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Baden Powell : Tempo de Musica (2 CD set)
Well-known recordings combined with rare live tracks and private recordings of the early sixties. The booklet includes rare pictures and a index for tracks and keywords. Mostly guitar and voice only, a few tracks from the 60s accompanied by violin

Issa Juma and Super Wanyika Stars : World Defeats The Grandfathers
Wanyika Stars was the defining sound of Kenyan Swahili rumba in the late 70s and early 80s, and Issa Juma was a pivotal figure in both creating and giving it new directions. His powerful baritone voice was indisputably the best of the Wanyika clan and, constantly experimenting, his style could change with each producer and session. Carefully re-mastered, full-length recordings that include bona fide hits alongside rare, never-before-released tracks, this album is a long-overdue homage to a brilliant vocalist and band-leader, an innovative and accomplished musician who today is sadly missed.

various : Midnight in Mali
It can't get much better than this: a live concert with some of Mali's best and most interesting performers: guitarist Djelimady Tounkara, balafonist Keletigui Diabaté, n’goni master Basekou Kouyaté and singer Dieneba Seck with Medina N'Diaye (kora, vocal), Samba Sissoko (percussion), Salif Sissoko (percussion), Mariam Tounkara (vocals), Alou dembele (bass), Zoumana Tereta (sokou-violin), Vieux Kanteall (kamalen n'goni) and all under the direction of guitarist Habib Koité. Highly recommended!

Kayhan Kalhor, Ali Akbar Moradi : In the Mirror of the Sky
While Kurdish and Persian music are historically related, each has formed a unique path of development since ancient times. In the Mirror Sky of the Sky features kamancheh virtuoso Kayhan Kalhor and Ali Akbar Moradi on the Kurdish tanbur, an ancient instrument long associated with Sufi mysticism. Together, they improvise on Kurdish modes, creating a borderless music.

various : Forro For All 2
Once the party music of Brazil's rustic northeast, forró is now for all the fun-loving in cities around the world. Marked by it's hard rhythm, its tight percussion and of course, the accordion, this collection spotlights a number of different ensembles oyu may never have heard of.bk-blaferdi

Enzo Favata Tentetto (featuring Tenores di Bitti) : The New Village
Sardinian musician and composer Favata has been roiling the roots-jazz of Italy for decades now, recording Cds and playing more than 2,000 concertsaround the world. He fuses tradition with a contemporary sense, forging a new music form folk, jazz and avant garde elements that are strictly original. He has studied classical and jazz saxophone, plays the soprano, sopranino and tenor sax, and the bass clarinet, as well as other ethnic wind instruments from Sardinia and elsewhere. Adding Latin, African and middle eastern influences, he has come up with a creative and original new sound that pays homage to the jazz greats while being beholden to no one. This recording features the incredible Tenores di Bitti, who offer not only their voices, but the inspiration of their melodies that are infused into the very core of Favata's new compositions.

Sidi Toure : Hoga
Songs recount Songhai Empire history as the weirdly sympathetic strains of an archaic Songhai viol and bluesy overdriven electric guitar swirl around it. This is a truly unque musician, with a sound all his own.

Bitter Funeral Beer Band w Don Cherry, K. Sridhar : Live in Frankfurt 82
A remarkable concert recording of innovative trumpeter Cherry and sarod master Sridhar, joined by a stellar cast of Swedish, African, American musicians including Bengt Berger, Atsimevu, Anita Livstrand, Matthias Helldén, Christer Bothén, and many more.

Jonas Knutsson and Horn Please : Horn Please!
Swedish folk and horn music on six saxophones, bass and percussion.Led by saxophonist/composer/arranger Jonas Knutsson, some of the prominent younger Swedish folk musicians are presented in music that goes from the traditional to the newly composed, and from the strictly arranged to the wildly improvised. The horn players: Alexandra Särström, Å sa Johansson, Hanna Wiskari, Klas Toresson, Daniel Carlsson; plus Bengt Jonasson and Petter Berndalen on bass and percussion. Compositions by Knutsson and traditional music from different parts of Sweden and South India. Highly recommended

Ammasu Akapoma Group : The Music of Ammasu - Brong-Ahafu Ghana 1976
A musical portrait of the Village of Ammasu in the Brong-Ahafu region of Ghana. The Ammasu Akapoma Band is the hottest funeral band in the region and on this album you will find ritual and recreational drumming, singing in sorrow and happiness, children's music, a brass band and more. Includes a 28 page booklet with text and pictures.

Fung Liao aka Lars Fredriksson : Ting Qui: Listening to Autumn
Swedish born conductor Fung Liao, aka :ars Fredriksson, directs 108 singing Chinese crickets, which belive it or not, is a long respected Chinese tradition. It is strangely beautiful and alluring.

Berger Knutsson Spering : Up Close
Swedish musicians Bengt Berger, drums Jonas Knutsson, saxophones Christian Spering, bass recorded this set of songs at Studios La Buissonne in Provence. It includes original works, an interpretation of a South Indian piece, trad/arrs of some Swedish polskas as well as Paul Motians 'It should have happened a long time ago' and Ellington's 'In A Sentimental Mood.' Jazz as only the Scandinavians play it.

Berger, Knutsson, Spering, Cherry, Cherry : See You In A Minute
Bengt Berger, Jonas Knutsson, Christian Spering, Eagle-Eye Cherry and Neneh Cherry in an international homage to the late, great Don Cherry

S. Naimpalli and M.Balvally : Live At Trinity Club, Bombay 1967
A tabla duet in trital, with harmonium by Lehra and recitations by Pandit Taranth (who has never been heard on record before), recorded live in Bombay, 1967. Remastered for CD in 2005.

Rosapaeda : In forma di Rosa
RosaPaeda is the stage name of singer Antonella Di Domenico, one of the most expressive and moving voices in south Italy. She was a member of Different Stylee ( she was the lead singer and one of the founders of this reggae group that disbanded in 1992 ). Now she has embarked on "the new and rash reconstruction of the folk", as she calls it. Together with Eddi Romano (accordion and piano), they are expanding their horizons from southern Italy (still the strongest note in their mix) to include Gypsy, Balkan and Afro-Mediterranean sounds into a completey unique sound.

Rosapaeda : Facce
The ten songs in this recording make use of various dialects from Southern Italy (Sicilian, Calabrese, Greek from Salento, Neapolitan, from Lucania) to generate a musical fire in both traditional and original songs by singer Rosapaeda.

Ferenc Kiss : Outlaws of the City -Nagyvárosi bujdosók
The Outlaws of the City is a thematic or as it is nowadays called a concept album. In the songs, lyrics and performance I used a lot from what I have learnt in the past 25 years about folk cultures, and the way we can use them today. The prosaic supplements, which I call texts that accompany the songs, cannot be sung, but they all relate, at some places closely, at others loosely, to the imagery of the songs. They make each other complete. They are about me, and my loved ones, and about those who can never be loved. Memories about my generation and the hiding. My childhood, and school, fears, the recognition and the fire, music and water, the respect of traditions and rebellion, landscapes and people, tales and travels, the myth and bureaucracy, duty and love, self destruction and attachments, home and the native land, the rustling of skirts, our fate, the child's eyes, the smell of books, the wings of freedom and of course happiness, joy, wine and dance, and the language of the Bible and the streets, hungary, hungarian, klezmorim,magyar, ferenc kiss, agoston bela, bagpipes, duda, accordion, accordeon

Spiro : Welcome Joy and Welcome Sorrow
A quartet from England combines folk acoustics and art music precision to create a personal chamber music sound using accordion, piano, violins, mandolins and percussion. They present 14 compositions that lay outside of any category, refusing any pigeon hole.

Nigun : KlezJazz
This Hungarian bands mixes Jewish music (folk, klezmer, Sephardic, and sacred) with jazz and free-improvisative elements. This music is characterized by both the melodic turns of Jewish music and improvisational elements. The aim of Nigun is not only preserving heritage but creating new values.

David Chevan and the Afro-Semitic Experience : Further Definitions of the Days of Awe
"Never before have I heard this lyrically powerful a fusion of Jewish and jazz souls on fire." So says Nat Hentoff and I can't agree more. For most of the past decade the Afro-Semitic Experience has played the midnight Selichot service with Cantor Jack Mendelson at his synagogue in White Plains, NY. Theey have, in the process, created a new way to accompany cantorial music and they document it in this rousing recording of three concerts in August, 2010 just before the High Holy Days, one in New York City, one in New Haven, Connecticut, and one in Greenfield, Massachusetts. It features the band with special guests Cantor Jack Mendelson, Cantor Lisa Arbisser, Cantor Erik Contzius, cantorial soloist Danny Mendelson, and trumpeter Frank London.

Os Diplomaticos : Komunikando
'Os Diplomaticos have been going since 1989, getting mixed up quite early on with Mano Negra and subsequently Manu Chao. Put them in a bracket that runs from those names to Madness - accordeons, brass, punky ska rhythms, catchy upbeat rootsy songs... guest appearances from Susana Seivane's gaitas, Uxia's vocals, African female vocal group Batuko Tabanka, members of Berrogüetto and many more...' - fRoots

Rim Banna : The Mirrors of My Soul (US edition)
The Palestinian singer who gained global recognition as part of the Lullabies from the Axis of Evil project returns with a Norwegian band in a modern recording of Palestinian songs. It veers from emotionally charged, sparsely arranged songs to full-tilt pop-rock, and has the huge advantage of not allowing a drum machine within 4000 miles of the studio. As Arab pop goes, this is throughly unique.

Eletfa : Gyokereink (Our Roots)
US based Hungarian band preserves the roots for a new generation, bringing the music, stories and dances of eastern Europe to life

Eletfa : Szep Szivarvany (Beautiful Rainbow)
Focused on the voice of Natalia Zagyva, this CD is a collection of village folk songs with instrumental accompaniment by Kalman Ocsi Magyar and the Elefta ensemble.

Kalman Magyar : Exposed
The noted Hungarian musicians steps out of his usual role as ambassador of Hungarian village music to show off not only his musicianship but also his diverse musical interests, in a recording of Hungarian, Romanian, Balkan and Gypsy songs. Kalman performs all the parts on this studio recording, and impresses throughout.

Dallam-Dougou : New Destiny
A unique ensemble of African and European-American musicians, who merge the dougou (place) of west African with the dallam (melody) of Hungary to create a new musical sound completely imaginary and completely original.

Imaginary Homeland : Jump for George
This is one of those 'what can you say?' sort of recordings. Composer, saxophonist, and percussionist David Rogers, percussionist Mark Stone, violinist Marlene Rice and funky bassist Matt Pavolka have found the non-existant link between Appalachian string bands, Ghanian percussion, downtown jazz and host of other unrelated ideas that miraculously fit together as if they had the deepest of ethnomusical roots.

Bernard Woma : ..in Concert
Master Ghanaian xylophonist Bernard Woma captivates audiences through his performance of traditional Dagara Gyil music and inventive original compositions. A highly energetic and virtuosic live performance together with Mark Stone (percussion) and Kofi Ameyaw (xylophone, percussion).

Jenny McCormick : English Country Garden
This young folk singer from Manchester, England is delicate and honest, and this collection of traditional folk songs and her own trad-inspired originals is a cut above the usual folk-fare. There is nothing startling or avant about this recording, save for the startling realization that simplicity pays off so handsomely. Accompanied primarily by guitar and a marvelously woody acoustic bass, with touches of other instruments sparsely scattered about.

Fernhill : Na Pradle
Na prádle is the 2006 concert recording by this important European ensemble, a reworking and reinventing of songs from their long time together, looking at the songs in a new ways. For old friends of the band, this is essential.

Kiss Ferenc : Sounds of seven towers
Features the a decade-plus of programme music pieces composed by Ferenc Kiss. Among others we can hear the world-famous composition written for the Hungarian Pavilion, which was designed by Imre Makovecz for the Expo 1992 in Seville; the accompanying music written for the folk-dance gala programme at the Szeged Open Air Festival; some music excerpts to the dance choreographies by Jolán Foltin and other rarities.

Monsieur Doumani : Angathin (The Thorn)
This trio was founded in 2011 in Nicosia, Cyprus by Antonis Antoniou (tzouras), Angelos Ionas (guitar) and Demetris Yiasemides (trombone, flute). They turn Cypriot folk music inside out, add poetry and politics, and on their third album, they have ceated what I think is a masterwork of nearly-all-acoutic folk, rock and roots.

Sabreen : Death of the Prophet
Palestinian art music ensemble

Sabreen : Ala Fein
arab, palestine, palastine, arabic,holy land, holyand, jerusalem,

various Honduaran artists : Music of Honduras 2: Garifuna Music

Anders Eliasson : Horn Concerto / Desert Point / Violin Concerto
Performers include Soren Hermansson (French horn), Jari Valo (violin), The Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra. Conducted by Juha Kangas. Recorded in Kaustinen Church in Kaustinen, Finland

Zara Tellander : Himmelens hatt (Heaven´s Hat)
The Swedish singer (member of the folk ensemble Envisa and recently touring with Cirque de Solieil) explores folk music, jazz and improvisation on her new work, joined by Johan Björklund (drums), Jacob Karlzon (piano), Johannes Lundberg (bass), and Lisen Rylander (saxophone).

SOS : Cammenann
They blend Mediterranean sound and Neapolitan lyrics, and as they put it, 'contaminations melt down to create a half-caste and strange rock.' They start the journey in a Naple's neighbourhood, taking inspiration by the' 'Neapolitan Sound' of the 80's (Pino Daniele, Avitabile, Senese, E' Zezi and Almamegretta) and add Egyptian, Nigerian, Senegalese and Algerian influences to make a melting pot of styles, races, cultures and traditions.

Daniele Sepe : Truffe and other sketches
Read more about this great Neopolitan composer and saxophonist here

Daniele Sepe : Totosketches
Read more about this great Neopolitan composer and saxophonist here

Daniele Sepe : Spiritus Mundi
Read more about this great Neopolitan composer and saxophonist here

Daniele Sepe : L'uscita dei gladiatori
1997 recording by one of Italy's most aggressively innovative roots musicians.

Daniel Sepe : Lavorare Stanca
This contemporay collection of music by Italian composer/musican Daniele Sepe is as diverse as it gets. Traditional polyphonic singing, jazz, theater music, folk music and reggae all merge harmoniously in this rich, colorful and often disturbing portrait of a culture.

Various : From Sweden to America
Swedish Emigrant Songs: Amerikavisor - Historic recordings from Sweden and the US about emigrants and immigration. All are vocal works, folks songs about the joys and hardships

Per Sundin : Kontrabasharpa 1914
Historic recordings of kontrabasharpa (a nyckelharpa) by Per Sundin (1858-1928).This CD is collected from ancient recordings, so there is a low quality of sound (by modern standards) and a lot of audio 'artifacts.' This is for the serious collector, scholar or player who wants to know the history, not for casual listening. Notes are in Swedish. Listen to a sample

Sabbath Hela Vecken : Shadows
An instrumental sextet based in Sweden with members from Sweden, the US and Finland. They call it 'a musical and visual experience in Klezmer, Gypsy and east-European music.' It's done with energy and wit.

Elise Einarsdotter and Lennart Hellsing : Rosenang
One of Cliff's quirky choices... This is vocal pop music from Sweden, performed by pianist/composer Einarsdotter and singer Hellsing, and a small jazz ensemble and some of Sweden's most interesting singers including Lena Willemark, Olle Persson and the Voice Boys. File under 'other?'

Various : Music from Vietnam 3
The different ethnic groups living in various parts of the country, all have their own languages, religions, customs - and music. This CD includes several examples of the rhythmic music played on a tuned gong, plus love songs, instrumental music and religious vocal music.

Birgitta Ulfsson : Levda Teatervisor
Birgitta Ulfsson has collected 15 songs from 50 years on the theater and cabaret stages in Finland and Sweden. She has added a few short poems, as she usually does in her frequent performances around Sweden and Finland, together with pianist Lowe Pettersson. Here's an unusual art-music experience for those interested in the flow of the language as well as the melody.

Kersti Ståbi : Ute blåser sommarvind
Kersti Ståbi sings the songs of Alice Tegnér, the Swedish icon of children's music, accompanied by the folk trio Nordic (Anders Löfberg on cello, Erik Rydvall on nyckelharpa and Magnus Zetterlund on mandolin and munspel.)

Various : Music from Macedonia 2
The second edition of the series introduces you to one of Macedonia´s most popular groups in the vanguard for the modernized folk music, Synthesis, but also one of the many local groups that fondly cherish the tradition, Kitka. Goran Alachki , perhaps the foremost accordionist in the country, is featured, as is one of the many fantastic wind orchestras from the town Strumicha, Orkestar Ace, which plays in the Roma tradition at weddings and other festivities. Marija Kostova is a prizewinning singer in the tradition of the Vlachs, one of the country´s cultural minority groups, and Xan Strájani represents the largest ethnic group, the Albanians. One of the country´s best-known figures in traditional music, Stojanche Kostovski makes flutes and bagpipes and demonstrates that he is also one of the foremost to play them.

Elmer Balasz Group : Around the world
The Hungarian drummer and his ensemble of piano, bass, guitar and percussion in a set of jazz based on Hungarian roots, with Mihály Dresch on flute, David Yengibarjan on accordion, and vocalists Gábor Winand and Henriett Czerovszky.

Daniel le Noan and Alain Micel : an Eured
Here is the pace and rhythm of an crazy day, a wedding in central Brittany. In the morning, the two families measure each other up, reserved. Then comes the the sounds of the rite and the priest... At the precise time the bell ringers entone their calling, jubilation comes forth, the match approved. Then comes the union and dance, songs and laughter follow one another. Daniel le Noan (bombard), Alain Michel (biniou - breton bagpipes) and their friends have attempted to recreate the sound of the wedding. An Eured will plunge you into the heart of an old tradition, as if you had received your very own invitation.

Ewa Lindahl and Birger Bjornerstedt : Klimakterietango
Swedish songs performed by Björnerstedt and Lindahl on guitar, harmonica, fiddle, accordion, clarinet, flute, nyckelharpa, and piano. It's a relaxed mix of folk songs, pop tunes and jazzy cabaret styles.

MacColl, Seeger and Parker : The Body Blow (Radio Ballads)
The Body Blow was originally conceived as an exploration of the psychology of pain, but the project eventually focused on the subject of polio myelitis, through 'a journey into the minds of two partially and three totally disabled people'. Inspired partly by the montage sequences in Alain Resnais' film, Last Year in Marienbad, the programme was made in a much shorter time and with a considerably smaller budget than the previous radio-ballads. Despite scepticism in the print media before its transmission, the critics hailed it as a tour de force. It was never released as an LP.

MacColl, Seeger and Parker : Song of the Road
Devised by Ewan MacColl, radio producer Charles Parker and Peggy Seeger, the Radio-Ballads series set out to crystallise in words and music the experience of different ways of life. Volume 2 of the Radio-Ballads series tells the story of the making of the M1, Britain's first motorway. Among the songs Ewan MacColl created for this radio-ballad was Hot Asphalt.

Eirnar Olav and Gjermund Larsen : Sottenpassingen
Don't be decieved by the cover, these two musicians are from the latest generation of young fiddlers from Verdalen, Norway - Eirnar Olav born in 1979, Gjermund in 1981. Spoon fed the music by their fiddler father, they both moved through the musical schools of Norway, formal and informal, often studying with some of the notable old-timers of the region, including many sessions with Hilmar Alexandersen before his death in 1993.

Jørgen Nyrønning : Jorgen Nyronning
Jørgen Nyrønning is a young star fiddler from Holtålen Røros. Driving rhythm, combined with abandoned tonality and play style makes this a wonderful recordings from Røros area. As Jorgen himself says it: On the record, I picked out my favorites- mostly 1800s rock 'n roll music from the islands and the surrounding district.

Jorun Marie Kvernberg and Oyvind Sandum : Tidens losen
Jorun Marie Kvernberg (fiddle) and Øyvind Sandum (accordion) present Tidens løsen. This CD collects some of the many dance tunes from fiddler Ole P. Blø's (1920–2010) repertoire. Ole grew up on the farm Blø on Midøya, an island in the municipality of Midsund in the outermost part of Romsdalsfjorden. He grew up in the midst of a highly active fiddlers' scene. Gamaldans (Central European dance forms brought to Norway in the mid-19th century, e.g. polka, reinlender, waltz, mazurka) was the music at the time, accompanying the locals at dances and weddings and providing entertainment.

Brørneene Sandum : Møyllmål
The Sandum brothers - Hans, born in 1980, and Øyvind, born in 1982 - are from Lalm in Vågå township of Norway. HANS plays fiddle and has been an A-class fiddler since 2001. He has participated in many Landskappleikar (Norway's annual national folk music competition) and smaller kappleikar, and as a member of Kolden and co he won Landsfestivalen i Gammaldansmusikk in 2000. ØYVIND plays accordion, both two-row diatonic and five-row chromatic button accordion. He has taken an education in folk music, studying first in the folk music program in Vinst ra and then at the Ole Bull Academy in Voss. He has played in various gammaldans groups, longest in the group Nordafjells, and won the Landsfestivalen in ensemble playing.

Olav Moe : Hardingfele
Historic 1937 recordings by Norwegian hardangar fiddler Olav Moe (1872 - 1967).

Ragnhild Furebotten : Never On A Sunday
In this solo project, the Norwegian fiddler joins together traditional music for fiddle with an ensemble of horn players in arrangements by two of the country's top jazzmen. Strong melodies and folk music create a combination of light madness, north Norwegian esprit and delicious Nordic melancholy.

Moncef Ghachem, Biagio Guerrera and Pocket Poetry Orchestra : Quelli che bruciano la frontiera
Those who burn the border is a recording of extraordinary news, dedicated to the plight of North African immigrants who seek their fortune on the coasts of Sicily, the crossroads of a revolution that will leave an indelible mark in the history of the Mediterranean. Refined work, constantly torn between reading literature and music, poetry and civil protest songs. A sea, two great poets and a musical ensemble of exceptional quality make a recording of great depth.

A3 : Trasudando
This work has roots deep in the tradition, in the culture where women and men, elders and children, briganti and cumpari have all told their stories. This band from the Province of Bari, with their maiden discographic voyage, sails along the infamous A3, the motorway connecting Salerno and Reggio Calabria, one of the most conspicuous symbols of a cultural and territorial panorama that clashes with the pride and the desire for redemption of southern Italy.

Ensemble Sinigaglia : La crava mangia ij more
Enrico Negro, Mario Cosco, and Ignazio Viola are three skilled guitarists from Turin, already known by classical-music enthusiasts as Trio Vivaldi. But since music has no strict borders, it was not difficult for themn to trespas into the folk repertoire. Their guitars' melodies intertwine with Paola Lombardo's perfect voice to pay tribute to Leone Sinigaglia, the great father of the traditional Piedmontese patrimony of songs.

Tindra and Kroke : Live in Forde
The Norwegian folk-root trio meets the driving Polish band in a live concert. Not as improbable a paring as it might seem, they mesh and clash with energy and grace.

Sol De Nit : B-91 00-SNspain catalan catalunya

Ibrahim Ozgur : Tangolar: The Bel Ami of Turkish Tango
In the late 20s and 30s tango was very popular in Turkey. For many composers and singers it was the first contact they had with "western" music. Turkish musicians and singer Ibrahim Özgür wrote many tango songs and had an evident talent for nostalgia. His velvety voice was predestined for romantic tangos. The songs on this CD were recorded in Istanbul between 1938 and 1949.

Napoli MandolinOrchestra : Serenata Luntana
Led by master musicians/composers Antonello Paliotti, Mauro Squillante and Leonardo Massa, this large string and percussion orchestra from Naples will absolutely surprise you with their strong and passionate mix of old and new, played out on a large stage with a lot dynamics and energy.

Hua Family Shawm Band : Walking Shrill
The Pan anthology of brass band music volume 7 presents music from Shanxi Province, China. This recording focuses on the percussion and shawm 'walking band' tradition.

Various : Ifi Palasa - Tongan Brass
Part of Pan Records brass band series, these are recordings made in Tongo by Ad and Lucia Linkels between 1982 and 1990 includes conch shell masters, Christian hymns, dance tunes, disco, marches and community performances pieces.

Donald Kachamba's Kwela Band : Simanje-Manje And Kwela
Donald Kachamba, born in Blantyre, Malawi, is considered on of the outstanding musicians-composers of the middle generation in southeastern Africa. over the years he has developed compositional techniques and a very personal music with his group. the donald kachamba's kwela jazz band, liberating himself from the constraints of current african pop music styles. his music is deeply rooted in his childhood experience of kwela, sinjonjo, saba-saba, hauyani, simanje-manje and other southern african urban dance music genres of the 1950's and 1960's. this album , amply documented by prof. gerhard kubick, features his solo work where he overdubs himself on his nagra tape recorder.

Super Cayor : Sopente
The band calls its style salsa-mbalax. They not only put the Senegalese style next to the latin-american one but effectively mix the two: a customized Senegalese percussion set effectively replaces the timbales. The result is a very danceable music.

Werner Larsen : Aleina på ei naken jord
Blusey folk singer from Norway, kind of in the vein of Berthold Brecht and Tom Waits at times, more American country at others, and occasional traditionally Norwegian. Here's a sampling.

Knut Buen : Slåttedikt
Traditional fiddle tunes from Norway by one of the old masters. Recorded in 2012.

Lorentz Hop : Hardangar Fiddle
Back in print! Lorentz Hop lived from 1887 to 1954 and was one of Norway´s leading Hardanger fiddle players in his time. He was from Fana near Bergen. From 1930 until he died in 1954, Hop toured and played in Norway and abroad. The music dates from the 17th century. The Hardanger fiddle music from western Norway has power, strong heavy rhythms, and a very rich explorative tonality. Lorentz Hop is a sound from the past - with something to tell us, today

Henricksen, Isungset, Seglem : Daa
Three of the more adventurous musicians in Norway team up to create bold new music with some deep roots but ultimately with an unswerving sense of innovation and a passion for the new.

Tromsø Kunstforsyning : Tur
Øystein Blix, Trombone; Bernt Simen Lund, Cello, Electronics; with guests: Sizzle Othaka, Vocal, Nasra Ali Omar, Percussion, Electronics, Håvard Graff, Piano, Trond Sverre Hansen, Drums. Taking improvisation and free forms in art and music as its starting point, the ensemble has collaborated with musicians from a variety of genres in developing its concept further. Several of these musicians appear as guests on this recording. This work of Tromsø Kunstforsyning (TK), founded in 1999, presents a broad cross-section of the ensemble's intriguing soundscape. It is TK's first CD, and gives the listener an idea of what improvised music can sound like at 70° north.

Karl Seglem and Reidar Shar : Tya
Reidar Skår (piano, keyboards and computers) is an innovative and creative musician, composer and producer working in his own studio in Oslo. He has participated on a numerous list of recordings with Norwegian jazz, pop and rock artists. Skår has been collaborating with Seglem for years - mainly as a studio technician, co producer and composer/arranger. Seglem (sax and horns) has been called one of Norway's foremost saxophonists, with an original and distinctive voice and a unique ability to renew himself. They are joined by an ensemble of fiddle, guitar, accordion, voices, percussion and more in an adventurous set from 1997.

Andrea Kvintett : Andrea Kvintett
Andrea offers unusual songs with unusual subjects, beautifully crafted and performed by the singer/composer, along with the three young saxophone players Svein Magnus Furu, Harald Lassen, Kim-Erik Pedersen and Christian Meaas Svendsen on bass.

Gabriel Fliflet : Åresong
The Norwegian singer and accordionist strikes again in 2011 accompanied by musicians like Benedicte Maurseth, Kristoffer Chelsom Vogt, Stein Urheim, Per Jørgensen, on guitars, percussion, bass, horns, fiddles, voices and more. While it lacks the sheer madness of the Fliflet-Hamre recordings of the 90s, it's just as exploratory and adventurous, with a touch of romanticism. Highly recommended.

Sturla Eide : Triller
Sturla Eide was appointed regional artist for Sør-Trøndelag county 2009, and this project is a sort of toolbox the artist developed to improvise music in the regional fiddler style. Sturla and the band are playing around with the Norwegian musical fingerprint, qworking in the tradition while stretching established shapes and styles. The fiddle and hardingfele player Eide is joined by Øystein Sandbukt on guitar, Lasse Sörlin on bouzouki and viola d´amore and Ronny Kjøsen accordion, harmonium and piano.

Ti Jaz : Reves Sauvages
Starting with a band of bass, drums and accordion, this Breton ensemble have added the instruments of jazz: saxophones, and the instrument of ancient France: the bombarde, a raspy, woodwind with a bagpipe-like sound. So, too, have they melded these musical elements, the melodies and ideas of early French music with the improvisation of free jazz and the gut of rock. They pay hommage to the 'ideal jazz' bands of 1940s and players like Yves Menez, who used horns, fiddle, accordion and banjo to create a new French folk music. In that same spirit, Ti Jaz sprawl across the musical landscape, one minute a dark dirge on bombarde, the next firing off a slap bass and drum riff that would settle in nicely at The Knitting Factory. The eight instrumental works on Rêves Sauvages are sometimes chaotic, often lyrical and always challenging. They achieve power without electricity, a power intrinsic in the instruments and the source material.' - RootsWorld

Archimedes Badkar : Tre
Reissue of a 1977 recording by a Swedish jazz-folk-rock fusion outfit that was pretty pioneering for their time, and still sounds fresh all these years later. It combined a raw jazz attitude with a flair for more folky melodies, all twisted around with attitude and energy. Fans of Arbete-Fritid and David Amram will get it right away, but you have to love long jazz solos!

Kvarts, Opheim, Myhren and Mistereggen : Skal, skal ikkeje
Music for a Norwegian folk-theater production by the ensemble Kvarts with Berit Opheim, Øyonn Groven Myhren, Birger Mistereggen.

Alain Genty : Une Petite Lanterne
Breton musician Genty (fretless and electric bass, voice, keyboard and guitar) is joined on this 2004 release by a stellar ensemble of Jean-Michel Veillon (flutes), Jacky Molard (violon), Patrick Boileau (drums), Laurent Genty (piano), with special guest vocalist Yann-Fanch Kemener. This is big, high-production music, using vague folk roots to create a broad cinematic sound. While it's not for folkies, these things actually work once in a while, and genty seems to have succeeded.

Kari Bremnes : Over en by
Bremnes 2005 release features fourteen of her own songs, joined by a new band that includes Knut Reiersrud, Bjørn Kjellemyr, Helge Nordbakken and Bengt Egil Hansen, with guests like Nils Økland on fiddle, Arve Henriksen, trumpet and Børge Pettersen Øverleir, guitar.

Nikos Xydakis : Imerologio

Nikos Papazoglou : Haratsi
CD reissue of the 1983 recording by one of the most potent voices of contemporary Greek music. His unique, deep voice s known for its passion and idiosyncratic tone, and his mastery of greek poetry and tradition in the service of modern music is legend.

Wayne Toups and Zydecajun : Live 2009
13 live Cajun rock tracks from the accordionist and his Zydecajuns from 2009

Luis Delgado : Al Andalus
This recording is the original sound track of the documentary one made in the occasion of the exhibition "the Islamic Arts in Spain" at the Metropolitan Museum of New York and the Patronage of the Alhambra of Granada in 1992. An evocacion of the rich andalusian musical culture.

Philip V. Bohlman and New Budapest Orpheum Society : Jewish Cabaret in Exile
Music By Kästner, Nick, Milner, Gebirtig, Eisler, Ellstein, Kreisler, Leopoldi, Katscher, Spoliansky, Schiffer, Ullmann, Tucholsky, Holländer. Includes extensive extensive essay, annotations, and bibliography. Performers: Stewart Miller, bass; Ilya Levinson, piano; Iordanka Kissiova, violin; Hank Tausend, drums; New Budapest Orpheum Society; Julia Bentley, mezzo-soprano; Stewart Figa, baritone

Center of Jewish Poems and Piyyut in Ashdod : Shirat HaBakashot (PAL DVD)
DVD of Shirat HaBakashot (Song of Requests) - a collection of piyyutim (Jewish liturgical poems) sung by the synagogue attendees, mainly on Shabbat (Saturday) and Jewish holidays. The Bakashot prayer on this DVD is sung during the Jewish New Year High Holidays, and is performed by Rabbi David Edery and the "Center of Jewish Poems and Piyyut in Ashdod" choir. The singing is in the a-capella style (with no instrumental accompaniment), while the singers are sited at tables laid out with delicacies - all this in the best Jewish tradition requirement. The viewer of this DVD experiences the Jewish tradition and holiday spirits, as if he is present in the synagogue himself. (PAL format DVD)

Think of One : Chuva Em Po

West-East Divan Orchestra : Live in Ramallah
Directed by Daniel Barenboim in performances of Beethoven's 5th and Mozart's Sinfinia Concertante K 297b. Recorded live in Ramallah in 2005.

Daniel Techane : Jammin' With Kassa
Daniel Techane belongs to the younger generation of the Ethiopian diaspora, which has fully benefited from a dual culture. He's been living in Australia since 1991, he has graduated from Melbourne University (musical composition) and he has access to every kind of music and technology, yet he remains very attached to his Ethiopian roots. This inner ubiquity comes through in « Jammin' with Kassa », electrifying the minimalist sound of Kassa Tessema (Ethiopiques 29). The voice of Ethiopia's epic post-war singer-storyteller underpins the entire musical edifice. The electronics do not scare off the the guitar, the oud or the bassoon. It is not exactly a custom-made new suit that Daniel Techane has made for a voice from the grave. It is not a matter of "modernising" Kassa, but rather of proposing a resolutely modern sonic universe that does not confuse the past with memories. Family ties distilled down to somewhere between sacrilege and serene exaltation. Daniel has slipped some musical amphetamines into Kassa's m

Various So. Africa : Songs of King Shaka
Traditional Zulu songs for voice, foot-stomp percussion and other regional traditional styles.

Geromo Amador y Hector Romero Ensamble : Al Gitano por Flamenco
Tributo del flamenco a Sandro

Fanfare Ciocarlia : Gyspy Brass Legends (PAL-DVD)
The Story of the Band' includes a one hour concert in Berlin, the one hour documentary film "Iag Bari" plus various other text and grpahic goodies

Joane Hetu; Jean Derome : Nous percons les oreilles
Two saxophones, two voices, two strange minds collide in new ideas and challenging music. Says Derome: "The basis of our work is made of songs and improvisation. Our songs speak of our life. They are ordinary (like us) but not easygoing (like her). We really love to improvise together. It is not easy to describe accurately what we do while improvising — it is very close to the human beast that we are."

Reinaldo Brahn : Brasiliero Soul
Guitarist/Vocalist and songwriter with a nice backing group of percussion, winds, bass and horns.

Jaber Muguruza and L.I.P.A : Liverpool - Gernika

Philip V. Bohlman and New Budapest Orpheum Society : Jewish Cabaret in Exile
Music By Kästner, Nick, Milner, Gebirtig, Eisler, Ellstein, Kreisler, Leopoldi, Katscher, Spoliansky, Schiffer, Ullmann, Tucholsky, Holländer. Includes extensive extensive essay, annotations, and bibliography. Performers: Stewart Miller, bass; Ilya Levinson, piano; Iordanka Kissiova, violin; Hank Tausend, drums; New Budapest Orpheum Society; Julia Bentley, mezzo-soprano; Stewart Figa, baritone

Gong Yi : Guangling Melody
Chinese guqin solos by one of the few Chinese artists still playing this repetoire, and beautifully recorded by Kavi Alexander in California in 1994

Ghorghe Trambitas : Voice of the Taragot
A Romanian player of the taragot (a double reed instrument ) born and raised in the heart of Transylvania, Gheorghe Trambitas is one of the foremost exponents of the instrument. By the time he was in his teens Gheorghe and his brother were leading one of the hottest wedding bands in Transylvania. Playing every weekend - with weddings lasting until 6 AM the next morning, and continuing for three or four days, gave Gheorghe a chance to seriously hone his skills. At the same time, Gheorghe was performing on stage and receiving prestigious awards in folk music competitions in Romania and elsewhere in Europe. In 1990, as the old regime in Romania was crumbling, Gheorghe came to the United States where he has continued his performing career to much acclaim. Gheorghe collaborateshere with one of the finest folk orchestras in Romania.

Sigurdur Flolsason, Daniel Nolgård and The Norrbotten Big Band : Dark Thoughts
Swedish big band jazz: listen

So' Forest : Bikutsi Pop
Bantu forest music goes pop on this recording from Cameroon. Deep roots but he does not shy away from electronics, electricity and pop sensibilities.

various artists : It was on a market day: Two
traditional English country singing

Le Grand Kalle (Joseph Kabasele) : Le Grand Kallé:His Life His Music (2-CDs and Book)
Joseph Kabasele and The Creation of Congolese Music - an epic collection by one of the seminal forces in modern African popular music, compiled, annotated with a 100+ page book written by Ken Braun (in English and French) traces the life and times of Le Grand Kallé. This is an indispensable collection for anyone who wants to hear the music presented in a beautiful package and relive the glory days of Congolese music.

Franco : 20eme Anniversaire - Vol 2
21st Anniversary set reissued - Vol 2 - Franco and his 'Tout Puissant' OK Jazz at theabsolute height of their powers in 1976; 24 musicians strong, a force majeure of guitars, horns, drums and voices.

Franco : 20eme Anniversaire - Vol 1
20th Anniversary set reissued - Vol 1 - Franco and his 'Tout Puissant' OK Jazz at theabsolute height of their powers in 1976

Yuri Yunakov Ensemble : New Colors in Bulgarian Wedding Music

Camilla Granlien : Begjaer
On Begjær the Norwegian singer offers a gorgeous a capella performance of traditional folk songs

Ragnhild Furholt : Lån meg vengjene
With a single exception, all the tunes on this CD were collected by Ludvig Mathias Lindeman (1812­87). The song Hagbard og Signe was transcribed by O.M. Sandvik (1875­1976) after Svein Tveiten from Hovden, Setesdal, in 1919. 'I'm delving into the past, trying to uncover the myths and mysteries ­ that which lies hidden within the old stories and songs. How did people think in the old days, and how is it that the old legends, myths and songs are still alive and meaningful, even today?'

Ragnhild Furebotten Trio : Finally waltz
Music from Northern Norway with Ragnhild Furebotten ( fiddle) with Frode Haltli (accordion) and Gjermund Larsen (cello and viola). With this recording Norwegian fiddler Furebotten delivers an exciting debut under her own name, in a decidely contemporary style of folk music.

Sam Mangwana / Dino Vangu : Sam Mangwana Sings Dinu Vangu
A return to the Golden age of Congolese rumba brings singer mangwana back together with guitarist Dino Vanguand create a rumba sound that harkens back to the days of Franco. With Nana Akumu (formerly with T.P.OK Jazz) and bassist Miguel Yamba (Zaiko Langa Langa) at the core of the band, Sam Sings Dino is unsweetened, mellow rumba without the pyrotechnics that begat speed soukous.

Hwang Byung-ki : Kayagum Masterpieces Vol 2 (The Silk Road)
Korea's foremost composer and kayagum (6-string zither) master performing new works on this ancient instrument that crosses centuries, cultures and traditions. '...lyrical, picturesque, meditative and brief.... authoritatively produced and performed.' FANFARE Magazine (Korean Import)

Hwang Byung-ki : Kayagum Masterpieces Vol 3 (The Labyrinth)
Korea's foremost composer and kayagum (6-string zither) master performing new works on this ancient instrument that crosses centuries, cultures and traditions. ...lyrical, picturesque, meditative and brief authoritatively produced and performed. FANFARE Magazine (Korean Import)

Hwang Byung-ki : Kayagum Masterpieces Vol 1
Korea's foremost composer and kayagum (6-string zither) master performing new works on this ancient instrument that crosses centuries, cultures and traditions. ...lyrical, picturesque, meditative and brief authoritatively produced and performed. FANFARE Magazine (Korean Import)

Boris Kovac : The Mask
Theater works by Serbian composer Boris Kovač in a wide range of styles and perfomances, edited and published by the artist.

Boris Kovac : Mirror of the Voice
Unpublished works by Boris Kovač, what the artist calls The Three Stages of a Creative Journey. He says 'In my creative development I distinguish three essential stages, those of House, Way and Being. On the one hand, these stages correspond to certain periods in life and thus position themselves into life`s linear temporal flow, right from the firs up to the third; but on the other hand, these stages are in many a respect simultaneous, they initiate and illuminate one another, so that it is only their interrelationship that makes dramatical structure of that creative "journey" possible. Every stage possesses its own integrity, but only when related to the other ones, actually, to the whole.'

Luis diMatteo : Candombe Uruquayo
uraquay soamerica

Dona Rosa : Alma Livre
The third album (2007) by this wonderful Portguese fado singer stil holds close to the raw roots and rhythm of the style.

