Mahsa Vahdat -A Cappella: The Sun Will Rise
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cd cover Mahsa Vahdat
A Cappella: The Sun Will Rise
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"The scent of the earth"


"My voice is my homeland.
My body is my instrument.
My songs are about freedom, love and longing.
My work is to trust the moment and make it eternal.
In the most passionate moments of my singing, I fly to the landscape of the Alborz Mountains. Wherever in the world I sing, the rays of their sun interweave with my breath.

A RootsWorld Music of the Month selection for May, 2016


More info:
The record is a pilgrimage to a beauty marked by stains of love and dreams. In old churches, castles and halls - in Van, Istanbul, Oslo, Wroclaw, Provence and Alhambra, Mahsa's voice fills rooms of hidden stories and mysteries. Her orchestra is just the echo from walls and vaults, floors and columns in the rooms she and her engineer and producer Erik Hillestad chose for recording.

Mahsa found the needed inspiration from unspoken stories and layers of time, expressed through architecture and art, and through the patina left by time and by life itself. She wanted to go to similar places in Iran, but because she is not allowed to perform in public places there, she had to record in other countries. During this journey, Mahsa's emotional moods would receive suggestions for which songs to sing from the walls, windows and bricks, and even from the scent of the rooms where the recordings took place. In some cases there were also people present in the recording sessions, so it became like a live performance for a limited audience. In other places, the presence of birds, footsteps, bells, distant voices, brooks and fountains became natural elements of the flow of music.

She recorded around 50 songs, and 21 of them were selected for the new album

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