Camilla Granlien / Begjaer
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Camilla Granlien Camilla Granlien
Begjaer (Talik Ta:lik)

On Begjær the Norwegian singer offers a gorgeous a capella performance of traditional folk songs


Press from the record label:
Camilla Granlien moves further on towards the absolute elite of Norwegian vocalists. As a matter of fact, the record is not only damping fresh from the CD plant, it is also dampingly sensual both musically, visually and thematically. And what is the name? DESIRE!

As far as we know, this is the first time anybody releases a full length record with vocal music from the Gudbrandsdalen valley of Norway. The material is taught her by Jarnfrid Kjøk from Lom, but also picked up from recordings with Rønnaug Vangen, Lom and Kristian P. Åsmundstad, Kvikne/Ringebu. In addition Camilla has brought to life several of the songs the two Folk Music collectors, L. M. Lindeman and O. M. Sandvik, wrote down on their Gudbrandsdalen Valley journeys during the late 19th century. This music which until now has been available only as the original 19th century sheet music, Camilla has carefully “reconstructed” by adding more verses, making the ballad histories more complete. On this CD you will hear both ballads and penny songs, all of them with a touch of DESIRE…

Camilla Granlien comes from Hamar (in the southern part of Norway), with parents from Ringebu in the Gudbrandsdalen Valley, a fact that pretty much explains her great interest in the Gudrandsdalen repertoire. She has a broad background, both theoretically and practically. This has resulted in, besides this CD, a Master degree in traditional folk singing from the Rauland College in Telemark. Hardly necessary to mention, but her main paper was about the traditional Gudrandsdalen repertoire. Camilla Granlien has been touring Norway for several years, both as a soloist, but also together with her own band, Camilla Granlien Band, and with the trio Skrekk. Together with Skrekk she released the album Skrekk on the Norwegian label Grappa/Heilo in June 2004, with pleasant reviews from both Norwegian and international press. Camilla keeps her time manager full with all kinds of interesting stuff, but now she is around most of all with her first solo album, DESIRE.

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