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cd cover Grekow.Mlejnek.Mlejnek

This young, Polish-based ensemble plays Macedonian, Bulgarian and other Balkan music with a charged energy, a flair for jazz and folk alike, and the curiosity of non-natives discovering a secret code. the trio plays kaval, accordion, bagpipe, bass and tambura. The musicianship is first-rate, the tunes are mostly original, but owe a lot to the traditions that have influenced these players, and the arrangements are subtle yet inventive.

Sarakina II

Jacek Grekow - accordion, bagpipe, kaval – Bulgarian flute
Jan Mlejnek - clarinet, tambura (Bulgarian guitar)
Bartosz Mlejnek - double bass

Guests: Weronika Grozdew (vocals) and Bartosz Zwolski (tarambuka)

The Band Says:
The "Sarakina – Grekow.Mlejnek.Mlejnek’’ CD is the first co-production of the band Sarakina. The compositions and arrangaments of melodies as well as musical motives originate in Bulgaria and Macedonia. Original instruments and professionalism of the musicians, together with the excellent choice of music material make some pieces on the CD bear an immense emotional loading. The inspiration is to be found in dynamical, ravishing Bulgarian dances and contrasting in mood and tempo nostalgic songs on the basis of the archaic chorus. The music presented on the Sarakina’s CD ranges from folk and classical to sacred.
"Sarakina is an oriental name for a beautiful girl from Balkans, a village in Greece and the name of a band from Bialystok playing music of Bulgarian origin. They play compositions and arrangements of melodies and music motives from Bulgaria and Macedonia. Their music blend different tempoes and moods, and even epochs. The archaic songs go hand in hand with virtuositly performed jazzy interludes and the clarinet 'gabs' with the ethnic instruments." - Monika Zmijewska (Gazeta Wyborcza)

see also: Grekow/Chololowicz Kyrillikata

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