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cd cover Rosapaeda
In forma di Rosa


RosaPaeda is the stage name of singer Antonella Di Domenico, one of the most expressive and moving voices in south Italy. She was a member of Different Stylee ( she was the lead singer and one of the founders of this reggae group that disbanded in 1992 ). Now she has embarked on "the new and rash reconstruction of the folk", as she calls it. Together with Eddi Romano (accordion and piano), they are expanding their horizons from southern Italy (still the strongest note in their mix) to include Gypsy, Balkan and Afro-Mediterranean sounds into a completey unique sound.

"Often revolutionary, this may very well be the voice of the new Italian South, awakening from its centuries-old sleep and reasserting itself, cutting off old tired traditions and leaving behind codes that have condemned it to silence and servitude. Having the courage and sense to talk in the local idioms about the real problems of the people, Rosa Paeda transcends the status of a wonderful singer, becoming a true pioneer travelling a difficult path, armed with her love of people, her immaculate soul and her desire to put wrongs right. I can already listen to the voices being raised against her and the way she decides to disregard the "traditional" form when it doesn't suit her attempts to bring forth the real vernacular spirit and character of those traditions. Mixing styles, cultures and people, speaking in languages left for dead or engulfed in their own preciousness, this is music that presents a global perspective on the local with words in the local dialects." - Nondas Kitsos, RootsWorld
1. Bari mediterranea
2. Mamma nan ge steie
3. Uocchie ca mme parlate
4. Ta travudia
5. V'neit, oh tr'zzareul'!
6. Piccola follia (Pizzica afro)
7. Dorme, tu dorme
8. Canto delle lavandaie del Vomero
9. Ta travudia The Rootsman remix
10. E' o ver

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