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cd cover Kata
TÝvils D°tur (Tutl)
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Five Faroese singers - a capella and accompanied by a small ensemble - explore traditional songs of the Faroe Islands.
The CD is accompanied by two booklets of lyrics and explanations of the songs (in English and Faroese).



"TÝvils D°tur"


"Fadir og dottir"

"Risin og moyggin"

"Rura Rura Barnid"

More info from the artists:
Kata is a group five singers: Greta Bech, Guðrið Hansdˇttir, ArnfrÝð Lutzen, Eyð Berghamar Jacobsen and Unn Paturson. Lately we have been working with Faroese songs, found in the books of musicologist Marianne Clausen (1947-2014). Clausen's books contain the notations of old Faroese tunes and variations of tunes, that have been found on recordings dating back to 1902 in recordings made by Hjalmar ThurÚn in 1902.

The tunes are kvŠði, vÝsur, skjaldur and traditional folk songs, that have been in the Faroese culture for centuries and have evolved through time, and from one village to another, and have changed between singers.

The songs that are presented on the TÝvils d°tur are mostly tunes that have been forgotten in the Faroe Islands, and almost nobody uses anymore. The arrangements of the songs were made by Greta Bech and Unn Paturson . The contents of the lyrics of the songs fx funny little nonsense-nursury rhymes (skjaldur) to more dramatic story lines (kvŠði). Most of the songs on Tývils d°tur are about girls, women, withces and giantess, so they almost all have some sort of a female 'twist' in the content.

Kata was founded in 2006 by Faroese singers Anna Katrina Petersen and Anna Maria Olsen, with purpose of performing Bulgarian women's choir music as arranged by composers like Philip Koutev, especially for the choir Le MystŔre des Voix Bulgares.

The first Kata-group was active in the Faroe Islands from 2006 to2010, consisting of four singers: Anna Katrina Petersen, Anna Maria Olsen, Unn Paturson and Eyð Berghamar Jacobsen.

In 2013 the gruop was reformed with the current five singers. Rˇgvi ß Rˇgvu (percussion) and Lasse Thorning JŠger (electronics) occasionally join the group for concerts.

TÝvils d°tur was recorded in the oldest church still in use in the Faroe Islands, Ëlavskirkjan, located in Kirkjub°, a church that dates back to approximately 1250. This because we thought that it would fit well into the mood of our music. The CD was produced by Unn Paturson.

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