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cd cover Okra Playground
Turmio (Nordic Notes/ Sibelius Academy, Finland)
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A thoroughly modern look at Finnish traditions, with kanteles (acoustic and electric), multiple voices and a full band reinventing the poetry of The Kalevala (the epic foundation poem of Finland). Fans of Värttinä and Hedningarna will find a lot to like here, both in the vocals and the instrumental power.


"Silver Tongue"


"Wasting Time"


"The Mallard"

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From RootsWorld:
Finnish folk music can sound other-worldly. The country's folk-epic, "The Kalevala," compiled by Elias Lönnrot in the early 1800s era of nationalism, features ancient and stunning poetry that sounds as if it were forged by mountains and rivers. "The Kalevala" is laced with charms and spells, and its impact on Finnish folk culture has been immense. For instance, one hears such Finnish traditions in Värttinä's iconic work; and now, in the recording of Okra Playground.

Okra Playground formed in Finland in 2010, and Turmio is the group's debut recording. Three female vocalists are up-front in Okra Playground's sound – Päivi Hirvonen, Maija Kauhanen, and Essi Muikku – which lends thrilling dynamics to their chosen material. Intriguingly, Kauhanen and Muikku also both play kantele (a Finnish dulcimer), strung over their shoulders for a twin-stringed attack that any heavy metal band would envy. The men in the band, Sami Kujala (bass), Veikko Muikku (synth and accordion), and Tatu Viitala (percussion) round out the contemporary sound of Okra Playground.

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