Sondre Bratland : Den Blå Gleda
The Norwegian singer is joined by Roar Engelberg (pan flute), Iver Kleive (organ), Malgorzata Mulewska Sundberg (harp).

Solfrid Molland : Katedral for tapte drommer
On Katedral for tapte drømmer [Cathedral of Lost Dreams], the Norwegian accordionist is joined by some great names in Balkan music: Romanian hotshots Taraf de Haiduks, French-Russian gutarist Pascal de Loutcher and Gypsy singer Ionut Guluna.

various (Norway) : Våkenatt for Hardanger
various Norwegian singers and musicians offer their "Vigil for Hardangar" in many different styles from pop to traditional folk. Artists include: Ole Paus, William Hut, Herborg Kråkevik, Åsne Valland Nordli, Herborg Kråkevik and Anne Grete Preus, Nils Petter Molvær, Bjarne Brøndbo, Ove Thue, Einar Mjølsnes, Sondre Bratland.

Banna, Barghouti, Murad, Jawaher Shofani : A Time to Cry: A Lament Over Jerusalem
Palestinian singers Rim Banna, Nai Barghouti, Wissam Murad, Jawaher Shofani present songs for Jerusalem, accompanied on traditional and modern instruments with musicians from Norway, the US and the Middle East. The recordings were made in a Palestine home in East Jerusalem that was (in May of 2010) threatened with eviction to make way for new Jewish housing.

Stephen Brandt-Hansen : I Julens Lys
Popular and esoteric Jule songs by the Norwegian singer and a small ensemble with Iver Kleive on piano, plus harmonica, keyboards and a choral group.

Rim Banna : April Blossoms
Songs from Palestine dedicated to all the children is the subtitle of this unique recording by singer Rim Banna. Again joined by a phenomenal group of jazz and popular musicians from Norway and the middle east - and on some tracks a small chorus of children from both countries - she forges a powerful contemporary music focused on the trials and joys of live in Palestine.

Kari Bremnes : LY
LY (Shelter) features 11new songs spanning a wide range of ideas, visions and musical temperament. Bremnes looks into the nooks and crannies of life, writing about how she sees the world through her eyes, the ugly and beautiful, light and dark,anger and love, about dancing, death, the fate of a strong woman on the polar island of Svalbard, and about finding warmth. In short, about seeking shelter. (In Norwegian)

Knut Reiersrud band : Voodoo without killing chicken
The Norwegian composer and guitarist goes full tilt into the music of New Orleans in an agressive and unique way, rife with his energetic playing an d a gang of top nothc blues, jazz and rock ifluenced musicians. This album features 11 songs that Reiersrud's distinctive signature, and with six of the lyrics co-authored with Jeff Wasserman.

Lars Bremnes : Stayer

Elin Furubotn : Det Som E Na (What is now)

Jord : Vaylan Virrassa - Musik från Tornedalen
Folk music from the Torne River Valley of Sweden, both traditional and newly composed by the band's members, performed on accordion, bass, flutes, percussion, guitar and voices

Various : Music from Tanzania and Zanzibar 1
Swedish national radio recordings: Here the focus is on traditional music, with several groups from two African countries whose music is less well known and highly exciting including a Wagogo women's group

Keletigui et ses Tambourins : The Syliphone Years (2 CDs)
A 2 CD retrospective of one of Guinea's most wonderful bands, recorded from 1968 to 1970. They were at the forefront of the movement to bring 'authenticite' to the popular music of Guinea, while bringing in jazz and Cuban roots in ways that were, at the time, thoroughly unique. Highly recommended

Various : Bonasera Bbona Ggende
Canti e musiche dall'Abruzzo Li Sandandonjirë, Volume 2 in Taranta's Ethnica Symphonia series.

Various Artists : Organetto E Tarantella
The traditional music of Lucania includes 34 tracks of the real roots, field recorded folk music from Italy. The organetto, the hand organ, in Lucania is the direct descendant of the zampogna . Produced by the small semi - artiginal industries of central Italy, it has gradually taken the place of the zampogna since the mid 19th century: The hand organ offers richer and more definite tones and harmonies, has a vivacious timbre, is easily transportable, and is always in tune and ready to use. Various tarantelle, quadriglie and older dances from the 19th century are woven with interesting vocal pieces. Recordings from 1979 to 1991.

Various Artists : Saltarella Dell'alta Sabina
The Alta Sabina, a part of the Abruzzo region for centuries, conserves still today traces of an original pastoral tradition with influences from the regions of Lazio and the southern Marches due to centuries of transumation The pride of the amatriciana area is the vivacious saltarella, which is danced to the sounds of the organetto, the hand organ, the tamburello, and a particular type of zampogna, the ciaramella, which has only two sound pipes. Ballo del canto, ballo della sala and quadriglie complete the panorama together with the valzer, mazurke, and marcette. Recordings from 1988 to 1993.

Denanni, Porcu, and Matzau : Boghes e chiterra (Ethnica 29)
Canti a chitarra del Logudoro (Sardegna) presents Sardinian singers and guitarists Gianni Denanni, Antonio Porcu and Tore Matzau in ten traditional songs from the island.

Giovanni Avantaggiato : M'oli tin passiuna - Suoni e canti di Corigliano d'Otranto
In Corigliano d'Otranto, one of the most important towns of the Greca Salentina of southern Italy, there are several families or individuals who have cultivated a particularly intense musical heritage and who are reference points today for their fellow townspeople and for scholars. One of the most notable is Giovanni Avantaggiato, a musician with a lively personality, over 80 years old, who with his hand organ and his voice, is one of the most important repositories in all of the Greek-influenced area of the Salento.

Various artists : Tomma Tommë
Musiche e canti dalla Murgia dei trulli - Le tradizioni musicali in Puglia Vol. 4 is the 24th CD in the exceptional Taranta Ethnica series.

Various Artists : La Tarantella Del Gargano: Le Tradizioni Musicali I Puglia - Vol. 2
The traditional music of Puglia. Vol 2. - An ample collection of songs for serenata and tarantella in the fascinating melismatic style of the peasant culture of the Gargano, to the sounds of the chitarra battente, chitarra francese, castagnole, and tamburo. There are also pieces from the artisan world (tarantella, quadriglia, valzer fiorato) with mandoline and violin. Recordings from 1980 to 1988.

Various Artists : SUONI DI CANTO
Number 19 in the Taranta series of traditional Italian folk music: Balli e canti tradizionali in Irpinia - vol. 2

Various Artists : Tarantelle E Maschere: Balli E Canti Tradizionali In Irpinia
The region of Irpinia, in the province of Avellino east of Napoli, is the area in Italia with the greatest intensity of carnival rituals, including processional dances. Lengthy and spirited tarantelle dances with traditional masks weave their way through villages. The disc also presents other dances (batticulo, quadriglio, valzer, polka, and marzurka) and various songs performed with the hand organ. Recordings from 1984 to 1999

various : Musica Da Ballo In Sicilia
A mix of music for dancing performed in the last 80 years in various parts of Sicily. In addition to the performances recorded during recent research, the album presents historic recordings produced by immigrants in America from 1916 to 1939. Contraddanze, quadriglie, tarantelle, scotis, balleti, valzer, polke, and mazurka present an initial inventory of the many ethnic traditions of Sicily.

Various Artists : Balli Popolari In Abruzzo: Vol 2 - La Saltarella Del Teramano
Ethnomusical anthology of popular dances from the northern Abruzzo, an area which conserves the most prestigious and difuse tradition of the du' bottë, the Abruzzese double base hand organ still produced by several workshops. Together with the saltarella, other ethnic dances appear (laccio d'amore, ballo dell'insegna, denzë, polka figurata, ballo della sala, ballo del merlo, etc). There is also an exemplary selection of valzer, polka, and marurka of local origins. Recordings from 1982 to 1998.

SANS : Live
SANS is the quartet of multi-instrumentalist Andrew Cronshaw, the great Finnish singer Sanna Kurki-Suonio (of Hedningarna), multi-instrumental reeds player Ian Blake, and Tigran Aleksanyan, Armenian master of his country's heart-rendingly voice-like reed pipe, the duduk. Formed by the musicians who made Cronshaw's most recent CD, The Unbroken Surface of Snow, SANS is an instrumental and vocal combination not found in any other band in the world. The entire program was recorded live in 2013.

Andrew Cronshaw : The Unbroken Surface of Snow
British musician and composer Andrew Cronshaw is joined by a global enseble of Tigran Aleksanyan, Ian Blake, Sanna Kurki-Suonio.

Carlo Salemi : A sud dell'anima
Salemi's 2002 recording, Hybla, was centered on his virtuosity on friscalettu. 2005 is time for a more complete work, emphasizing the versatility of this great Sicilian artist. Here Salemi proves himself not only to be a gifted musician but also a composer, a singer and a refined arranger.

Western Jazz Band : Songs Of Happiness, Poison & Ululation
Formed in 1959, Western Jazz Band was both a band and a social club who derived their name from their home of Western Province in Tanzania, which many of the original members came from, and the ubiquitous term ‘jazz’ which for many decades denoted all things modern in African music. This compilation showcases songs from 1973 – 1975, a time when their singles were hits throughout Africa, a time now impossible to recreate. All tracks diligently re-mastered from earliest available sources, complete with rare images, song translations from the original Swahili and notes from East African musical expert Douglas Paterson. Listen http://www.sternsmusic.com/playlist.php?tp=mp3&dskid=STCD3052

Milann and Laloy : La Marquise
Belgian duo of voice, guitar and diatonic accordion, along with friends on bass, drums and percussion.

The Bhundu Boys : The Shed Sessions (2 CDs)
One of the best guitar bands in the world, this is the epic Zimbawean band recorded early in their career and at the height of the talents and energy. Your purchase of this CD supports RootsWorld Radio and Magazine.

various : Kenya Dance mania
The Earthworks collection of 20 years of all time Kenyan pop classics

Boubacar Traore : Dounia Tabolo
Boubacar Traore is not only one of Africa's best guitarists and songwriters, he is also one of my avorite artists, in any genre from any where in the world. His performance is personal. His voice is a thing of rugged beauty; his guitar playing a prod to the ear - crisp and punctuated. It is accented rather than overwhelmed by the musicians assembled in the studio. Dounia Tabolo was recorded in Lafayette, Louisiana, with his usual mates, Vincent Bucher (harmonica) and Alassane Samaké (calabash, shaker & percussion). Joining them are Cedric Watson (violin & washboard), Corey Harris (guitar and voice), and Leyla McCalla (cello and voice). These CDs were donated by the artist and Lusafrica, so all proceeds go to support RootsWorld. Please note that this CD comes in a simple sleeve with the complete booklet. No jewel box.

Various : Teranga! Senegal (2 Cds)
On any given day or night in recent years, you could turn on a radio or TV in Senegal and hear at least one of the songs in this new compilation. Many of the artists tap into various roots in the fertile soil of Senegalese culture; others stand apart and draw what they like from near and far. Sharing this double album, released in partnership with SEN TV and ZIK FM in Senegal, are Les Frères Guissé with their lean, acoustic sound, the indomitable Ablaye Ndiaye Thiossane and a new generation of artists such as Queen Bee, with her wry commentary on personal and social mores, and Wally B Seck, one of the most charming young romantic singers on the scene, plus many more. Listen

Yinon Muallem : Changing Moments
Leading a dozen musicians from all over the Middle East, Israeli percussionist Muallem 'changes moments' in a range of Turkish, Persian, Arabic, Jewish and African settings

Solju : Odda Aigodat (New Times)
Ulla Pirttijärvi is familiar to many who follow the music of this part of the world, having forged a long career in both folk and art music circles, bringing the voice of the Sapmi people to the world. Her daughter adds a more contemporary voice to the mix on this new album, Odda Áigodat (New Times), where they are also joined on some tracks by throat singers, percussionists, cello, bass and some keyboards, and members of the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. At the heart of it is always the sound of the unique and mesmerizing vocal technique called joik and songs in the Sapmi language. They present raw, primal folk chants, gorgeous folk songs and some outer-fringe new sounds throughout the recording.st-wamato

Mads Hansens Kapel : Pa den forkerte side
Born in the Danish tradition, they play the old tunes with heart, soul, and strength, keeping the music of generations alive and bringing it into the 21st century. The music is straightforward and honest, creating a space of exploration and playfulness. As the dancing tunes are living things, constantly evolving throughout the ages, so are the music of Mads Hansens Kapel, interpreted with equally respect for the tradition and the curiosity of the contemporary. This debut release "På den forkerte side" present 5 great tunes composed by legendary music director Ditlev Trappo Saugmann Bjerregaard (1852-1916).

Darshan : Raza
A RootsWorld Music of the Month selection. Inspired by the mystical poetry and songs of Judaism, Brooklyn based Darshan breathes new life into ancient Hebrew and Aramaic texts. With a deep interest in the connection between music, poetry and their own religious experiences, rapper Eden Pearlstein (ePRHYME) and singer Basya Schechter (Pharoah's Daughter), joined by a stellar ensemble, turn classic texts and traditional prayers into contemporary arrangements that reach into the past and pull it into a world of pop, folk and jazz. (Read more and listen here)

Tim Sparks : At the Rebbe's Table
Guitarist Tim Sparks chooses a surprising program of Jewish music from around the world. Lilting melodies to tickle the soul. Harmonies and rhythm to make you dance. Special guests Marc Ribot and Erik Friedlander join Tim’s trio from Tanz for some intimate duets and complex band arrangements. Radical Jewish Culture series.

Abdou Diop : Nootee
(price reduced) Although the well-spring of Abdou's music lies in the Casamance region south of Senegal, in, among other traditions, the melodies of wandering shepherds or the music that accompanies wrestling competitions, his travelling and contact with other musicians has given him a unique sound and a fierce desire to record it. Acoustic in texture, it expresses values that are dear to rural life in the Casamance so that today, with his mottos of hard work, love and peace, Abdou has become a musical ambassador for that region. Welcome to his world. Listen

Titina : Titina Canta B.Leza
(price reduced) A landmark Cape Verdean album, re-mastered and re-packaged to celebrate its 25th anniversary. In the Creole town of Mindelo in Cape Verde, Titina used to be bewitched by sounds of legendary Cape Verdean composer, poet and activist B. Leza (1905, 1958). Produced and arranged by Paulino Vieira who also produced and arranged for Cesaria Evora, the album 'Titina Canta B. Leza' was immediately applauded as a classic. Now this definitive edition will bridge the gap that the many years of it being unavailable has created. It has been 25 years since Titina recorded these songs and like her music, the islands of Cape Verde are also becoming better known because of icons such as B. Leza who gave them their sound. As these sounds made their way to seduce across the world, it is B. Leza who led this great voyage and Titina who lent her voice to his magnetic and inspiring songs.

Amadou Balake : In Conclusion
Amadou Balaké is probably most familiar to listeners for his many years fusing Latin and African rhythms as a key member of Africando. But before and after that part of his career, he was a beloved artist at home, and these recordings, the last he made before he died in 2014, are a testament to his Burkinabe roots. They were made in a theater in Ouagadougou with the local musicians he has been playing with, most in single live takes. Essential and highly recommended.

Vieux Kante : The Young Man's Harp
(price reduced)The blind kamale ngoni virtuoso Vieux Kanté had many fans in Bamako, thanks to his electrifying shows in the city, but he was practically unknown outside of Mali. He had just finished recording an album that almost certainly would have launched him and his band on a brilliant global trajectory when he died unexpectedly at age 31 This is the first time the album has been released. Exemplified on this album, his signature techniques and dazzling abilities, with the skills and sensibilities of his bandmates, makes this a musical revelation. The album notes are by the author Banning Eyre, who also contributes his unpublished photos of Vieux Kanté.

Samurai Accordion : Te
In this the second such project under the Samurai name, ' five of Europe's most successful and creative veteran practitioners/composers, come together for a disc that features the diatonic accordion. Full of variety, this disc gives a nice overview of how the instrument is used by its most successful exponents, across Europe. With Riccardo Tesi (Tuscany/Italy), Markku Lepistö (Finland), David Munnelly (Ireland); Kepa Junkera (Basque Country/Spain) and Simone Bottasso (Northern Italy).

Impuls Trio : Bugge, Vinther and Bæk
Although all three are well established in other groups and as soloists, this is the first recording by the Danish trio of Kristian Bugge (violin), Jesper Vinther (accordion) and John Bæk (guitar, mandolin and vocals). They present a mix of tunes from old manuscripts, popular Danish folk dances and some original compositions. Listen

Orchestra Super Mazembe : [email protected]
In the West it's easy to forget that the story of African music often lies not in its albums, but in its singles, and the reason is simple. As compiler Doug Paterson notes, "in Kenya in 1980, the average music fan might not have found it too difficult to come up with 10 shillings for a single, but it would have been much harder to find the 55 shillings necessary for an album." This album, then, is in homage to those singles. A selection of tracks from the late 1970s, all but two (Mwana Mazembe & Na Bimaka Te) have never appeared on albums, and none on CD or as legal downloads before now.

Julius Winger : Kjaerlighet og andre misforstaelser
Love and other misunderstandings' is 9 tracks of down to earth and direct philosophizing on the small and big issues in life, particularly love. The musicians include Andreas Utnem, piano, Mads Eliertsen, bass, Mathias Eick, trumpet, Halvor Lillesund, accordion, Frode Barth, guitar, Trygve Seim, saxophone, Øyvind Brække, trombone, Jan Erik Kongshaug, guitar, Lars Andreas Haug, tuba, Johannes Martens, cello, Kristine Martens, cello, Pia Tjelta, Andrea Bræin Hovig and Silje Lundblad, vocals. The song "Hovedøen" features guest artist Kari Diesen.

Aage Kvalbein and Iver Kleive : Julemeditasjoner (Christmas meditations)
Two Norwegian musicians on piano and cello express the tranquil moods of Christmas. With their extensive experience of interpreting traditional musical material and with a touch of irreverence, these open-minded musicians have toyed with familiar Christmas songs, inserting a classical piece by Vivaldi here and another by Schubert there, to create a mix of well-loved Christmas songs.

Leieboerne : Følg oss hjem, Ole Paus
Leieboerne (The Tenants) take a selection of songs by a legendary Norwegian songwriter, add a classic 70s folk-rock sound and ask Følg oss hjem, Ole Paus (Take us home, Ole Paus). The band says 'If you are a tenant you rent, you don't own. The nice thing about renting is that you can rearrange the furniture a bit and then pretend that you own... Renting from Ole Paus brings you into a fascinatingly huge house full of cellars and attics... But we do want to mention all the fabulous stuff we found in the attic that we dragged down into the living-room, that's why there are many songs from Oles earliest period.'

Henning Sommerro : Sullabullyam
Pianist and vocalist Henning Sommerro sings and plays his own original songs, with lyrics by Edvard Hoem. Since the 1970s Sommerro and Hoem have been collaborating on hymns and songs from Biblical sources to comment on the contemporary world. Hans Fredrik Jacobsen plays flutes and Edvard Hoem recites the lyrics on one track.

various : En Hildringstime (a tribute to Erik Bye)
A group of Norway's foremost pop artists got together in 2004 on a Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation studio to pay tribute to Erik Bye who had recently passed away. Here the concert is finally released on CD, and on "En Hildringstime" (Magic Twilight) we include a rare gem, the bonus track "Drøm" (Dream), the last song recorded by Erik Bye before he died, and which is a key part of the movie about him ¿ "Giganten" (The Giant).

Ole Paus : Sanger Fra Et Hvitmalt Gjerde I Sjelen
Norwegian contemporary songs. Ole Paus' lyrics tell stories of seduction, vanity, indifference and intimacy, with an ironic twist and a serious tone. The listener might think of the songs as preludes in a minor key to the inevitability and perhaps necessity of a doomsday. Then again, one may also regard them as entertaining or poetically innocuous small sketches of life. From this unique duality comes the power to move the soul, hence the working title's metamorphosis into "Songs from the whitewashed fence of the soul", opening for a much broader and richer interpretation of the songs. 2005 release

Iver Kleive : Juleevangeliet

Skruk and Altiplano : Misa Andina
1993 - English language edition

Skruk and Altiplano : Misa Andina
1993 - Norwegian language edition

Tone Hulbaekmo and Hans Fredrik Jacobsen : Langt nord I skogen
These selections are for children, as well as adults who remember the advice and wisdom of their grandmother. Tone Hulbækmo plays Norwegian harp, Hans Fredrik Jacobsen plays various flutes and reeds, and Celio de Carvalho on rhythm instruments are the core ensemble, joined by accordion, pump organ, guitar, bass and more in both Norwegian folks songs and influences from around the world.

Arnt Haugen : Arnt Haugens reviderte
One of KKVs great classics is reissued on CD. The aim of the record was to show how well-loved Norwegian revivalist songs were perfect for the dance floor. This release will surely capture as much attention today as it did when it was first released in the autumn of 1982.`

Tri a Tolia : Zumurrude
Turkish voice - Iraqi qanun - Belgian cello. One language. The songs are composed by Melike and Osama. Osama also arranged the music, together with one of Belgium's finest cellists, Lode Vercampt, who has put his own stamp on this originally eastern music.

Ostad Elahi : The Paths of Divine Love

Adesa : Akoma
The musicians of Adesa bring the Ghanaian korlegorno (lute), horns, flutes, water kalebasses and the balafon to compositions that lean not only on rural traditions but also on ritual and courtly music and their own experiences from their tours in Europe. This is an elegant yet rough-hewn musical experience from western Africa.

Simona Barbera : Mirto
A powerful and inspired Italian singer, born in Genoa and residing in Sicily, Barbera offers a daring reinvention of 'an imaginary Sicily' that is rich in tradition but far from traditional. Performed a capella or accompanied primarily by percussion or piano, these songs lit, roar and shreik across the imagined landscape, reinventing old themes as contemporary art.

Sinikka Langeland - Andreas Liebig : Stjerneklang
Sinikka Langeland sings folk songs and improvises with Andreas Liebig, who performs on the historic Wagner-organ (1741) in Nidaros Cathedral, in Trondhjem, Norway. They present Bach's organ chorales for Christmas in a unique and passionate way.

Sinikka Langeland : Runoja
This album pushes Sinikka closer to modern jazz and the avant garde than her previous recordings. Using her voice and kantele, with her Norwegian and Finnish traditions as the starting point, she works with an ensemble of bass, percussion and trumpet to create a dynamic new sound for the runic songs that are at the heart of her work.

various artists: Norway : Norske Turdansar 5 - Turdansar Frå Trøndelag
performers: Einar Olav Larsen; Vegar Vårdal; Hilde Sørnæs; Geir Egil Larsen; Einar Olav Larsen Trio

Bukkene Bruse : Spel
Selected live recordings from the group's '03 Norwegian national tour features some guest appearances by the classical string quartet Vertavo, joining Lien and her ensemble in a new series of adventurous interpretations of traditioanal and original Nordic music.

Valkyrien Allstars : Valkyrien Allstars
Three Norwegian fiddlers join forces to bring the tradition to life - Ola Hilmen, Tuva Livsdatter Syvertsen and Erik Sollid, joined by a full band, push the music into pop, rock, jazz and even some traditional folk songs. Listen and Listen

various : Bridges: Live In China
A cross cultural concert by Norwegian and Chinese musicians: Terje Isungset (Percussion, Ice Percussion), Unni Løvlid (Vocals), Frode Haltli (Accordion), Lu Yingmei (Vocals), Wu Chuan Ping (Vocals), Pan Xin Zhi (Vocals), Wu Anhua Dongliang (Vocal, Dong Pipe and Flute, Ox-bone Fiddle, Lusheng).

Gunnar Halle and Espen Eriksen : Meditations on Christmas
Trumpet and piano duets improvise on both familiar old Christmas songs, traditional favorites and lesser known Swedish works

Anne-Marie Giortz : Pa Egne Vegne
With a stripped down ensemble sound (featuring marimbas, bass, percussion, banjo, keyboards and guitar), Norwegian composer and vocalist Anne-Marie Giørtz creates a completely unique recording, rooted in jazz, pop and folk, but beholden to none. Highly recommended!

Malicorne : En Public

Emmanuel Pariselle : La Nonchalante
la bergere accordionist steps to the front, joined by his partners in the trio, Silvie Berger and Julien Biget, plus a few friends, for a unique recording of new music.

Malicorne : Malicorne 2
also known under the informal title 'Le Mariage Anglais'

Malicorne : Malicorne 1
also known under the title 'Colin'

Malicorne : Legende
Légende is a 15 track compilation that covers the second decade of this seminal French ensemble, from 4 of their most acclaimed recordings, a record of the band at its artistic heights.

Hughes de Courson and Patrick Modiano : fonds de tiroir [1967]
These two founding members of the seminal French folk-rock band Malicorne produced a recording of bitter songs with strange characters and daring, fresh arrangements by Bruno Coulais. In 1979 [the year Modiano wins the Prix Goncourt, France's utimate literature prize], the album is released with no succes at all... since then, fonds de tiroir 1967 has been a cult album, much coveted by French musicians, artists and the discerning public alike. Now it's here, and its quirky nature is yours to hear. .

Daniele Sepe : Una banda di pezzenti
A full-blown modern jazz recording from the Neapolitan saxophonist and musical revolutionary and his ensemble of musicians and singers. There are the usual Arabic, Mediterranean and Italian roots, the requisite Sepe-reggae, but they are sumblimated on this recording, serving the larger goal of making a sometimes terse, sometimes lush contemporary jazz sound with an edge of social/political commentary.

Radicanto : Terra Arsa
Music that holds the heat of Salento, in southern Italy, and translates that energy into a uniquely personal statement.

Teresa De Sio : Villanelle popolaresche del '500'
1978 recording of traditional songs by the Italian singer, directed by Eugenio Bennato

Lena Willemark, Mats Öberg and Jonas Knutsson : Alla Drömmars Sång
Three of Sweden's most respsected performers in any genre, vocalist and violist Lena Willemark, pianist Mats Öberg and reeed player Jonas Knutsson together create a whole new folk-art form for Sweden. They have all worked together in folk, jazz and art music ensembles for decades, and here they mix traditional material from Lena's home of Älvdalen with own original pieces and a surprising cover of The Beatles with a strong sense of unity, in a recording created in one day, as they simply let go and just played music. Highly recommended.

Jonas Knutsson and Mats Öberg : Live
Saxophone maestro Jonas Knutsson and the keyboard genius Mats Öberg have played together since childhood and know each other inside out. The is a recording of a concert in Stockholm, February 2008.

Jan-Olof Andersson : En Ruben Nilson-kväll
Ruben Nilson (1893-1971) was a Swedish song writer, painter and craftsman. This is a tribute to his music by contemporary Swedish musicians Jan-Olof Andersson, Christer Karlberg and Olle Anderson

Various : Music from Tanzania and Zanzibar 3
The Kilimani Muslim School Choir presents Muslim 'gospel' with lead singers, youth choir and pitched tambourines.

Various Artists : Music from Mozambique
From raw acoustic guitar and percussion to new popular studio recordings, Sweden's Caprice label comes through again.

various : Music of Montenegro
There is not a lot of recorded music from this little country, so this is a welcome addition to the discography of the region. 76 minutes of heroic songs, songs from mountain villages, shepherd songs and songs from cities that are more influenced by central European traditions.

Various artists : Music from Guatemala Volume 2: Garifuna Music
The Garifunas live along the eastern coast of Central America. This music vibrates with old African and Caribbean cultural roots and historic past. Includes several varieties of the music of the Garifuna minority of Guatemala - from the traditional to the modern.

Mercedes Peon : SOS
…---… SÓS is the stunning 2011 release by the Galician singer and composer. Stridently contemporary, deeply rooted but unfettered, Peon has crafted one of the best new looks at galician music in a very long time.

Mihaly Dresch Quartet : Árgyélus
Hungarian saxophonist and compoer Mihály Dresch 's 2007 release. The artist says: I have the feeling that people today are missing a kind of organic musical culture based on a clear overview of a system, typical for example of traditional Indian music or the Transylvanian music of our ancestors. Yet it would seem that at present we are unable to create a new musical system at this level, so we try, piecemeal fashion, to tack together the systems we consider important. The result of this 'piecing together' is inevitably a fragmentary culture. Listen

Serguei : Revolucion Tanguero
Born in Buenos Aries and now living in Paris, Serguei is both a gifted tanguisto and an illustrator for the world's number one French language newspaper, Le Monde. He brings his music and vision together in this unique graphic package, Révolucion Tanguero.

various Honduaran artists : Music of Honduras 1

Topic World Series : folk music of Bulgaria (Topic 905)
Few countries can match Bulgaria for wealth and brilliance in folk music; ancient survivals abound, while new songs are made daily. Collected by A.L. Lloyd.

Jarana's Four Aces : Vocal Duels From The Streets Of Lima
This recording from Peru, produced in 1958 by the late Latin American literary historian, Professor José Durand Flórez (Peru, 1925-1990) is unique in that it features Manuael Quintana Olivares and Augusto Ascuez Villanueva, two of the most important practitioners of jarana who have ever lived, singing canto de jarana with Elías Ascuez Villanueva and Luciano Huambachano Temoche (both also playing guitars), known locally as the four aces. This CD tells a fascinating story of the emergence of the genre jarana, with the development of perhaps Latin America's most intriguing capital city and the people who lived there and created this exceptional music.

Ewe Drumming From Ghana : the soup which is sweet draws the chairs in closer
The Ewe people of Ghana and Togoare reknowned for their polyrhythmic drumming and beautiful call and response singing. Travelling through this region, one is struck by the way in which they have preserved their traditional music alongside the new cultural ideas brought by globalisation. The Dzigbordi group is a community dance drumming group that people from all age groups can join. On this CD they perform several classic dances from the Ewe repertoire before moving on to their own 'proprietary' dance - The Dzigbordi (Patience) Dance. Usually these dances are performed live at funerals and religious ceremonies, but for this recording, the group chose a secluded courtyard outside the town, resulting in a crystal clear sound that showcases both the drums and the songs.

Topic World Series : Gumboot Guitar: Zulu Street Guitar Music From South Africa
Rootsy guitar from the streets of Durban. In the late 19th century, music previously played on Zulu musical bows was transferred in the new urban environment to the guitar and often concertina and violin too. Musicians often joined miners' gumboot dance teams to accompany this exhilarating genre, which mostly traditionally takes place on the streets of single-sex hostel compounds. These recordings from 1988 and 1996 feature musicians and gumboot players who live in one such hostel outside Durban.

various Artists : The Yemen Tihama (Topic World Series 920)
Tibbal music from the Tihama, Red Sea coastal plain of the Yemen, is an Afro-Arabian amalgam featuring lyres, reeds and virtuosic drumming. It is performed by members of the akhdam, an outcast group with a reputation for sorcery.

Various Artists : The Moken: Sea Gypsies Of The Andaman Sea
Field recordings of the Moken, sea-faring gypsies of the Andaman Sea, who have been sailing up and down the west coast of the Malay Peninsula for hundreds of years.

Topic World Series : Healing Feasting and Magical Ritual: Papua New Guinea
Songs and dances of hunting, war, work, totemistic ritual, cannibalism, myth, initiation, courtship, rain-making, funerals, magical healing, shark catching and marathon feasting, recorded in remote coastal and inland villages in five far-flung regions of Papua New Guinea, to the north of Australia.

Topic World Series : Gypsy Music From Macedonia
The essential collection; all the fire and depth of expression captured in Wolf Dietrich's field recordings.

Topic World Series 912 : Music Of The Tatar People
From the Central-Volga region between Moscow and the Ural Mountains; wonderful recordings of traditional songs and melodies, featuring Tatar forms of the flute, Jew's harp and violin.

Skogumsbrorne : Slattespel fra Gudbrandsdalen
Norwegian ensemble Skogumsbrørne revives the music of some classic regional fiddle styles by the brothers Skogum on Slåttespel frå Gudbrandsdalen.

Daniele Bonaventura : Suite per bandoneon e orchestra
The bandoneon master performs two new major compositions, a suite for bandoneon and orchestra, and Piccolo Requiem for Solo Bandoneon.

Banda di Avola : A Banna!
A HUGE band of horns, reeds, woodwinds and percussion from Sicily offer a series of spirited, tongue-in-cheek marches from the 1920s, capable of captivating both players and audience alike. For those who enjoy Banda Ionica, here is a different look at the Sicilian brass band tradition, more raucous, more abandoned and wild.

Famoro and Kike Kouyate : Assusu
Recorded in Conakry in 1992- Kouyate was bass player with Ballaet ses Balladins in the late sixties This recordings feat M mah Bangoura vocals, Souleyman Diallo peulh flute Famoro grumbling bass icl two balaphones , three more female voices, djembe and the m bote bass drum

Isglem : Null G
Norwegians Terje Isunset (percussion, voice, drums) and Karl Seglem (saxophone, goat horm voice) in a 1993 recording of new routes in Norwegian rhythm and noise.

Anders Rogg, Audun Myskja : Videre (2 CDs)
Anders Rogg is an established Norwegian pianist, artist, musician, actor and composer, best known for his membership in the theatre/musical group Tramteatret. Audun Myskja is a medical practitioner who works in the area of musical healing. It all sounds a bit pretentious, but the music is rich and interesting, far from the sleepy yawns of most 'relaxation' music.

various : 4th International Jew's Harp Festival
2 CD set of performances from the 4th International Jew's Harp Festival in Rauland, Norway in 2002 features artists from around the world, from Norway to North America to Vietnam to Tuva and eastern Europe. Listen!

Monsieur Doumani : Grippy Grappa
This Cypriot band Monsieur Doumani has been making quite a name for itself both at home and abroad in the last 6 months. They take the sounds of their native Cyprus and put it through a blender - making the music both more accessible to a new audience, while also respecting the roots, keeping them healthy and growing. They blend a serious sense of tradition with a cutting social satire and a playful wit. Antonis Antoniou (tzouras), Angelos Ionas (guitar) and Demetris Yiasemides (wind instruments) are musical bandits steal whatever they can and forge it into something all their own, enveloped in a smoky haze of poetry and sharp musical arrangements. The purchase of this CD is for a donation to support RootsWorld, the magazine and radio show of the world's music.

various : TransAtlantic Folk Box Set
3 CD set, 70 track collection from one of the great British folk labels. Wellknown artists like Pentagle, Ralph McTell, Ian Campbell Group, Andrew Cronshaw, Bert Jansch, John Renborn, Finbar and amp; Eddie Furey, Sweeney's Men and Dubliners are well-augmented by many lesser known and obscure artists.

Anna Saeki : Tango clásico y moderno
I was dubious, too. A Japanese tango singer.. surely a gimmick. But her 20 years of singing experience, and her wise selection of orchestras and small ensembles make these recordings a nice little addition ot a complete tango collection, an acknowledgement of the international influence that Argentine music has had. To be sure, she sings these classica nd modern songs like no one else, and there is a distinctive sound to it all, and perhaps that is why I was most attracted to it.

Odd Bakkerud : Hardingfele
A double CD of the music of Odd Bakkerud (1931-1989), most recorded between 1959 and 1971 by Norwegian national radio (a few were from private tapes or recorded live at competitions). The material is chiefly springars and halling-tunes from Hallingdal, but the second CD also includes some pieces from Telemark, Numedal and Valdres.

Kries : Selo Na Okuke / Village Tracks
Kries makes wonderfully raw yet thoroughly modern music from Croatia. Driven by men's voices, bowed strings, primitive flutes, drums and more, this is music that speaks to centuries of history and the future, as well. This is a RootsWorld Music of the Month recording, donated by the artists to help support RootsWorld radio and magazine projects. All of your purchase price goes to support RootsWorld.

Basco : Interesting Times
Basco tell stories. Their music is complex and varied, from hard hitting, high-speed reels through sweet and melancholy tunes that tell of loves won and lost, fitful fever-dreams and songs that when you come down to it, are really just about sex.Basco's material is nearly all original, stealing shamelessly and frivolously from Nordic, English, Celtic and American idioms.

Phønix featuring SangKa : Groovy Guzheng
Yes, a terrible title, in my opinion, for a really fine recording. Here is one of the leading Danish folk bands collaborating, quite closely, with a Chinese guzheng player, and making it all work.

Rannok : Gammelt, Nyt, Lant og Blat
A Danish duo (abetted by some friends) delivers rough-hewn folk music with a lot of energy. Michael Graubaek on fiddle, viola, mandolin, baking paper and toe tapping; and Theis Langlands on piano and pump organ.

Habadekuk : Mollevit
Here's the 10th Anniversary recording from one of Denmark's best folk big-bands, pulling out the stops on traditional Danish fiddle tunes arranged for fiddles, brass, percussion, keyboards, bass and accordion.

Sabil : Zabad, l'écume des nuits (Twilight Tide)
The duo Sabil is Ahmad Al Khatib ('ud) and Youssef Hbeisch (percussion). On this album, they are joined by Elie Khoury on bouzouki and Hubert Dupont on acoustic bass in an exploration of Arabic music and modern composition and improvisation. This was a RootsWorld 'Music of the Month' recording in 2017. These CDs were donated by the artists and record label, and all proceeds go to support the magazine and radio program.

Unni Lovlid : Hymn
Folk music is the core of this project by one of Norway's finest traditional and modern vocalist, this time combining the Japanese gagaku tradition that brings together contemporary and traditional music from Japan and Norway. Musicians on this recording are Hakon Thelin on acoustic bass, Remi Miura on the sho, and Kaizan Harago on shakuhachi.

Erlend Viken Trio : Nykomlingen
Erlend Viken leads his trio on fiddle, Hardanger fiddle and vocals, with Marius Graff on guitar, electric guitar, banjo and lead vocals, and Leo Svensson Sander on cello and vocals. Three tracks include Oyvind Skarbo on drums

Jonas Simonson : Till Tranland
The Swedish fluatist is joined by Emma Johansson on the flute, and Ellika Frisell and Mia Marin on the fiddles and viola. 'To Craneland' is a tribute to the water bird and its migratory patterns, and features compositions from all of the ensemble's members.

Frigg : Frost on Fiddles
Recording number eight for this Finnish ensemble of fiddles, mandolins, acoustic bass and guitars is an expansive group of pieces that explores some of the richer possibilities of the Finnish folk orchestra, from rousing polsskas to complexe arrnagements of original works.

Wimme and Rinne : Human
Two of Finland's bravest artists, Tapani Rinne and Wimme Sari, join forces again to explore the limits of human voice and human instruments. Based on the ancient Sámi joik singing, the two artists stretch the boundaries to find beauty, energy and occasionally, the dissonance of the music, propelled by Tapani Rinne's clarinets and electronic processing, aided on some tracks by additional voices, fiddle, piano or percussion. This was the Music of the Month pick in RootsWorld for July, 2017.

Fendika : BiraBiro
I am pleased to offer this recording from Ethiopia, by a troupe of musicians, singers and dancers based at a night club in Addis Ababa that bears the name Fendika. The ensemble is led by Melaku Belay, who fashions new music from the traditional roots of many different regions of Ethiopia. Nardos Tesfaw - vocals Endris Hassen - masenko Misale Legesse - kobero Melaku Belay - dance, backing vocals, claps Zenash Tsegaye - dance, backing vocals, claps These CDs were donated by Terp Records, so all proceeds go to support the magazine and radio program. We thank them for their generous support.

V.A. : Batonga Across the Waters
The Music of the Batonga of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The first album ever of the beautiful music of the forgotten Batonga people of Zambia and Zimbabwe, who were forced to move by the rising waters of Lake Kariba in 1958. Recorded in the Zambezi valley in 1996. Listen

Peregoyo y su combo Vacana : El Rey del Currulao
For the first time in more than thirty years, Peregoyo y su Combo Vacaná have returned to the international arena with a new recording and with the same musical force that made them famous. The new record is a testament to the musical prowess of this giant of Colombian rhythms with a seminal influence on the history of its music.

Serenada : Flor di Amor
The ten piece Grupo Serenada draws its repertoire from the history of African, European and regional Caribbean influences that have shaped Curacao's music, often resurrecting old songs from libraries and archives or by consulting old timers - making contemporary arrangements in their inimitable a cappella style or accompanied by acoustic string and percussion instruments. Serenada performs the classics of popular song in the Papiamento language.

Salif Keita : 69>80
A collection of important songs from the 70s era Keita catalog, includes Mana-Mani, Mandjou, Primpin, Wale, 4 V, Sidiki, N'Toman, Marfa

Ablaye Ndiaye Thiossane : Thiossane
Ablaye Ndiaye Thiossane is part of the very fabric of Senegalese national identity, yet this is his first album recorded and released as lead artist. Joined here with members of Orchestra Baobab, legendary Congolese guitarist Papa Noel and Africando's Medoune Diallo Thiossane is a rich addition to Senegal's Afro-Cuban musical heritage. Listen

Trio Tekke and Dave De Rose : Zivo
The trio bring along a percussionist for their third recording. Formed in London in November 2005 by Antonis Antoniou (tzouras, vocals, and a member of Monsieuer Doumani), Lefteris Moumtzis (guitar, vocals) and Colin Somervell (double bass), the band experiments with a raw, acoustic reinvention of the rebetiko of Greece and beyond.

