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cd cover Afenginn
Reptilica Polaris (Tutl)

The band says: "In the dark uniform western hemisphere, where rationality and stress seems to be the new religion, a small distant light is now appearing. Deeply rooted in the faith and tradition of sincere musical virtuosity and sheer madness, the new release from the acrobatic Danish deviates Afenginn, must challenge the stagnate state of every part-time depressed citizen of modern society. In a challenging unpretentious head-on collision with the conformity of well polished musical mainstream, this one-of-a-kind polyethnic contrastic Balkan-Scandinavian music blend will make every honest delirium-connoisseur go into ruptures. The music is best defined as Bela Bartok drinking schnappses of melancholic nordic klezmer with Mike Patton." 'Nuff said.


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Afenginn is, among other things, a roaring Balkan party, a melody of Nordic melancholic moods and a mixture of super dynamic live shows. Formed in 2002 and with three albums to their name, Afenginn is a wellcalibrated body of music full of bouncy beans and melodic percussion.

The five-piece orchestra have played energetic shows all over the world; most recently seen at such festivals as SXSW (Austin, Texas), Penang World Music Festival (Malaysia), By:Larm (Norway) and SPOT, (Denmark).

With a majestic male choir and 12-piece brassband Afenginn are reborn with a concept album about love, anger and the silent self-consumption of creatures. Conceived as one large composition, in this way Reptilica Polaris differs from Afenginn's previous albums the award winning instrumentals Retrograd (2004) and Akrobakkus (2006). Reptilica Polaris is an amalgam of Latin, Finnish, Swedish and Spanish lyrics.

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