Sergei A. Sverev (Kyyl Uola) - Olonkho Doidutui Toiyuga - CD
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cd cover Sergei Sverev (Kyyl Uola)
Olonkho Doidutui Toiyuga

Sergei Afanas'evich Zverev (1900-1973), also known as Kyyl Uola, is considered by many to be one of the greatest Sakha musicians of this century. This is a restored and re-mastered edition of his first recording, made in 1951.
Note: There are no liner notes in this production, just some photos and a track listing in Russian. The information below is the most comprehensive info available at this time.


Tracks (highlighted are mp3 samples)
1) Blessing 4:45
2) Glad Days Have Come 3:41
3) Dam of the Meginyets 19:53
4) Song of Parting (from the olonkho "Kulgustai Bergen") 6:37
5) The Glory of Youth 1:41
6) Song of the Dance 1:42
7) On the Vilui River 11:47
8) The Arrival of Summer 4:07
9) Tomorrow, Tomorrow Morning 2:54
10) Toyuk of Moscow the Great 7:17

Sergei Afanacievich Sverev Kyyl Uola
(June 25, 1900 March 7, 1973)

Honored Artist and Cultural Worker of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Sergei Sverev was born into a family of singers and storytellers in the Suntar region. Sverev is loved and remembered by Sakha people of Siberia, not only as an unsurpassed musician, but also as a great poet, choreographer, and master of the dramatic arts, including olonkho, the epic poem of the Sakha.

In his youth, Sverev traveled a lot, working as a farm laborer, miner, cabinetmaker, and kolkhoz president before becoming an actor in the Nyurba Theatre in 1942. In 1944 Sverev went to Moscow with a group of artists and musicians with the goal of establishing a repertoire for Sakha musical theater. It was during his years in Moscow that he wrote his famous toyuk "Tale of Moscow the Great" which was dedicated to the 800-year anniversary of the city of Moscow. Parts of the Russian translation were quoted in the official opening of the Moscow anniversary celebrations and printed in Pravda.

In 1947 Sverev was a consultant on the first productions of Sakha opera (Nyurgun B'otur) and ballet (Polevoi Tsvetok "Field Flower") at the Oiyunski State Musical Drama Theatre in the capital city of Yakutsk. Sverev's dance ensemble was established in the Suntar region in 1957 and was active for many years, winning honors and prizes in festivals in the Republic of Sakha and in Moscow.

Scholars have written much about the life and work of Sverev; now for the first time his legendary mastery of Sakha song is available on CD.

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