Zenobia : Blot En Ild
The 2017 release by this Danish trio of women is an elegant set of 16 instrumental compositons and lyrical songs, some from classical texts, all original music set for accordion, piano and voices. The booklet contains full lyrics in Danish, and a synopsis of each song in English.

Mynsterland : Mynsterland
A young group of Danish string players, singers and a clarinetist tackle a wide-ranging set of songs and tunes from Back to Nickel Creek on fiddles, cello, reeds, guitar and bass.

Berit Opheim, Nils Okland and Bjorn Kjellemyr : BNB - ein song frå dei utsungne stunder
Berit Opheim, Nils Økland and Bjørn Kjellemyr are inspired by a wide variet y of classic styles but find common ground in the field of improvisation.Berit Opheim has won the traditional Landskappleiken with her shining vocal. Nils Økland is an extraordinary music who plays fiddle, hardanger fiddle and viola d ’amore. Bjørn Kjellemyr's double bass and his recent fondness of the colascione, a bass lute from the Renaissance, adds the appropriate gravity to this recording, performed live in the Ullensvang church in Norway. There is a deep tradition here, but also an untamed avant garde, and together they make BNB a highly recommended CD.

Ostblocket : Yes We Are A Swedish Balkan Band...
Everybody's doing it, from New York's Zlatne Uste to Japanese jazz artists.... so who not the Swedes. Östblocket join their fellow Swedes The Cerro Esperanza Band in exploring the joys of Balkan rhythms and brass, and succeed rather brilliantly. Far more often focused on authenticity than the Esperanza crew, Ostblocket offer a rollicking, hard edge brass-band sound that can compete with some of the great bands who live on the original turf. fRoots says it is 'a distinctive new mix... [and] smart stuff.'

Dalava : Dalava
From the RootsWorld review: "dálava are edging out into music with a particularly rich backstory. Vocalist Julia Úlehla and guitarist Aram Bajakian reunited in a musical project probing the texts and tunes transcribed by Úlehla's great-grandfather. Mr. Úlehla was taken by the folk music of the Moravian village of Straznice, and he painstakingly transcribed the songs and tunes of this community (located in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, and bordering on the Carpathians)... the performances are full of conviction, and Julia Úlehla's fabulous voice is a marvel. Dálava's debut is a fully realized work, and a new, organically sown branch for the original music' This was a 2014 RootsWorld 'Music of the Month' selection, and is highly recommended.

Zephyr : October Ocean
From the review in RootsWorld: 'Görån Mansson, Jonas Simonson (from Groupa), and Richard Ekre Suzzi utilize a variety of wind instruments from Sweden and afar, such as the bamboo Bansuri flute. An all-flute trio can certainly have an ethereal sound, as the band demonstrates but Zephyr go well beyond such stereotyping and they construct compositions that indulge in world music influences. They are also a remarkably percussive group, the melodic washes are undergirded by deep tones that, combined, lend a slightly Asian air. Zephyr make a compelling and intriguing showcase for the power and universality of, and experimentation possible with, wind instruments.'

Dalava : The Book of Transfigurations
Guitarist Aram Bajakian and vocalist Julia Ulehla’s Dálava project is an homage to traditional Moravian folk music, taking melodies transcribed over 100 years ago by Ulehla’s great-grandfather, and reinventing them in stirring, sometimes avant-garde musical language.It delves into deep territory; conjuring ancestors, animating spirits, and crafting musical microcosms around the gem-like folk melodies. This fractured village music channels the voices of a bygone era. Their first album was a RootsWorld 'Music of the Month' pick, and this one is equally engaging.

uKanDanZ : Awo
They describe the sound as 'Ethio-Crunch' and it's clear from their sound and lineup - guitar, bass, drums and sax - that they're heavily inspired by Getatchew Mekuria's skronky improvisational work with The Ex. Awo is the group's second recording, after their 2012 debut Yetchalal, and it's heavy listening. Guilhem Meier's thunderous drumming, Benoit Lecomte's rattling bass, and Damien Cluzel's metallic guitarwork churn out a surprisingly nimble post-rock groove that begins somewhere between System of a Down and vintage Black Sabbath, and ends up in a much, much weirder place. But the real stars here are Lionel Martin's agitated sax improvisations and Guebreyes's plaintive Amharic vocals.

Riccardo Tesi and Banditaliana : Maggio
From the RootsWorld review: 'Riccardo Tesi always escapes easy pigeon-holing. He is idiosyncratic without being abrasive, cutting edge without the hard edge. He is a gentle fusionist, bringing together new and old worlds so that's it's hard to know where one starts and the other ends. On Maggio, his latest with Bandtaliana, the sound is vintage Tesi: a refinement of traditional music that has the well-aged, heartfelt soul of folk music, but is as assuredly lovely as a classical wind quartet. Underneath the overall gentle spell that Tesi casts are shades and layers of sophistication.'

Hallgrim Berg and Erik Roine : Munnharpa
Hallgrim Berg and Erik Røine celebrate the munnharpe (jew's harp / tromp) in solo and duet pieces.

Phillip Peris : Digeridoo
solo performances on digeridoo - 5 tracks, 68 minutes

Yé Lassina Coulibaly : Djembe Du Burkina Faso
Dancer and drummer from Burkina Faso presents a solo set of performances on the goblet-shaped, Mandinkan djembe drum, showing its spiritual side as a healing as well as percussive instrument.

Paras Nath : Flute bansuri
Bansuri flute of northern India - Paras Nath is from a family of flautists dedicated to the art going back four centuries. The CD opens with the Raga Megh which is played during the monsoon season. 8 tracks, 70 minutes.

Boris Kovac : Times of Day
A 2015 work composed by the Serbian saxoponist and performed by his New Ritual Ensemble uses all his time-honored tools of folk roots from Eastern Europe, jazz and edgy new ideas of his own device.

Boris Kovac and Ritual Nova : Ritual Nova 1 and 2
Serbian artist Kovacs describes himself as 'a contemporary naive composer.' This CD compiles his two late 80s LPs; His label calls it 'folk, jazz and minimalism filtered through a post-Eno sensibility, with a spiritual integrity reminiscent of Arvo Part'

various artists : Lost in China
I don't often choose a compilation recording for Music of the Month, but I made one of the exceptions for this recording, a collection of songs by 13 different artists or ensembles from urban Beijing to the desert of Xinjiang, mostly younger artists looking to explore and sometimes confound local traditions. Most of the musicians have not been heard outside of China, or even their own region, before so I think this makes a case for choosing this CD.

ba.fnu and Yann-Fanch Kemener : YFK-2016
Czech band meets legendary Breton singer Yann-Fañch Kemener. The Czechs have an affinity for both Czech and other European styles, but especially Breton fest-noz tunes. Yann-Fañch Kemener supplies the Breton vocals distinguished by a call-and-response pattern, that accompanies dancing. The musicians largely work with tracks that Kemener collected, while three of the tracks feature modern lyrics. The whole work is conceived as a 'calendar' with songs and recitations for each month. (A RootsWorld selection)

Various artists, Fairport, et al : Cropredy Capers (autographed edition)
In the Freereed Records tradition, another bang-up box set, this time of live music from the infamous Fairport Convention gathering at Cropedy each year for the last 25. 4 CDs, a big book and lots of extras, as always. This edition is autographed by the current band members.

Dulce Pontes : Momentos (Live, 2 CDs)
A live concert set on 2 CDs by one of Portugals great artists. Moments of intimacy, frantic moments, unexpected, islands of sound, forged by the singer and her accompanists, including George Dalaras, José Carreras, Stefanos Korkolis and Pedro Santos.

Aziatic : Most Wanted
Garifuna roots with rock, hip-hop and pop influences: they call it punta rock. Belizian dance music with a heavy beat. Guests include Andy Palacio, Jenko and Spyce and Lloyd Augustine.

various South African artists : Homeland - A Collection of South African Music
A collection of danceable South African township jive. Most of the tracks are drawn from South African albums that went gold there in the late 1980s. With the Boyoyo Boys, Mzikayifani Buthelezi, Elias Mathebula, Manka Le Phallang & others.

Moldestad and Merete Kroken : Spindel
Norwegian fiddlers Sigrid Moldestad and Liv Merete Kroken present a traditional repetoire for the hardangar (hardingfele) and standard fiddle, with some some accompaniment on bass, percussion and keyboards.

Ensemble Tierra et al : Misa Criolla
Ricardo Cabrera, Ensemble Tierra and members of the Philharmonic String Octet Berlin present a Latin American interpretation of the Catholic mass

Contradanza : Mar de Fondo
The first recording by the Sevillian ensemble seeks to create new folk from Andalusia, balancing their new outlook with respectful approaches to the popular song book and the creative impulse.

various : Next Stop... Soweto: Township Sounds From The Golden Age Of Mbaqanga
First of a 3-part series exploring underground South African music during the late '60s and '70s. This volume covers the vibrant energy of the township jive sound. Jive - or mbaqanga - emerged in the '60s as a fusion combining elements of rural Zulu music and harmony vocal styles with Western instrumentation. Takes the listener far beyond the accepted township jive with smaller groups utilizing jazz, gospel, rumba, funk and traditional mining songs. Includes hit makers like Mahlathini and Mahotella Queens but puts more emnphasis on names you might never have heard before: The Big Four, Piliso and His Super Seven, African Swingsters, Lucky Strikes, Intombi Zephepha. (20 tracks)

Dobet Gnahore : Na Afriki
Ivory Coast singer addresses social and political issues in Africa: the struggles of women in African society, the exploitation of children, and the impact of greed and violence on the family. She calls upon Africa to seek solutions from within and draw upon its own vast resources to create a better future. She sings of love and loss, as well as joy and celebration, using a wide variety of rhythms and styles that reflect her pan-African approach.

Various artists : Latviesu Danci
Latvia folk music for dancing, compiled by the leaders of the folklore band Ilgi. Performers include Maris Muktupavels (producer of this album) and Ilga Reizniece, both of whom are well known and highly respected in Latvian folk music circles. Other notable performers include Gints Sola, guitarist for the group Jauns Meness, and Mikus Cavarts, another member of the folklore ensemble Ilgi. One surprise addition is Ilmars Mezs and his family. Mežs, known in part for his research into Latvian demographics, also is lead singer for the folklore ensemble Eilenders.

Ugis Praulins : Paganu gadagramata / Pagan Yearbook
This is a high concept folk music album. The songs are meant to sequence through a whole year for the 'inner self of an urban man.' Generous doses of synth washes, echoing plucked arpeggios and the addition of bongos, djembes, balafon, and kalimba. If you are a folk purist, then it is best to seek other sources for traditional Latvian music. The best moments are when environmental sounds like wind and thunder are used effectively to evoke a desolate landscape against which the melancholy songs develop. - John Cho

Manuel Luna y Brena la Musica : Papeleria Rocio (objetos de escritorio)
Roc and iacute;o's Stationary Shop (writing materials) is sort of a reissue of Luna's Los galles de Londres, with re-mixed and remastered tracks from the original LP recording, plus many newly recorded versions of other songs made in 2004. Luna explores his childhood memories and does some musical experimentation on the traditions of Cantabria in Spain with an acoustic ensemble of gaita, panderadulzaina, hurdy-gurdy, fiddle, percussion, bass, accordion and more, as well as an imaginative, light touch with electronics and recorded effects.

Stefano Valla, Dani Scurati : Music Of The Apennins
Piffero, accordion and vocals, nothing more. This disc features songs and melodies for listening and dancing. Stéfano Valla and Daniele Scurati present the traditional repertoire for these two instruments.

Andrea Capezzuoli / Francesco Nastasi : ...per far legria ai siuri de Milan
A long time ago, before the accordion spread across the musical landscape, the ancient duo of piffero and musa was the king of parties and folk dances in the area called “4 provinces” of Northern Italy. Now, for the first time in more than 50 years, Nastasi and Capezzuoli recreate the musical and emotional atmosphere that might have been enjoyed at a party at the beginning of the last century.

Aurelio : Darandi
Celebrating 30 years of Garifuna music by one of the region's most important contemporary artists, Darandi is a tour de force of Latin American music. The CD is packaged in an illustrated hard-cover book with historical and biographical notes, as well as notes on each of the songs.

Okra Playground : Turmio
Finnish folk music can sound other-worldly. The country's folk-epic, "The Kalevala," is laced with charms and spells, and its impact on Finnish folk culture has been immense. One can hear its echoes in this new recording. Three female vocalists are up-front. Both play the kantele, strung over their shoulders for a twin-stringed attack that any heavy metal band would envy. The men in the band round out the contemporary sound with bass, synth, accordion and percussion. Comparisons to both Värttinä and Hedningarna are inevitable. Okra Playground has an organic, acoustic base, but they frequently add electronic enhancements so that their overall approach appeals to both traditionalists and experimentalists.

Dawda Jobarteh : Transitional Times
Dawda Jobarteh was born in Gambia, part of a family of hereditary musicians, including his grandfather, the legendary Alhaji Bai Konté. His new CD is a blend of tradition remembered and an immigrant's vision of new worlds. The music swerves from pure solo strings to jarring, modern motifs. He plays with pop and jazz idioms, but it always feels very rooted in the old world. This is a RootsWorld CD choice. These CDs are donated byt eh labels and artists to help RootsWorld raise money to remain online and on the air. All of your purchase gos to support those efforts.

Dawda Jobarteh : Northern Light, Gambian Night
Taking his musical training from a Mande griot upbringing, Dawda Jobarteh creates an intense contemporary vision of an ancient tradition. With the support of long-term friends and band members, Preben Carlsen on guitar, Nana Osibio on bass and Salieu Dibba on percussion and including some deeply personal statements Dawda weaves his distinctive kora playing through modern musical landscapes. Jobarteh's musical heritage carries considerable weight. His grandfather was Alhaji Bai Konte, the first kora player to take the instrument to the US, Dawda's father is kora player Amadou Bansang Jobarteh and his uncles Malamini Jobarteh and Dembo Konte together 26 years ago recorded the seminal kora album Jaliya for Sterns Music. Listen

Egeland, Molsky and Jarvela : Rauland Rambles
American Bruce Molsky, Finn Arto Järvelä and Norwegian Ånon Egeland join together in a traditional music tour de force. Fiddles abound, along with banjo and touches of ukelele, kantele and jew's harp. They play each others folk music like a natural part of their DNA. It's seamless and vibrant. And it is all recorded at a live concert.

Omar Sosa and Sekou Keita : Transparent Water
The latest global collaboration by Cuban pianist Omar Sosa. This time around Sosa he works with Senegalese kora player and singer Seckou Keita to create new music with roots in multiple African regional musics (Mandinka and Yoruba), but add Chinese reeds (sheng master Wu Tong), Japanese koto (Mieko Miyazaki) along with Afro-Latin piano and percussion (Venzuelean artist Gustavo Ovalles). (A RootsWorld Music of the Month selection)

Various Spanish Artists : Cantes Del Pueblo
Musica tradicional española' presents recordings made all over Spain in the 1970s that document the country's folk music in the pre-folk-revival period.

Michio : Zambúllete
The true globalista: a guitarist born in Germany of Japanese ancestry presents bulerías, tangos and soleás (with vocals on some songs by Alicia Carrasco). The pedigree is surprising, the music is wonderful.

Woetmann : Nogne Fodder
The mandolin is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think Danish music, but Brian Woetmann and his band bring it to the front on 'Nøgne Fødder' (bare feet). A quartet named after the leader, Woetmann features mandolin (and its kin bouzouki and mandola), guitars, percussion, harmonica, accordion, cello and bass. Woetmann provides vocals on some tracks in Danish and English, and the whole thing wanbders through Danish folk, Irish dance tunes, and a good bit of American influences on a set of original and traditional songs.

Bragr : Danmarkar'n
A trio of strings and percussion, Bragr features Swedish guitarist and nyckelharpa player Perry Stenbäck, and two Danes - percussionist Christine Dueholm and Jesper Frost Bylling on acoustic bass. All provide vocals on some tracks. They blend tradtional music from regions in both countries, and make them personal and unique.

Pixvae : Colombian Crunch Music
The label promo: As the hybrid peach palm from which it borrows its name, this unusual group is the result of cross origins, a space where the warm melodies of the Afro-Colombian music meet the energy of rock and eclectic jazz culture. Confronting the worlds, merging traditions, PIXVAE embodies an unsuspected alchemy between jazzcore and currulao: a direction that shakes the perception, upsets the entrails and awakens the imagination. Here, electrical power accompanies sublime trance...

Javier Ruibal : las dramas primero
Javier Ruibal is surely one of Cadiz' greatest hidden treasures. A singer and guitarist of immense talent and diversity, a man of warmth and charm with a mischievous twinkle in his eye, Ruibal's sound is one which gorges itself on cultures and traditions, sampling and tasting and spinning a web that is entirely contemporary and idiosyncratic.' - RootsWorld

Kristian Blak : Fuglar, Fiskar & Folk
Faroese artist Kritian Blak has composed and performed a suite of short piano studies based on folk songs and tales of the title subjects, 'birds, fish and people.'

Nightingale String Quartet / Nofinishi Dywili : The Bow Project
In a world full of 'unique projects' this one stands out. These two CDs contain the traditional music of - and modern compositions based on - the bow playing and singing of Xhosa musician Nofinishi Dywili from South African, who accompanied herself on an instrument called the uhadi.One CD contains the Nightingale performances of these works, the other is field recordings of Nofinishi Dywili and members of her village, playing the bow and singing the songs.

Kwartet Jorgi : Muzyka na trabke gitare i flet
Music for trumpet, guitar and flute, by one of Poland's most repsected modern music ensembles.

Fionia Stringband : Rat for usodet / Rough N' Ready
Rustic and lively folk music including everything from polkas to lyrical tunes to warm-hearted waltzes. The music is handpicked mainly from the Danish and Scandinavian repertoire with links to Québec and Cape Breton. The band is a meeting between two generations of folk musicians based on a shared passion for traditional melodies. The members consists of three of Denmark's best traditional musicians, fiddlers Michael Graubæk and Jes Kroman and pianist Theis Langlands.

Trolska Polka : Untold Tails
Their strong melodies and high energy pull you into a mesmerizing world full of funny, grim, big and small characters from the nordic fairytales and mythology. The ensemble consists of young talented artists from the Danish/Swedish folk scene led by multiinstrumentalist and composer Martin Seeberg (Sorten Muld, Instinkt, Valravn) With a wide variety of instruments, this seven piece band brings giants, elves, pixies, fairies and other beings musically to life.

Floating Sofa Quartet : The moon we watch is the same
Their repertoire is a mixture of original compositions and traditional pieces from their respective countries; sweet melodies and feisty dance tunes are performed with intriguing harmonies, intensity, humor and the warm acoustic sound of wooden instruments. Floating Sofa Quartet is: Mads Kjøller-Henningsen [DK] - wooden flute & swedish bagpipes; Leija Lautamaja [FI] - 2,5-row melodeon & harmonium; Clara Tesch [DK] - fiddle; Malte Zeberg [SE] - double bass

Trias : Efter Horisonten
Their second release. The band says: Efter Horisonten reflects our maturity which our music not always has been. "Efter Horisonten" has captured the spark of creativity, and together we have created our common expression.' Trias are: Søren Østergaard Pedersen Doublebas, Harmonium; Christoffer Thorhauge Dam Violin, Viola, Harmonium; Rasmus Nielsen Piano, Guitar, Harmonium; Jonas Kongsted Violin, Viola, Mandolin

Serendou : Zinder
Breton flutes meet flutes and percussion from Niger in a unique new recording of cross-cultural music. Yacouba Moumouni (flute, vocals), Boubacar Souleymane (singer, percussionist, guitar and kountigui - a one-stringed lute), and Jean-Luc Thomas (ebony flute, electronics, vocals) are joined by a few guests on percussion, strings and tuba. This is a RootsWorld 'Music of the Month' selection and your purchase goes to support the magzine and radio program.

Erik Marchand and The Balkanics : Pruna
In modern-day Bucharest, a type of light music known as manele is gaining a hold to the point of saturating the scene. This new genre created by Gypsy musicians and singers from the Banat region in Romania grafts the East-West modernity of popular music from Serbia onto a base of the old lautaresc style from Bucharest and the city suburbs. It can also include samples of modern turkish music and Balkan percussion imported from neighbouring Istanbul. Whether avant-garde, or the result of a natural opening-up of borders with the coming of the New Europe and the third millenium, Erik Marchand's music on Pruna uses the same geographical background; but gives a different result - no samples, no rhythm machine, no studio effects, nothing but highly talented human beings playing music - twelve musicians considered among the best in their respective cultures. Here is the music of the moment, utterly up-to-date and in harmony with its day and age, clearly asserting its diverse ethnic and historical origin

: TUNISIA. Sufi Songs from Tunis. La Sulâmiyya, Cheikh Abderrahman ben Mahmoud

Ensemble Muhammad Faris : The Sawt of Bahrain
The sawt (literally "voice" in Arabic), the most highly esteemed vocal art in countries round the Gulf, has it sources in the vast repertory of classical and dialectical poetry and the poetic and musical cultures that have left their mark in the area. In the wake of the great upheaval of tradition that took place in the thirties, Muhammad bin Faris, a remarkable writer and composer of the sawt, played a large and vigorous role in the renewal of the genre, founding Bahrain's first school of sawt.

Bellemou : The Father of Rai
The Algerian classic is available again, with the master musican of rai in some of his best recordings.

various : Messiah: Remix
One of the irresistible chestnuts of classical music gets a radical overhaul by some of the contemporary music scene's leading provacatuers. Handel's 1742 warhorse gets mashed into electronica, modernist mania, moody ambience, rough-hewn hip-hop and uninhibited nuttiness by artists like John Oswald, Scanner, Paul Lansky and Eve Beglarian.

Orkestina : Positivity
This is the 4th release by these musicians from Bulgaria, Spain, Ireland and the UK. More sacred and profane music from the Gypsy and Jewish communities of Romania, Bulgaria and Poland is played by a raucous band of accordions, violins and bass, Bulgarian gadulkas, clarinets and percussion.

Ravi Shankar : Nine Decades - Vol.1
The first in a multi-volume series featuring rare and never-released recordings, hand-picked by Ravi Shankar from his vast archive. With live performances and studio recordings pivotal to his development as an artist and reflective of unique times and places, the series will provide fresh insights on a career spanning 70-plus years. "Raga Gangeshwari," the centerpiece of volume one, takes listeners to an outdoor concert at a temple on the banks of the Ganges in 1968. Though recorded with one hand-held microphone, "Raga Gangeshwari" is representative of the archive's many treasures which the artist describes as, "not recorded with sophisticated audio equipment and yet they exhibit the power of life in live performance that has a value beyond any technological shortcomings." The intimate quality of the recording and virtuosic playing allows listeners to experience a page from the artist's diary circa 1968. Performed with Kamala Chakravarty on tanpura and the great Ustad Allah Rakha on tabla.

Fermin Muguruza : Brigadistak Sound System
From The Basque Country to Havana, Caracas, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Rom, Barcelona and Back Euskera, the language of the Basque people, is unique in Europe and so is Fermin Muguruza. A traveller in the name of culture, politics and global resistance he voyaged across the seas to record this album with the International Sound Brigades incl. Manu Chao, Desorden Público, Todos Tus Muertos and many more.

Munir Bashir : ...and the Iraqi Traditional Music Ensemble

Bantu, featuring Ayuba : Fuji Satisfaction
Adé Bantu is one of the defining figures of German HipHop. Born and raised in Lagos,Nigeria, then relocated to Cologne, his AfroPean blend draws from his forefathers' heritage and his experience of the African diaspora alike. He uses urban styles and sounds from R'n'B through HipHop to Ragga to contribute to the soundtrack of a global Africa: rooted in Yoruba history yet ripe with Western production, deeply sensual yet utterly spiritual, thoroughly individual and highly political. He is joined by Adewale Ayuba, a master of Nigeria's next generation of Fuji music.

Anonymous 4 : Christmas Music from Medieval Hungary
The famous female vocal quartet offers unusual holiday music.

Frank London's Klezmer Brass All-stars : Carnival Conspiracy

Special Order : The Raga Guide: a survey of 74 Hindustani ragas
Special Order: allow 10 days for shipping - Joep Bor's definitive guite to the raga, a 4 CD set with an accompanying 196 page book.

Kristi Stassinopoulou and Stathis Kalyviotis : NYN
About this 2016 release by the Greek roots-pop trio, Nondas Kitsos wrote in RootsWorld: "With NYN, Kristi Stassinopoulou and Stathis Kalyviotis have created an absolutely wonderful reprise to their Greekadelia. Here they are, addressing the meltdown of Greece by offering music of incomparable beauty and inventiveness." Deep folk roots, rich poetry and a remarkable neo-psychedelic sound bring it all together. This is a RootsWorld CD choice. These CDs are donated by theh labels and artists to help RootsWorld raise money to remain online and on the air. All of your purchase goes to support those efforts.

Florida Memory : 3 CDs of Florida folklife
Three CDs of blues, folk and gospel from the Florida Folklife Collection.
Tell The Truth: Blues and Gospel
Shall We Gather at the River
Where the Palm Trees Shake at Night
This set of CDs was donated by State Library & Archives of Florida in support of RootsWorld. All proceeds go to support the magazine and radio program.

Meta Meta : MM3
'With MM3, this Sao Paolo-based trio, active since 2008, are joined once again by a bassist and drummer for spastic, genre-defying blasts that place them in the center of a vibrant Brazilian music scene. The record skitters between post-punk, gruff, avant sax flutters, raw guitar pulsations, and an ability to shift tempo that's military precise. For those who hear Brazil and think samba, candomble, or Tropicalia's freakier moments, this record might come as a surprise. From experimental synth to Favela proibidao rap, Metá Metá are one more component of a scene that's at least partially a reaction to the chaos and breakdowns pervading their city.' - Bruce Miller in RootsWorld

Groupa : Kind of folk - vol. 1 Sweden
The 2016 release by one of the most important and revolutionary groups in the Nordic roots movement. Terje Isungset, drums, perc, mouth harp; Mats Eden fiddle, viola d'amore, accordion; Jonas Simonson, flutes, bass clarinet.

Kristian Blak, Vera Kondrateva, Yggdrasil : Lipet Ei : Seven Brothers
Kristian Blak once again steps into difficult and strange musical worlds on this recording with Khanty singer Kondrateva. The Khanty people live in an autonomous region in western Siberia, with a culture far removed from Russia. Incorporating these songs into any western framework would be challenging, but Blak and his Faroese ensemble push it to the limits of folk, rock, jazz and 'new music.' Click and listen. I can't explain it.

Yolariis : Yolariis
YOLARiiS is new folk music by Dan Svensson (percussion, melodeon, cittern, vocals, tenor banjo), Per Knagg (bass, vocals), Anna Elwing (vocals, fiddle, singing bowl) and Jens Ulvsand (bouzuki, vocals). Their music is defiantly modern and global, yet deeply imbued with the ancient melodies and rhythms of Sweden. highly recommended

Meridian : Prime
Meridian produces innovative and wonderful folk music focused on driving chordal work of Richard Jones (accordion), the intricate melodic lines of Chris Walshaw (pipes/whistles/flutes) and the rhythm 'n' groove harmonies of Anna Tabbush (fiddle/flute). Anna, raised in the tradition, also sings and adds vocal lines. Meridian play arrangements of tunes and songs for concerts and Euro-dances and provide the glorious sound of raw folk energy, laced with finesse.

Mats Eden : Avtryck
Swedish melodeon and violin music learned from Oscar Andersson and Alfred Magnusson, both from Mangskog, in Varmland Sweden.

Gunnell Mauritzson : Ater
Gunnel Mauritzson 'Åter' One of Sweden's very best folk singers with a band consisting of some of the most interesting musicians within the new Swedish folk music.

various artists : Stilling Time: Traditional musics of Vietnam
American musician Philip Blackburn travelled to Vietnam in late 1993 to record the village music of the nation and came home with a remarkable portrait of a culture both deeply reverential of the past and yet still dynamic and growing.

Einar Mjolsnes : Slattar etter Anders Sagen
Norwegian Hardanger fiddler Einar Mjølsnes presents 21 tunes played by Anders Sagen,, plus two of his own compositions inspired by Sagen. Booklet notes are in Norwegian and English.

Peeni Waali and Schildpatt : Sha
The 2006 brainchild of the amazing Fizze of Switzerland. He says: 'Sound-stalking through Alpine and Persian inflections, drum n' bass oriental improvisations, remixes, dubs, ambiances,collages and genuine creations...' Features santur master Alan Kushan.

Sidestepper : Supernatural Love
A band who pioneeered electro-Cumbia and other Colombian sounds released this album in 2016 to great acclaim. This time out, it's full of deep acoustic sounds and instruments, recorded in the Colombia countryside. This is a RootsWorld CD choice. These CDs are donated by the labels and artists to help RootsWorld raise money to remain online and on the air. All of your purchase goes to support those efforts.

Shirley Collins : Adieu to Old England
The 1974 recording, originally released on Topic Records

Nelson Angelo : Caterete
Composer, musican and singer Nelson Angelo is joined by many of Brazil's most wanted musicians including Edison Machado, Dom um Romão, Novelli and many others. With his deep knowledge of Brazilian harmonies and his unique way of arranging and performing, this makes for a highly interesting release.

Mallebrok : Levende Brav
They say they are 'crossing new borders between folk music, experimental electronica, jazz inspirations and pop.' Founded in 2014, he band consists of experienced musicians from folk music, medieval music, electronica and big band jazz, so they have grounds for their appraisa This is not medieval music with electronics nor Scandinavian folk music with eastern hand drums and trombone. It is something that is quite different.

Norstrand : Norstrand
This jazz inflected quintet from Denmark interprets the old folk songs of Inger Lauritzen from the village of Lønstrup. Led by vocalist Mathilde Faldborg Sørensen, the ensemble plays violin, saxophone, piano and bass.

Bark and Blik : Vildskud
Yet another band that features the brilliant Kristine Heeboll. The four musicians share a background from Odense's Music Conservatory and each bring their unique experiences from the different bands with whom they play. They started in 2014 as a continuation of the group Over Sundet, which has been on the Danish folk music scene since 2006. Heebøl is on violin, with Siri Iversen on clarinet and bass clarinet, Cecilie Strange on the saxophone and Simon Krebs on guitar

Asif Ali Khan and Party : Mazarana
A promising singer from Pakistan, who studied with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, comes from a long line of qawwals and is a grandson of the legendary Santoo Khan. The clarity of his voice and his authentic sincerity to the Sufi tradition mark him out as a valuable new name in Qawwali, whhile hsi inventive approach makes him a name to watch for.

Arto Jarvela : On the Coast (Arto Plays the fiddle, Vol. 3)
The thrid in Arto Järvelä's series of fiddle solo recordings tracing the history of the music in Finland. 19 more tunes by the master musician. Notes in English as well as Finnish.

Ferhat Tunc : Kobani
Ferhat Tunç is the kind of singer, rare in today's popular data stream, who must bear witness to the politics of his art in everyday life. Despite having been persecuted, sentenced, and jailed for his sonic activism, if not also because of the infractions inflicted upon him by his own government, Tunç has persevered in focusing his attention on those who have, less fortunately, paid with their lives. Recorded in Istanbul and Oslo, and mixed at the latter city's famed Rainbow Studio by master engineer Jan Erik Kongshaug, Kobani is Tunç's deepest mission statement yet.' - Tyran Grillo, RW
A RootsWorld 'Music of the Month' recording.

Skruk and Nymark Collektive : Dype, stille, sterke, milde
'deep still strong mild' is a captivating choir record that highlights what Skruk is all about. This album presents Norwegian popular religious songs performed with a small jazz ensemble.

The Armstrong Twins : Mandolin Boogie
Stars of radio, records, and TV, the Armstrong Twins performed on the Louisiana Hayride, KXLA Pasadena, CA, Cliffie Stone's Dinner Bell Round Up and his legendary TV show "Town Hall Party." For the first time on CD the sound of their classic country brother duets featuring their first recordings from the late forties to the early fifties, and a reunion session in 1979. And a nice price, too!

Fromseier+Hockings : Flot Gevir
A 7 song EP of great music for guitar and fiddle by Ditte Fromseier Mortensen and Sigurd Hockings. This is their debut as an impulsive and playful duo. Old swinging traditional tunes and songs are combined with Ditte and Sigurd's new compositions to make this a solid piece for Danish folk music fans.

JPP : Live in Duluth (2 CD set)
A live concert in Duluth with one of Finland's most famous folk ensembles, and certainly the band that has single-handedly made Finnish folk fiddling an international fascination.

Paul Raackow : Mi Refugio
new tangos for solo musician, from this Berlin based bandoneon (accordion) player

Various Artsists : Travellin' Companion 3: A Musical Journey to Germany
A collection of new and unexpected roots music from Germany includes ULMAN, Schal Sick Brass band, Di Grine Kuzine, Jams and a dozen more.

Basco : The Remarkable Return of Old Man Basco
They are back. They just can't stop making new recordings, it seems. The return of the Danish quartet of Ale Carr - Cittern, Andreas Tophøj - violin, viola; Hal Parfitt Murray - violin, viola; Anders Ringgaard Andersen - accordion, trombone plus a roomful of special guests including the horn section "Big Basco", violinist David Boulanger, and vocalist Julie Hjetland. Just go listen.

Jensen and Bugge + Høirup : Slid din tid
Mette Kathrine Jensen, Kristian Bugge and Morten Alfred Høirup celebrate the fiddler and composer Borcher Madsen´s 200th birthday. Madsen (1815-1897) was from the Southern Danish Islands of Falster and one of the regions most talented musicians and dance music composers of that time.

Dreamers' Circus : Second Movement
The Danish trio (Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen, violin; Ale Carr, cittern; Nikolaj Busk, piano & accordion) returns with their second recording of cross-genre folk music. Guests include a folk choir and The Danish String Quartet

Lakis and Achwach : Taxidi/Die Reise
Greek-Austrian musican Lakis and his ensemble Achwach prove the variety of their musical work. 'Die Reise' (the journey) is not only the CD's title, it is emblematic of their approach to music.

Lakis and Achwach : Xenos
Austria-based Greek musician Lakis Jordanopoulos´ songs are about uprooting and exile, like the songs of the Greek Rembetes, who learned to laugh and cry at the same time. The music he creates with the ensemble Achwach is the neo-Rembetiko of a Vienna-based international band, a music about happiness and sadness, love, loneliness and despair.

Vlada Kanic : En passent med aksent
Born in Belgrade and now living in Norway, songwriter and singer Kanic has made truly local music: he has taken his songs of war and peace in the Balkans and presented them to a Norwegian audience, in his adopted language. It's a bold move for an immigrant, but the songs carry a potency and the music accompanying them is superb. The Norwegian press has responded positively and so have audiences. Balkan music fans will find plenty to love in the musical accompaniment, too, with it's great sonic mix from a band of accordions, bass, guitars, cimbalom, violins and more.

Einar Olav Larsen Trio : Lysblain
A Norwegian repertoire based on elegant fiddling and restrained piano with acoustic bass. Einar Olav Larsen, Fiddle; Daniel Trostrup Røssing, Piano; Audun Larsen, Accustic Bass

Cuarteto Cedron : de cada dia (1964-2004) 2 CDs
2 CD set covers the 40 year history of the seminal Argentinian ensemble Cuarteto Cedrón: Juan Cedron (vocals and guitar), Cesar Stroscio (bandonèon), Jorge Sarraute (bass) and Miguel Praino (viola, violin). De Cada Día includes 40 tracks of musical poetry that spans an impressive career.

Osman, Gubara and Co : In the kingdom of the Lyre

Various Artists : Stjerner Lyser Hvite: The Songs of Jens Gunderssen
This double CD release marks the 100 years since the actor, director, theater manager, composer, singer and poet Jens Gunderssen was born. Jens Gunderssen became nationally known through radio, phonograph, live events and tours. His soft-spoken, warm and melodic folk songs, often to his own guitar or lute accompaniment, represented an almost separate genre when he came on the phonograph market in the 1940s.

Sexteto Mayor : Passion du Tango
To celebrate the group's 30th anniversary, a double album charting their unparalleled career, including 13 new tracks recorded exclusively for this anthology. Instrumental pieces are included alongside sung tangos featuring Adriana Varela, whose smoky voice and emotive power have made her one of Argentina's leading vocalists. The set's broad repertoire ranges from the early classics of Carlos Gardel to the music of revolutionary innovator Astor Piazzolla. One of the CDs is designed specifically for tango dancing.

Sven Nyhus Kvartett : Bergrosa: 40 ar med… (CD and DVD set)
40 years with the legendary professor of folk music, fiddler and "Commander of the Order of St Olav," Sven Nyhus. The DVD is a collection of 30 tunes, 90 minutes of music culled 4 decades of the archives of Norwegian national Broadcasting. The CD is a recording og a mid-summer concert and dance in the town hall of Sollia, Norway.

Halfdan Kjerulf : Songs From Norway
Maria Lindberg-Kransmo, vocalist and Stephanie A. Freeman, pianist.

Various Artsists : Traditionel Musik Fra Læsø
43 authentic recordings of instrumental music from the island of Læsø

Bastien Lucas : Essai
The French singer, composer and musician is joined by a wonderful group opf musicians to present a strong recording of new French song. Musicians include Gabriel Yacoub, Aurélie Dorzée, Yannick Hardouin, Julien Biget and Sylvie Berger. Listen to "Sans rancune" and "Autant pour moi"

Miquel Gil with Savinna Yannatou : En Concert (CD and DVD)
An epic event: the meeting of two great European singers, and backed by an incredible ensemble made of Primavera en Salonico and Orqestra Arabe de Barcelona. CD and DVD (PAL format, playable on computers and most DVD players). Highly recommended.

Truls Ørpen : Spel under Norefjell (2 CDs)
Truls Ørpen (1880-1958) was from the region of Krødsherad, in Norway. He is considered one of the masters of hardingfele (hardangar fiddle), who in turn learned is craft from two earlier masters, Torkjell Haugerud and Gunnulf Borgen of Telemark. The first CD is music from Krødsherad and incluudes a video clip from the 50's. The second CD features music from Telemark and Numedal and ends with original compositions by Ørpen himself, eight tunes in some unorthodix tunings. These recordings are all from the archives of Norwegian radio NRK, recorded from the 1930s through the 1950s.

Kristian Blak and Yggdrasil : Askur (2 CD)
Yggdrasil is a Nordic ensemble based in the Faroe Islands, formed in 1981 by composer and pianist Kristian Blak. The ensemble has a repertoire that encompasses a wide range of genres - from free jazz to classical - and expressions - from humor and beauty to disaster and destruction. This is a 2 CD cololection fo live concerts from 1982- 2006. Artists in these shows include Anders Hagberg - Anders Jormin - Angelika Nielsen - Annika Johannesen - Aviaja Lumholt - Brandur Jacobsen - Eivør Pálsdóttir - Ernst Dalsgarð - Heðin Ziska Davidsen - Herfinnur Árnafjall - John Tchicai - Kári Sverrisson - Karin Korpelainen - Kristian Blak - Lelle Kullgren - Mia Káradóttir - Mikael Blak - Morten Carlsen - Ólavur Øster - Philippe Carré - Sunleif Rasmussen - Tarira - Tore Brunborg - Villu Veski

Balla Et Ses Balladins : Authenticité: The Syliphone Years
2 CD collection by one of Guinea's most interesting and influencial bands. Listen

Tafiychuk Family : Hutsulshchyna No 2
Volume two of the music by this family from the Hutsul village of Bukovets, between Kosiv and Verkhovyna in the Ukrainian part of the Carpathian Mountains focuses on songs and improvisations of traditional melodies performed on violin and instruments such as sopilka, floiara, telenka among others. As with all Koka Records, this is beautifully packaged, and annotated in English.

Gabriel Yacoub : je vois venir (2 CDs)
The 2004 release of a live recording on 2 CDs. Recorded live at the Théâtre de Cornouaille in Quimper, January 17th and 18th 2003, the album features the whole concert, no tricks! The recording features all new arrangements for this unique ensemble, with unreleased pieces, old memories, rarities, and, as the band says, the pleasure of playing and living together. That joy exudes through every minute of this performance.

