & soprano saxophone), Angelika Nielsen (violin), Heðin Ziska Davidsen (electric guitar), Kristian Blak (piano, vocal, grótljóð), Tóri Restorff Jacobsen (cello) & Brandur Jacobsen (drums, percussion).



About the recordings:
"Risastova", the new album by Yggdrasil, is released today. It also happens to be the first Tutl release in 2006. The album features core member Kristian Blak as well as several prominent musicians & guest musicians from The Faroe Islands and Estonia. The ensemble Yggdrasil has now embarked on its 25th year, and the line-up on the new album is a curious and strong one.

Among the featured music are compositions based on traditional faroese skjaldurs, ballads & hymns ("Rógva út á krabbasker", "Det er i nat en vaagenat", "Christ stod op af døde" & "Gøtulíð"). There are also new, original pieces composed by Kristian Blak to be found on the album ("Grótljóð", an intermezzo that is played on pieces of Faroese basalt, cut at Skopunar Grótvirki, Faroe Islands, and "Vágatunnilin - Tunnel Music"; this suite was composed for the celebration of the opening of the first underwater tunnel in the Faroe Islands, connecting the two islands Streymoy and Vágar).

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