Laget for folkemusikk - Solo og Samspel
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Laget for folkemusikk
Solo og Samspel (Ta:lik, Norway)

Laget for folkemusikk (The folk music association) has been the most important organization for folk musicians in Oslo the last 100 years and these recordings trace it's history through recordings by some of the country's great hardingfele (hardangar fiddle) players. Musicians in this collection include Arne Røine, Kjetil Løndal, Magne Myhren, Henrik Gjellesvik, Dagne Groven Myhren (song), Hallgrim Berg (seljefløyte), Håkon Asheim, Magne Manheim, Ånon Egeland, the ensembles Midtgaard-Løndal and Balchen, Bolstad og Bøe and many many more. Look below for a complete track and performer list.

Excellent historical and musicial notes in Norwegian and English

"Laget for Folkemusikk" in Oslo started as a gathering of friends around the hardangerfiddle, and it`s special type of music, and dance. After 100 years of existence, it still sticks to this goal. This CD is meant to be a musical monument and documentation of the fiddlers who have made a deep impression in the folk music environment in Oslo during the past 50 years.

"Laget for Folkemusikk" means "The Folk music Association". This association (LfF) came into existence in 1903. Until 1931 it was called "Huldraleiken" which is the equivalent of "The Elf Dance".

At the turn of the last century many people moved from the rural districts to get work in the towns and cities. They carried with them the old traditions from their local communities. The 8 stringed hardangerfiddle and the old rural dances brought these people together in an environment of mutual, cultural understanding. As a consequence, they arranged gatherings for fiddling, dancing and competitions in their local traditions.

Many of the best fiddlers in Norway have met in LfF and been members for shorter or longer periods of time. It´s main objective is to preserve and carry on the unbroken tradition of the Norwegian folk music, and especially the hardangerfiddle music.

Performers and tracks:

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