Cie Montanaro : la polonaise
The artists say: 'The songs here describe the landscapes of Poland, the forests and the lakes, the town of Katowice, what one sees from the window on a train, the rumours of the streets, the heat in the homes these songs also describe inner landscapes, feelings, surges, restraints, feeding a shared but impossible love la polonaise unveils a rare aspect of Miquéu Montanaro's art, writer, composer and singer, for a sensitive and fine work, wonderfully served by Sylvie Berger and the production work of alchemist Gabriel Yacoub.' Other musicians include Yannick Hardouin (piano, bass), François Heim (diatonic accordion), Daniel Malavergne (tuba), Miquèu Montanaro (vocals, whistles, chromatic accordion) and Frédéric Paris (clarinet).

Mateja Gorjup : IJEKARU
This completely unique Slovenian vocalist and composer presents original and traditional songs with minimalist accompaniment on small instruments and simple electronics. It's impossible to describe, so best that you simply listen.

Mamak Khadem : The Road
Iranian born singer and composer Mamak Khadem and an ensemble that include Jorge Strunz, Ardeshir Farah, Mino Cinelu and a Balkan brass band, continues her search for new and innovative settings for the poetry of Rumi. This is a RootsWorld music choice, and all of your purchase price goes to supporting the magazine and radio programs.

Arohi Ensemble : Ahimsa: Love Is the Weapon of the Brave
This ensemble of musicians from india, Venezuela and the US perform improvised music based on Indian traditions, but not in a strictly traditional way. Led by Beirut born American artist Paul Livingstone, the band includes Pedro Eustache, Abhijit Banerjee, Peter Jacobson, Dave Lewis, Pandit Rajeev Taranath and Somnath Roy

Kimmo Pohjonen : Sensitive Skin
Composer and accordionist Pohjonen is joined by a strong cast of Finnish and European musicians, plus Kronos Quartet, on a series of his own compositions on this 2016 release.

Knut Reiersrud : Klapp
The Norwegian guitarist and writer continued his exploration of new musical borders in 1995 with music dedicated to yet another overlooked instrument, tha hand of man.

Brice Duisit : La Passion de Clermont: Hora vos dic vera raizun
The turn of the first millennium was experienced by people of that time not with fear that the world was coming to an end, but rather with hope that the world would be renewed, as 'the promise of a new Spring'. Thus, Christ's Passion came to symbolise the resurrection of the Church; a great reformation began. Seen in that context the lyric poem La Passion de Clermont takes on its full meaning. Brice Duisit performs vocals and vièle à archet.

Louis Sclavis and Quatuor Habanera : L'engrenage
The composers Alexandros Markeas, Alain Berlaud and Yassen Vodenitcharov, long-standing associates of the Quatuor Habanera, thought out a program of works that would enable the jazz clarinetist Louis Sclavis to contrast and compare his world with that of the Quartet. Each of the scores was created with the idea of enabling him to extemporize his part above those of the four saxophonists.

Qvale's Ensemble : Gronn
An unusual pop recording from Norway features a unique singer backed by an adventurous ensemble, and produced by Farmers Market legend Stian Carstensen.

Topic World Series : Music from Ethiopia: the central highlands, desert nomads and Eritrea
Re-edited for CD from three volumes of classic recordings by Tangent Records in 1970; fascinating and varied music by the Desert Nomads, and from the Central Highlands and Eritrea.

Topic World Series : folk music of Turkey (Topic 908)
Excellent representative cross-section of Turkish Anatolian music which remained unique and unaffected by western European influence.

Ildikó Vékony : With mallets and strings
Performances on solo cimbalom of J.S. Bach's 'Partita No. 3 in E major' and 'Sonata No. 1 in G minor.' The artist says: 'Why this music? ...you may ask. Some pieces I have been playing for ages; others I have always wanted to play. Some are not really my world, (but sometimes we long for another world); some are pieces I have been waiting for, and yet I needed years to uncover their deeper meaning. And some have jolted me out of my habits, highlighting for me the moment when a sound is born.'

Mihaly Borbely Quartet : Meselia Hill
Mihály Borbélyplays clarinet and jazz saxophone as well kaval flute and tárogató (a wooden soprano saxophone) joined by an ensemble of piano, bass and drums with guests Zoltán Lantos (violin) and Miklós Lukács (cimbalom). Says Michael Stone in RootsWorld, "If Bartók played not-so-straight-ahead jazz, it might sound like the Borbély Quartet, combining Serbian, Slovak, Gypsy, Jewish and German folk influences with classical music, shot through with that thing that swings. Roland Kirk would understand."

La Campagnie des musiques a ouir : La manivelle magyare
Three talented young French musicians, Denis Charolles, Frederic Gastard and Christophe Monniot produce the sound of a 25-piece orchestra, with a repertoire that extends from popular folk numbers, to pop music, to their own compositions. It's all quite mad and challenging, all the more so by the inclusion of three of Hungary's best and most adventurous jazz musicians: guitarist Gábor Gadó, pianist Béla Szakcsi and violinist Balázs Bujtor.

Crane Dance Trio (Eden, Perez, Simonson) : flyger igen
Mats Eden (violin, strings), Jonas Simonson (flutes) and Mattias Perez (guitar) join forces for a set of original compositions by all of the players, plus two traditional songs.

Gubbaduon : Quintonius
Mats Edén (fiddle, accordion) and Sven Ljungberg (accordion) with Leo Sander on bass, performing songs learned from Mangskog musician Oskar Andersson.

Mats Eden (composer) : Apple Blossom
An album that focuses on Mats Eden as composer, with 16 performances of his pieces played by a variety of artists in a number of styles from folk to classical to contemporary art music.

De-Alfoldi Saxophone Ensemble : Totagas
When Hungarians want to say that too many cooks spoil the broth, they say that 'two pipers in the same inn are one too many.' Yet these three pipers (saxophonists) get on like a house on fire. They are: Béla Ágoston, Béla Burány and Balázs Szokolay. Joined by Róbert Benko on double bass and Tamás Geröly Sándor on drums, they cook up a storm of reeds both rattling and sublime.

Gabor Gado : Modern dances for the advanced in age
Hungarian guitarist Gábor Gadó and his ensemble offer "a tongue-in-cheek sextet rounded out by a pair of saxes, trumpet, trombone, bass and drums... a certain down-at-the-heels dancehall feel: odd time changes, droll, edgy tango, cha cha and calypso, a guitar owing as much to Hendrix, Hawaii and heavy metal as to Wes Montgomery and George Benson, while the spirits of Johnny Mercer and Henry Mancini drift by for the album closer, 'Moon River,' a place you've never been but might want to reconnoiter." - RootsWorld

Mats Eden : Pastern
Mats' solo album of fiddle and diatonic accordion tunes, both newly composed and traditional from sweden and Norway. Seth Premo writes in RootsWorld: 'an exhibition of his fiddle playing and interpretation style in a tr17.99 and though it is not unsentimental, it has a consistently strong energy about it.'

Lakou Mizik : Wa Di Yo
The band was formed by musicians young and old from Jacamel, Haiti after the earthquake of 2010. Their brand new recording is titled Wa Wi Do 'You Tell Them - We Are Still Here.' Says band member Steeve Valcourt: “We have nearly lost everything - but we’ll never lose our culture.” This is a RootsWorld 'Music of the Month' selection for 2016, donated by the record label to support the magazine. (The bar code has a small mark over it to indicate it was donated.)

RAM : Ram 6: Manman M Se Ginen
These rhythms don't walk alone. They come with melodies and songs and spirits and knowledge. They come with rituals. says Richard Morse, leader of the Port au Prince band RAM. The Haitian ensembles 6th album is a fine piece of work, fusing local instruments and rhythms with contemporary enrgey and politics. This is a RootsWorld 'Music of the Month' selection.

Ponk : Postfolklor
This trio brings together Czech, Slovak and Moravian folk lore with a contemporary acoustic touch. At the heart of the band is the hammered dulcimer or zither known as the cimbalom, a tool common to many eastern European traditions. But musician Eduard Tomastík pushes the instrument into a new range of more modern sounds, carried by the vocals, bass and violin of bandmates Michal Krystynek and Jakub Nozicka. This is a RootsWorld 'Music of the Month' selection, and helps support the radio program and magazine.

Anne-Mari Kivimäki : Lakkautettu kylä (A closed down village)
The third in her Suistamo series, A Closed-Down Village musically explores Finnish WWII evacuees, wartime, leaving one's home and the current reality in the Karelian village of Suistamo that used to be part of Finland but now belongs to Russia. The music has been inspired by the life and the stories told by the Karelian storyteller and accordion player Ilja Kotikallio (1894-1961). This was donated by the artist for RootsWorld's 'Music of the Month' series, and all proceeds from the sale support the magazine and radio program.

Youssou N'Dour et le Super Etoile de Dakar : Fatteliku - Live in Athens, 1987
Youssou N'Dour and his band at their peak, from a live concert in Greece in 1987.Almost thirty years later, you too can now enjoy the young N'Dour, just 28 at the time and already and big star in West Africa, as he makes that final step towards international stardom. This is a RootsWorld 'Music of the Month' selection.

Svobsk Kvartet : Bjergtaget
Svøbsk grows from a duo to a quartet on their 2013 release, with Maren Hallberg on accordion; Jørgen Dickmeiss on violin, vocal, mandolin, guitar, jaws harp and harmonica; Theis Langlands on piano, jaws harp; and Simon Buskon percussion. The musicians draw on a wide range of musical expressions while united in their deep respect for the Danish tradition. Interesting acoustic music with a flair for the new and a love of the old. Highly recommended!

Revelling Crooks : from heaven into hell
They call it klezmer-country-balkan-folk but the genres hardly do justice to this band of accordion,banjo,mandolin, violin, guitar,bass and drums, as they romp through folk-roots, rock, ska and Balkan sounds with reckless abandon.

Slobo Horo : Divane
The Balkan Finn rock band ride again on this 2001 release of high energy dance and art music.

Kimmo Pohjonen and Eric Echampard : Uumen
Kimmo Pohjonen (accordion)/ Eric Echampard (drums) joined forces in 2001 with the goal to make totally improvised music, live on stage with no rehearsals. They have succeeded in their aim to ride the edge of melody, counterpoint, energy and tension as proven by the enthusiastic audiences at each performance, as well as by the satisfaction and exhilaration of the two players.

Joe Townsend Band : Joe Townsend Band
uk jazz zither accordion balkan

Music From Vietnam Vol 5 : Minorities of the central highland and coast
These recordings were made with a modern mobile digital studio by Swedish Radio in the Central Highlands and on the coast. The music is primarily vocal, accompanied by drums, flutes, horns, shawms, bamboo and porcelain instruments, with a strong emphasis on gongs handed down through many generations.

Jaune Toujours : Barricade
Andrew Cronshaw writes in fRoots: ' Led by singer Piet Maris, with his energetically-pumped small accordeon plus a hot rhythm unit of double bass and drums and a wild and incisive trumpets and reeds section, they have a very fully-formed, complete sound and rhythmic approach whose components and inspiration are difficult to pin down. Not like a fusionist thing where now you hear this influence, now another; this is so natural that it feels like it's always been there...'

El Sevillano : Grabaciones Discos Pizarra: Ano 1930-40
Antonio Perez Guererro (El Sevillano) was a football player and one of Spain's noted singers of bulerias and fandangos, eventually singing with the 'Opera Flamenco' as well as with other noted performers fo the time including Caracol and La Nina de los Peines. These recordings from the 30s and 40s have been nicely remastered for this new series from Discmedi, Spain and all tracks feature Niño Ricardo on the guitar.

JongJin Hong : Daegeum Jajinhannip, Manpajeongsikjigok
The Korean daegeum is a large bamboo flute measuring nearly three-feet long. In addition to the six finger holes there is an extra hole covered with a thin membrane called a cheong." This bamboo film membrane gives the daegeum its unique tonal qualities, a piercing attack and mellow, nasal, buzz. Presented here is a program of music from the Jeongak (literally "proper or elegant music) Jeongak is considered the embodiment of Confucian aesthetics: balance, restraint, simplicity and the perfect articulation of every tone; the musical equivalent of calligraphy.

YoungHo Shu : Ajaeng Sanzo
YoungHo Shu performs 3 works for the Ajaeng, a bowed psaltery traditionally played with a thin dowel made of forsythia wood - giving the instrument a distinctive rasping sound. Accompanied by JinChul Yun, (Changgo); HoeWan Jeong, (Daegeum); YeongRan Song, (Gayageum)

JoonYoung Kim : Geomungo Sanzo
A performance on geomungo, a six-string zither of Korean traditional music, accompanied by changgo (drum). The geomungo sanzo is based on vocal traditions, but has developed into a purely instrumental music that uses the human voices unique intonations as it's inspiration.

SongJa Chee : Gayageum Sanzo
SongJa Chee (Gayageum) and Man Choi, (Buk). Sanzo (or sanjo) is a style of traditional Korean music, involving an instrumental solo accompanied by a single drum, either the Janggu, an hourglass-shaped drum or the Buk, a barrel drum covered in cowhide. Chee's reconstruction of the Song GeumYeon ryu Sanzo reveals a true masterpiece, expanding and extending the language of the traditional Sanzo with wide-ranging melodies and complex rhythmic patterns - a passionate summation of a life's work.

Hugh Tracey Recordings : Forest Music (Northern Belgian Congo - 1952)
Recorded by Tracey in 1952, this album focuses on two Mangbetu groups in Congo - the Mayogo and the Meje - with drum ensembles, mass singing, likembe ('thumb piano'0 playing; and the Azande people with xylophone and the intimate kundi harp. There is also more harp by the Balendu, and an enlightening recording explaining the language of sending messages by talking drums.

Hugh Tracey Recordings : Kalimba and Kalumbu Songs of Northern Rhodesia
Features the music of what is now modern Zambia and focuses on specific types of instruments.

Sondre Bratland : Syng Meg Heim
The great Norwegian singer and his ensemble tackle something completely different: the American country music songbook, sung in Norwegian. It is, to say the least, unusual!

Iver Kleive : Hyrdenes tilbedelse

Wassim Soubra : Sonates orientales
Sonates orientales is an album of instrumental music performed by Lebanese pianist and composer Wassim Soubra. Is it classical music? Jazz? World music? No matter what, it deserves further investigation, for Soubra writes using the grammar of classical music (harmonies, counterpoint) combined with the sounds of his childhood, and the result is a western composition that tells an eastern, Lebanese story.

Cheikh M.Al-Halbawi : Sufi Chants from Cairo. La Confrerie Chadhiliyya. Cheikh M.Al-Halbawi

The Aissawa of Fes : MOROCCO. Trance Ritual. The Aissawa of Fes

Topic World Series : folk music of Greece (Topic 907)
Recorded in 1966, '67 and '69 by Wolf Dietrich, presenting a stunning collection of both instrumental and ceremonial music, and lyrical songs and ballads.

Topic World Series : folk music of Yugoslavia
Visiting the Yugoslav republics of Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Serbia and Macedonia, the collector Wolf Dietrich recorded these fascinating vocal solos and duets and tunes played on bagpipes, fiddles, flutes and clarinets. The raw part-singing of amateur village performers is of particular beauty.

Topic World Series : Islam Strings - Flutes and Trumpets
Two of the original Tangent 'Music In The World Of Islam' albums on one CD. Intriguing and beautiful music from parts of Africa, Europe and Asia which are, or have been, Islamic. Recorded at weddings, religious festivals

Tandarandan : Adalgisiana
The return of Tandarandan, two years after their marvelous 'Epata, music of the seasons' and focused on music for dancing in an homage to all the old musicians who they have met along the way.

Karl Seglem : Laerad
This is Karl's first goat horn (only) album, recorded over three years with a host of artists accompanying him on everything from ancient instruments to modern electronics.

Unaja (Jutta Rahmel and Maija Pokela) : Unaja
Rahmel and Pokela play the kantele, the Finnish folk zither than has over the years expanded into a large instrument for playing all kinds of music from classical to jazz as well as folk. Both women are members of the ensemble Kardemimmit, and this is their first CD as a duo. Most of these 10 tracks are voice and kantele, with occasional additional guests adding throat singing on one track, and percussion on 2 others.

Frigg : Frigg
A few more are back in stock! Composer Antti Järvelä and a marvelous Finnish and Norwegian ensemble if fiddles, harmonium, dobro (yes!) and more.

Spiers and Boden : Bellow
John Spiers (melodeon) and Jon Boden (fiddle) present their 2003 release and it does not get much better than this for fans of English folk music. The tradition is strong, the musicianship is exceptional and the energy and verve bring it all to life. In all but a few cases it's all delivered as duets, no overdubs... Benji Kirkpatrick adds a bit of bouzouki on a few tracks.

John Spiers and Jon Boden : Through and Through
John Spiers (melodeon) and Jon Boden (fiddle) present an excellent set of tunes and songs from the tradition.

Monsieur Doumani : Sikoses
The stunning second release by this Cypriot trio is as punchy and political as the first. A brilliant mix of acoustic folk music and modern sensibilities, peppered with musical and lyrical humor. This is RootsWorld's 'Music of the Month' selection for June, 2015 and your full purchase goes to support the magazine and radio program.

Turlu Tursu : The All Weathers Country
On this third album, Turlu Tursu doesn't play anymore arranged traditional tunes, but proposes a repertoire made of highly groovy compositions. To go on with their very personal sound, this trio kept in mind the various traditions of accordion from all over the world (from the Brazilian Forro to the Italian tarantella, through oriental modes, Swedish music, and many more). If the themes played by Fabian on accordion remind us the tradition of this instrument, his choruses make anyone thinks to electric guitar or Hammond organ. Nicolas' bass is filled with astonishing melodies, and Etienne's way of playing drums is very emotional, although incredibly powerful. The Indian bamboo flute played by Fabian took a very important place in this new repertory. An dynamic album with a profusion of ideas, true to the reputation that the trio built in its concerts. Listen

Milann and Laloy : Rozz
The Belgian accordion and guitar duo forms a quartet with Thierry Rombaux (bass) and Didier Fontaine (drums) and pushes into rock territory on this 2011 release. Listen to Color, Tik averechts and Toy's Sweat

Sékouba 'Bambino' Diabaté : The Griot's Craft
Even as a teenager the strong, soaring voice of Sékouba 'Bambino' Diabaté was known throughout his region of north-eastern Guinea. Over the years he's presented himself in many different guises, joining Bembeya Jazz in the early eighties as lead vocal a notable mention, but each time Bambino has worked with integrity and art. Here he is stripped down to the bare minimum - which, in Guinea, means 15 musicians - but all acoustic, all beautifully sympathetic and all tight in support of the main event: Bambino's voice and his songs.Whether in praise of a patron or in condemnation of female circumcision, Bambino's voice and the uniquely rolling grooves and melancholy modes of Guinea demand that we listen. It's a command worth obeying. Listen

Spillemand! : musik fra Carl Nielsens barndom
Danish fiddlers Christoffer Thorhauge Dam and Nikolaj Forskov play tunes and songs associated with the childhood of Carl Nielsen, one of Denmark's most noted composers to celebrate his 150th birthday.

Perry Stenback & Dekadansorkestern : Cornelius och Andra Visor (Live at Buzz's Farm, Denmark)
Danish guitarist Perry Stenback and his Dekadansorkestern play the "Danish Songbook," of composers like Cornelis Vreeswijk, Evert Taube, Dan Andersson, Myhre / Hovland as well as Stenbäck's original songs (and one by Chico Buarque). It's a Danish take on blues and jazz. DVD film, recorded live in Aro, Denmark.

The Henrys : Quiet Industry
The 2015 release by Toronto legends, The Henrys. Led by kona-guitarist Don Rooke, with Hugh Marsh (violin), John Sheard (pump and electric organs), Andrew Dowling (acoustic bass), David Di Renzo (percussion) and vocalists Gregory Hoskins and Tara Dunphy. This one is heavy on lyrics and introduces a great new singer to the band. Highly recommended.

Taraf de Haiduks : The continuing adventures of… (CD and DVD)
A DVD film (PAL format) and accompanying audio CD present the brigands of Balkan Gyopsy music live in concert, a 52 minute film, an 'on the road' documentary, and a clip from the film Latcho Drom. Musically brilliant and witty

Kari Bremnes : Fantastisk Allerede
The Norwegian singer celebrates her 30th year as a recording artist with this compilation of highlights from her career so far. 2 CDs covers a wide range of styles and musical ideas from folk to pop and beyond.

Drailles : Quintette De Violons
Music of the southern Alps from Dauphine, France

Norron : Ojeblikket
Norrøn is a new Danish trio that produces music that uses the roots to challenge the ear. Their CD Øjeblikket features Pia Nygaard on the violin; Nina Veng on the flutes and pipes; and Anja Præst Mikkelsen on the clarinets.

various : Hawai'i: Under the Rainbow
This sound story is an audio 'film' about Hawaii from the point of view of a foreigner making a musical travelogue. Features music from the eighteenth through twenty-first centuries - children's songs, nature songs, sounds from festivals, slack key guitar music, and old hula chants. Beautiful illustrationsin a distinctive and award-winning small-book package. Artists include Halau O Keaunui: hula; George kuo: slack key guitar; Gordon Mark: ukulele; KoAloha Ukulele: ukulele; Hawaii Youth Opera Chorus; Ho'oheno; The 'Ohana.

Guldmus : Hvid Nat
Spanish guitar, cello and Danish lyrics are the audial pillars of the debut album Hvid Nat ("White Night"). The lyrics of Morten Musicus, vocalised by Mia Guldhammer, contain more light than darkness despite being centered around death and fear through 10 quiet, but swinging songs.Mia Guldhammer and Morten Musicus are both veterans in playing medieval music and folk songs, but this time they're exploring new paths - albeit their roots in the folk music of old are still present.Accompanying them is Swedish cellist Thommy Andersson, who has been a part of, among others, the New Jungle Orchestra for many years. Andersson contributes a mix of edge and presence to the album that compliments the duo particularly well.

Kiran Ahluwalia : Sanata : Stillness
In stillness, movement is not only possible, it is a promise. Indeed, Kiran Ahluwalia's new offering, Sanata: Stillness, is nothing short of a musical roadmap to personal and global transformation. At once contemplative and rockin', traditional and innovative, Kiran's hybrid of Indian and Pakistani grooves, Saharan blues and Western Jazz shows us that borders are meaningless in one's heart and on the world stage. Born in Patna, India, Kiran's parents survived the strife of political upheaval between India and Pakistan during partition, escaping the riots and warring factions to ultimately settle in Toronto where young Kiran was raised. Living proof that the heart can indeed show us the way, she met NYC-based Pakistani-American guitarist and arranger Rez Abbasi - a musical and marital partnership that transcends place, position, and politics. This CD was donated by the artist as generous support of RootsWorld.

Lomax Recordings : Spain: Extremadura
From this home of balladry come sung tales of brave muleteers, kingly incest, and monks sneaking over convent walls; and the sounds of the pipe and tabor, women's strong voices over tambourines, and a shepherd's lone chant in his straw hut under the October moonlight.

Omar Sosa Quarteto AfroCubano : Ilé
Since he emigrated from Cuba in 1993, Omar Sosa has forged a distinctive musical path, fusing an array of jazz, world music, hip-hop, and electronic elements with his Afro-Cuban roots. Omar's newest recording, Ilé, marks a homecoming for the 7-time GRAMMY-nominated pianist and composer to the Latin Jazz influences of his formative years in late ‘80s and early ‘90s Havana. During this period, Omar savored the music of Pancho Quinto, Lázaro Ros, Rubén González, Machito, Benny Moré, Arsenio, Cachao, Lili Martinez, Peruchin, Chucho Valdés, and Irakere. Ilé means homeland in the Lucumí tradition of Cuba, derived from the Yoruba language of West Africa, and it is to the Latin Jazz roots of his native Cuba that Omar returns for inspiration on this new studio recording. This CD was donated by and artist and Otá Records in support of RootsWorld.

Epifani Barbers : Marannui
Mimmo Epifani and his ensemble of singers and musicians pay tribute to the soul of the taranta and the region of Salento of Italy.

Mikata : Ayer y Hoy
Ten new arrangements of salsa dura and Latin jazz classics from the 1960's and '70's to the present day, featuring plenty of brass, percussion and virtuoso solos.

Dreamers' Circus : A Little Symphony
Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen, Ale Carr and Nikolaj Busk create new music in the hinterlands of Scandinavian fiddle tunes and European classical music. Since their debut EP Dreamers Circus they have had concerts with the Copenhagen Phil and The Danish String Quartet as well as Kristian Leth (front singer in the band The William Blakes) who says of the band "Their ambitious and youthful virtuosity is aced with that new connection, that old freshness." Cliff says: Highly recommended!

Trio Mio : Grevinden/Countess/Gräfin
The Trio Mio is back - now with new energy and one of the rising stars and most radiant lights in Scandinavian roots music today. Trio Mio is a band with its very own captivating style of energetic and elegant contemporary folk music - and with a twist of jazz and other genres. Kristine Heebøll, Violin and vocals; Peter Rosendal, Piano, wurlitzer, flugabone and vocals; Jens Ulvsand, bouzouki, guitar and guitar.

Zulya : Tales of Subliming
Somewhat of a departure from Zulya's previous albums, Zulya revisits the fairytales of her childhood, creating her most adventurous work to date. She explains, "Subliming has two meanings; turning from a solid into a gas instantaneously - like dry ice, or becoming finer, purer. There's often a transformation in fairy stories. They are about our journeys to achieve individuality in a symbolic form. Some say each of us identifies with our own fairy story or with a character from one. Tales of Subliming is a collection of vignettes from these characters' lives, little scenes from their journeys." Her vocals float above a musical backdrop that features brass arrangements (courtesy of newest band member Eamon McNelis); a Tom Waits inspired tuned and mallet percussion; plus newer sounds courtesy of percussion loops, manipulated piano tones and hurdy-gurdy. The end result sees Zulya breaking new sonic ground on her 2010 recording.

Habadekuk : Hopsadaddy
The idea of fusing a brass section to a folk group is hardly a new one - think New Orleans street bands, Balkan brass, Hazmat Modine's NY harmonica and tuba blues, Sweden's Filarfolket or British folk-brassers Bellowhead. But this is as fine an example as any of them, the Danish roots flowing naturally into not only a traditional dance band sound, but also into rock and jazz and R&B. Modern dance music from ancient roots? Their motto is "We blow you away." Indeed. Highly Recommended!

Frigg : Polka V
Furious folk fiddling from Finland is back on the band's 2012 recording. Original compositions with roots in the tradition, performed by one of world's leading fiddle bands (with great acoustic bass, guitar, and mandloin, as well). Highly recommended.

Annbjørg Lien : Khoom Loy
2012 release by the Norwegian fiddler, produced by Bjørn Ole Rasch and featuring a fine group of guests including Pat Broaders, Per Hillestad, Per Elias Drabløs, Rolf Kristensen, Bjørn Charles Dreyer, Hans Fredrik Jacobsen, Bjørn Ole Rasch and Orsa Spelmän.

Knut Hamre : Ferd
Solo works for the hardinfele (hardangar fiddle) by one of Norway's most repsected fiddlers.

Bäsk : Bask
Flutes, fiddles, saxes, and percussion come together in intelligently thought-out counterpoints and delicate but deliberate brush strokes of sound. The hallings and polskas are more like tone poems than dances in Bäsk's capable hands. - RootsWorld

Joao Afonso : Zanzibar
A prime mover in the new folk scene in Portugal, this singer with east African heritage mixes worldly roots with a world-wise lyricism.

Alfred and Mattias Bismo : Fele
The twin brothers Bismo were born in 1918 in Bismo, Skjak, Norway. This CD includes 27 tunes recorded by NRK (Norwegian national radio) in the 1970s and 80s.

Hans Togersen Haugen : Fele
The music of Norwegian fiddler Hans Tøgersen Haugen of Susendal was captured on tape in the summer of 1955 by Rolf Myklebust for national Norwegian radio.

Trygve Bolstad : Aleis
These contemporary recording of Trygve represent an older fiddling tradition with a personal style in modulation, ornamentation, and tone shading. Through his fiddling we experience a rich folk tradition and Valdres music at its best.

Anne Hytta : dag, kveld, natt
Solo hardingfele (hardanger fiddle) from Sauland in Telemark, in the south eastern part of Norway.

Kristian P. Åsmundstad : a synge gamalt
Recordings by the Norwegian folk-singing legend made in 1937,1954 and 1959 by NRK (Norwegian national radio). He was one of the most significant singers from Gudbrandsdalen, Norway and has had an impact a lot of contemporary young performers of the tradition.

Fridtjof Erneshagen : hardingfele

Haldor Røyne : Hardingfele
Historic recordings by Norwegian hardangar fiddler Haldor Røyne (1908-1979). The recordings used for this CD were made between 1967 and 1974. In most instances it is Haldor Røyne himself who did the actual recording--in his kitchen back home on Ekornveien in Ås near Oslo.

Furnes, Holsen and Sandal : Hardingfele
Archival recordings of three oldtime fiddlers from Norway - Nils Furnes (1901-1990), Johannes Holsen (1910-1992) and Knut Sandal (1913-1964) - recorded by Norwegian national radio NRK.

Einar Londal : Londalsspel - Hardingfele
Einar Løndal is a contemporary old master of the Norwegian hardingfele (hardangar fiddle) whose family has pretty much defined one of the recognized regional styles of playing. He presents 17 traditional tunes, recorded by Norwegian national radio NRK. The audio includes some of his comments on the tunes (in Norwegian, translated into English in the accompanying booklet).

Nordafjells : General
From Oppdal and Lalm in Norway, this fine quartet of accordions, fiddle and bass moves in a similar circle to Finland's JPP, playing traditional dance music with new energy, verve and a bit of humor. There's no fusion or flash, just solid musicianship offered for the simple joy of playing the tunes. A short bonus video shows off that humorous side.

Eivind Mo : Hardingfele
Archival recordings of Eivind Mo (1904–1995), hardingfele player of Telemark, Norway.

VA : Ghana Soundz: Afro-Beat, Funk and Fusion in 70's Ghana
14 rare and unreleased tracks from Sweet Talks, African brothers, Black Star Sound, Ebo Taylor, and many others. Ghana Soundz is a painstakingly assembled collection of Afro-beat and Afro Funk, most of which has never been released outside of Africa and some of which is unreleased anywhere. This package will also appeal to collectors as it includes a full 16 page booklet highlighting the history of the Ghana recording industry and reproductions of original LP sleeves

Sandén-Warg, Berglund, Rydberg, Lund, Gorset and Claeson : Schodsbergs Notebok
Daniel Sandén-Warg, Mats Berglund, Lisa Rydberg, Vegard Lund, Hans Olav Gorset and Ludvig Claeson present the music of Johannes Nielsen Schodsberg, born on the Schodsberg farm in Aremark, Østfold county, in 1799. A small manuscript consisting of 160 pieces of music exists from these years. How was Johannes Nielsen Schodsberg's music played? On this cd, we would like to illustrate two different versions, which have their origin in the two distinct musical worlds that converge in his tune book. Seldom does one see such a good example of a cultural convergence as the young musician's notes, in which his own folk tradition from the border regions stands side by side with minuets, quadrilles, and marches from the milieu of the trained musician. Mats and Daniel play tunes from the manuscript with an emphasis on dance fiddling, and the Schodsberg Ensemble plays arranged versions inspired by early classical textures and harmony.

various- Norway : Håvardspel - Slåttar Etter Håvard Gibøen
The music of the old Norwegian master performed by Gunleik Smedal, Høye Kvåle, Trygve O. Vågen, Eivind Mo, Olav S. Løndal, Olav K. Øyaland, Olav K. Øyaland and many other.

Jan Beitohaugen Granli : På Beitohaugen

Unni Boksasp : Songar frå Havdal
The artist says: 'On my ongoing musical journey, Magnhild Almhjell's songs have always been shining like stars. Both because they are comforting in their familiar use of our mutual local dialect, but also because every song is touched by Magnhild and turned into shining gold. I always strive to do as much as possible of what she does in her songs ­ the way singers often do with their most precious sources.'

Kjetil Løndal : Løndalsspel II
The Løndal style represents a unique branch of Norwegian traditional music, distinguished by what Tuddal writer O.J. Rui called "its supple, clean playing style and effortless fingerings." Numerous fiddlers have seen the Løndal style as an ideal and emulated its characteristic, lyrical sound. There's hardly a fiddler in Telemark that hasn't been influenced by the Løndal style, and this is true for a number of other districts as well.

various : Landskappleik:Hallingtimen
This CD was made to commemorate the national competition in folk music in Norway called Landskappleiken and includes various traditional music from the mountain district of Hallingdal, were the competition was held in 2007.

Ole Olsen Fykse : Religiøse folketonar
Born in 1879 in Fykse, Kvam on the north side of the Hardanger fjord in Norway. This is a collection of religious songs, sung a capella by Fyske in various locations, that exemplify the church music of the region form the early part of the 20th century. Excellent nots in English and Norwegian.

Leif Aasane : Bygutt
From Kongsberg in Buskerud, he had his roots in the municipality of Flesberg, Numedal. Leif's father played the hardanger fiddle, too, so he was steeped in the round dance tradition from an early age, and became a fiddler through the influence of Ole Nærlieie (1887–1955). This is a collection of recordings made by NRK (Norwegian national radio).

Aditya Verma : Sarod Traditional Music from India
Distinguished sarod player Aditya Verma, accompanied by Vineet Vyas on tabla, performs two dynamic evening ragas. This digitally recorded disc contains a 16-page booklet.

Bjørn Andor Drage : Via Dolorosa - Korsveien
Organ improvisations weave around Easter's dramatic message. 14 meditations on the organ in Rønvik church in Norway all relating to the suffering of Jesus on the cross, combining themes composed by the artist and familiar strains from the passion hymns. The CD was recorded by Erik Hillestad.

Rim Banna : Seasons of Violet
Palestinian vocalist Rim Banna performsa selection of new Palestinian love songs with a fine international ensemble featuring Eivind Aarseth (guitar), Gjermund Silset (bass), Rune Arnesen (drums) and David Wallumrød (keyboards), in addition to her husband Leonid Aleixenco (acoustic guitar). The title refers to the lilac, a violet flower which in Palestine is a symbol of love. All the songs have been composed by Rim Banna together with Leonid Aleixenco, while her mother has written some of the lyrics.

Ryfylke Visegruppe : For olja kom
Før oljå kom (before the oil came) is a recording from 1981 of folk songs from the Rogaland district of Norway, collected in the Ryfylke district in the 19th and 20th centuries, performed by the seven piece Ryfylke Visegruppe on guitar, mandolin, vocals, banjo, bass, and accordion.

Daby Balde : Introducing Daby Balde
Subtitled "Senegalese star on the rise' and a lively exploration of the Fula tradition by a musician who, as the title implies, ought to be better known. A great acoustic sound is played out on fiddle, accordion, flute, kora percussion and acoustic guitar.

Various artists : Doc Fest
A tribute to Doc Watson and his musical partners Merle Watson and Jack Lawrence. With Jim Hurst & Missy Raines, Joe Carr & Alan Munde, Steve Kaufman & Roy Curry, Kenny & Amanda Smith, Adam Granger, David Grier, many more.

Solas : For Love and Laughter
2008 recording

Sigurd Holmberg : Historical Recordings of Swedish Folk Music IV: Silverbasharpa 1
Sigurd Holmberg plays the silver-bass keyed-fiddle, the latest stage in the development of the 'simple' keyed-fiddle.

Anders Rosen, Per-Olof Moll, Kalle Almlof : Hopp Tussilunta, Tunes from Särna II
On half of the tracks we hear solo playing by Anders Rosén. Per-Olof Moll plays first violin on the duo and trio numbers, and also solo violin on some tracks. Kalle Almlöf is heard on the 2nd violin on a few tunes.

Basco and DR Big Band : Live at DR Byen
A 5 song EP by the Danish quartet of cittern, accordion, horns, vocals, accordion, fiddles and mandolins, joined by the Danish national radio's band. Live and wild.

Muharrem Ertas : Basimda altin tacim
Classic recordings of the Turkish baglama

Enver Demirbag : Kar Mi Yagmis Su Harput'un Basina (2 CDs)
Turkish singer Enver Demirbag presents 'Harput music' recordings from 1961 to 1990, in 29 tracks on 2 CDs.

Dede Efendi (Saba Ayini) : Mevlana
Dede Efendi (Saba Ayini) was oneof the most important composers of Turkish music in the 19th century, an artist who used both classical poetry and traditional folk songs for inspiration. These are performances of some of his works by Mesut Cemil, Akagunduz Kutbay, Niyazi Sayin, Ulvi Erguner, Cuneyd Orhon and Sadettin Heper.

Cihat Askin : The Desperate
The soundtrack to the movie Umutsuz (The Desperate) features the great Turkish violinist on original compositions, Azeri and Armenian folk songs and pieces from Tchaikovsky and Rahmaninof.

Haci Tasan : Alli Turnam (Archive Series)
Classic recordings of the Turkish baglama

Nohavica, Kocko, Putzlacher, Lipus : Tešínské Niebo / Cieszynskie Nebe
A Czech ensemble with singer Jaromír Nohavica, poet Renata Putzlacher, musician Tomáš Ko and #269;ko and director Radovan Lipus, artists who have a close relationship to Tešínské Slezsko region of the Czech Republic - stage a performance with actors of the Czech and Polish Tešínský Theatre based on the songs of Jaromír Nohavica. Accompanied by a small theater orchestra (piano, accordion, guitar, reeds and strings)

Dalibor and Katerina Struncovi : Cimbal Classic: Bylo a neni
Dalibor and Katerina Štrunc present Cimbal Classic: Bylo a není (There Was and There Is Not). The two cimbalom (hammer zither) players perform solo, duet and with a small ensemble of saxophones, oboes, mandolins, guitar, bass guitar and voices in a invigorating 'new folk' mode.

Various Artists : Carohrani - Z korenu moravskeho folkloru
Carohraní - Z korenu moravského folklóru (Magic Playing: Music from the roots of Moravian folklore) presents 13 ensembles and artists on 22 tracks. Good notes on the songs in English, France, German, Czech.

Conjunto Joao Domingos : Ao Vivo em Macau (Live in Macau)
After a career spanning more than four decades in the music of Mozambique, this African musician and his band have finally made their first recording on CD, produced in Macau during the Portugal Day celebrations on 10 June 1995. It's raw, gritty and full of soul. Electric guitars, bass and drums are pumped up by a rugged horn section, keyboards and singers.

Sukke : Introducing Sukke
A nicely priced introduction to the klezmer music of Dutch accordionist Sanne Möricke, English clarinetist Merlin Shepherd, and German bassist Heiko Lehmann. Solid playing, no surprises and a traditionalist presentation.

Blind Boys of Alabama : Atom Bomb
More traditional gospel from this great singing group, plus some quirky covers of pop tunes like Spirit in the Sky, Prsence of the Lord and the 1950s cult country tune, Jesus Hits Like An Atom Bomb.

Hwang Byung-ki : Kayagum Masterpieces Vol 4 (Sounds of the Night)
Korea's foremost composer and kayagum (6-string zither) master performing new works on this ancient instrument that crosses centuries, cultures and traditions. '...lyrical, picturesque, meditative and brief.... authoritatively produced and performed.' FANFARE Magazine (Korean Import)

Le Nozze di Carlo : Le Nozze di Carlo
Their premise is that they make 'ethnic and psuedo-ethnic music.' Perhaps, but then, we all take ourselves too seriously, so why not? This quartet from New York plays accordion, bass, sax and guitar, they all sing, they have a good time playing old Italian folk songs, modern Italian pops, Irish and pseudo-Irish ballads, polkas, sea chanteys, jazz odysseys, mini-operas, and 'the occasional game of croquet.' Relax and enjoy.

Various Artists : All Children in School
A benefit for the Audrey Hepburn Children's Fund and UNICEF's global schooling project features 15 tracks by Ani di Franco, Susheela Raman, Luigi Cinque, Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare, Gabin Dabiré, Dulce Pontes, Uxía, Marlevar, Omara Portuondo, Susana Baca, Sainkho, a duet by Teresa Salgueiro and Caetano Veloso, and others

various artists : Passing With The Time
Popular Bulgarian folk songs may have familiar tunes to fans of the various choirs and large ensembles so popular in the last few decades, but here they go 'back to the roots' using solo voice or instrument, or duets of one voice and one instrument. The program by Milen Slavov, who is composer, music producer, accordionist and who has been living in the USA since 1997. The CD also includes performances by singer Zhivka Papancheva, the gaida player Petyo Kostadinov, kaval player Lyuben Dossev, and Teodor Dimitrov on gudulka .

Theodosii Spassov : Welkya
The kaval master and a small ensemble merge Bulgarian folk, jazz and a general spirit of enthusiasm and creativity. Written and arranged by Theodosii Spassov - kaval, vocals, bagpipe with Yanka Rupkina - vocals, Boika Velkova - recitatives, Georgi Petrov - gadoulka, Valentin Yankov - tamboura, Georgi Donchev - bass, Stoyan Yankulov - percussions.

