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Photo: Vertti Teräsvuori

Kimmo Pohjonen: Kluster

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Kimmo Pohjonen - accordion, vox, FX
Samuli Kosminen - accordion samples and vox samples via electronic percussion
Heikki Iso-Ahola - quadraphonic sound design, FX

Kluster is Kimmo Pohjonen's latest new project, an expansion of his solo show featuring sampler and percussion whiz Samuli Kosminen who also works with Pohjonen in the Kalmuk project. In Kluster, Kimmo and Samuli together take the innovation and intensity of Kimmo's solo show to dizzying new levels. On stage, Samuli makes live samples of Kimmo's accordion and voice, reproduces them percussively via his electronic drum pads, and mixes it all together with Kimmo's accordion, voice and live FX to create a brain bursting maelstrom of "multi-dimensional" quadraphonic accordion sound unlike anything done before.

Samuli Kosminen is one of Finland's top percussionists. Drummer since age 13 and then a student at Helsinki's Pop/Jazz Conservatory from age 17-19, Samuli has since performed with an gargantuan array of Finnish rock, pop, jazz, electronic music artists. A significant transformation for Samuli took place in 1998 with his participation in Kimmo Pohjonen's trio project Broken Windows. By adding electronic effects and sampler to his acoustic drum/percussion setup, he achieved new sounds and dimensions in the world of percussion. Subsequently, in recent years he has concentrated more on playing, composing and producing alternative/electronic music, with Kimmo and with others, for example Fat Beat Sound System, Pepe Deluxe and Iceland's Mum.

Samuli's first official solo composition work was on November 2000. An electronic music piece for the fire performance group Etna. In 2001, Samuli teamed up with Kimmo Pohjonen for the Kimmo Pohjonen Kluster project..

In select concerts, Kluster includes Kalmuk percussionist Abdissa "Mamba" Assefa, one of Finland's most established, impressive and adventurous percussionists, known for work with numerous ensembles and groups of varying styles. With Mamba's massive set up, the Kluster concept reaches even greater dimensions, visually and aurally.

In December 2001, the Kluster trio was joined by Kaustinen fiddle legends JPP for a collaboration concert at Sibelius Academy Concert Hall in Helsinki. Response was overwhelmingly explosive and the concert will be repeated at the Kaustinen Festival in July 2002.

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