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Fatang (RPM)

This Swedish trio plays traditional folk music from the province of Uppland and new compositions of their own device. In style, they drift between the dreamy romance of Johan Hedin and the percussive bite of the Seglem/Hogemo/Isungset trios, landing squarely in a place that is neither tradition nor avant garde, but a comfortable and unique blend of the two.
Peter Rousu - electric bass and guitar
Olle Bohm - percussion
Henrik Eriksson - nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle) (Eriksson was the 2004 winner of the Nyckelharpa World Championship or modern harpa)

More recordings by Fatang

1. Brostugan - Trad.
2. Den där - Henrik Eriksson
3. Karl XII vals - Trad.
4. Kjoltyg - Peter Rousu & Henrik Eriksson
5. Färka-Lasse - Olle Bohm
6. Schottismarsch/Magstudsaren - Henrik Eriksson
7. A-mollpolska - Trad.
8. Mysrys - Henrik Eriksson
9. Bohlinpolska - Trad.
10. Elviran - Olle Bohm
11. Brännvinspolska - Trad.
12. Månkarbopolketten - Peter Rousu
13. Vått - Peter Rousu & Henrik Eriksson

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