Issa Bagayogo : Tassoumakan
He's a recognized leader in the fusion of electronic pop indigenous rhythms of Mali, a singer and master of the 6-string n'goni (a regional string instrument that could be described as a cross between a harp and a lute), Bagayogo is renowned for his ability to present dance music that is so steeped in Malian rhythm and instrumentation that the music feels completely organic. TASSOUMAKAN (Voice of Fire) is a mixed bag of styles, ranging from the acoustic sounding opening track Ciew Mawele to the techno-dance grooves of Furu to the downbeat Kanou, which features shades of American blues. Backing Bagayogo is an arsenal of instrumentation that includes the balafon, flute, female vocals, percussion and keyboards.

Either/Orchestra : Ethiopiques 20: Live in Addis (2 CDs)
The 10-piece jazz orchestra from Boston, in a 2 CD set recorded live in Addis with a number of great Ethiopian performers including vocalists Bahta Gebre-Heywet, Michael Belayheh and Tsedenia Gebre-Marqos, saxophonist Getatchew Mekurya and percussionist Mulatu Astatqe. Inspired by the great Ethiopian pop and jazz of the '60s and '70s, they bring a full array of modern jazz and Afro-Cuban innovations to an Ethiopian repertoire. Unusual, to say the least.

Sacha Silva : Anatomy of a Coup
An unusual ensemble mixes flamenco, Indian classical and modern music with heady questions of personal and political issues, music, as the band says, 'that reads the newspaper.' An original sound, adventurous but rooted in traditions from around the world, and not a hint of "world-beat' or 'world fusion.' Highly recommended

various : African Typic Collection
A classic collection of extended dancefloor hits in the pan-African style of the 80s by Sam Fan Thomas, Charlotte Mbango, Tam Tam 2000 and Koko Ateba, at a really nice price

The Horse Flies : Until the Ocean
The long-lived, wildly original old-time music visionaries in a brand-new CD! Richie Stearns, Jeff Claus, Judy Hyman, percussionist Taki Masuko, bassist Jay Olsa and Rick Hansen on accordion, organ and Moog. "Build a House and Burn it Down," "Carnival Lips," "Baghdad Children," "Drunkard's Child" and more.

Warren Storm, Willie T and Cypress : Cypress

Piirpauke : Ikiliikkuja-Perpetuum mobile
The Very Best of Piirpauke

Kimmo Pohjonen : Kluster
2002 release from this Finnish accordion innovator

Piirpauke / Kalevala Spirit : In the spirit of Kalevala Finland
A reissue and more, this CD includes the 1985 Piirpauke album Wild East, plus 5 more tracks from 1997 with a somewhat different sextet under the name Kalevala Spirit.

Jabu Khanyile : Umbele
The South African vocalist's 2001 release features a mix of roots and township jazz.

Jabier Muguruza : Enegarren postala
This pop recording from Basque Spain sits on the border between folk-ballad and schmaltz, I know, but this is just such a great voice that I am willing to forgive the sometimes overly-lush production just a bit. Muguruza has been described as 'a cantautor of infinite gentleness' by El Periódico. El País de las Tentaciones says he has a tenuous voice that modulates with subtlety and the lyrics fly with the fine irony of the mundane. And El Pais says 'it is an ironic, subtle and intensely poetic vision.'

Gerardo Nunez and Perico Sambeat : Cruce de Caminos (jazz viene del sur)
New jazz-flamenco routes, without the usual new-agey nonesense... solid musicianship and great vocals.

Dou Dou M'Diaye M'Bengue : Thiato Thiate

Milquinhento '1500' and Conjunto Popombo De Nampula and Conjunto Nimala : ¡Saba Saba!
recorded live in a local cinema and while different in instrumentation, they share a stripped down scratch band sound. Mil-Quinhento '1500' furiously strums a zither called a pankwe, a flat board with a tin can and a gourd for resonators. The band adds shakers, a bell-toned brake shoe, voices and nlapa, a tea chest with a gut string much like a wash tub bass. What makes Conjunto Popombo distinctive is the vocal work. A rapid fire call and response between the singers overlaps the syllables until they seem to be a single, unsingable torrent notes.

Yannis Aggelakas : O Hamenos Ta Pairnei Ola
Soundtrack from the Greek film 'Loser Takes All' by Nikos Nikolaides, made by one of the countries leading rock-pop writers and an artist who has crossed all genre-boundaries in the last few years, both solo and with his band Trypes.

Betagarri : Basque Fire
Basque ensemble performs an energetic, regional version of ska, punk, rock.

Giovanni Nuti and Co : les voix des femmes
A song-cycle focused on the voices of Lucia Lippi, Rossella Ruini and Emanuela Berti and arranged by Riccardo Galardini. Nuti has merged classical, popular, jazz and traditional vocal styles in a set of songs, accompanied by guitar, charango, mandolin, acoustic bass, flutes and violins.

Dire Gelt : Sevastopol
Naming themselves after a well-known Yiddish song (Rent Money), this Bologna Italy based kelzmer band has its own unique sound, steeped in the eastern European traditions but with a decidedly personal flair.

Leo : Crossing the strings
Second solo album is a trip to 'Melodyland.' It all begins with a voice, a guitar and a songwriter - Belgian artist Leo. Steel strings, nylon strings, vocal cords...plain and simple songs at the crossroads of folk, blues and pop. Melody is the mainline. Songs about love, life and death, hometown, laziness and childhood days. Some tunes are low-key, in a 'close to the bone' form, others offer subtle arrangements with a little choir, cello, violin, flute, mandolin, double bass or drums

aNoo : The luckless lands of the North
aNoo is a group led Brussels based Finn, Anu Junnonen. Anu started playing piano at the age of seven and added flute a few years later. She got the kick for jazz in her teens from playing saxophone and jamming with friends, with whom she also created a local junior big band in order to perform modern -tunes and Finnish compositions. She is accompanied by accordion, trombone, acoustic bass and drums on a set of original and unusual songs. Listen

Ray Barretto : Time Was Time Is
Barretto takes Latin-Jazz back to its roots, and then combines it with the vocabulary of today, and with his septet present a new twist in the ever fertile dialogue between New York and the Caribbean on this 2005 release.

Manuel d'Oliveira and Mediterraneo : Amarte
This CD by the Portuguese guitarist was recorded live in 2005, in Praça de Santiago, Guimarães. The musicians of the ensemble Mediterrâneo are José Lima (acoustic bass), David Leão (flute and bagpipe), Mário Gonçalves (drums) and Rui Ferreira (piano).

Gilberto Gil : Banda Um
Gil's musical style incorporates an eclectic range of influences, including rock, Brazilian genres including samba and forró, African music, and reggae. This 'best-of' collection includes some of Gil's most popular songs from the '80s.

63 Strings, feat. Manomanouche : 63 Strings
A group of Italian musicians executes a musical raid into French Gypsy Jazz territory, joined by the well known Italian Gypsy ensemble Manomanouche and American harpist Park Stcikney. Nunzio Barbieri (acoustic guitar), Dino Contenti (upright bass) and Luca Enipeo (acoustic guitar) take on the obvious (Django Reinhardt) and some less well known turns as well (Domenico Modugno, Romane).

Laja eta Mikel : Eguzki begi
Triki accordionist Iñaki Garmendia 'Laja' and panderista Mikel Alustiza in their 2002 release of Basque folk music

Pantxoa eta Peio : Lurra eta maitasuna
Two great Basque singers, Peio Ospital and Pantxoa Carrere, sing of the opposing emotions of being Basque: the desire to be a peacemaker at home in his land and the struggle to be recognized as a people.

Various artists : Arran: cultura de resistencia 2 (2CD set)
A 2 CD set with 41 tracks by a wild assortment of Spanish bands and artists. Rock en espanol by Banda Bassotti Fermin Muguruza - Pirat's Sound Sistema - Gadegang - Net Flanders - Malos Vicios - Skarnio - - La Caixa Fosca and more.

Bidaia : Duo
Basque composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Mixel Ducau and Californian singer-songwriter and hurdy-gurdy player Caroline Phillips come back for their second recording as Bidaia, now a duo, with a repertoire that includes original compositions and traditional Basque songs. The Basque alboka and ttun-ttun are combined with acoustic guitar, hurdy-gurdy and bamboo clarinet to offer a strong second look at their original approach to the tradition.

Peter Stampfel and the Bottlecaps : The Jig Is Up
H.M. Rounder Peter Stampfel is back again, in a series of recordings made 1989–1999 with a host of different musicians, but all pulled together by his insatiable, exploratory lust for good songs, odd ideas and bizarre juxtapositions (and a Quicktime video clip, too!).

Afrissippi : Alliance
The second round for this allianceof Senegalese roots and Mississippi blues, and every bit as solid as the first. Guelel Kumba - guitar, vocals, Eric Deaton - electric guitar, Kinney Kimbrough - drums, Justin Showah - bass, Papa Assane M'baye - percussion, Jeff Callaway - trombones Listen

Het Brabants Volksorkest : Flemish Folk Music - Volume 1 and 2
The Brabant Traditional Music Band of Belgium presents Flemish folk dance music in a formal 'chamber' style

Oblomow : Sporen

Snakes In Exile : Second Skin

Sula : Fastland
The music is from the whole north Atlantic area… reels, jigs, hornpipes, polkas, hopsas and powerful songs. Rod Sinclair (Scotland) sings and plays guitar and 5-string banjo. Eskil Romme (Denmark) plays accordion, saxophone and pipes. Erling Olsen (Denmark) is a fiddler in the traditional Nordic style.

Marcel Khalife : Caress / Muda'aba
2004 release by the Lebanese ud master. Contemporary, jazz-inflected settings that still hold true to the Arabic roots of the compositions, performed by an ensemble of oud, piano, vibraphone, bass, percussion (Arabic and western), and guest violinist Omar Guey.

various artists : The Real Bahamas, Volume II
The second volume of Seigel and Stecher recordings from the Bahamas, originally released in 1978

Wissam Murad : Min Ba'd
Vocalist, percussionist, oud player (and member of the Palestinian ensemble Sabreen) steps forward with a rich recording of modern songs rooted in tradition, accompanied by an excellent ensemble of ud, bass, percussion, violin, kanoun and cello.

Elena Ledda : Incanti
2003 release from the incredible Italian singer offers another excellent merging of ancient roots and modern sonorities.

Mad Tea Party : Flying Saucers
True Americana by a quirky crew from North Carolina delve into old blues, hokum and folk tunes, with a touch of coutry pop music from the 20s and such. Ami Worthen (vocals, ukulele), Jason Krekel (vocals, guitar, fiddle, and kazoo) and Lora Pendleton (vocals, bass) recorded this little gem of American roots in their home in North Carolina and the energy and spontaneity overflow in every tune, from the clever novelty of "Flying Suacers" to the warmth of the old country standard, "Walking on the Kings Highway." I was priveleged to have these folks on my radio show in CT in 2005 and fell in love with their personable and witty approach to all kinds of American roots music. Highly recommended.

Thierry Crommen : Diversions
The Belgian harmonica master and an ensemble of guitars, bass and piano.

Jean-Christophe Renault : La est la question
Piano solos of original compositions by the Belgian musician. Listen

The Secret North : LIVE
The Secret North brings together 6 world-class musicians from Scotland, Denmark, Sweden and Ireland: Ailie Robertson on harp; Ale Carr on cittern; Donald Grant on fiddle; Kieran Munnelly on flutes, whistle and bodhran; Niall Vallely on concertina; and Nikolaj Busk on piano and keyboards. The set is 6 long tracks performed and recorded live in Glasgow.

Flukt : Drufiacc
On the second CD by this wonderful Norwegian group traditional Nordic music meets classical and blues, driven by a trio of fiddle, accordion and percussion to produce a compelling and driving sound. The purest of tunes and the simplest of moods exemplifies the mastery of Sturla Eide fiddle (hardangerfiddle), Øivind Farmen (accordion) and Håvard Sterten (percussion).

Green Gate : Green Gate
Magnus Johannessen (p), Holger Laumann (sax, oboe), Arnold Ludvig (b), Rógvi á Rógvu (dr). \r\nIn 1992 Holger Laumann and the Faroese band Plúmm recorded the album Allar ættir - a pretty straight forward jazz-rock fusion album. In the years after the musicians have been spread all over the world. (Arnold Ludvig, the bassplayer, is now living in Montreal). A couple of years ago, when Magnus Johannessen came to Copenhagen and started working with Holger Laumann, they started talking about a new concept: More nature, more sky and sea in the music. With Magnus Johannessen and Holger Laumann´s jazz- backgrond they coulden´t help flirting with their roots - for instance on solar eclipse Holger Laumann is playing a jazzy thing on the oboe, and in Haste makes waste he plays the blues on the oboe.

Kristian Blak : Shalder geo
Hedin Ziska Davidsen (guitar, calimba), Niels Arge Galán (mandolin, guitar), Sharon Weiss (recorder, spoons), Kári Bæk (oboe), Ólavur Olsen (trumpet), Andras Olsen (trombone), Kristian Blak (piano, perc), Mikael Blak (bass); present a suite by Kristian Blak based on traditional vocal and instrumental material from the Faroe Islands and the neighbouring Shetland Islands. "Shalder Geo is brilliant music that combines great depth with undeniable surface charm. It's inspiring how Blak's most recent music is among his richest," said David Lewis in Cadence magazine.

Kristian Blak : Ravnating (studio recording)

Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies : Honesty Box
12 songs featuring Jez with Bad Pennies: Judy Dinning, Simon Haworth and Kate Bramley as well as special guests: Sam Pirt, Andy May and Jeff Armstrong. All of the songs are Jez Lowe originals with Track 1, Skin Too Thin, a co-wrrite with former Bad Penny, Bev Sanders. Jez Lowe is one of England's finest writers, an artist with the rare talent to write songs about specific Northeast English characters and situations, while applying universal truths which strike chords of familiarity the world over.

Sergei Sverev : Olonkho Doidutui Toiyuga
Sergei Afanas'evich Zverev (1900-1973), also known as Kyyl Uola, is considered by many to be one of the greatest Sakha musicians of this century. This is a restored and re-mastered edition of his first recording, made in 1951.

Di Grine Kuzine : Berlin Wedding
More klezmer intuitions from the Germany-based ensemble, firmly rooted, decidedly modern and wildly energetic. Great musicianship and vocals by a wonderful group of artists. 2006 release.

Various Spanish Artists : Rough Guide to the Music of Spain
Includes tracks by Javier Ruibal, Companyía Elèctrica Dharma, Luís Delgado, María Del Mar Bonet, Diego Carrasco, Ronda Segoviana and José Antonio Ramos with Pancho Amat.

Brian Peters : Lines
UK england english europe

Various: Finnish Gypsy : Luludzako drom
Songs recorded in Finnish Gypsies' homes in Karelia, in eastern Finland.

Cheikh Lo : Lamp Fall
2006 release by the Senegalese guitarist, singer and songwriter

QQQ : Unpacking The Trailer
QQQ unspools folk music from a place where bluegrass, Norwegian wedding marches, progressive rock, and post-minimalism have merged into a funky, engaging hybrid. Dan Trueman plays the Hardanger fiddle, Monica Mugan is on classical guitar, Beth Meyers on viola and Jason Treuting does the drums and percussion.It is a wild and decidedly non-traditional mix, yet the music still sounds ancient and rooted.

Aoife ni Fhearraigh : Loinneog Cheoil
Loinneog Cheoil was Aoife ní Fhearraigh's debut recording with the Irish group Dervish, released in 1991 on cassette only and unavailable for many years. Aoife decided to re-record this classic album, and asked Manus Lunny of Capercaillie to produce it. Manus also plays guitar, bouzouki, and keyboards on this new recording, which features two new songs, as well.

Ingrid Bjone, Dr. Jonas Fjeld, Ola B. Johannesen : Neonlys på Wergeland
Neon Light on Wergeland' presents the Norwegian poet and nationalist in an unusual musical light.

Les Ballets C. De La B. : Import Export
This is a live recording of the songs and music as they are performed this theater production directed by Koen Augustijnen. With Steve Dugardin (altus) and the Kirke String Quartet.

Various artists : Ju'hoansi Bushmen - Instrumental Music
Music of the San people of Nambia

Di Grine Kuzine : Feribot

Jan Eggum : Hjertnuser
Norwegian singer-songwriter is known as "the face of the melancholy" with songs of lovelorn lives, loneliness and sorrow, and occasionally a social critic. Accompanied by a small ensemble of percussion, bass, occasional horns, he can move run from raw to schmaltzy, from pop rock to jazz. (Songs sung in Norwegian)

Pete Morton : Mad World Blues

Snekka : mot.
The 2004 Kaustinen Folk Music Festival's Ensemble of the Year is on CD at last, in a stirring set of orginal instrumental ballads, jazzy grooves and agressive new-acoustic folk. Tero Hyväluoma (violin), Markus Luomala (accordion), Olli Seikkula (guitar) and Tarmo Anttila (double bass) offer a smart new look at the Suomi roots. Fans of both Maria Kalaniemi and Hedningarna will find common ground.

Toba Seydou Traore : Toba Seydou Traore
Lo-fi but immensely interesting recordings from Mali's Malinke hunters. Toba Seydou Traore is from Bougouni in southwest Mali, and his voice soars over rattles, shakers and the strings of a 'hunter's harp.' Listen

Afro-Semitic Experience : The Road That heals the Splintered Soul
The Afro-Semitic Experience is a six piece group with a jazz and world music sound. Their music is a merging of the many elements of their cultures. Much of what they play has a strong spiritual center to it - their repertoire contains a heavy dose of music from the Jewish synagogue and the African-American church. This new work is an exploration of the deep well of myths, epics and stories that unite all cultures.

Chevan, Nizrahi and Afro-Semitic Experience : Yizkor: Music of memory
Composer and bassist David Chevan's Afro-Semitic Experience is joined by Jewish cantor Alberto Nizrahi for a contemporary look at Yizkor, a memorial service when sinners seek atonement, remember those who have passed before and contemplate the the transience of life. Carefully fusing modern American jazz, older American roots and ancient Hebrew traditions is no easy task, but Chevan and company prove more than up to the task on this 2008 exploration of modern American spiritually and musical experimentation.

various : Music of the American Indian - Northwest (Puget Sound)
Library of Congress #AAFS L34 - One LP with brochure, packed in a full box. Recorded in 1940-52 by Willard Rhodes, wjho also edited the brochure. Issued in 1954, this revised edition is 1984. Brand new, still sealed

Tom Ellis : Southern Exposure

Dotschy Reinhardt : Pani Sindhu
Gypsy singer and songwriter and one of the many heirs to the Django legend. She is working in her music to bridge the gap between contemporary music and the heritage of the Roma (Gypsy) and Sinti people. She moves from jazz and cabaret music to Brazilian, Portuguese and traditional Indian music with ease. It's a unique take on the Gypsy tradition as it filters through a global culture.

Stefan Grossman : Those Pleasant Days
A 2 CD retrospective set covering his 8 albums on the Transatlantic label - one disc focuses on the songs, the second on the guitar mastery. Nicely packaged, with sharp liner notes by Colin Harper. A must have for fans of Grossman, the guitar and idiosyncratic American roots music.

African Jazz Pioneers : African Jazz Pioneers
A who's-who of African jazz-roots greats, including Stompie Manana, Jasper Cook, Bheki Buthelezi, Sam Tshabangu, Albert Khumalo and on and on. It's been called African-jazz, Soweto-soul and a dozen other hyphen-hyphens, but it is unique music unto itself, that could only have happened in South Africa in the 1980s, and this 1989 recording features some of the best session players out there.

Liam Bailey : Flesh and Armor
Pure pop with American roots - not my usual catalog addition, but I make exceptions for musicians with a wry outlook, an unusual voice and a certain sense of production restraint. Liam and his team of musicians have all of this working for them, so if you have the occasional, selective soft spot for intelligent pop music like I do, you might want to give this one a listen.

Van-Anh Vanessa Vo : Three-Mountain Pass
The Vietnamese artist performs her own compositions plus works by Erik Satie and Kim Sinh; and some Vietnamese traditional songs. Van-Anh Vanessa Vo devotes her life-long passion and mastery of the dan tranh (zither) to the creation of distinctive music blended with a cultural essence that she expands outside of the tradition to new fields. This recording features Kronos Quartet as guest artists.

Duo Bertrand en Cie : Couleurs Racines
French traditional and new compositions from Brittany

Various African Drummers : A Land of Drummers
Village Pulse (VP) senegal africa drumming sabar wolof djembe

Livio Guardi and Wilson Montuori : Diomedee
Guitar and vocal duo from Florence mixes Tuscan roots with many contemporary guitar styles, accompanied on some tracks by percussion, flute, bass, harmonica, mandolin and bouzouki

Ian A. Anderson : The Time is Ripe
rare psych folk from the Village Thing years 1970-73 - Following the release of his debut LP in 1969, country blues singer/guitarist Ian A. Anderson took a sudden left swerve into what now gets called psych folk or acid folk. Between 1970 and 1972 he released three albums on the now cult 'alternative folk' label Village Thing, the acoustic Royal York Crescent which showcased his interplay with guitarist Ian Hunt with whom he appeared at the first Glastonbury Festival; the folk/rock 'A Vulture Is Not A Bird You Can Trust,' recorded with a band including drummer Pick Withers, soon to be in at the start of Dire Straits; and Singer Sleeps On As Blaze Rages with steel guitarist Mike Cooper's Machine Gun Company and some meaty forays onto 12-string guitar. With 2010 marking the 40th anniversary of Village Thing, a new generation seeking out the alt.folk music of the '60s and '70s, a spate of books on the music and the era, and old vinyl copies of Village Thing albums being highly valued by collector

Jokke Schreurs : Force Majeure
Elegant Belgian guitarist, accompanied by upright bass and guitar, performs straight-ahead jazz in the lineage of Django, but certainly not hemmed in by the Gypsy's legacy. 9 pieces, most originals, with works by Piazzolla, Tchaikowsky, Coltrane and one trad tune filling out the set.

Kimiz : zee van azov
Johan de Baedts (Percussion), Myriam Fuks (Vocals), Christel Berghlevens (Clarinet, Bass Clarinet), Roman Korolik (Bass, Fretless Bass), Dirk Van Esbroeck (Vocals, Guitar), Jean-Michel Alexandre (Viol), Filip Vermeert (Guitar, Oud)

Balladeus : het meisje aan de toog

Jaques Vandevelde : Charmes

Sexteto Tanguedia : Sara VersoIl Matino

Shantalla : Shantalla 1

Various Artists : Ghosts from the Basement
lost songs, dreams and folkedelica from the vaults of Village Thing, 1970-74 - Subtitled 'the alternative folk label', Village Thing Records released two dozen albums and a few singles between 1970 and 1974. With strong national press and radio support, the label prospered with a unique and hard-to-pin-down mix of established names and newcomers, original singer/ songwriter/ guitarists, a few visiting Americans, and folk entertainers. Over the years, many of Village Thing's releases have gained cult status amongst collectors of '70s 'psych folk', often changing hands for high prices and now enjoying a big revival of interest. This 20-track compilation to mark the label's 40th anniversary is superbly remastered and comes in an environmentally friendly pack full of lots of old photos and detailed notes. It concentrates on the 'contemporary folk' core of Village Thing's output and includes many items on CD in the UK for the first time or never previously released. Featured are Wizz Jones, Derroll Adams, A

Yggdrasil : Den Yderste O

Sula, with Andy Irvine : Over Seas
Eskil Romme, Rod Sinclair, Erling Olsen and their special guest Andy Irvine present 11 songs and tunes from Celtic and Scandinavian music traditions, blended to find their common historical background

Kristian Blak and Yggdrasil : Risastova
The ensemble Yggdrasil embarks on its 25th year with an ensemble of musicians from Faroe isalnds and Estonia, and featuring Kari Sverrisson. They perform modern interpretations of traditional Faroese skjaldurs, ballads and hymns. There are also unusual compositions by Kristian Blak.

Holger Laumann and Plumm : Aller Aettir
Plúmm emerged as a band of very young and talented jazz musicians at the Havnar Jazzfelag (Tórshavn Jazz Club) in the early eighties. This CD they recorded with Danish saxophone player and composer Holger Laumann.

various : Harmonikutururin 10 ár
Harmonikutúrurin is a result of an accordion trip with the passenger ship Norrøna. For several years this special music and dancing tour of the islands has been very popular among the passengers, and this CD gves you a bit of the feel of this Faroese ocean voyage, without the beer or the swells.

Kristian Blak et al : Klaemint
Klæmint is a suite by Kristian Blak composed to be played in a grotto - Klæmintsgjógv - on the coast of Hestur, Faroe Islands. The music is recorded on location May-August 1998. Klæmint is a common man's name on the island of Hestur, originating from the latin Clemens - 'mild, gentle'.

Ro:toro : Handi Hullus / Khanty Madness
Estonia-based ensemble explores the music of the west-Siberian Khany and mansi people in an excellent, vibrat, often wild performances of this folk music.

Spaelimenninir i Hoydolum : A Ferd
On Á Ferð, the Faroese-American band Spælimenninir í Hoydølum are captured in live recordings from USA, Scotland, Orkney and the Faroes. Originally released in 1984, reissued on CD.

Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies : Doolally
studio album from Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies, released July 2004. It features 12 new Jez Lowe songs, arranged by the band, Jez Lowe, Kate Bramley, Andy May and Sean Taylor.

Zmiros Project (Frank London, Lorin Sklamberg and Rob Schwimmer) : Zmiros Project
Klezmatics founders Frank London and Lorin Sklamberg, and pianist Rob Schwimmer present the mystical repertoire of Jewish 'zmiros' singing.

Camilla Granlien Band : Jarnnetter
Two great poets from Lom: Tor Jonsson (1916–1951) and Olav Aukrust (1883–1929). Though their views of rural life were far apart, it held a great influence on them both. Tor Jonsson faced much hardship in his youth and came to be critical of the closely-knit rural society, while Olav Aukrust, a champion of religious and national causes, held a more positive view of rural communities, people and lifestyles. Differences notwithstanding, it is obvious from the titles and form of their poems that both drew inspiration from traditional music. We have set some of their poems to traditional tunes both old and recent, and included a few songs they might have heard at home.

Troise and his Mandoliners : Play to me, Gypsy
OK, the cover is atrocious, and the music is dated, but I just can't resist things like mandolin orchestras, and this 'period piece,' cafe-style music recorded in London the 1930s by Pasquale Troise and his small orchestra of mandolins, guitars, strings, accordion... even some slide guitar and xylophone... has an irresistible charm.

various : Accordeon: Nostalgic Poet of Paris
Recordings from 1928 to 1944 by some of the greats of the romantic cafe accordion era includes performances by Maurice Alexander, Edith Piaf, Emile Vacher, Louis Vola, Fredo Gardoni and others

The Solidarity Singers : Solidarity, It Can't Be Beat
In the economic and political times that are on the horizon, it's probably more important than ever that the average folks stick together and sing. That's what The Solidarity Singers of the New Jersey Industrial Union Choir are doing, adapting classic songs of labor and liberation to the new times; the age old folk-process in action. It's neither slick nor what you'd call professional, but homespun, genuine and personal.

Starostin and Mario : Proshche Prostogo
Well known Russian vocalist Sergey Starostin (vocals, rojok [Russian horn], prosvirelka, gusli (Russian zither) teams with the inventive musician Mario (ceramic percussion, barabanka [shepherds' signal], darbuk, cowbell and drum set) to explore traditional works (instrumental and lyrical) in a very new and expansive light.

Klezmatics : Possessed

Markos Vamvarkis : Bouzouki Pioneer, 1932-1940

Manuel Luna y La Cuadrilla Maquisera : Romper El Baile
Cantabrian singer and folk arranger.. click and listen!

World Mankeri Orchestra : Thauma
Unique avant garde folk music from Finland. 'The mänkeri is the perfect counterpoint to the liru; like Djivan's sublime duduk offsetting Pharoah's reedy rhaita or Don Byron's thoughtful clarinet vs. Bird's frenetic alto. It adds a warm, introspective side that contributes to what is overall an enjoyably challenging, remarkably consistent and utterly original recording.' - RootsWorld

Various artists : Ehtoota!
Concert performances recorded in the Etno-Pojat theater in Finland (home of the World Mänkeri Orchestra), includes songs by American Cafe Orchestra, Pinnin Pojat, Tallari, Nikolai Blad, Heikki Laitinen and more.

Helene Blum : Linden Sol
Helene Blum, the Danish singer and fiddler is joined by the Harald Haugaard Ensemble (octave mandolin, fiddle, guitar, cello, Jew's harp, double bass, flugelhorn, and percussion) in a follow-up to her marvelous 2008 holiday recording, En Sød Og Liflig Klang. Liden Sol, (Little Sun) offers both traditional songs of the Yuletide, as well as a few original songs, all done with grace and musicianship.

Pham Duc Thanh : Vietnamese Traditional Music
Experience the diverse traditional sounds of Vietnam as performed by multi-instrumentalist Pham Duc Thanh and singer Lieu Nguyet Lan.

Eralio Gill : The Art of the Paraguayan Harp
Steeped in the rich tradition of the Paraguayan harp masters, Eralio Gill's seductive style highlights the beauty of this distinct sounding instrument. This remarkable collection of original and adapted compositions evokes vivid images of Paraguay.

Juan José Carranza : Flamenco de la Costa
Juan Jose Carranza performs his Flamenco compositions with an earthy vocal style and an innovative percussive right-hand guitar technique layered with new world rhythms. This collection of 11 original pieces includes two songs with words written by acclaimed Spanish writer Federico Garcia Lorca.

Lei Qiang : Chinese Traditional Erhu Music 2
Lei Qiang performs instrumental pieces on the erhu. A two-stringed violin-like instrument, with the shaanxi provincial song and dance troup. This is a collect of 19 traditional Chinese compositions captures the erhu's expressive mystical sound

Ben Canar : Nedudai
Ben-Canar lives in the ancient city of Safed, the cradle of Cabala, on the Israeli-Syrian border. However, he can trace both Polish and Russian elements through his ancestry.

Arto Järvelä : Cross-Tuned (Avovireessä)
Arto Järvelä Plays Fiddle Vol. 2 presents another round of great solo fiddling from the Finnish musician, this time in a set of 'cross tuned' or open-tuning pieces . These include traditional and pieces composed by Järvelä.

Abdullah Ibrahim : Cape Town Songs (the very best of...)
14 tracks by the South African pianist and composer known as Dollar Brand, includes 'African Marketplace,' 'Calypso Minor,' 'For Monk' among other favorites and a few surprises.

Mandala : Night Queen
Contemporary merging of trad and modern musical forms from Europe, Asia and the Middle East

Ensemble Esfahan : Golbar

Shmuel Ruzbahan : River of Truth
Contemporary compositions based on Persian classical themes, performed on santur, ney, kemenche, zarb and bendir

Black Velvet : Black Velvet
Israel-based Irish and Celtic music ensemble

Tucan trio : Tucan
Israel based trio of guitar, flute and percussion, plus vocals, delves into an original interpretation of Brazilian and Latin music that is light and breezy, all acoustic and unique.

Ndere Troupe and others : Ngoma: Music from Uganda
Compiled by the acclaimed Ndere Troupe in 1995, the recordings from the Ngoma Project for Cultural Preservation present a wealth of traditional music from Uganda. This is the most comprehensive collection of traditional Ugandan music to date. Inspired performances by master musicians from the region's most important ethnic groups utilize a wide range of instruments including harps, mbiras, zithers, xylophones, and a wide array of African percussion. Fourteen tracks of music, digitally recorded and mastered.

Peter Garcia and The Garcia Brothers : Songs of my People
From San Juan Pueblo, in Northern New Mexico, comes a sound rich with history and honor for the living Earth. San Juan has been an active ceremonial center for seven hundred years and Songs Of My People is a collection of music to accompany ceremonial dances. The solo and group songs are sung by men with deep, penetrating voices and the instrumentation consists mainly of double-sided drums and gourd rattles.

Bulgari : Bulgarian Folk Music
Bulgari present an excellent selection of traditional and folk melodies from the Bulgaria. The gaida, a Bulgarian bagpipe, is prominent and lends a familiar tone to the tunes, which also feature strummed and bowed string instruments, percussion, bass, flute and vocals.

Draghici, Damian : Românian Gypsy Panflute Virtuoso
The great Românian prodigy redefines the art of the panpipe. Joined here by renowned Turkish multi-instrumentalist Omar Faruk and world percussionist and producer Randy Crafton, Draghici plays traditional Românian Gypsy, Greek and Turkish tunes

V.Poulsens Kapel : Fanden er los
The 2005 release of Fanden er løs celebrates the 25th anniversary of this marvelous traditional ensemble of piano, fiddle, mundharpe and accordion. Simple, straightforward dance tunes from Denmark are the order of the day, with a side of Quebec and Cape Breton to keep it sprightly. Un-affected folk music for dancing and listening by the trio of Valdenar Poulsen (aka Jes Kroman), Vagn Poulsen (aka Sonnich Lydom) and Vera Poulsen (aka Malene Daniel Beck).

Uhrbrand-Lydom-Cahill : Spring, with Mats Vingin and Peter Rosendal
Originally formed as a trio in 1998. Peter Uhrbrand, Sonnich Lydom and Sèamus Cahill has now been joined by two outstanding jazz musicians Mads Vinding (bass) and Peter Rosendal (piano) in what can only be described as a rare meeting of musical genres, that of folk and jazz. In a sense Spring is not only a meeting of different musical styles, but also a meeting of the great traditions of Nordic and Celtic music. One of the band members is an Irishman now settled in Denmark and so it seemed natural that songs from the Irish tradition should also be included on this CD. ULC's choice of material blends beautifully together.

Tumult : Aldrig får jeg fred
The Third recording by the Danish folk-rock ensemble is by far the most broad in scope, and complete in execution. From hard rockers to folk ballads, their never miss a beat as they forge ahead.

Tumult : Kvaern
Kværn is the 2004 release by this Danish band known for their agressive mix of ancient ballads and tunes with contemporary energy and instrumentation.

Tumult : Wallegnav
A creative mix of curious, melodies, colourful harmonies, heavy, sweating rhythms, and inspiration from various musi-cal styles is how they define new Danish folk music. Tumult consists of four experienced musicians from Odense with each an individual musical background and experience; a hardcore folk-fiddler and singer, a popular rock guitarist, a hardcore retro bass player and a groovy rock drummer. It is the meeting of musicians with each their musical culture and background that gives rise to new possibilities and adventures. Prejudices are being reduced and the limits for what you can do with the music become fluid. Most of the group's repertoire are new compositions, but it also includes traditional material:, songs, ballads and tunes from Denmark, which are treated affection-ately in new interesting arrangements. Tumult started spreading in Odense in the autumn of1999 - we are looking forward to the release of their debut-cd in 2001.

Jørgen Dickmeiss, fiddle, vocal, bodhran / Thomas Kristofferse

Kristine Heebøll : Trio Mio
A remarkable trio of Danish violinist Kristine Heeboll, Swedish guitarist and bouzouki player Jens Ulvsand (of the band Avada) and Danish pianist and accordionist Nikolaj Busk perform from but not in the tradition, using the roots to generate modern modes inspired by jazz and classical as much as folk. The results are both elegant and energetic.

Sussie Nielsen : Pigens Morgen
The Danish singer's 2006 release of Danish and Irish folk songs, accompanied by piano, bass, harp, violin, bouzuki, bagpies, etc.

Sussie Nielsen : Day is Dawning
The wonderful and warm Danish singer focuses on Celtic music and themes, but delivers them with a distinctively Nordic feeling. Accompanied by Helen Davies, Harp; Alan Colfer, Guitar; Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh, Fiddle, tin whistle; Nikolaj Busk, Piano, piano accordion; Niklas Roswall, Nyckelharpa, moraharpa; Soma Allpass, Cello; Peter G. Sørensen, Fiddle and Bjarne Schmidt, Bouzouki.

Stine Michel : Frejas Viser
Singer Michel is joined by a fine band of Danish folk and modern musicians: Gustaf Ljungren: mandolin, clarinet, tenor guitar; Perry Stenbäck: guitar, nyckelharpa, dobro; Nikolaj Busk:keyboards, accordions, harmonium; Hal Parfitt-Murray: violin, cello, bratsch, mandola; Morten Lundsby:bass; Jesper Uno Kofoed: drums and percussion

Stine Michel : Natravn
The first recording by a fine Danish songwriter and vocalist, joned by an excellent band that includes a wide musical pallette of guitars, pedal steel, nyckelharpa, dobro, drums, percussion, bass, harmonium, Hammond organ, bozouki, flutes and more.

Harald Haugaard and Anders Mogensen : Spirits
Haugaard seeks new ground in this fusion of Danish folk music and jazz-rock sensibilities. Jazz percussion, guitar and bass by Anders Mogensen, Krister Jonsson and Jonas Westergård bring new ideas to the Danish folk dance tunes they grab and reinvent. It's aggressive but never distorted, and the power of Haugaard's fiddling is never overcome by the strength of Mogensen's drum kit.

Serras : Second Hand
This is the second recording by the Danish fusion-folk ensemble Serras, whose members span the Danish folk music scene as players in bands like Puls, Haugaard and Hoirup, Sorten Muld and many others.

Serras : Stand clear of the closing door - please
The third recording by this remarkable Danish folk-rock band. Produced by Morten Alfred Høirup and guest starring Magnus Stinnerbom and members of the traditional Daish folk group Lang Linken. Harald Haugaard - violin; Hans Mydtskov - saxophone; Sune Hånsbæk - guitar, Mads Riishede - bass, Sune Rahbek; drums, percussion.

Serras : Serras
Most of the members of Serras have their roots in styles of music other than traditional, but they all have a great interest in exploring, working with and expressing music emerging from their own culture. Harald Haugaard, the one in Serras most deeply involved with traditional Danish music, found a number of themes in old dusty music books from, among others, the clerk Rasmus Storm from the south Funen, the flautist Count Otto von Raben from Lolland and the Faeroese student of theology, Jens Christian Svabonius from Copenhagen. The band members have worked with many styles of music and still do. As a result, the music is characterised by this multitude of styles.

Rannock : Rannock
Energetic polkas and atmospheric ballads hand-picked from the Danish repertoire as well as a few original compositions. Rannok delivers rustic and lively folk music, including everything from simple polka just like mamma played it to warm-hearted waltzes With a shared passion for traditional melodies, they offer a new take on their ancestors' music: contemporary interpretations interspersed with original tunes written with respect for the folk tradition. Traditional fiddler Michael Graubæk, and pianist Theis Juul Langlands (who plays a variety of musical styles and adds a modern approach to the traditional tunes) approach their music with an open mind to allow for lively, organic interplay.

Phonix : Pigen and Drengen
This band has always been right on the verge if finding their voice, and with the production help of Morten Alfred Høirup they finally have! A strong reed sound and a much greater emphasis on vocals make this a super recording of Nordic roots.

Phonix : Live
The Danish folk-rock and jazz ensemble recorded live

Phonix : Folk
Danish folk-rockers present a studio album for 2007 where the unique sound of the quartet (accordion, bass clarinet, percussion and vocals) is in sharp focus, but with many guest artists adding color and depth. Phønix offers a very original and personal expression

Phonix : Collage
The Danish quartet returns from their 2004 tour with 13 songs recorded live in Brussels, Chicago, New York City, Bielefeld, Montréal, Toronto and several places in Denmark. Some new pieces, some Phønix favorites, all done with new energy by vocalist Karen Mose, accordionist Jesper Vinther Petersen, clarinet and bass clarinetist Anja Præst Mikkelsen and percussionist Jesper Falch.

Poul Lendal : Onskebarn
Poul Lendal has been at the center of the Danish folk music scene for 35 years and is often called The Godfather of Danish Folk. And yet it is 2005 and he is only now presenting his first solo recording, Ønskebarn, with 23 of his musician and singer friends joining him on 22 tracks.

Moving Cloud : Sweet Nyaa
w guest Donal Lunny on 11 of the 13 tracks

Morild : Dromte mig en drom
On Drømte mig en drøm Morild present Danish songs in new wrapping. In a blend of folk, jazz and modern grooves, the trio of musicians playing drums, bass, saxophone and keyboards (with guest fiddler Makiko Hirabayashi) interpret traditional songs - tales of faith, hope, love, life and death. This may be pretty smooth for the more 'folk' listener, but their mix of sharp instrumental skills and a fantastic lead singer, Anne Duehoim, help keep this recording from falling into a mainstream jazz trap.

Mette Kathrine : Ojeblikke
Øjeblikke is the Solo debut by the fine Danish accordionist from Kvasir.

Lunau : Når engle danser
Danish folk-rock and acoustic pop with a little edginess, played by Katrine Munk Rasmussen on cello, Peter Sund on acoustic guitar, dobro and harmonica and Trine Lunau on accordion and vocal.

Soren Krogh : Krogh synger Aakjær
Danish guitarist, singer and songwriter accompanied by a small ensemble of accordion, violins, mandolin, etc. The songs are based on the history and writings of 19th Century Danish agrarian and political rabble-rouser Jeppe Aakaer. His songs are much in the same spirit of his hero, poet Robert Burns, writing of country life and the comman worker with grit, melancholy and humor. (And FYI: the songs are all sung in Danish.)

Soren Korshoj : Naermest naesten nogen
The Danish singer and songwriter Søren Korshøj has released his solo album Nærmest næsten nøgen (Almost Naked) 12 songs composed by Søren Korshøj; guitar and vocals in Danish. Søren is also know as one of the members of the Danish folkband Instinkt.

Kasir : Reel Irish
Irish reels in Denmark

Kásir : Chilling on a Sunday
The Denmark-based trio plays bodhran, accordion, whistles, guitar, mandolin and vocals, joined on some tracks by piano, fiddle or bass, in a set of 11 mostly original tunes based on Irish tradition. Oisin Walsh - bodhrán and shaker; Rune Cygan Barslund - accordion and whistles; Aske Fuglsang Ruhe - guitar, vocals and mandolin

Kaetter Quartet : Den sidste schottish - Live
The Danish folk, jazz and rock ensemble recorded live at the Tarm Festival

Henrik Jansberg : Omnivor
The young Danish fiddler comes to 2007 with a full band and an insatiable appetite for new musical idea. Joined by his own tourning band of violin, viola, guitars, mandolins, banjo, drums, percussion, nyckelharpa, dobro and doublebass with guests Christopher Davis Maack on violin and Sonnich Lydom playing harmonica and diatonic accordion.

Henrik Jansberg : Signatur
This is the debut CD by the young Danish violin virtuoso, presenting both traditional and contemporary music with sensitivity and swing. Tracks are solo or lighly accompanied by some of Denmark's best young musicians on violins, bass, concertina, guitar and percussion.

Morten Alfred Hoirup : Vingården
The Vineyard present six new melodies by Morten Alfred Høirup and three old ballads, played by folk-musicians from USA, Finland and Denmark. The very unusual and old Danish instruments used on many of the tracks give you a new version of this old European music as it might have sounded before it developed into what we today know as Danish traditional Folk music. Morten Alfred has created a name for himself throughout Scandinavia as a young rythm guitarist within a variety of genres: Danish, Celtic, American, French-Canadian and contemporary folk music.

Gunner Friis : Kalejdoskop
Gunner Friis is considered a pearl among pearls of Danish folk musicians, a fiddler who still regularly plays traditional music for dances around the country. Kaleidoscope presents a series of recordings, some solo, most with some of the musicians who hold him in high esteem. The CD was created as a gift to Gunner Friis on his 60th birthday in 2005.

Fenja Menja : Katten i Saekken
The affinity of the Celtic and Scandinavian musical traditions has frequently been demonstrated, not least by the transnational band Swåp. Danish quintet Fenja Menja also take up this theme on their second release, uneven not so much in musicianship as in aspiration. Is this band, named for twin ogresses of legend, a world-jazz act, a rock band, or new Scandinavian traditionalists?... Katten i Sækken" may leave you scratching your head a bit over placing its musical intent, but most of it will leave you in little doubt as to its success." - Jim Foley, RootsWorld

Fenja Menja : Fenja Menja
Contemporary, original folk rock, rising from the roots of Nordic mythology and mysticism, combined with the seductiveness of the folk tradition. Fenja Menja's music lures the listener with wondrous notes from the depths of the ancient woods, until, suddenly, the rude awakening by the singeing stench of brimstone from guileful farting trolls. The band: Katja Mikkelsen, fiddle, bagpipes, flutes, Kenneth Hermansen, electric guitar, vocal, Morten Lolk Rasch, piano, Johan Ahrenfeldt, electric bass, Søren Andersen, drums

Drones and Bellows/ Dragseth Duo : Hiimstoun
This Danish/German project presents tunes and songs from the border region, in 5 unique dialects/ languages, The bands, the Danish Drones and Bellows and the German Dragseth duo, both come from just north and south of the Danish/German border.

Drones and Bellows : The Dancing Dog
The Danish folk ensemble is joined by Scots musician Brian McNeill (Battlefield Band)

Fin Alfred : Sange fra min vandring
Songs from my Travels: 60 years of singing traditional Danish songs and ballads" is a wonderful presentation of classic folk songs from Denmark. In 2009 Fin Alfred is celebrating his 60th anniversary as a traditional singer by releasing his 20th album and by touring in Denmark with his son, guitarist Morten Alfred Høirup. They are accompanied on the CD by Anders Hofset (bass) and Claus Fossing (drums).

Carl Erik Lundgaard : To-rader på Dansk (Two Row Danish)
At the age of 14, Carl Erik Lundgaard started his professional career as a musician. 35 years later Carl Erik is still going strong, giving a special priority to his solo career on the diatonic accordion. Carl Erik´s repertoire consists of traditional Danish folkmusic from the last several centuries as well as originally composed contemporary folk music.

Fin Alfred : Handvoerkersange og Skoemteviser
Fin Alfred has been working with labor songs, old folk songs and the songs of the travelling people, since he was a young man in the years after the 2nd World War. On his travels he met and exchanged songs with craftspeople and travellers from all over Europe and the Nordic countries. With Claus Fossing (drums), Morten Alfred Høirup (guitar) and Anders Hofset (bass)

Abild : Methea
Methea (Mette Marie Jacobsen) was the daughter of a Danish businessman in the 1760s. For her 16th birthday, her father has a musician from odense make her a music book. Abild has taken the music from that book and recreated it for a modern folk quartet of violins, keyboards, accordions, mandolin, guitar and bratsch.

Serras : Ø
The fourth Serras album is entitled "Ø" - the Danish word for island. The new CD was composed and recorded in the hall of an old hotel. The surroundings, the tranquility and a very relaxed mood have had a huge impact upon the music, far more subdued compared to earlier albums. But there is still music here with the powerful expression that has always been their trademark. The band is growing up, developing subtlty and grace along with power and energy. Sune Rahbek : Drums, Harald Haugaard : Fiddle, Sune Hånsbæk : Guitar, Mads Riishede : Bass, Hans Mydtskov : Saxophone, Torben Sminge : Sound engineer

Zenobia : Midnat
Zenobia is a Danish folktrio that plays well-known Danish folksongs and original compositions. With varied backgrounds in folk, jazz, popular song, Argentine tango, the trio of Louise Støjberg - vocal; Mette Kathrine Jensen - accordion; and Charlotte Støjberg - piano offer a unique and subtle new music.

Hal Parfitt-Murray and Nikolaj Busk : Hal and Nikolaj
14 tracks of decidedly "new folk" from Denmark, played by two great musicians on violin, viola, mandolin, five-string guitar, voice, feet, grand piano, harmonium and accordion

Trio THG : Tungen ud af vinduet
The trio of Andreas Tophoj on violin, Sigurd Hockings on guitar, and Michael Graubaek on violin stick their "Tongue Out of the Window" on this excellent new folk disc from Denmark.

Kefir Kvartet : Kefir
Unusual new music produced in a folk-rooted tradition, but a full out experiment in mixing unique new sounds with the old. Instruments include bouzouki (Greek and irish), guitar, percussion, violin, melodica, cittern and bass. Highly recommended for the adventurous ear.

Sonnich Lydom and Morten Alfred Hoirup : Svip Svap Svovlstikke
Lydom (1 and 2 row diatonic accordion, harmonica) and Høirup (guitar/vocals) are both veteran performers on the Danish folk scene. They have each traveled the world with their music, recorded a number of albums and received a combined 9 Danish Music Awards. The album is named for an old dance tune from the island of Fanø. Lydom culled much of the music on the album from old tune collections and from archives at the Danish Institute of Folklore, music that has never before been recorded or published. Also on the album are three original tunes by Høirup, and three Danish songs. They are joine by Danish klezmer queen Channe Nussbaum on vocals, American fiddler Ruthie Dornfeld, Finnish jews harpist Tapani Varis and Danish fiddler Peter Gorm Sørensen, amongst others.

Baltic Crossing : Baltic Crossing
Baltic Crossing use their strong affinity for old dance music and respect for each others traditions to bring a new youthful energy to the folk music of Europe. Wherever they meet, at least one has to cross the Baltic Sea. The ensemble is Kristian Bugge (DK) on violin; Antti Jarvela (FI) on acocustic bass, mandolin, banjo; Esko Jarvela (FI) on violin, viola; Andy May (UK) on Northumbrian and Uilleann pipes and piano and Ian Stephenson (UK) on guitar, melodeon.

Karl Skaarup with Kristian Bugge : Musiker/Musician
Traditional Danish folk music presented by an 85 year old master on the accordion, accompanied by fiddle

Carl Erik Lundgaard : Yderland
Danish diatonic accordionist joined by a wide ranging ensemble of tradtional and modern musicians including Harald Haugaard, Mads Riishede, Christoffer S. Møller and many others. Yderland consists of primarily new material from accordionist Carl Erik Lundgaard, arranged and produced in cooperation with bassist Mads Riishede. The music is expressive, and has stories to tell, both serious and humorous.

TrioTinus : Trio Tinus
Traditional Danish dance music inspired by the legendary dance band Æ'Tinusser. The trio is Carl Erik Lundgaard: cromatic accordion, mouth organ; Anders Ringgaard: trombone and Vagn Dahl Hansen: piano.

Demko Kurtov's Zourna Group : Zourna
A programe of instrumental melodies and horo dances from Southwest Bulgaria. The zurna is a wooden flute with cane reed and oboe-like sound, very important in traditional Bulgarian music.

Theodosii Spassov : Titla
The Bulgarian kaval master and a powerful small ensemble that includes Yildiz Ibrahimova on vocal with guitar piano, bass, tambura, gadulka, tupan, percussion, tarambukka and the Western Districts Vocal Quartet and the Bulgarian National Radio Folk Orchestra, conducted by Hristofor Radanov

La Chicana : Cancion Llorada
This Argentine ensemble, a vanguard of the new 'new tango,' is a house favorite at cdRoots. Canción Llorada is part retrospective, part compilation. It includes unreleased tracks as well as songs fro their previous recordings. Even if you already have their wonderful Tango Agazapado, this one is a must-have.

Natas Mirkovic and Nenad Vasilic : Soulmotion
Unique interpretations of famous Yugoslavian pop/rock classics from '70s and '80s, featuring solo voice and double bass by Bosnian singer Natas Mirkovic´ and Serbian bassist Nenad Vasilic.

Simon Simonsson : Livets Lat
Swedish fiddler Simon Simonsson is an important link with the older generation of Swedish folk musicians. Simon (born 1945) has met and played with many legendary old fiddle players, especially in the provinces of Jämtland, Dalarna and Uppland.

Simon and Olle Simonsson, Kjell-Erik Eriksson : Drängkammarlåtar (Farm-hand Tunes)
The trio plays music that was in fashion among country people in Sweden at the beginning of this century. Simon and Kjell-Erik (of Hoven Droven) play the fiddle as well as Simon's brother Olle, who also ccompanies on zither and guitar. Most of the tunes come from the fiddlers from andAulvdalen in Dalecarlia and Offerdal in Jamtland.

Boda spelmanslag : Latar pa Bodamal
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Boda Spelmanslag in 2003. In addition to the tracks which were on the first edition there are another ten fantastic Boda tunes which were recorded at the time of the 1979 LP but and are now available for all to hear.

Janos Sipos : In the wake of Bartok in Anatolia
Traditional music collected near Adana

various artists : Sereny Magyaros
Whistle music from Moldavia, Hungary

Ferenc Kiss : Cigany Torveny / Romani Kris (Gypsy Law)
Music from the film by Bence Gyongyossy

Dresch Quartet : Tul a Vizen
More brilliant jazz from Hungary, deep in traditional roots, high on the creative scale. featureing Mihaly Dresch on saxophone, flutes, cimbalom, and vocals, with an ensemble of drums, bass and Ferenc Kovacs on violin and trumpet

Dresch Dudas Mihaly Quartet : Reveszem, Reveszem
Jazz quartet explores Hungarian folk themes

Chalaban : Al Baraka
Starting with what they refer to as Arabian music, the band then diverges down their own pathusing instruments like Brazilian birimbau, Gypsy cymbalom, Bulgarian gadulka and modern DJ tools to formulate their vision.

Budapest Klezmer Band : Train 7.40
Besides traditional Jewish compositions, the album contains pieces from the Budapest production of'Fiddler on the roof'.

various Basque melodeons : Triki 1: Diatonic Dynamite
The names you know: Kepa Junkera, Tapia and Leturia, Zabaleta and Gozategi, plus more triki duos you haven't heard of yet.

Tapia eta Leturia : Ero
Tapia and Leturia are among the best known bands from the region. They are highly repesected as great traditional players, but when they perform as "The Band" they present a contemporary pop sound that still incorporates their Basque roots into a highly modern style.

Oskorri and the Pub Ibiltaria : the Pub Ibiltaria 7
The 2003 production of this well-loved sing-along series of Basque music

Etxahun : Etxahun: 1907-1979
spain spanish basque euskal herriko herria euskadi euskal

Maurizia, Leon and Basilio : Alboka eta Trikitixa
spain spanish basque euskal herriko herria euskadi euskal

Gigi : Garage Tango
An evocation of bellows instruments (accordion, bandoneon, etc) are blended with pop-dance arrangements in an unusual and surprisingly satisfying montage. In this CD, the first 'virtual accordion' (Roland V-accordion) was used; its physical sound modelling technology enables the musicians to express their creativity to sweep unexplored musical genres. Luigi Bruti, who's responsible for Roland's musical laboratory, is also the author of this musical instrument.

The Afro-Semitic Experience : Plea for Peace
This African-Jewish jazz alliance offers a unique perspective, both musically and philosopically. Using tools expected and unexpected (bass, horns and drums are met by dobro, violin, African percussion and clarinet) they make a music that will grab the ear of mainstream jazz and Jewish fusion fans because no matter the genre, it is genuine, original and surprising.

David Chevan w/ Afro-Semitic Experience and Frank London : Days of Awe
David Chevan and The Afro-Semitic Experience has been amazing audiences all over Connecticut and the northeast for a number of years (and lately, also around the world). Trumpeter Frank London joins the ensemble on this 2003 release that reinterprets 'meditations for Selichot, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.' It's an astounding work of musical art, innovative, spiritual and musically adept at merging tradition and innovation, ancient melodies and jazz.

Mad Sensi : Power Plant
A new double CD project by members of the Spanish reggae-band Canaman.

various : Discopolis 5000
Another unique collection of tracks and collaborations made for Spain's Radio 3 includes Spanish performers Niña Pastori, Ana Belén and amp; Víctor Manuel, Celtas Cortos, Xosé Manuel Budiño, Rosana, Radio Tarifa, Os Diplomáticos, Enrique Morente, Pedro Iturralde, Uxía, Berrogüetto, Kepa Junquera, Cañamán and a long list of others in collaboration with who collaborate with artists and authors from other latitudes including Hijas del Sol (Equatorial Guinea), Djavan Gasparian (Armenia), Marcia Grifiths (Jamaica), Batuko Tabanka, Bela Fleck (US), Jacky Molard (Brittany) and Julio Pereira (Portugal).

Agujetas : el rey del cante gitano
The real deal: flamenco without the fluff by the brusque voice of Manuel Agujetas and the impeccable giutar of Curro de Jerez in a a pure flamenco session in the Cava del Agujetas of the La Soleá tavern. There they performed in classic improvisational style the fandangos, seguiriyas and bulerías that are the soul of Jerez.

Steve Coleman and Five Elements : On the Rising of the 64 Paths
One of the foremost innovators of contemporary jazz, alto saxophonist/composer/conceptualist Steve Coleman returns to the spotlight with On The Rising Of The 64 Paths. Registering yet another shift in his continually evolving approach to composition and arrangement, Chicago-born Coleman has created music that is full of question and answer, melody and countermelody, light and shade. For this new release, he has decisively altered his sonic environment all the while maintaining a certain degree of continuity with his past. According to Coleman, The 64 Pathways is built on a profound philosophical foundation, referring to 'points of convergence and completion describing process in Nature. It is hoped that these sounds help to open the way for further investigations into that special movement in the Soul which, when expressed as sound, is called music. Coleman is a contemporary improviser who staunchly defies convention and will forever be associated with the M-base concept of polyrhythmic and asymmetric improv

Antonello Paliotti : Coppola Rosso
The Red Cap is, as the artist puts it, "an autobiographic record which takes its name fron a theatre play with the same title. The play represent the world to which I have been a witness: the world I inherited from my ancestors, the world of war and poverty as experienced at home - unbelievable as it may seem - of those wanting to live and who found the strenght to laugh without second thoughts. Technically, Coppola Rossa is a study of the song as a musical form. It can be interpreted from at least two viewpoints: at first hearing, that of folk tunes, traditional or not. At a second, more in-depht approach, that of the classical processing of material taken from the popular tradition, or at least from my personal tradition: that of somebody in his forties, who grew up with Schoenberg, The Beatles, Debussy, Canfora, Mingus, Berg, Mina, Rota, Chaplin, Satie, Iviani, Brecht.... And so, Coppola Rossa is a tribute to these monuments, which, although intheir death throes, I still feel alive."

Antonello Paliotti : Musica Obliqua
As the artist writes, this is "a record that presents the peaceful (and sometimes less peaceful) coexistence of my musical thoughts about ballet, cinema or simply about dreams." Performed by the Orchestra Collegium Philarmonicum directed by Gennaro Cappabianca.

Andromeda4 : Andromeda 4
Evan Harlan (accordion, piano), Andrew Blickenderfer (bass), Ima Jonsdottir (violin, glockenspeil), Adam Larrabee (guitar, mandolin)

Trio Fratres : Pictures at an Exhibition
A Finnish accordion trio of Raimo Vertainen, Heikki Jokiaho and Toni Hämäläinen tackles the classic Mussorgsky work, plus some piece by Tchaikovsky and Jokiaho. A must have for anyone interested in the extremes of the accordion!

Frigg : Economy Class
Frigg return with their third studio album, advancing their place as young leaders of the Nordic roots music movement. Frigg continue to forge a unique concoction of string music from many cultures through the filter of their native traditions of Finland and Norway. With elements of Appalachian, Celtic, and Eastern European folk influences, this band of fiddles, bass, guiatar, mandolin and percussion delivers another brilliant collection.

Fylgja : Strå
A quintet of three Danes and two Swedes with flutes, melodica, guitar, violin, bass, horns and percussion. The music combines tradition with modern rhythmic music and you can find elements of rock and jazz as well as avant-garde and different kinds of folk music.

Frigg : Keidas - Aase - Oasis
The Finnish/Norway collective returns with their 2005 (and second) release.

ZetaBoo : OuterRail
ZetaBoo arrives for a second round with this down to earth CD, a unique blend of pop, jazz and folk-roots. Composer Jarmo Saari offers songs that are melodic and folky, spontaneous and intuitive. Marko Timonen provides the swinging percussion that is at the heart of this new recording, driving a more relaxed band of vocals, accordion, keyboards, guitars, cavaquinho, trombone, lapsteel, keyboards, citara, and bass (Pekka Lehti) , a bit more subtle than their previous releases. The theme of the disc is the outer rail and homesickness. Says Saari: 'This is like a series of traveller's landscapes. The journey is more important than arriving. The traveller prefers to follow a flitting butterfly or the advice of a stranger than a tourist map. Boldness and spontaneity are rewarded.'

Pekka Lehti and Outo Voima : Sohjo
The latest from the Finnish bass player expands his last Outo Voima project by creating a more solid ensemble approach, a larger, deeper sound and an unabashed sense of playful energy and dark wit. Pekka Lehti - double bass; Marko Timonen - percussion; Jouko Kyhälä - harmonium, harmonicas, melodica, claviola, overtone singing and kantele

Ruthie Dornfeld, Joel Bernstein, Keith Murphy : Ways of the World
Folk tunes from Appalachia and Texas played by Ruthie Dornfeld -fiddle, viola; Joel Bernstein -harmonica, banjo; Keith Murphy -guitar, vocals

Skip Gorman and the Waddie Pals : Dogie Music
Old timey music from the American west by Skip Gorman and pals Ruthie Dornfeld on fiddle, Mary Burdette on bass, Tom Sauber on banjo, fiddle and mandolin and Patrick Sauber on accordion and mando. Sweet old tunes familiar and un, played with love and spirit.

Vicente Soto : eStar Alegre
The Spanish singer performs his own interpretations of alegrías, bulerías and tangos, what he calls 'the most extroverted side of flamenco.'

Dúmbala Canalla : M´enfango
A wild and rambuctious band, this Barcelona-based band combines the traditional music of the Balkans with traditional Catalan music, swing and klezmer, the music of the Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews. The present a raucous festival music full of rich, often circus-like melodies.

Miquel Gil : Organic
After his long career as a musician in legendary bands like Al Tall or Terminal Sur, the Valencian singer Miquel Gil has released his second solo album, combining Mediterranean music with ethnic rock and other contemporary twists. This is powerful vocal work from Spain.

Alan Klitgaard : Regnens Harpe (The poetry of Halfdan Rasmussen and Ib Spang Olsens)
The Rain Harp' is not intended as songs but as poetry with the quite deliberate changes of rhythm and meter along the way that makes them alive and dynamic. Halfdan Rasmussen is not only a great poet, he is also an excellent craftsman. Musically these should be thought of as Danish, but that could very well be related to the songs and colors of Ireland, a theme or just an interval taken from the Irish musical tradition. Regnens Harpe is not folk music, and certainly not traditional music, but Alan has worked with the songs, as the traditional singer does: the song rather than the singer. Musicians are Rasmus Zeeberg (guitar, tenor guitar, mandolin), Palle Hjorth (piano, horgan), Steffan S. Sørensen (bas, violin), with many guests including Andy May, Dick Gaughan, Sonnich Lydom, Rosamelia Avila Andersen and many others.

Tumult : Den Bagvendte
Their fourth CD, in their usual great style, the band invites everybody to join them in a party and in a moment of reflection. Hip, Danish folk music from the musical underground, where diverse genres float naturally together. Tumult's contagious joy and dedication lead the way in a number of fresh songs. The band has also dusted off a couple of old folk songs, which are revived and breathe the characteristic twist of Tumult.

Habadekuk : Kaffepunch
The second recording by this dynamic Danish roots mini-big band follows up their epic Hopsadaddy rather brilliantly, with more great brass, strings and reeds, some new attitude and solid musicianship, as expected.

Dwight Lamb, Jensen and Bugge : Live in Denmark 2013 (Part Two)
Since their first CD in 2010 the fairytale with Dwight Lamb has continued and has taken trio trio far and wide. Jensen & Bugge went to Quebéc to play at a festival and at a restaurant in town Mette started talking to a Scottish accordion player. He started telling her a story that he had heard at a festival in California: two young Scandinavian musicians found an old forgotten treasure of a folk music repertoire out on the Midwest prairie.

Valfart : Pa vej
This Danish quartet plays in a Nordic style, but their influences are far ranging, with disparate roots in Scandinavia, North America, the Balkans and the Middle East. Using flute, vocal, violin, hardingfele, bouzuki, accordion, percussions, santur and joik, they create a new Nordic folk music.

Prism Quartet : The Singing Gobi Desert
Partnering here with the ensemble Music from China, PRISM presents works by four Chinese-born American composers. The Singing Gobi Desert reveals that saxophones and Chinese instruments have a natural, if unexpected, affinity. For nearly 30 years, PRISM has stood at the vanguard of new music ensembles, commissioning works across a broad spectrum of styles, and demonstrating the saxophone's versatility.

Kristian Blak / Birgittet Schnakenburg : Amaldus '12 klaverstykki' for solo piano
Faroese composer Kristian Blak presents 12 pieces for piano solo performed by Birgittet Schnakenburg

Anja Praest Trio : Resonans
A trio of talented Danish musicians, Anja Præst Mikkelsen (clarinets), Jesper Vinther (accordion) and Peter Marquard Sejersen (double bass) join up for an interesting journey through Danish tradition via Anja's original compositions.

Bengt Berger : Beches Brew Big
The quintet from Bengt Berger's much praised last album Beches Brew has grown to nine members in this live recording from two nights in Stockholm and Gothenburg, likewise the music has grown in depth, power and expression. The mix of tradition and new modes of expression as well as the impulses from some of the great traditions of the world and the collective approach to ensembles and solo work shows a strong relationship to Charles Mingus way of making music. Some of the best and most personal musicians in Sweden are necessary for this: Violinist Livet Nord; saxophonists Thomas Gustafsson, Jonas Knutsson and Sir Thomas Jäderlund; Keyboard genius Mats Öberg; Göran Klinghagen and Max Schultz on banjos and guitars; Stefan Bellnäs, bass and Bengt Berger on drums.

Africando : Viva Africando
Africando's 8th studio album, this is the first not recorded primarily in New York. This time the Africando masterminds, producer Ibrahima Sylla and arranger Boncana Maïga, bring New York's top Latin musicians, led by pianist Oscar Hernandez, to Paris. There they reunite with the group's vocal stars, Medoune Diallo, Sékouba Bambino, Amadou Ballaké and Shoubou, along with distinguished guest singers from diverse African and American countries, singing, all told, in 10 different languages.

Banda Brisca : Io ballo brisco
The first official CD by an Italian dance band that has been out there for 15 years, a live CD by a band whose mission is to play live and let people dance, everywhere they go.

Kvarts and Kringkastingsorkestret : Folkemusikk I Symfoni

Souad Massi : Mesk Elil
2005 release by the much-reviewed Algerian songwriter and singer. With a larger band including musicians from Europe and Africa (Djely Moussa Kouyate from Salif Keita's band and rising star Daby Touré), she is pulling for that international stardom so often sought after and rarely achieved.

Meikenut : Rev
A great new band that mixes tradition and innovation. The record presents Piedmontese traditional melodies in new arrangements

Raffaella De Vita and Roberto Cognazzo : Macario, Parole E Musica
Macario, Words and Music presents the comic music of Turin-born singer Macario, called 'the comic who fell from the Moon.' These are songs taken from stage revues and films from 1938-1954, performed by vocalist De Vita and pianist Cognazzo, accompanied on some songs by guitarist Silvano Biolatti.

La Furlancia : La Furlancia
La Furlancia is a rather new group but its three musicians have a long experience in playing traditional music. They base their repertoire on traditional dances and songs from Liguria, but they also draw some inspiration from the music of Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto or Emilia Romagna, all regions which share a common musical language. In the past, traditional songs and dances were strongly related to their meaning in a society which had a different organization; that is why the band decided to change something when they built up and arranged the music, in order to approach the musical tastes of today's listeners.

Dembo Konte, Kausu Kuyateh and The Jali Roll Orchestra : Jali Roll +1
Gambia's Dembo Konte and Senegal's Kausu Kuyateh are joined by various Mustaphas and friends for a roaring experiment in Brit roots and west African soul. Completely unique stuff!

Raimonds Tiguls : 4 Veji

Various Faroese : Tradarbokin
Traðarbókin - Jógvan og Leifur Tróndarson is a 2 CD collection of field recordings of traditional Faroese music sung by brothers Jógvan and Leifur Tróndarson, recorded in the 1970s.

Spaelimenninir : Umafter
Faroese folk and dance music ensemble

Spaelimenninir : Rekavidur / Hinvegin
Faroese folk and dance music ensemble. Two classic recordings (1984 and 1986) of Danish, American and Faroese music on one CD

Spaelimenninir : Malargrot
The 2003 release of this Faroese folk legend brings more of their folk-rooted yet innovative spirit to life.

Kristian Blak and Yggdrasil : Ravnating (Konsert)

Klakki : Lemon River
Jazz and folk influenced pop music from Faroe Islands

Enekk : Fyra naetur fyri jol

Kristian Blak and Yggdrasil : Yggdrasil (Tree of Life)
Faoroese composer and musician Kristian Blak with the Nordic ensemble Yggdrasil and Faroese singer Eivør Pálsdóttir.

Kristian Blak and Yggdrasil : The Four Towers and Heygar of Dreygar
Two suites composed in 1983 and 1985 by Faroese artist Blak and perfoemed by his ensemble.

Yggdrasil : Duologues
Faroese composer Kristian Blak creates new works with the Danish painter Anders Hjuler. They imagine "duologues' between ancient and modern figures from philosophy and literature (Beatrice and Dante; Munch and Nietzsche; Mandela and Dalia Lama, Lao Tse and Confucius) performed by the reknowned Nordic ensemble Yggdrasil.

Eskil Romme : Himmerlandsmelodier
The Danish saxophone and accordion player, Eskil Romme, is a man of relatively few words, but a lot of idealism. He performs a mix of traditional and contemporary Nordic and Celtic music,a nd with his wife, he also runs an organic farm, so he knows a bit about 'roots.'. The CD features accordion player Karen Tweed (UK), the piano player Peter Rosendal (DK) and the violinist Ditte Fromseier Mortensen (DK). He is also joined by guitarist Morten Alfred Høirup, who says of Romme, "if you have a listen to the music, I am sure that you'll agree that this is a beautiful and truely original piece of work, one of the kind that stays in your head and makes you wonder."

Fiddling Faroes : Føroysk Løg
Poul Bjerager Christiansen and Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen bring two generations of Faroese fiddling together in both traditional and contemporary settings, accompanied by organ, voices and more. Listen | Listen

Afenginn : Reptilica Polaris
the band says: "In the dark uniform western hemisphere, where rationality and stress seems to be the new religion, a small distant light is now appearing. Deeply rooted in the faith and tradition of sincere musical virtuosity and sheer madness, the new release from the acrobatic Danish deviates Afenginn, must challenge the stagnate state of every part-time depressed citizen of modern society. In a challenging unpretentious head-on collision with the conformity of well polished musical mainstream, this one-of-a-kind polyethnic contrastic Balkan-Scandinavian music blend will make every honest delirium-connoisseur go into ruptures. The music is best defined as Bela Bartok drinking schnappses of melancholic nordic klezmer with Mike Patton." 'Nuff said.

Tummel : Transit
The Swedes seem to have a new passion for Balkan and other eastern European music, and Tummel present their own brand: tough, raw, often harshly electric, but always soulful and full of the original 'heavy metal' of the European brass band. Klezmer, Balkan dance tunes, Arabic touches and a defiantly original streak define this band's music.

Banda de Armada Portuguesa : Antologia do Centenario 1903-2003
The Portuguese Navy Band is presented in a series of songs dating back to the earliest days of recorded music and coming right up to 2003. Brass bands and vocal groups in true navy band styles and a few surprises.

Martin Carthy : Landfall
1971 recording by the great English singer and guitarist, reissued on Topic in 1996

Theodosii Spassov Trio : The Fish Are Praying For Rain
Theodosii Spassov has gained an international reputation for his virtuosic improvisations and innovative Balkan-jazz arrangements. His trio of kaval, piano, and drums weaves Bulgaria's famous crooked rhythms and cascading melodies into the jazz idiom.

Margo Leverett : The Art of Klezmer Clarinet

Kartik Seshadri : Illuminations
Performances of two ragas by Sitar virtuoso Kartik Seshadri, recognized as one of India's outstanding musicians and a student Pandit Ravi Shankar.

Various Zambia Artists : Zambush Vol. 2
'Zambian Hits from the 60s and 70s' features three legends: the sophisticated group The Big Gold Six featuring the jazzy guitar of Bestin Mwanza, the sweet singer from the province Emmanuel Mulemena, and the cosmopolitan Nashil Pichen Kazembe. Three different vocal sounds and three great guitar sounds that could only have come from Zambia.

Smilin' Osei : Wayo Tactics
The Ghanaian's new album boasts Malian guitarist Zoumana Diarra, Congolese bass-player Shaba Kahamba, Senegalese drummer Pape Seck and the horn section of the Amsterdam Klezmer Band.

Ismael Isaac : Black System
Ivory Coast reggae

Ba Cissoko : Seno
2009 release by Guinean kora player Ba Cissoko and his band. Born in Guinea Bissau, he moved to Guinea Conakry, eventually working with Kourou and Sékou Mbady, who now play bass, kora and electric kora in the ensemble. Hot, hard and defiantly modern. The Guardian writes "This third album takes a step back towards tradition, however. There are still bursts of sonic wizardry - wah wah kora, growling fuzz guitar - but the spirit of change is as much in the use of Latin, funk and reggae flavours."

Hank Sapoznik and the Youngers of Zion : The Protocols
Old time Yiddish music — hot fiddle tunes, forgotten ballads, introspective instrumentals and snappy Second Avenue vaudeville songs performed with anmmediacy evoking the coziness of the parlor and the raucousness of the dance floor. Deeply rooted in traditional Yiddish music, the Youngers of Zion make it their own, playing with an easy sense of ownership and understated virtuosity. Singer and tenor guitarist Henry Sapoznik is joined by Mark Rubin on bass and tuba, and fiddler "Cookie" Segelstein in a 'live in the studio' recording of great energy.

Richard Thompson : Front Parlour Ballads


Sharma, Rahul : Native Signs

Ronu Majumdar : A Sacred Space

Rajan and Sajan Mishra : Sadhana


Sarah Aroeste : a la una (in the beginning)
An fine and promising debut release by a young American singer exploring Sephardic music in the modern world. The music ranges from traditional folk forms to jazz, rock and many of the hyphens-in-between, supported by a strong ensemble using traditional and modern instruments.

Pablo Guerrero : Suenos Sencillos
Guerrero's thirteenth Spanish release. Some listeners may recognize his inimitable, understated baritone from A Maria Teresa Vera (Intuition, 1999), the superb tribute to the grand Cuban singer-songwriter. The accompaniment is sparse (acoustic guitar, bass and backing female voices), putting his pensive lyricism up front, a masterful illustration of the artistic virtues of less-is-more. Guerrero is a musician who has made a conscious choice to live at the margins of a music industry whose modus operandi is to homogenize everything in its grasp. Spanish speakers will appreciate the inclusion of the original lyrics. They emanate from the soul of a poet deeply concerned with the relations of power that deform community life on the planet. Guerrero's unassuming philosophical reflections upon mundane experience acknowledge the precious, fleeting character of human existence, the delight to be taken in everyday social relations, and the healing powers of love and a famously unfettered imagination. In the Spanish do

La Bruja Gata : Baile de libelulas
The Dragonfly Dance this band does moves carefully through a compositional bent a la Maria Kalaniemi (who accordionist Javier Palancar can compete with on every level of expertise!), the spirited energy of Kepa Junkera, touches of eastern European darkness and an overarching sense of sheer ebullience. The accordion dominates in this unique Spanish band, driven by percussion, bass and mandola, colored by zanfona, flutes, dulzaina, violin, clarinet and bass clarinet.

Joao Afonso : Missangas
Born in 1965 in Mozambique of a Portuguese family, Afonso early on began to make new connections between the music of east African and his traditional homeland of Portugal, and his music has always reflected his dual cultural citizenship. This is his first solo album, created in 1997 under the production of Julio Periera, and it shows the magnificent range of musical tones he is capable of, as a musician and as a composer.

Joao Afonso : Outra Vida
Portuguese-via-Mozambique artist João Afonso's 2006 release is as warm and occasionally quirky as what I have come to expect from this songwriter and singer. This one has some more Afro-pop inferences than previously, and it is rhythmically solid while still holding on to the subtle and sweet tone that is Afonso's trademark. Comes in a a small hard-cover book, with charming drawings, and lyrics in Portuguese, with Spanish translation.

Renato Borghetti : Fandango!
Accordionist Borghetti is a local superstar in Rio Grande do Sul in Southern Brazil. The musicial gaúcho has revised, adapted and modernized the regional music. he combines the sounds of the Argentinian pampa with central European, Italian and French elements into a modern mix of milonga, polka, TexMex and musette with Brazilian and global pop, jazz and tango, adapting each of those forms to his accordion. Artful, elegant and full of energy!

Pot, van Lienen and Baumgarten : Nectar
nederlands, netherlands, the netherlands, folk, jazz

Harald Haugaard : Burning Fields
The Danish fiddler returns with a dynamic new recording that skirts and flirts with and ultimately shatters all the boundaries. Folk music, rock, jazz, baroque, classical and pure noise all collide on 7 songs and a long "Burning Fields Suite."

Gabriel Yacoub : The Simple Things We Said
A collection of songs, including 4 in English, some old and some new, plus some previously unreleased. All are new recordings made in Paris in 2001. The album is all acoustic.

Orquestra De Frevo : Vassourinhas De Olinda
Hot brassband dance music from Pernambuco, north-east Brazil

Juan Carranza : Mareas
Costa Rican born guitarist Juan Carranza merges traditional and new flamenco with an undercurrent of Latin and North African rhythms on this collection of ten original songs. This is no slick pastiche a la Gipsy Kings, but rough and ready roots music played with great energy and skill, delivered with passion and creative spark.

Berklejdy : Muzuka Naskuchana
poland, polish, folk, Kraina Bojnow, accordion, melodeon

Jerry Hunt : Ground
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Neil Rolnick : Electricity
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twisted tutu : Play Nice
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Jocy DeOliveira : Illud Tempus
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Blue Gene Tyranny : Go, Blue
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Orlando Jacinto Garcia : The Beauty Of Silence
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Annea Lockwood : The Glass World
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Teiji Ito : Meshes
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Elizabeth Panzer : Dancing In Place
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Exquisite Corpses : Exquisite Corpses From Ps 122
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Peter Garland : Border Music
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First Avenue Ensemble : Shreds Of Evidence
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Malcolm Goldstein : Sounding The New Violin
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Eleanor Hovda : Ariadne Music
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Electroacoustic Arists from Latin America : From The Other Side
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Tom Guralnick : Broken Dances
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Orlando Jacinto Garcia : Celestial Voices
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Annea Lockwood : Thousand Year Dreaming
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Celli and Kim : No World (Trio) Improvisations
Features the music of composer/double reed virtuoso Joseph Celli and Korean-American composer/performer Jin Hi Kim, in collaboration with five brilliant new music/world music improvisers, resulting in five uniquely individualistic trio improvisations. The music crosses the borders of new, experimental, and world musics, with each work developing a distinct musical statement. This is the second No World Improvisations release by the Celli and Kim duo, who are joined by adventurous improvisers Adam Plack, didgeridoo; Mor Thiam, African percussion; Shelley Hirsch, voice; Malcolm Goldstein, violin; and Alvin Curran, electronics. All of the pieces reflect the strong individuality of the musicians creating them, ranging in sound from a meditative trance state to hyper downtown improv

Stephen Mosko : Indigenous Music
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Jerry Hunt : Haramand Plane
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Steve Peters : Emanations
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Eve Beglarian : Overstepping
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Stuart Saunders Smith : Wind In The Channel
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Fred Ho and the Afro Asian Music Ensemble : Turn Pain Into Power
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Eleanor Hovda : Coastal Traces
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Arthur Jarvinen : Edible Black Ink
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Tom Hamilton : Off-Hour Wait State
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David First : The Good Book's
First calls it 'North American Teahouse Music.' But there is nothing polite or quiet about it. In his passionate liner notes, First states, 'The creation of a deeply joyous, ecstatic, environment that people could fall into, and revel in, has always been most important to me.' First invites us into the home of glissando, vibrato, tremolo, timbral modulation, trilling and panning. The room is set spinning, careening and flying into a whirling dervish of tone and vibrational resonance. Sound swoops into the very fiber of the listener's being, and soars up the spine, directly into the cerebral cortex.

Joseph Celli : Video Ears-Music Eyes
Post-Minimal Music for Video: featuring 74 minutes of Joseph Celli's music for video, with written commentary by Tony Conrad, and poster art created by artist/designer, Robert Appleton. The performances include Jin Hi Kim, komungo; Brian Johnson, percussion; Grupo de Musica Folklorica del Peru; Ulrich Krieger, saxophones, and Malcolm Goldstein, violin. It strips away instruments to their most minimal form. We hear the violin bow in a constant 360 degree rotation, Peruvian musicians playing through their instruments, the endless glissandi of mallets, and new innovations on the ancient komungo. This system of organizing sound is part of Celli's long-standing investigation into generating sound that relates solely to the instrument that is being played, rather than to pre-established notions of Western, Asian or African scales.

Bailey and Bendian : Banter
Pioneering guitarist Derek Bailey and percussionist Gregg Bendian in a lively game of musical ping pong. It startles and plays with sound images that are so alive they walk into the room and announce themselves. They don't take off their hats. They don't bother to sit down. They just appear--with an attitude.

Jin Hi Kim and Joseph Celli : No World Improvisations
Korean-American composer/performer Jin Hi Kim and composer/double reed virtuoso Joseph Celli in five works that seem to cross the borders between new, experimental and world music.

Machine for Making Sense : Machine For Making Sense
A cooperative venture between five of Australia's most interesting sound artists, creating a powerful interactive organic machine that explores the parameters of sense. The machine's synthesis of polemic and chaos has found the group acclaim in Europe, the USA and Australia as one of the most original developments in contemporary performance. Dispersing at the intersection of music and speech, text and improvisation, function and use, Machine for Making Sense explores distinctions between language, sound and music, as well as code, sign and meaning.

Thomas Buckner, Tom Hamilton, Ratzo Harris, Bruce Arnold : Act Of Finding
The experimental New York-based improvising quartet creates sophisticated and compelling musical relationships on its debut recording. The quartet is comprised of veteran new music pioneer Thomas Buckner (voice); America's foremost performing composer of analog electronics, Tom Hamilton; innovative jazz bassist Ratzo Harris; and processed guitar wizard Bruce Arnold.

Frederic Rzewski : The Piano Music
includes the composer's dramatization of Oscar Wilde's years in prison for homosexuality, as well as four ballads concerning the working conditions in textile mills in North Carolina in the 1930's. Rzewski never backs down, never compromises. He is dangerously political, with a vision that is at once steadfast, honest and courageously innocent.

Robert Black : State Of The Bass
The contemporary bass master performs on the traditional doublebass, the electric bass guitar, the electronic upright bass and the MIDI base. Black strums, picks, slaps, hugs and plucks music out of these instruments with both a wild emotional abandon, as well as an intellectual control. The recording includes the compositions Two in the Hand by Robert Zvonar, Composed Improvisation for Steinberger Bass Guitar and Snare Drum by John Cage, Radio Sonata by James Sellars, Piece #1 for Doublebass and Tape by Orlando Jacinto Garcia, Big and Cheap by Amy Knoles, Mirrors by Paul Dresher and Trio by Richard Zvonar and Robert Black.

First Avenue Ensemble : Hocus Opus
An electro-acoustic music ensemble formed in 1982 by classically-trained musicians dedicated to expanding their art through improvisation, theater, extended techniques, performance art and the integration of advanced technologies with acoustic instruments.

Stuart Saunders Smith : Crux
Explores the insights and sonic discoveries of new music composer, Stuart Saunders Smith. Pieces range from Smith's early composition, Here and There using short-wave radio, flute and piano interior, to the opening tour de force Tunnels for musician/actor. oodiscs #11, Crux, features some of America's most noted new music performers including the redoubtable bassist Burt Turetzky, piano virtuosi Paul Hoffmann and Thomas Moore and singer/actor/percussionist Thomas Goldstein.

Song and Turner : Love and Fear
Vocals and kayagum performances from Jeff Song, and celli performances by Matt Turner. The CD was taped live in a recording studio with each piece a complete improvisatory effort.

Joseph Celli : Organic Oboe
features the music of composer/double reed virtuoso Joseph Celli and was originally released in 1978 on vinyl as a small, independent edition. The impact of the recording in 1978 was significant with DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE writing, ...boldly experimentalstartling... and composer Anthony Braxton claiming, I was shocked to first hear this music, very advanced, ...a surprising use of instrumental techniques.

Erik Hokkanen and Lumisudet : Cosmic Meltdown Vol. 1
Fiddler and guitarist Hokkanen, Texan of Finnish descent, with Finns Arto Järvelä, mandolinist-guitarist Petri Hakala and bassist Tapani Varis and great guests: Maria Kalaniemi, Timo Alakotila, Mauno Järvelä, Kimmo Pohjonen. It's a bit of Finnish tradition, some old-timey American, Texas swing, Tin Pan Alley and more, played by some of the hottiest musicians around.

Arto Jarvela : Far In!
Arto Järvelä the one-man-band takes a contemporary look at tunes old and new and executes them multi-track style with guitar, mandolin, mandola, kantele, percussion, marimba and of course, fiddle. The adventure continues in 2005.

Arto Jarvela : Soitta Viulna: Arto Järvelä plays fiddle
Yes, he does, in 21 solo works for Finnish folk fiddling.

Arto Jarvela : Polska Differente
Starring as the lead player of fiddle, nyckelharpa and mandolins, Arto Järvelä is joined by a long list of guests including Timo Alakotila, Tapani Varis, Olli Varis, Kimmo Pohjonen, Petri Hakala, Morten Alfred Hoirup, Sinikka Jarvinen, Roger Tallroth, and many more for a round of traditional and original songs and tunes.

Annbjørg Lien : Baba Yaga

Egeland, Ånon : Ånon

Lila Downs : La Sandunga
Reissue of the 1997 recording by the Mexican singer and writer.

Bustan Abraham : Fanar
with guests Zakir Hussein and Hariprasad Chaurasia

Michela Musolino : Songs of Trinacria
A collection of Sicilian folk songs, accompanied by Wilson Montuori opn guuitar, and on one track, the Sicilian musician Alfio Antico.

Rosa Passos : Amorosa
Forty years after the music's heyday the samba/bossa nova legacy and off-shoots are kept alive through such fusion artists as Rita Ribeiro and Da Lata, and through the original pioneers' progeny such as Bebel Gilberto, the Quarteto Jobim-Morelenbaum, and Moreno Veloso. Very few artists, however, have remained as steadfastly devoted to the music's original lounge style as Rosa Passos, her timeless approach preserving the tradition while expanding on it. Inspired by João Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim, Passos started making a name for herself in the early Seventies. Several decades later she seems to be Brazil's best-kept secret. - RootsWorld

Oswaldinho : Um Bom Forro
More accordion music from the unique Rio-born Brazilian master

Joe Cormier : Chéticamp
Cape breton fiddler accompanied by guitarist Edmond Boudreau

Lars Hollmer : 12 sibiriska cyklar / Vill du hora mer
The Swedish composer, accordionist, and multi-instrumentalist's 1981 and 1982 recordings on one disc.

Dan Gisen Malmquist : Eldringen
Swedish Composer and clarinet player, Dan Gisen Malmquist, has been playing and composing music for the past twenty years. He has his own characteristic tone as a musician and a very distinct feeling for melody as a composer.

Roland Schiltknecht with Alan Koushan : Tunsch
a handsome, impressionistic album of contemporary music making, intuitively informed by myth and the purity of folklife yet it escapes typing or direct comparison with any similar developments elsewhere in Europe. Quite a find. - Steve Taylor, RootsWorld

Monica Salmaso : Trampolim
Brazilian singer Mônica Salmaso's 1998 release included contributions by some of Brazil's great musicians, including Nana Vasconcelos, Teco Cardoso, Paulo Bellinati.

various : Rodasons
Celebrating 10 years of folk music on Catalonia Regional Television (Spain), with songs from Miquel Gil, Maria del Mar Bonet, Jaume Arnella, Uc, Al Tall, Al Mayurqa, Traginada, Primera Nota, Casellas Sextet Folk, Grup De Folk, David Cervera, El Pont D'arcalís, Pau I Jordi, Pascal Comelade and Gerard Jacquet, Càlic, Quico Elcelio, El Noi I El Mut De Ferreries, Urbàlia Rurana and Maurizio Martinotti, Música Nostra, Les Violines

Daniele di Bonaventura and Alfredo Laviano : Transumanza
Daniele di Bonaventura, bandoneon and Alfredo Laviano, percussion

La Banda Improvvisa w/ Sepe and Kokko : Lesamore
The remarkable Italian 'municipal orchestra' in a concert that is nothing like you have heard on your town square. Powerful performances by excellent musicians, and joined by two legendary guests, saxophonist is joined by Daniele Sepe and singer Auli Kokko. It's challenging, romantic, funny and great fun.

Various Gypsy Artists : Gypsies - i nostri zingari
music by Kocani Orkestar and Harmonia Ensemble / Taraf de Haidouks / Note Manouche / Cortjzo- Torna a Kocani Orkestar and Harmonia Ensemble / Taraf de Haidouks / Note Manouche / Cortjzo

Alexandros Markeas : Dimotika / Cinq Souvenirs Involuntaires
Taximi Calvo, bouzouki; Tresallet, viola; Veyrier, cello; Soccoja, mezzo and the Ensemble Ars Nova

Gacha Empega / Thierry Corrillon and Ensemble en prals : Terres du Sud - Provence Gacha Empega / Thierry Corrillon and Ensemble en prals (2 CDs)

Pino de Vittorio : Neroitalia

Eugenio Bennato : Da lontano
Taranta power returns on this 2005 release by one of Italy's best-known roots innovators. The band is, as always, stellar: Bennato on vocals, mandola and classical guitar with Erasmo Petringa, cello, lute, mandolincello and guitar; M'barka Bentaleb, vocals and percussions; Zaina Chabane, vocals; Roberto Menonna, guitare battente and vocals.

Pietra Montecorvino : Napoli Mediterranea
Produced by Eugennio Bennato, this Neopolitan singer offers a rich look at the music of Naples and the Mediteranean. Neither strictly folk nor overtly 'pop,' they skirt a lot of boundaries seeking a new context for the old musical styles.

Paris to Kyiv : Prairie Nights and Peacock Feathers
ukraine europe russia

Paris to Kyiv : Paris to Kyiv
Released in 1994, this recording can be described as Ukrainian soul music, Canadian Prairie style. It features Ukrainian jazz musician Sasha Boychouk, Carpathian Mountain violinist, Petro Iurashchuk and Canadian accordionist Nestor Budyk.

Paris to Kyiv : Fragmenti
The 2005 release by this Canadian based, Ukraine inspired global music ensemble. Marvelous music, a first rate ensemble of Julian Kytasty, Richard Moody, Paul Yee, Christian Dugas, Alan Schroeder and Rodrigo Muñoz and of course, the voice of Alexis Kochan.

Zig Zag Trio : When the bees are gathering honey
The Gypsy wedding music of Bulgaria has been made famous by the likes of Yunakov and Papasov, but this ensemble is every bit their equal as they thunder through Gypsy music, crazy jazz and wild improvisations on accordion, tupan, percussion and guitar. Highly Recommended!

Korova : A Distant Echo
This vocal-tamboura quartet from Bulgaria play authentic folk music from the Rhodope mountains in Bulgaria, with energy and directness. Their performance is captured in their home town setting, without a fancy studio sound or production... you'll hear the listeners join in, you'll hear the trucks drive by.

Bulgara : Bear's Wedding
A raw mix of Bulgarian 'wedding music,' jazz, rock and folk music performed with hyper-energy by seven great musicians on kaval, gayda (bagpipe), gadulka, tambourine, electric bass, drums and percussion.

Joe Townsend and Martin Green : Return to the Woods
Joe Townsend and Martin Green have recorded an album that walks through the hinterland of jazz, folk, and contemporary music on violin, guitar, accordion, and an array of other instruments such as Mongolian cello, octave violin, musical saw and Fender Rhodes piano. They move from the inspiration of Duke Ellington and Romanian Gypsy music, through the minimalism of Adams and Reich and into the darker regions of English folk music. Through imaginative recording techniques such as the placing of tiny microphones inside instruments, playing the accordion through rotating speakers and using vintage keyboards they have produced a unique voice which is constantly changing yet somehow familiar. There's no explaining it; you simply have to listen.

Jeremiah McLane and Ruthie Dornfeld : Hummingbird
This unique duo is pulling together disparate influences from around the world and making a roots-based music that often borders on the avant garde. Dornfeld's fiddle and McLane's accordion weave and diverge in unique and creative ways.

The Clayfoot Strutters : Going Elsewhere
The Clayfoot Strutters are a self-styled 'New England-based Contradance Jam Band' who specialize in fusing the modes and melodies of traditional American immigrant music, progressive pop and modal jazz harmonies with' dance-floor grooves from the Latin, Swing, Afropop and Zydeco/Cajun worlds. Members are fiddler, songwriter, and producer Pete Sutherland, Jeremiah McLane on accordion and keyboards, and drummer, vocalist and guitarist Lee Blackwell. Special guests often include: Peter Davis, who plays clarinet, sax, piano, and guitar, bassist Dave Grant, and banjo and flute player Mark Roberts.

Naftule's Dream : Live in Florence
a live concert performance by one of the most agressive and innovative of the 'new Jewish fringe' bands

Tom Heasley : On the sensations of tone
California Bay Area-based Tom Heasley is an internationally active composer, performer, tubist, improvisor and recording artist whose compositions for electro-acoustic tuba create 'a rich and sonorous aural experience that flies in the face of all the dumb cliches about what tuba music is.' From cathedrals to bars, from barns to conservatories, Heasley is…the ambient tubist.

Fred Ho : Once upon a time in Chinese America
Combining music, theater and fantastic Chinese martial arts, Once Upon a Time in Chinese America is a heroic 17th Century martial arts legend of the betrayal of the legendary Shaolin Temple by a renegade monk. It is composer Fred Ho's action-adventure music/theater/ballet epic.

Lakotah and Dakotah artists : Mahkato Wacipi (2CD set)
This two-disc set brings together traditional songs, dances, and stories from the native peoples of southern Minnesota in the form of a two-day Wacipi (or Pow-wow).

Philip Blackburn : Habanera, A Soundwalk Through Old Havana, Cuba
What better way to get to know the intimate details of a culture than through your ears and your shoes? Environmental sound artist Philip Blackburn ambled through Old Havana, a city full of sounds. Blackburn's path takes us past alleys, buildings and streets where you can hear Fidel waffling on and on, cigar black-marketers, flamenco dancers, kids playing, Santeria and Catholic chanting, and the nightly canon fire. Wear headphones for the full binaural effect and turn out the lights (the CD cover glows in the dark) and walk with Blackburn through Havana 2004.

Revolutionary Snake Ensemble : Year of the Snake
Led by saxophonist Ken Field, Revolutionary Snake Ensemble is a costumed funk/street beat improvisational brass band performing a unique blend of original and traditional music.

Luigi Cinque Tarantual Hypertext O'rchestra : Tangerine Café
fRoots says: 'definitely deep Mediterranean, even though it draws elements from further afield... staggeringly well integrated and arranged through all its different layers and levels... Wow!'

Cantodiscanto : Medinsud
Already a house favorite, the sinous, slinky Mediterranean sound of this Italian ensemble is rich and personal, with great musicians, great singers and great ideas.

Cantodiscanto : Malmediterraneo
The 2003 release by this splendid Italian band offers an even deeper look into the broad spectrum of Mediterranean music that they mine to find gems for their for their powerful and beautiful musical devices.

Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare : la voce del grano
This Italian ensemble writes about their work: 'The voice of the grain is the voice of all the spirits and the forces that once populated nature. The popular culture knew how to distinguish the good spirits from the bad ones, knew how to recognize and to deal nature like as one vital individual. Subsequently man, educated with reason and science, has separated the nature of the anima, throwing to the wind the fairies, the spirits, folletti and gnomi that the once populated their dreams. In the end the 'voice of the grain' is a metaphor that it tells the irrenounceable need of man for poetry and fantasy, evoking images and myth, a new sense of natural things.' Instrumentation includes vocals, guitar, violin, lira pontiaca, cajon, bongos, sonagli, piatti, uans, bass, soprano sax and lots of vocals.

various : Boombal Vol. 1
Live recordings of the Boombal, a live music and dance event spreading around Belgium, featuring some of the best dance bands in the country including Kadril, Goze, Follia, and many others.

Maarten Decombel : October Sunrise
The melodic lines find themselves at the crossroads of jazz, bossa, flamenco and worldmusic. They are the starting point for an adventurous journey across the waves of imagination by a unique Belgian artist. Maarten Decombel on guitar, vocals; Louis Favre on drums and Rui Salgado on the double bass Listen

Oxalys and Els van Laethem : Tusschen de Twee
The poetry of Guido Gezelle revisited by Dick Van der Harst has new flavours. Forget the Flemish romantic decorum, those songs travel between the gypsy, flamenco, Brazilian and many more styles. Any cravings for heartwarming melodies or sparkling humour? Take your pick!

Aux âmes etc ... : hip-pop-song-citadine poetry
The stand-out feature of this project is that in a single poetic spirit it brings together younger and older artists whose media for expression are as varied as rap, hip-hop, urban poetry, the written word, pop music and so on. The common denominator is the swing and groove of the lyrics. It's a journey, an invitation to let yourself be carried along in a flow of words as they are spoken, read, sung or shouted, in French or in English, where poetry takes precedence over protest without obscuring the political power of the text: "Poètes, vos papiers!" ("Poets, your papers!") as Léo Ferré once proclaimed. Listen to Narcissus and Transmigrant

Guletkin, Vandenabeele, etc… : Chansons pour la fin d'un jour
Dreams through amazing stories of central Anatolia to the Brussels baths, evoked by the singing of the duduk, the clarity of the violin, the harmony of the saz and the subtle play of the double bass. Composed like the second chapter of the album 'Chansons sans paroles' (nominated by Belgian Klara Radio Music Awards 2007), this new album was born from memories of journeys to the heart of Eastern Europe bringing together two ambassadors of Turkish music, Emre Gültekin playing the saz a long-necked Ottoman lute and Ertan Tekin playing the duduk an ancient armenian wind instrument with double reed, and a virtuoso violinist Wouter Vandenabeele and the excellent double bass of Joris Vanvinckenroye.

Gansan : Elegie Berbere
Elégie berbère is a unique collaboration of Belgian and Moroccan musicians, born out of the love of an instrument - the ribab - and the sound of the Berber music of South Morocco. This is a marriage between ribab and violin of Bouhssine Foulane and the soprano saxophone of Ludovic Jeanmart, joined by a fine ensemble of guitar, bass, percussion and drums. Listen to 'Elegie Berbere' and 'Tamount Ifassen'

Aranis : Roqueforte
The basic Aranis line-up is enriched with percussion. This gives the music a rough edge, but also adds a certain sens of beauty to it all. Dark melodies exchange with threatening rythms, raw solo pieces contrast with complex improvisations. With guest musicians David Kerman (percussion), Stefan Wellens (viola) and Pierre Chevalier (piano). For people who love classical, jazz, folk, world, film and rockmusic and everything in between, this ensemble offers adventure and confusion.

Karim Baggili : Lea and Kash
Karim Baggili's fourth album merges together new compositions and unique musical sounds. Music critics have said that his music "is captivating and vivid with precise and elegant arrangements" Listen

Klezmic Zirkus : 13, chemin des mandarines
At 13, Chemin des Mandarines, a poetic song crosses the nearby rue des Pierres. One can hear in the far, the frantic brass of a freylach, the eclectic sounds of Montreal, some ritornellos with their memories still full of eastern Europe. A journey in Klezmic Zirkus 's contrasted world. Here or there. Yesterday or today. Eyes half shut or wide open. It doesn't matter, the intensity does. As years have been passing by, Klezmic Zirkus (Aurélie Charneux : clarinets and compositions, Julien de Borman : accordion, Adrien Lambinet : trombone, Pierre Greco : double-bass and guitar, Wouter Roggemans : drums) has created its own idiom, which has patiently matured during some 150 public performances. Klezmic Zirkus finds its identity between tradition and modernity, structure and improvisation. Its unbridled rythms apeal to the body, its soulfull melodies to the heart, its sometimes elaborated structures to the mind. It's musicians' sincerity and synergy are delightful to see over and over. Listen

Deux accords diront : Eisherz
It's been ten years since the foundation of deux accords diront, 10 years that Anne Niepold and Aline Pohl have been creating their universe. Their motto? Adventure! Not trad, nor jazz, nor classical, nor world but a mix of all and none that creates a genuine and funny performance - fascinating, surprising, spontaneous, free. Eisherz (heart of ice) tells the story of the heart through the music: its beats, its palpitations, its arhythmias, crises and arrests - its restarts, its humors - some dark, some light - its 'take heart!'

Karoline de la Serna : Traduzca
When Karoline expresses herself in writing, she does so in order to liberate herself, release herself, cry, laugh, and quite simply to live. When her words are transformed into music, she opens the heart and mind. It is Karoline's desire to be true to herself through her music. Listen

Tom Theuns : Songs from the river
Belgian singer/songwriter takes a logical creative step after 20 years of collaborations with musicians from throughout the world. Listen

Aurélie Dorzée : Horror vacui
The Belgian composer, singer, violionist, pianist and glockenspielist presents a solo tour-de-force. She writes: "Horror vacui unfolds itself almost like a fairy tale, like a circus girl balancing above a world of fantasy containing stories of a half fish, half womanbeing, of a young child being drowned, of the fear of emptiness... Into our ear she whispers her soul, melodies and songs while her voice and violin are debating and melting together in a strong, direct and mysterious music."

Geneviève Laloy : Hirondelles
Both in winter and summer colors, going upstream or landing on a desert island, the lyrics, the notes and the crotchet rests are those countless swallows, passing by unnoticed but never to be forgotten, braving thunderstorms and distances, leaving and coming back, their wings laden with foreign scents. Enchantment, warmth, energy, imagination, generosity, childhood spirit, feelings, poetry... Hirondelles ("Swallows") is a mixture of songs, which comes down through the seasons without mentioning them, dealing with life, death, travel, quest, enthusiasm, now in winter colours, now in summer colours. Hirondelles urges on to flying away, everybody choosing their own way.

Wang Wei Quartet : Wang Wei 4tet
Compositions by Belgian artist Emmanuel Baily, performed by a quartet of guitar, percussion, saxophone and cello, with guest flautist on 3 tracks. Listen to Au monastère de Po-Shan, Frogs and Birds

Soetkin Collier : Nocturne
Soetkin Colliers first CD is a collection of songs about love, hope, despair and faith in a dark and romantic setting. She is accompanied by Tom Theuns on guitar and Didier François on nyckelharpa (Swedish key-fiddle). She contributes her own compositions along with personal arrangements of traditional songs from Flanders and Sweden. A recording of stark beauty and powerful moods.

Deux accords diront : Gardadvergur
Two talented girls with diatonic accordions, Anne Niepold and Aline Pohl, Deux Accords Diront, with some twenty nimble fingers and about hundred ounces of perfectly working brains, which make it quite easy for them to create, compose, play and record the music they love. The two generous and meticulous 'poulettes' (as they refer to themselves) have prepared twelve exciting and innovating titles, neither trad, nor jazz, classical or world. Add some musette, bewildering melodies amd adventurous improvisations, sprinkle everything with a sense of humor and they prove that the 'braces piano' is as fit as a fiddle!

Turlu Tursu : Accordion n' drum n' bass
Turlu Tursu attack the accordion traditions of the world with a mix of clever arrangements and spirited improvisations of standards from European music (Balkan, Celtic, klezmer) as well as musical forms from around the globe: Indian ragas, Arab maqams, music of the Caribbean and more. The accordion is vessel, the bass and drums the anchor. It's irreverent, agressive, witty and powerful. Listen

Bradyaga : Promesses
Contemporary roots music from Belgium by Naïra Mnoian (composer and pianist), Laurence Waters (voice), Cédric Waterschoot (guitar,bass), Walter Meneghello (clarinet and accordéon), Véronique Decock (violin) and Osvaldo Hernandez (percussion). Listen

Terra d'Àgua : Viagem de um Som
Terra d'Aqua are the Portuguese duo of Maria Anadon on vocals, and Davide Zaccaria on cello, classical guitar and keyboards

Marta Topferova : La Marea
Born in Prague, steeped in both European and Latin American musical traditions, Topferova now lives in New York, where she has forged a strongly European, Latin nuevo-jazz sound. This recording, all sung in Spanish, offers her original sound, and original songs, backed by an ensemble focused around her voice and Edmar Castañeda's South American folk harp, joined by violinist Jenny Scheinman, French horn from Chris Comer, Angus Martin's accordion, flutist Yulia Musayelyan, percussionists Neil Ochoa, Urbano Sanchez and Chris Eddleton and Topferova's own cuatro and guiro.

A.Attia, H.Désarbre : Jewish Liturgies
A special re-issue of Jewish liturgical chant sung by Adolphe Attia, the officiating Prime Minister of the Grande Synagogue de la Victoire in Paris. The role of the officiating minister, the chaliah tsihour, is basic in the synagogue. His song alternates with the rabbi's sermons and teachings. Attia is accompanied by Hervé Désarbre, playing the organ of Val-de-Grâce.

Various : Festival of San Miguel Tzinacapan
Traditional,. local music from a Nahuat village situated in a lush, mountainous region in Puebla Stae, Mexico. The language spoken in this village is related to Nahuatl, a language more commonly known abroad under the exotic name "Aztec."In Nahuatl, Tzinacapan means "Bat Springs." As in all the villages in the Sierra Norte of Puebla, life in San Miguel Tzinacapan follows the agricultural rhythms of maize and coffee and the ebb and flow of the fog banks that relentlessly blot out and recreate its landscape.

Boban Markovic Orkestar : Millennium
the 2000 release by the Balkan brass band king

Kovács Ferenc : Magony
A solo album by the violin soloist of Djabe, Kalman Balogh's Gypsy Cimbalom Band and Dresh Quartet.

Various : Spring in Niavaran
During May and June 2004, everal concerts in Teheran focused on meetings between Iranian artists and European artists Bazar Bla (Sweden), Hamon Martin Quartet (France), Christophe Joneau Trio (France), Persiano (Iran, Norway). This recording features both indivdual works and jamm-session collaborations among the artists.

Pete Morton : Swarthmoor
All original material, just Pete's vocal and guitar as you hear him in concert.

Janet Russell : Bright Shining Morning?
Janet Russell's second solo album with some help from Mary MacMaster, Tom McConville and Sara Grey (amongst others). Once again a mixture of traditional and contemporary songs.

Svøbsk : Sig Mig
Svøbsk are the Danish duo of Jørgen Dickmeiss (violin, guitar, vocal) and Maren Hallberg Larsen (accordion). They are well known in Denmark as soloists and as members of Tumult and Stafivia. The name comes from a traditional dance popular in Denmark and many parts of Western Europe. The sound is sometimes rough and rugged, sometimes elegant and flowing, and it is played with spirit and skill. Recommended.

Baltic Crossing : Firetour
Baltic Crossing plays a collection of folk music from the Danish Islands, Lolland and Falster. The 5 musicians from Finland, Denmark and UK - Esko Järvelä , Antti Järvelä, Andy May, Ian Stephenson Kristian Bugge - play a collection of folk music from the Danish Islands, Lolland and Falster. There is music from 18th century manuscripts of Bast, Ålholm and Reventlow and music from various 19th century collections like those of the Adrian family (Hillestrup, Falster), Niels Christian Andreasen (Sandby, Western Lolland), and Hans Hansen (Toreby, Eastern Lolland). And last but not least, the CD includes a new composition, a polska tune by Frede Nielsen from Flintinge, Lolland. Through local folk musicians Højreby Spillemandslaug a collaboration was quickly established with Kristian Bugge (graduate of the folk music department at the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music in Odense and music teacher at the local music school on Lolland) and the band Baltic Crossing. Text and info in Danish and English

Tradish : Roots and Shoots
Their eclectic approach to Irish music has sent them across Europe touring in recent years. "Roots and Shoots" consists of traditional and new compositions that draw on the energy that flows from the roots of Irish music. It starts with a crazy trip through Galway, and ends up going out to wherever Irish music is loved and nurtured. As part of a living tradition, Tradish are interested in exploring ways to connect the old and the new, the past and the present, respecting the roots yet keeping the music fresh and alive. Every member of Tradish has spent the best part of their lives playing everything from small pub sessions to concert and festival performances, giving Tradish the ability to not only satisfy the hardcore trad. crowd, but also to reach out to a wider audience who might not otherwise listen to traditional music. John Pilkington: vocals, guitar, bouzouki, stepping; Louise Ring Vangsgaard: fiddle, viola, vocals; Brian Woetmann: bodhrán, percussion, vocals, stepping

Over Sundet : Masquerade
This Danish quartet finds inspirationin Nordic folk music but also leaves space for jazz, music from the Balkans and the Middle East and more. Over Sundet is composing and arranging subtle melodies for saxophone, clarinet, cello and percussion. Folk music, jazz, world, and classical music are weaved together, creating an airy and lyrical universe, where the dusty tune books have been replaced by brand new compositions. The music is centred around traditional folk styles but with a new and modern sound to it. A sound that is created partly by the uncommon instruments such as cello, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone and various exotic percussion instruments from all over the world and partly from inspiration from other genres as well as the musicians playful abilities to think out of the box.

Zenobia : Fra Fynske Kyster - Zenobia spiller Carl Nielsen
Zenobia is a Danish folk trio, that plays both well known Danish folk songs and modern compositions. The music embraces elements of folk, jazz and tango. For their 2013 release, the trio interprets a wide range of songs from the famous Danish composer Carl Nielsen.

Trias : Trias
A swinging new Danish folk quartet. They play raw folk music and modern swing jazz, all with a Danish outlook. Christopher Thorhauge - Violin, viola; Jonas Kongsted - Violin, viola; Rasmus Nielsen - Violin, piano; Søren Østergaard - Bass

Elof and Wamberg : 12 'Ornli' syge tracks for'ukulele og kontrabas!
Danish music, jazz and more for upright bass (and occasional violin) and ukelele. That's it. Simple, musical fun by two great musicians.

Dwight Lamb, Jensen and Bugge : Live in Denmark 2010
American one-row accordionist Lamb and Danish duo Mette Kathrine (five-rowed accordion) and Kristian Bugge (fiddle) present more than 100 years of their musical and family history - from Vendsyssel DK to the Northern USA and back again. They are joined on some tracks by Vagn Dahl Hansen (piano) and Karl Skaarup (five-rowed accordion) in a wonderful set of live tunes from the tradition.

Trio Mio : Love and Cigars
The 2011 release by this now well-established ensemble solidifies their standing as one of the true 'new routes' travelers of Denmark. Kristine Heebøll (violin and vocals), Nikolaj Busk (piano, accordion, harmonium) and Jens Ulvsand (bouzouki, guitar, vocals) have put together another strong set of contemporary roots recordings, both elegant and gritty.

Yanko Zhelyazkov : North Bulgarian Dances for accordion
The Bulgarian accordionist plays songs from the region including Dobrudja and Northeast Bulgaria, Central North and Northwest Bulgaria. Zhelyazkov (b. 1945) comes from the village of Brest, Pleven District, situated by the Danube River. His father and his uncle were both famous accordionists. The release includes the region's Danubean and Wallachian horos, paidushki, kopanitsas, rachenitsas, buchimish, 'Milkovchanka' and more. He is accompanied by a small ensembles and a chamber-folk orchestra.

various flamenco : Cante Minero y de Levante
Miner's songs, traditional flamenco singing from the mines of Levant, Spain includes old fandangos, malagueñas, rondeñas, javeras, verdiales, cartageneras, tarantas, mineras, fandango minero, levantica and murciana.

Miguel Gil : Eixos
Miquel Gil goes on researching new textures, colors and ways to sing the lyrics written by young poets in Catalan language. This trip includes texts by Enric Casasses, Manel Rodríguez Castelló, Feliu Ventura. Guest musicians include Manel Camp, Joan Garriga, David Pastor, Borja Penalba..., and of course Gil's regular band.

La Chicana : Lejos
This Argentine ensemble continues breaking the aesthetic barriers of the vocal tango in 17 songs that span Latin American roots and reframe the metaphysical and philosophical dimension of the tango. The voice of Dolores Solá, more and more seductive, and the compositions of the ingenious and poetic Acho Estol take a turn towards a darker and eclectic strength.

La Camorra : 12 Postales
The Argentine group takes a step away from Piazzolla this time, with a set of their own compositions, that moves between the classic music of cámara, jazz and of course, the omnipresent tango.

Le Trio Joubran : Randana
Palestinian musician and composer Samir Joubran - a master of the ud - is joined in duet and trio arrangements by his brothers Wissam Joubran, 20, and Adnan Joubran, 18.

Flook : Flatfish
uk, celtic, british, english, england, flute, bodrahn

various Finnish : Entiset Etniset
Historical direct disc recodings from 1935-1954 - 37 great tracks from the roots of recorded Finnish folk.

The World Mankeri Orchestra : Inky Joy
The Finnish etno-pojat returns with their 2004 release of edgy winds, subtle percussion, bass and strings. Heikki Syrjänen and Pekka Westerholm - winds (including lira and mänkeri) and kantele; Olli Penttilä - bass; Markku Penttilä - percussion and bass; and Petri Pentikainen, percussion and drums.

Benji Kirkpatrick : Half a Fruit Pie
Songs and tunes both original and traditional by the guitarist and bouzuki player. Guest musicans include John Kirkpatrick on melodeon and vocals, Richard Adams on drums and Seth Lakeman on fiddle and viola. Both traditional acoustic and folk rock sounds.

Stefano Valla, Attilio Rocca, Ettore Losini : Tilion
An uncommon birthday present for a very uncommon person: Attilio Rocca is known as 'Tilion,' one of the fathers and keepers of the folk tradition in the area of the Four Provinces. Young at the age of 70, Tilion has his etrenal friends gather around to celebrate his life with a glass of Gutturnio, a salami of Varzi and plenty of good music to accompany his accordion.

Pinti, Zambruno, Cardinali, Biollati, Malafatto : noi siam nati chissa quando chissa dove
Noi siam nati chissà quando chissà dove is music from a film commemorating the 60th aniversary of liberation from the viewpoint of the province of Piacenza. Four great artists join together to make this musical history come to life: the voices of Betti Zambruno, Pier Carlo Cardinali and Donata Pinti, and Silvano Biollati (guitar) and Gianpiero Malafatto (tuba, flute and trombone).

E.Y.F.O. : Enfants terribles
The European Youth Folk Orchestra are the 'Enfants terribles'. This is a live recording of the first European youth orchestra of traditional music.

Epinfrai : Cercando (ES5310
Epinfrai is the project of four young musicians working on the repertoire of piffero, a sort of oboe used in the musical tradition of the northern part of Apennines, in the area called of the four counties. Starting from a deep knowledge of the development in the tradition of piffero in the last two centuries, once played with the Musa (a sort of bagpipe), then with the Italian accordion, Epinfrai is trying to give a new life to the tradition with the use of stylistic solutions taken by jazz, language that belongs to the musical training of some members of the band.

Ariondassa : In Cerca di Grane
Traditional music and songs of the Piedmont by an ensemble whose musicians have played with some of the most important bands of the region (Tre Martelli, Ombra Gaja, La Kinkerne, La Ciapa Rusa)

Esprit Follet : Où Vont les Vieilles Lunes
According to Alpine legends, the name esprit follet was given to spiteful goblins that tied the chains of the cows each other, made milk crudle, and turned everything upside-down in the stables at night time. Rinaldo Doro and Sonia Cestonaro, the protagonists of this new project, are not true goblins but enjoyed themselves in messing around in the world of folk music, with a cheerful and energetic CD: waltzes, polkas, mazurkas and scottisches dating from the start of the 20th century, together with curentas and monferrinas from the Canavese, the area surrounding Ivrea, Piedmont.

Coro Bajolese : O Maria béla Maria
This CD continues the thirty-year career of the celebrated choir of Bajo Dora, characterized by experimental hints, aiming at an even deeper knowledge of the oral culture of the people from Canavese (the area surrounding Ivrea, Piedmont). This new work is entirely dedicated to Piedmontese ballads drawn from the Nigra collection, which are performed in the typical suggestive way of this cult folk choir conducted by Amerigo Vigliermo.

Domenico Torta e I Musicanti di Riva presso Chieri : Saré l'uss e buté fòra 'l gat!
Following over ten years of activity, here it is at last their maiden-voyage CD: the fruit of one of the most creative Italian folk group astride music and drama well seasoned with humour. Marcette, one-step, fox-trot, waltz, mazurka, polka, brando, curenta, beguine, tango, and popular tunes from the flourishing Italian tradition alternate in a most longed for CD. Leaded by histrionic Domenico "Tasché" Torta, the eight multi-instrument Musicanti are able to studio reproduce the same cheerful but keen atmosphere of their live performances.

Laura Conti and Eivador : Nòse amor
Laura Conti and Eivadòr prsent music of Piedmont, Italy, with Maurizio Verna, a refined guitarist and arranger who gives a very personal touch to the tradional melodies of the region.

Clare Fader and The Vaudevillains : Seventh and Trade
Singer and writer Clare Fader and company are back with their second release, and it is, if anything, weirder, darker and more quirky than the first. It's part cabaret, part Jaques Brel, perhaps a skittering dose of The Doors without the amplifiers and leather. The Vaudevillains: Aaron Bachelder, drums; Andy Mabe, upright bass; Brad Cokendolpher, guitar; and Mary K. Elkins, cello.

Clare Fader : The Elephant's Baby
This record is indescribably witty, urbane, slick and all around unique. It's a cabaret act that has off its meds; one of those Disney dreams one has that is in actuality a nightmare, only you don't know it until it is too late to wake up.

Oskorri : The Pub Ibiltaria 10
Continuing its musical adventure, Oskorri presents the live recording of the concert given at Pío Baroja square of Bilbao on 21 December 2005. This is the tenth album that the band dedicates to Basque popular music. As in previous releases, the work includes the lyrics and scores of each song

Oskorri and the Pub Ibiltaria : Pub Ibiltaria 6

Koldo eta Arantxa : Zuretzat
Brother and sister Koldo and Arantxa Iparragirre (Born in Beasain, in 1975 and 1974, respectively) offer their second album of folk-pop from the Basque tradition, "with sober arrangements and an impetuous development, where the meticulousness of the performance enhances the value and the natural quality of the 13 compositions presented. The record is a transparent result of the pair's ambition to create honest and appealing popular music" says the press release.

Dino Saluzzi, Jon Christensen : Senderos
The Argentine bandoneon master and the Norwegian percussionist join forces in a striking series of duets.

Gianluigi Trovesi Ottetto : Fugace
The Italian reed man in an all-Italian octet that celebrates the spirit of early jazz in a thoroughly contemporary context.

Ensemble SON : To hear with the mouth

Taraf de Haidouks : Maskarada
The most famous Gypsy band from Clejani, Romania (and one of the most famous from the whole region), present an interesting twist: music by composers who themselves borrowed from folkloric themes: Bela Bartok, Aram Khatchaturian, Manuel de Falla, Ketelbey and Albeniz are all given a fair turnaround by the Taraf's members, along with some of their own original music that pays homage back to the sources. Inventive and as always, full of wild energy.

Nando Citarella : Mozart....al chiaro di luna
Mozart's Don Giovanniis re-explored in traditional folk music and popular theatre with serenades, pazzarielli, tammorre, moaning songs, tarantelle, pizziche and lazzi. The CD contains a video track. Listen 1 | Listen 2

Pamunt Rom Group : Pamunt Rom Group
The Pamunt Rom Group includes Ionut Gugulan (accordion and vocals), Florin Barby (guitar and vocals) , Adrian Nan (stand-up bass), Castel Ciortan (accordion), and Laurentiy Dinca (clarinet), with Ciccio Merolla (percussion) and Riccardo Veno (soprano saxophone). The trademark sound is the furious interplay between the two accordions, or the accordions and the reeds.

Klezroym : Sceni
This outstanding klezmer ensemble is based in Italy, and they forage into the world of Jewish music, tinged with contemporary jazz, deeply rooted in Eastern European and Mediterranean musical traditions. The group plays musicthat crosses borders and mixes different cultures effortlessly, and on this recording they are graced with two guest musicians that complete the circle: the Arab artists Karam Abdelmagid (oud) and Abdullah Mohamed (darbouka).

soundtrack : Le Rose del Deserto
Soundtrack to the film by Mario Municelli features Almamegretta, Nidi d"arac, Solar Orchestra, Tricarico, Mario Crispi and others

Nidi d'Arac : Taranta Container
This 2010 release includes 7 songs from previous recordings that have been rearranged and newly recorded with a modern shape and sound much closer to the bands liver performances.The band says, "The best way to make a song live is to play it. Performing since '98, it has become important to us to restyle our old tracks through the interpretation of the musicians and their instruments that over the years have given birth to our concerts in Italy and abroad ." The CD also includes 5 remixes from 5 representative artists, DJs and producers: Gaudi from London, DJ ClicK from Paris, DJ MPS Pilot from Amsterdam, the Portuguese Mr Tos and Piers Faccini, the Italo-English singer and advocate of the music from Salento.

Gabriele Coen and Atlante Sonoro : Alhambra
Gabriele Coen is one of the founders of Klezroym. This is his second solo album with the Atlante Sonoro project.Featuring Pietro Lussu on piano, Marco Loddo on bass and Luca Caponi on drums, Gabriele Coen (soprano and tenor sax and clarinet) is exploring fascinating places the border lands between the sunny landscapes of Mediterranean music and contemporary jazz. This project also includes Lutte Berg on guitar, playing on two different tracks. The different pages of this Atlante Sonoro are Hebrew music from eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, various European jazz traditions and the arabesques of Alhambra.

Alexander Sopchek : Masks
In the lineage of Sun Ra, Fela and other unclassifiable artists, a musician from Beograd creates his own sonic universe, rooted in the rhythms of Africa and branching out into future jazz. 7 tracks, no pigeonholes.

Various : Cosmic Sounds Remixed
Artists from around the world join forces to pay tribute to the Cosmic Sounds label (Italy, Austria, Croatia, England, Hungary, Australia, Japan and Serbia). Each of them chose one track from the CS catalogue and gave it a fresh touch. 8 remixes of tracks by Arkestra One, SHQ, Jerome Richardson, Dusko Gojkovic and others by DJs from across Europe and Asia.

Elisabeth Engdahl and Thomas Gustafsson : Piece In Peace
Composer, arranger, band leader, saxophonist, keyboardist Elisabeth Engdahl is also a noted player of the church organ. Together with husband Thomas Gustafsson, she performs somewhat sacred music from various sources, classical, jazz as well as their own compositions. Thomas Gustafsson was the first "Swedish National Treasure" awardee, He played in Bitter Funeral Beer Band in the early 80's as well as many others throughout the years. On this album he plays the soprano saxophone exclusively.

Sebastian Aberg : The Sangeet Project
Swedish percussionist and composer is joined by a group of classical Indian and Swedish jazz musicians in a unique contemporary 'raga project' that holds on to the roots of Indian music while becoming completely contemporary. The label says: "Indian Ghazal and modern electronica in groundbreaking new combination." Says Sebastian Åberg: "Two things have been important to me during this process. First, that the origin, the raga, is handled with esteem. Secondly, that the actual musical meeting between east and west actually enhances the musical expression." Recorded in Goa and Stockholm 2004-2006. Indian musicians: Maruti Kurdekar, Pradip Sarmokadam, Shipra Nandy, Vasantrao Kadnekar, Dilip Gadekar, Manab Das. Swedish musicians: Sebastian Åberg, Ismet Demirhan, Tobias Ersson, Viktor Buck, Stefan Lakatos, Stefan Grapenmark, Jan Liljekvist.

Freddy Eichelberger, Michel Godard and Ludus Modalis : Une Messe pour la Saint-Michel et tous les saints anges
This recording recreates the 'Ordinary' of a seventeenth-century Catholic Mass, during which the organ and the choir continuously respond, with parts entirely improvised by the choir as well as the organ.Freddy Eichelberger, orgue; Michel Godard, serpent and the vocal trio Ludus Modalis

Marco Beasley with Guido Morini : La bella Noeva
Italian singer Beasley and accordionist Morini interpret 17th and 18th century 'broadsides,' popular songs of the time that often competed with opera in terms of popularity and success. Accompanied by a small ensemble of violin, viola, théorbe and archiluth (lutes) and Baroque guitar.

Frigg : Live
The Finnish-Norwegian group produces fresh Scandinavian folk fiddling accompanied by fretted instruments, upright bass and endless energy in this live recording made in concert in 2007.

Sväng : Schladtzshe
The Finnish harmonica quartet strikes again. "Schladtzshe!" is both a swear and a toast. The band explains it: "Brothers! Let us make our mistakes with pride, for life otherwise is a mere collection of irrational occurrences. Let us empty our abundant, if sometimes bitter, drink with joy!" You'll just have to listen.

Svang : Sväng
Sväng offers a fresh and unusual take on Finnish folk and popular styles like the tango, and on Balkan, Swedish and completely original folk music, by using only the mouth harp, the harmonica, in forms small and large, the chromatic, diatonic, harmonetta and bass. The members of the ensemble are all well respected in various musical worlds in Finland. The music runs the gamut from moody to raucous, from the sumblime to the comical, from the subtle to the outright jaunty.

Jouko Kyhala : Saalas
Harmonica master Jouko Kyhälä (of Svang) is joined by Piia Kleemola (violin), Pekka Lehti (bass), Janne Lappalainen from Varttina (bouzoki) and Abdissa Assefa (percussion) for a wide ranging musical tour.

Karuna : Hyvaa Matkaa
Karuna perform new Finnish folk music primarily with three keyboard instruments: Esko Järvelä plays the nyckelharpa, Juha Kujanpää the piano) and Teija Niku the accordion). The music on Hyvää matkaa (bon voyage) consists of original tunes strongly influenced by Scandinavian folk music, but given a thoroughly modern reading. Guest musicians add percussion, guitar and bass on a few tracks.

Flukt : Spill
Newly composed folk music from Norway: Sturla Eide Sundli (fiddle and Hardanger Fiddle), Øivind Farmen (accordion) and Sondre Meisfjord (double bass)

Brigada Bravo and Díaz : Músicas Populares de la Guerra Civil
Antonio Bravo (guitars and live looping) and Germán Díaz (zanfona, caja de música): Music, like all art, is not a question of numbers or tools, but of talent. If one is a virtuoso of the instrument - and Bravo and Diaz certainly are, it is a great start, but only a start. More than virtuosity is the capacity to transmit emotion, to evoke feelings with notes. To use traditional melodies to elaborate on sophisticated variations, perceive pathways between the cult and the popular. Bravo and Diaz have chosen a popular Song Book of the Spanish Civil War to use as a departure point to a more modern work. In jazz, that "classical" music of XX Century, they have recreated melodic schemes of a once mythical time to make sounds both unexpected and new.

Michael Hurley : Down In Dublin
The king of snock, a master of overstated, under-rated, country influenced songwriting is like no one else on the planet, and these sessions from ireland are no exception. Dark, funny, disturbing and romantic, often simultaneously, Hurley is one of the few people out there who merits the accolade of 'one of a kind.'

Faustino Santalices : Gravacions Historicas De Zanfona 1929-1949
Zanfona and bagpipe player Antón Seoane (of the Galician ensemble Milladoiro) put together this collection of historical recordings of the zanfona (hurdy gurdy). The album embraces all the work of Faustino Santalices and what he recorded from 1929 to 1949 including and two compositions that were only recently discovered.

Schal Sick Brass Band : Maza Meze
The 3rd recording by Schäl Sick Brass Band is another carnival of noise from Europe, still strong on the Balkan side, but with other flavors generously added to the mix. Released in 2000 and still as hot now as it was then!

Transsylvanians : Igen!
They call it 'Hungarian speedfolk' and it does have velocity. This mostly-acoustic ensemble's high-octane brand of folk encompasses the eastern and western with ease and attitude.

various : für José Afonso
Jose Afonso (1929-1987) was a leader in the creation of a political songs (canção de intervenção) movement against the totalitarian regime of Portugal leading up to the 1974 revolution. This collection gathers together an excellent group of artists under the direction of Julio Pereira to pay contemporary tribute to this master of the Portuguese nova canção.

Whapweasel : Pack of Jokers
The 2005 edition of English folk-rock dance band Whapweasel is as good as the last, a stacked deck of guitars, horns, melodeons, keyboards, fiddles, cittern, bass and drums. Again produced by Steeleye-er Rick Kemp (whose guitar is also in the mix), the 'weasels deal a trump hand that will get your feet moving and your head spinning.

Hot Vultures : Vulturama
Ian Anderson and Maggie Holland offer a uniquely English approach to blues, old-time country and a few choice modern songs assisted by Martin Simpson, Dave Peabody, Simon Mayor, Hilary James, Mike Cooper, Pete Coe, Chris Coe, Al Jones and more.

The English Country Blues Band : Unruly
These tracks from their two albums and one single feature the core trio of Maggie Holland, Rod Stradling and Ian Anderson, regular members Chris Coe, Sue Harris and John Maxwell, and guests including Nic Jones, John Kirkpatrick, Dave Peabody and Danny Stradling. Special additonal song by Bob Copper.

Abdul Tee-Jay : Rokoto Make Me Dance-Dance
A dozen tracks from the three albums, a selection of upbeat Sierra-Leonian dance music, led by the long-reigning king of modern African guitar in the UK.

various : Percussion Rituals of Kerala, Vol. II: Tayambaka
Recordings from the Musee d'ethnographie in Geneva's 'Archives internationales de musiques populaire' series. See the complete series.

Various Artists : Danco Dievis (Latvian Dances Vol 2)
...riveted my attention. The lead cut Perkonitis, by the Dancu Muzikas Grupa, sets the mood. That group—along with Dziga, Laimas muzykanti, and Dandari—showcases a youthful vitality that makes clear these folks like to dance. Suseklis and Vezu Dancis follow, each with its own degree of wild abandon. Slower, reel/waltz-like songs vary the pacing, and a variety of instrumentation is presented. A few cuts seem Germanic (e.g. Saimniekdeli), yet all are traditional, with influences that have accumulated over the centuries. - Dick Dorsett, RootsWorld

Various Artists : Portella della Ginestra 1947-1997
Published on the the 50th anniversary of one of the most bloody massacres of the Italian Republic, this document gives various viewpoints of the event, by a number of composers and performers including Taberna Mylaensis, Pino Veneziano, Francesco Giunta.

Taller de Compás de Almanjáyar : Cale Calé
A marvelous group of seasoned experts and young, energetic newcomers have formed a beautiful ensemble of hard edged, dynamic, voice-and-percussion-driven flamenco.

Laget for folkemusikk : Solo og Samspel
Laget for folkemusikk have been the most important organization for folkmusicians in Oslo the last 100 years. Musicians in this collection include Arne Røine, Kjetil Løndal, Magne Myhren, Henrik Gjellesvik, Dagne Groven Myhren (song), Hallgrim Berg (seljefløyte), Håkon Asheim, Magne Manheim, Ånon Egeland, the ensembles Midtgaard-Løndal and Balchen, Bolstad og Bøe and many many more.

Klaus Sande : Hardingfele
Historic recordings by Norwegian hardangar fiddler Klaus Sande (1888 - 1963). This CD presents a selection of the tunes from the recordings Arne Bjørndal and Oddvar Eikelund made of Klaus Sande.

Ola Grihamar : Hardingfele
Historic recordings by Norwegian hardangar fiddler Ola Grihamar (1910 - 1978).

Ovrevoll Spelemannslag : Spillegal / Gypsy horses
The Fiddlers of Øvrevoll present 'horse-related music' from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Ireland and Iceland, in untraditional performances of traditional fiddle tunes. The ensemble includes two members of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, one gypsy-and folk music player, and one of Norway's most famous jazz musicians. Øvrevoll spelemannslag (in English; the racecourse fiddlers) hope to honor the horse, the symbol of freedom, in a caravan ride through 10 European countries.

various : Lesotho Calling: Lesiba and Sekhankula Music
Producer and field recordist Michael Baird has found the lesiba, an odd but entrancing stringed instrument that is blown like a flute -- still played by cattle herders in southern Africa's mountain kingdom in 2006. These are raw, simple songs, pure folk music in the harshest sense, with no fusion or production.

Andrea Marquee : Zumbi
High-tech Brazilian pop by great singer interpreting contemporary songwriters like Caetano Veloso and Jorge Ben, with a strong African element.

Pape Fall and African Salsa : Artisanat
From one of the Africando crew, a new recording of latin-Senegalese connections

Vijana Jazz Band : The Koka Koka Sex Battalion
The 2nd of January 1975 was a Thursday. Sometime that day, members of the Vijana Jazz Band from Tanzania entered the Hi-Fi Studios at Pioneer House on Government Road in Nairobi, Kenya, and recorded 6 tracks under the pseudonym of the Koka Koka Sex Battalion. Along with Rumba, Kamata Sukuma (grab 'n' push), Koka Koka was a style of music, but the band's name was a scam. Painting a picture of the unique energy that was East African rumba in the 1970s the intriguingly titled The koka Koka Sex Battalion includes hits and rarities while standing as the only available album of Vijana Jazz Band, one of the most popular groups of their time. Listen

Nikos Xydakis : Tenedos
The Greek composer, pianist and singer. Born in Cairo,, he immigrated with his family to Greece in 1963. Much of his music has its rooted in the Greek theater. With Dora Masclavanou and Eleftheria Arvanitaki

Iasis : Iasis
Roots meets jazz in this unique Greek ensemble's 1996 work

Zu and Eugene Chadbourne : Motorhellington
The mad Mr Chad meets some of Italy's strangest musicians... seems appropriate!

Zsaratnok : The Balkan Move
Nicola Parov and his ensemble from Hungary

Trouveur Valdotèn : Cromozome: Musique Traditionnelle des Alpes Occidentales
Following its path of deep ethno-musicological research in the Western Alps, the ensemble tries to give a live, contemporary dimension to the cultural expression of the region and a defense of the special nature of Valle d'Aosta, a Francophone region in the Italian state.

Amadou Kienou : Sya
Griot Amadou Kiénou is from Burkina Faso. Trained from his youth through the rituals and ceremonies that still mark the life of his native village (baptisms, weddings, funerals, sacred rites etc), as a professional he has worked with such artists as Manu Dibango, Youssou N'Dour and Baba Maal. He is a virtuoso of the djembe and a fine traditional singer.

Daniele Sepe : Anime Candide - War and Love Songs
Another masterful work from the mad Neopolitan world of saxophonist/composer Sepe.

Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan : Regal Resonance
Bade Ghulam Ali Khan (1902-1968) sings two northern Indian ragas, accomanied by voices, sarangi and tablas: 'Raga Behag - Khayal - Vilambit in Ektaal' and 'Mishra Behag - Thumri - Tri Taal.'

Fabrizio Poggi and Turututela : Turututela: Canzoni Popolari
Italian harmonica, melodeon player and singer tackles classic songs with a new energy

La Piva Dal Carner : La Pegra A La Mateina La Bela E A La Sira La Bala
Songs and dances of Emilia, Italy

Tri Muzike : Treo

La Moresca : Senza Cchui terra

Piero Brega : Fuori dal Paradiso
One of the most beautiful voices of Italian popular music, winner of the Ciampi Award in 2005 with his debut record "Come Li Viandanti", is back with his second work, "Fuori dal paradiso", a record of original songs written by Brega and Martire, arranged by Mark Hamlyn and produced in collaboration with the Gianni Bosio Club. The record, twelve tracks, expresses the origins and the relevance of Brega's music, who, since his beginnings in the '70's with the Canzoniere del Lazio, has always loved the contamination of the tradition with the driving force of the rhythmic instruments. Also in "Fuori dal paradiso" music and words flow in a series of tales and colours, moving from waltzes to ethnic suggestions. Brega is in love with Rome and with its dialect, and gives us a well-balanced record in which personal stories mix easily with fantastic tales.

Circo Diatonico : La banda
A funambolico, a musical adventure with many references to Italian popular music, the Balkan, Neapolitan song, jazz and the great tradition of the country band, to evoke the special magic of a circus, the poetry of traveling in a caravan, the bravado of the trapeze, the chaos of the juggler, melancholy of the clown, the elegance of the high wire balancer. A sarabanda of voice and percussions surround the organetto of Clara Graziano, leader and composer of the group, making musical atmospheres of illusion, equilibrium and excitement of a day with the circus caravan. Listen to the music of the new circus: organetto, fanfare and jugglers!

Balamuralikrishna : Gems of Thyagaraja
Carnatic vocal music from southern India, accompanied by violin, mridangam, tampura. This recording is a selection of masterpieces by the mystic, Thyagaraja (1767-1847) who spent his entire life immersed in spiritual reflection and intensive musical practice.

Antonio Paolo Pizzimenti : Adagio
Unlike his previous recordings, which were both sountracks for film or theater works, this is an original work conceived as a multimedia piece (the CD includes a video 'story'). All the music is composed and performed by Pizzimenti, with the voice of Simona Barbero punctuating some of the tracks. It is all stark, moody and cinematic, as Pizzimenti's work always is.

Lou Dalfin : Gibous, Bagase e Bandi
Originally released in 1995 Listen

Municipale Balcanica : Road To Damascus
This group from Puglia offers a rich and ingenious synthesis of Eastern Europe sounds and Mediterranean flavors, expressed with inventiveness and energy and full of instrumental precision, always arranged with an attentive eye to jazz and improvisation.

Tango Negro Trio : La Vuelta del Malon
Conceived by pianist, vocalist and composer Juan Carlos Caceres, with "El Tero" Buschini and Marcelo Russillo, the trio explores an alternative history of tango, a body of work Caceres has been restlessly building since 1968, the year in which he moved from his native Buenos Aires to Paris. In the liner notes, Caceresdeclares that wuth this new recording he wants to update the cultural traditions still present in the region of the Rio De La Plata estuary in Argentina.

Francesco Banchini : Baqshish
Banchini's previous works have taken him from the study of classical and Medieval music to music therapy to southern Italian folk music to the traditions of Balkans and the Mediterranean. This is a CD bursting with colour and flavour, where original compositions blend with traditional Mediterranean songs and melodies. As well as various types of clarinet he plays nay, flute, chalumeaux, piano, while his own voice broadens the sound further. Accompanying him on the record are a group of fine musicians including Davide Della Monica (guitar), Cristiano Della Monica (percussion), Francesco Migliaccio (accordion) and Manuela Salinaro (darabouka, cajon, frame drums).

Shahid Parvez : Kushal
The Indian sitarist in a live recording in 2004 at Turin, Italy's Gong Festival. This is a performance of 'Raga Shyam Kalyan' accompanied by Sankha Chatterjee on tabla.

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan : Mystic Sarod
Ustad Amjad Ali Khan (sarod) with Sabir Khan (tabla) perform Raga Desh / Durga (Ragamala) - time: 55:00

Teatro Settimo : Uccelli
The soundtrack of the theatre version of Aristophanes' "The Birds" presented at the Spoleto Festival in June 1996 as performed by Banda Osiris, Aringa and Verdurini, Paolo Pizzimenti, Anna Coppola and many other singers and musicians from the Italian music world.

Fabrizio Poggi and Turututela : La storia si canta
Singer, guitarist and harmonica player Poggi is back with new of songs, accompanied by Roberto G. Sacchi on accordion, Marco Rovino on guitar and mandolin, backing vocalist Odette Lucchesi and a great group of guest musicians, , offering an homage to rice pickers, factory workers, migrants, soldiers, the people who built 20th century Italy but whose names are absent from the history books. In reworking standards such as 'Bella ciao' (orignally dedicated to female rice pickers), 'Saluteremo il signor padrone' or 'Mamma mia dammi cento lire,' he helps rediscover the spirit of a time gone and forgotten. It's as romantic as it is determined. Listen

The World Mankeri Orchestra : Valkoista Sukua
Founded in 1984 as Etno-Pojat, the World Mänkeri Orchestra is an innovative (and aggressive) 'primitive jazz" ensemble that features hand-made, ancient reeds, horns, and drums and electric bass, and on this recording young Finnish vocalist Meri Titola, who brings a new dynamic to the ensemble's powerful noise.

Paniagua, Mayoral and Sapricheff : Latidos de Al-Andalus
A concert of percussion from Moorish Andalusia and the Orient. A wide variety of rhythms and percussion instruments backed by melodic instruments create a musical dialogue. Eduardo Paniagua, David Mayoral and Serguei Sapricheff play the various types of basic percussion instruments in this musical tradition: tar tambourine, req, circular tambourine with jingles in the frame, derbuka, dumbek, sombati, doholla, tabla, bendhir, doira, daf, def, atabal, and naqqaras.

various : Radius #4 - transmissions from broadcast artists
Radius series was inaugurated to present experimental works made for radio broadcast. Works by Hildegard Westerkamp, Darren Copeland, Algojo and Robert Normandeau.

various : Radius #3 - transmissions from broadcast artists
Radius series was inaugurated to present experimental works made for radio broadcast. Works by Kathy Kennedy, Christol Migone, Chantal Dumas, Dan Lander

various : Radius #2 - transmissions from broadcast artists
Radius series was inaugurated to present experimental works made for radio broadcast. Curated by Helen Thorington. Features works by L.A. performance artist Jacki Apple, Voices in the Dark - a look at the cosmos as repository of information broadcast from the earth - (with vocalists Anna Homler and David Moss); Donald Swearingen, Salvation at 1 AM - cannibalizing late night television; and Gregory Whitehead, Pressures of the Unspeakable - an investigation into the nervous system of the city of Sydney, Australia.

various : Radius #1 - transmissions from broadcast artists
Radius series was inaugurated to present experimental works made for radio broadcast. Curated by Helen Thorington, director of the New American Radio series. Includes works by Sheila Davies, What is the Matter in Amy Glennon? - a witty, fast-paced and well-written merger of science, mythology and philosophy in relation to the Self; Helen Thorington, Partial Perceptions - an exploration of relationships between nature, machine and woman made possible by recent technologies - (with vocalist Shelley Hirsch and musician Joseph Celli); Terry Allen, Bleeder, - a fictional biography about an enigmatic Texas gambler, faith healer, gangster and hemophiliac (with performance artist/actress Jo Harvey Allen - of David Byrne's True Stories film - as the storyteller.)

various : The Aerial #3 - a journal in sound
The Aerial is published periodically and each issue includes an informative color booklet in which the artists discuss their work and/or present other ideas suitable to the printed page. In this edition: Ellen Fullman, Marc Barreca, Nicolas Collins, Peter Cusack, Tom Guralnick, Johanna M. Beyer, Zae Munn, Myra Melford and Marion Brandis, William Hooker and Leslie Dalaba.

various : The Aerial #1 - a journal in sound
The Aerial is published periodically and each issue includes an informative color booklet in which the artists discuss their work and/or present other ideas suitable to the printed page. Artists in this volume: David Moss, Christine Baczewska, Richard Kostelanetz, Rich Jensen, Loren Mazzacane and Suzanne Langille, Malcolm Goldstein, Lost Souls, Floating Concrete Octopus, Jerry Hunt, Stuart Sherman and Bern Porter.

Zezo y Vanessa : Turbilhao
Turbilhâo is the first (2005) recording by the duo of guitarist Zezo Ribeiro and the rich voice of Vanessa Boraghian, accompanied by Juan Jamie Leite on upright bass and occasioal contributions from the great Brazilian accordionist Oswaldinho. The feel is breezy and romantic, a mix of north-eastern Spain, a bit of flamenco, and many classic Brazilian elements, sometimes 'in the tradition' and other times in a more contemporary jazz approach.

Rasha : Let Me Be
Rasha reflects on the situation of her people in Sudan - a mixture of homesickness and hope. Due to the civil unrest in her homeland, she moved to Cairo in 1991, and now lives in Spain. The life of the exile is at the center of her work, in 11 songs both political and controversial.

Utla : Song
The trio UTLA presents new aspects of sound and imaginary journeys through Norwegian landscapes. Free improvisation and deep folk roots make this a unique sound, performed on saxophones, horns, percussion and hardangar fiddle. This recording also features vocalist Berit Opheim.

Karl Seglem : Nye Nord
Karl Seglem is described as one of the most innovative musicians and composers in Norway. This 2002 release features a larger than usual ensemble in a broad and exciting sound.

Lars Underdal : Gullfakse
Lars Underdal from Vinje in Telemark, has studied with several fiddlers and at the renowed Ole Bull Academy in Voss. He has performed at a number of folk music competitions and at concerts in Norway and abroad. His performance style is powerful and expressive. Gullfakse is a fine selection of fiddle tunes from Telemark, in the tradition of such legendary fiddlers as Myllarguten and Gibøen.

Isglem : Fire
Isglem is one of Norway´s leading groups working with freely improvised music. This recording is a duo performance by reedist Karl Seglem and percussionist Terje Isungset.

Tromsø Kunstforsyning : Tur
Experimental new music from Tromso, Norway performed on cello, trombone, electronics, voice, piano and percussion.

Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, Iva Bittová, Leoš Janácek : Dance of the Vampires
The innovative new music ensemble in a program performed with Czech singer and violinist Iva Bittova and composed by Bittová and fellow Czech Leoš Janácek. Challenging, exhuberant and exciting music that bridges the classical, folk and avant garde musical worlds with ease and energy.

Various artists : World 2003
BBC Radio host Charlie Gillett compiles a 2 CD set of his personal and often quirky choices for the best world music available in 2003.

Gunnel Mauritzson : Raisu Aut
The 2003 release by this marvelous Swedish singer is an elegant exploration of folk roots, joined by some of Sweden's best jazz and folk musicians, including Hans Kennemark, Roger Tallroth, Rickard Astrom, Jonas Knutsson and many others

Various Artists : Mana 689
New Music Indonesia Vol. II (Central Java): Sukerta, Otok Bima Sidarta, I Wayan Sadra and B.Subono from the Central Javanese cities of Surakarta and Yogyakarta, use the Javanese gamelan and other traditional Indonesian instruments to explore new musical ideas and textures.

Elena Ledda : Sonos
Sardinian vocalist uses folk roots to forge a daring new acoustic music

various : Thracian Rhapsody: The New Wedding Music in Bulgaria
The music that has come to be known as 'Bulgarian wedding music' has always been a strange mix of odd bedfellows. Jazz, folk songs, popular and ancient dances all seem to be brought together in this music. The set features unique recordings (not release don other CDs) by big names and small: Ivo Papazov and singer Yildiz Ibrahimova, the Christo Yotsov Trio, led by drummer and percussionist Yotsov with Nedyalko Nedyalkov on kaval and Stoyan Yankulov on tupan, clarinetist Philip Simonov with the ensemble Tristenik, clarinetist Mladen Malakov and Bisery, with Aliyosha Shibelev (accordion) and Matiyo Dobrev (kaval), and a searing gaida solo by Alexander Raitchev finishes it all off. Originally released in 1999. Highly recommended.

Kvarts : self titled first CD
norge, free reed, melodeon, fiddle, dobro, norway norge nordic nordan scandinavia europe, norwegian

Antoni Donchev : Dom. No. 13
Composer-pianist Antoni Donchev has received many Bulgarian jazz awards over the last fifteen years and been featured at number of major jazz festivals. In addition to his work with his Acoustic Version, Donchev works in a number of other projects with musicians from all over Europe. Donchev is a model contemporary musician, easily and skilfully handling the broad variety of forms in performing and composing at the turn of the century. He has no difficulty whatever combining the versatility of jazz with folklore and classical music.

Donchev is working with the music space. His compositions are like imaginary landscapes - chamber music atmospheres. He is looking for the space between the spaces - the microcosmos of sounds.

The works heard here are from film and theater works he has composed, performed by a chamber orchestra, with poetry by Edvin Sugarev.

Knut Reiersrud : Soul of a Man
The Norwegian guitarist's 1998 take on soul, blues and gospel is, as always distinctive and surprising. Always a step ahead, Knut employed samples of legendary blues performances together with rock-solid band of Paolo Vinaccia, Auden Erlien, Bugge Wesseltoft and Reidar Skår. The album is more of a band album with Knut's electric guitar virtuosity in focus. Three of the songs were written exclusively for him by Mac Rebenack and the late Doc Pomus, and the most convincing song on the recording, the title track, is an original. Completely unique and different.

Frode Alnaes, Arild Andersen, Stian Carstensen : Hostslov
The third in the seasonal song cycles by Norwegian jazz artists Stian Carstensen (accordion), Frode Alnaes (acoustic and electric guitars) and Arild Andersen (bass), Høstsløv explores autumn in original compositions and classics like Try To Remember, Vivaldis Host sequeing into Singing In The Rain, September Song, Harvest Moon, Autumn Leaves and many others from both American pop and Nordic traditions.

Katia Cardenal : Navegas Por Las Costas
The Nicaraguan singer performs the work of the Norwegian poet Alf Prøysen

Wai : Wai 100 Percent
Producer/musicians Mina Ripia and Maaka McGregor have produced a sound that features guest vocalists singing in traditional tone, vocal patterns and harmonies over a musical bed of organic, natural beats and rhythms (human breaths, insect, and bird sounds), indigenous percussion (poi) and action sounds (body slaps, haka stamping, etc). A variety of contemporary grooves complement the overall sound of WAI.

Apanui : E Tau Nei
fRoots says: 'What we have here is a beautifully subtle, understated (though often powerful, as on the war dance Taku Pu ) and very attractive blend of Maori traditional song forms, rhythms, oratory and harmonies with R and B, reggae, trip hop, garage and a whole mix of recent dance technology. That sounds like a familiar process with equivalents the world over these days, but this one mostly achieves that near-impossible melding where the elements accentuate each other rather than detract...'

Osvaldo Hernandez Napoles : Tierra
Osvaldo Hernandez Napoles is a Mexican musician who has lived in Belgium for more than 20 years. After playing and recording with different multicultural groups in a number of countries, Osvaldo composed original works for this first album, on the theme of the Earth living on borrowed time. The different pieces in which poetry intertwines with melodies are served by a range of instruments from diverse indigenous and Afro-Latin American traditions, blended with Arabo-Andalucian and Armenian tones. Osvaldo is accompanied by three musicians from very different backgrounds: Patricia Van Cauwenberge (Belgian) on different percussion instruments, including the Argentinean bombo, the Peruvian cajón, the Brazilian pandeiro, Venezuelan maracas, and so on. Karim Baggili (Jordanian-Serbo-Croatian-Belgian) on the Arab oud, the acoustic guitar and vocals. Vardan Hovanissian (Armenian) on the doudouk and different Armenian flutes. Listen

Julie Murphy : Lilac Tree
Nine new songs co-written by Murphy and guitarist Richard Llewellyn, recorded with with double bass player Tim Harries, drummer Rowan Griffiths and trumpet player Tomos Williams.

Vivien Ellis : The Dawn Songs
Well known for her work with Alva, Sinfonye and The Dufay Collective, she is equally at ease with world music, mediaeval songs and contemporary ballads she interprets an astonishing range of material in her new, multi-genre CD. The album encompasses the English tradition, Brazilian samba; Appalachian spiritual; troubadour song in Occitan; Irish, Scots/Gaelic and Bulgarian folk music, as well as new dawn songs by contemporary writers. With instrumentation that includes fiddle, accordion, guitars, drums and electric bass, lute and viol, loops and effects, this is a richly varied album that embraces both the spare beauty of ancient song and full-on 21st century soundscapes.

Climax Ceilidh Band : Come Dancing
The band says: "The band started when two trios, Meridian and Pesky, decided to play together in one band and Climax was born. The band prides itself on its fine mixture of self-penned tunes with traditional material and playing 'live' is as exciting for them as for the dancers.... a group of highly skilled musicians who are musically responsive to each other and are able to trust the spontaneity within each of them to take ceilidh music into new dimensions. The driving rhythms of the accordion and guitar, the sweet sound of the dancing fiddles, the swift trill of the flute and the power of the pipes makes the Climax Ceilidh Band experience truly orgasmic." - Anna Tabbush (fiddle), Holly Sheldrake (fiddle), Richard Jones (accordion), Mark 'Swerve' Weaver (guitar) and Chris Walshaw (pipes and whistles)

various artists : Csillagok, Csillagok (Stars, stars)
Subtitled 'Celebration Of Hungarian Music,' it is surely a party, with an excellent cast of contributors including Éva Korpás, Ági Szalóki, Róbert Lakatos, Mihály Dresch, Ferenc Kovács, Kálmán Balogh and many others, in a set of songs given personal settings by the artists

New Orleans Jazz Orchestra : Book One
Founded in December 2002 by its current artistic director, Irvin Mayfield. They perform and present educational programs that draw upon the rich musical and cultural traditions of "the birthplace of jazz," where the group is based. Book One, the group's debut recording, is a showcase of Irvin Mayfield's original compositions for big band and features cameos by vocalist Johnaye Kendrick, R and B singer John Boutté and a singing/scatting turn by orchestra member Leon "Chocolate" Brown.

Habib Koité and Bamada : Muso Ko
1990s classic from the Malian guitarist: 'Guitarist Habib Koite is from Mali, but this rising star represents the contemporary sound of African pop. His first album, which is now being re-released here, is mostly made up of upbeat songs that electrify a variety of regional styles. The accompanying translated lyrics show Koite to be a songwriter that takes on weightier subjects than the usual vacuous party fare. The songs don't translate easily, resembling fables at times, but there is no mistaking the message of his hit, "Cigarette A Bana (The Cigarette is Finished)." Koite's brisk, breezy songs layer call-and-response singing over a seamless mix of African percussion and Western instruments. His academic training shows up most notably in his sophisticated arrangements, which continually change textures, keeping his songs as appealing to the head as the feet.' - Marty Lipp, RootsWorld

Voz de Cabo Verde : voz com paz e amor
The 2004 lineup of the legendary Cape Verdean ensemble founded by Luis Morais in the 50s.

Tcheka : Nu Monda
Tcheka is part of the new generation of Cape Verdean musicians. On Nu Monda, the he explores the 'batuque,' one of the popular beats on the island of Santiago, usually played by women, and explores other styles, such as 'tabanka', a carnival beat, or 'talulu', which is played on All Saints' Day on the island of Fogo. On this, his second album, Tcheka is backed by Kizo Oliveira (bass guitar), Paul Ribeiro (percussion) and Hernani Almeida (guitarist who appears on Bau's latest recordings).

Omar Sosa : Live à FIP
This is Sosa's first live recording with an ensemble, featuring bass, drums, percussion and saxophone. Recorded at Radio France in Paris with a live, studio audience, he offers new interpretations of many of his earlier compositions as well as a number of new works, with Angá Díaz on percussion, Childo Tomas on electric bass, Luis Depestre on saxophones and drummer Steve Argüelles. New material includes the tracks "Métisse" and "Paralelo," and "African Sunrise" featuring Childo Tomas on mbira and vocals.

Orchestre de Biguine et al : Album d'Or de la Biguine
Dance-music from Guadeloupe by Orchestre Traditionnel De La Guadeloupe , Maurice Edouard , Lirvat Al , Brisacier Joseph , Stellio Alexandre , Ensemble De Quadrille Guadeloupéen. These recordings of this important folkloric heritage used sixties and early seventies- era studio technology that was quite superior to the material used to produce the 78's of previous decades. As a result, the record has already become a cult biguine-album for a new generation.

Various Artists : Drop the Debt
Sixteen titles, a hundred musicians, fourteen nationalities, one message. For Drop The Debt, a group world renowned musicians has come together to raise awareness of a humanitarian crisis. Each of the tracks here has been either written especially for this album or selected due to its relevance to the topic. Artists include Teofilo Chantre and Cesaria Evora, Chico Cesar, El Hadj N'Diaye , Massilia Sound System, Sally Nyolo, Lokua Kanza, Oliver Mtukudzi, Soledad Bravo... more.

Balogh Kálmán and Gipsy Cimbalom Band : Aroma
2003 release by Hungary's best known player of the hammer-dulcimer (cimbalom), accompanied by a stellar group of musicians on guitar, bass, violins, horns, derbouka and vocals. Stellar, as always.

Various : Qeshm Island
The unique nature and culture of the fascinating Island of Qeshm (in the Persian Gulf), with its strong influences from Iranian, Arabic as well as East-African traditions is explored by an impressive groups of musicians including Mohammad Reza Alogholi, Saeed Ansari, Christophe Rezai, Peter Soleimanipour, Reza Asgarzadeh, Ali Boustan, Frahad Asadian and Karan Homayounfar. They offer personal interpretations on these cross-cultural roots.

Sinikka Langeland : Har du lyttet til elvene om natta?
Sinikka Langeland (born 1961) is a kantele player, singer and composer from Finnskogen in eastern Norway. Her family, however is from Karelia, Finland, and this unique mix of musical cultures is the signature of her music.

Liv Runesdatter : Syng Hjerte
Norwegian vocalist accompanied by an ensemble of accordion, hardingfele, saxophone, baglama and bass.

Tore Bruvoll and Jon Anders Halvorsen : Trillar For To
Norwegian vocalist Halvorsen and guitarist Bruvoll, joined by Christian Svensson, Jorun Marie Kvernberg, Oslo Fagottkor, Sondre Meisfjord

Siri Nilsen : Alle snakker sant (They All Speak the Truth)
Distinctive voice and edgy arrangements by this Norwegian pop singer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZhiqfySwF4

Steiner Ofsdal : [pip]
Ofsdal pulls down all the flutes he has collected around the world and plays the in traditional and non-traditional settings, mostly solo, occasionally accompanied by percussion, guitars and lyre.

June Tabor : Rosa Mundi
The 2001 release investigates songs of the garden in Tabor's usual diverse outlook and musicial styles.

Miquel Gil : Katà
On Kata this Valencian singer discovers the geological layers of Levante, Andalucía, Mallorca and Catalunya, travelling over these countries and the Spanish Mediterranean seaside to create a unique and personal sound. Rough of voice, but elegant in execution, this recording is one of the more important to come from Spain in 2004.

Teppo Repo : Paimensoittaja
Teppo Repo was called the last great shepherd. This musician played the tuohisoittu, a Karelian flute similar to a recorder. It is a very quiet instrument, and the music is contemplative yet visceral.

Aulis Kivinen : Isäni poika
Music for kantele and vocals by one of the 'old masters' of the instrument. Includes Finnish traditional and popular songs, plus renditions of 'Love Me Tender and 'In The Mood.'

Aarnio Sisarukset : Hameen Polkka
The Aarnio family band, recorded in Finland in 1936, featured the typical pellimannimusiikki instrumentation of fiddles, kantele, clarinet and also ocarina on some songs

La Bergere : Ouvarosa
The French singer Sylvie Berger and her ensemble, La Bergère, present a beautuful collection of original and traditional songs, all elegantly produced by Gabriel Yacoub (who also participates as musician and singer on a few tracks).

Malicorne : Malicorne 4
Also know as "Nous sommes chanteurs de Sornettes" originally released on SONY

John Delvarre : chant de guerre
The debut recording by a marvelous French champion of la nouvelle chanson française, accompanied by a great cast including Gabriel Yacoub (who also produced), Yannick Hardouin, Sylvie Berger and others.

Gabriel Yacoub : de la nature des choses
It took seven years for this French artist to compose and record an all new studio work, but the wait is always worth it when you have an artist of such high caliber. Joined by a wonderful ensemble (including Gilles Chabenat, Yannick Hardouin, Julien Biget and many more), his voice is surrounded by deep folk roots and modern sounds, all to the service of 14 rich and marvelous songs. As you might suspect from this description, it comes highly recommended!

Dazkarieh : Incognita Alquimia
The 2006 release from the Portuguese world music ensemble.

OK Jazz : The Roots of OK Jazz: Congo Classics 1955-56

DJ Dolores : Aparelhagem
Aparelhagem literally means 'equipment,' and is the Brazilian slang expression for 'sound system.' It is both the title of the album and the name of DJ Dolores' new live band and features female singer Isaar, a horn section with a distinct Nordeste-cum-reggae flavour, rock guitar, percussion, vintage synths, and DJ Dolores on laptop and turntables.

Tuscae Gentes : Viva Faliero!
Songs, sounds, stories around Val di Bisenzio and Tuscany, an homage to Val di Bisenzio and its poets, leading us in unexplored territories of folk songs.

Tuscae Gentes : Quando Il Merlo Canta
Songs and sounds on the seasonal migrations in Tuscany across the Apennines, the Corsican and Maremma areas. Listen

various Artists (soundtrack) : Amnesia (a film by Gabriele Salvatores)
Includes original music for the film by Daniele Sepe, and songs by Macaco, Leonard Cohen, Corporate Avenger and Ojos De Brujo

Nidi d'Arac : Ronde Noe
Nidi D'Arac is the sound of a revolution in Italian music. Led by Alessandro Coppola from Cecce, a young sociologist and ethnomusicologist who is an expert in the music from Salento, Nidi D'Arac weds traditional Italian sounds to the electric sound of Italian dance clubs. Sweet woodwinds and strings wrap themselves around breakbeats and didjeridoo like long lost family, and the bass frequencies here are low and spine-shaking. Folk purists may shrug their shoulders in dismay, but Coppola never obscures the past; hence, a tarantella rests comfortably alongside the other wild dance songs here, and it sounds just as modern. Ronde Noe is an album full of Neopolitan sophistication and warmth, and Nidi D'Arac get stranger and creepier sounding as their vision unveils itself over the course of the CD. The soundscapes are dark affairs, with Italian voices and laughter often echoing far back in the mix. Coppola's gorgeous voice soothes and strokes Nidi D'Arac across the pastoral rural/pulsing urban influences that abound here, making Ronde Noe a bold statement of neotribal roots music. - Lee Blackstone in RootsWorld

Vito Ranucci and Napoli Est : Il giardino delle delizie
Neopolitan arranger, composer and saxophone player Ranucci is joined by the large ensemble Napoli Est for his 2007 work.

Radicanto : Lettere Migranti
The Italian band explores the issues and stories of emigration in a series of contemporary songs based on the tradition. Taking the traditions of Puglia and merging them with a trans-Mediterranean modernity has made radicanto one of the most stunning bands in southern Italy. Their recording Terra Arsa was one of our records of the year in 2001, and this recording follows closely behind it for its strong mix of contemporary pop and jazz with an undying local sensibility.

Radicanto : La Corsa
Now truly a rock band with a Salentine heart, Radicanto's 2005 excursion explores the sound and fury of sourthern Italy with an ear to the global pop music scene.

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