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cd cover Rinneradio
Pan (Rockadillo)

The 2004 release by this innovative Finnish ensemble.

tapani rinne - saxophone and clarinet
verneri lumi - electronics
juusonik - percussion
with: pekka kuusisto - violin, teho majamäki - percussion, abdissa assefa - percussion, siiri nordin - voice, pauli saastamoinen - synthesizer


"There's the astounishing Rinneradio, a hard-edged techno band led by a cool jazz sax player. That might look nightmarish on paper, but the reality is spiralling, mesmerising which induces dance-floor dementia in some and tranced-out tranquillity in others". - Melody Maker

Artist bio:
RinneRadio fuses electronic underground beats with progressive jazz. As the rhythms of drum’n’bass and hip hop are fermented with dark dub, lush ambient soundscapes and timeless soprano sax textures, the resulting brew becomes equal parts sexy trance jazz and surreal dance music.

The offspring of reedsman/composer Tapani Rinne's brainstorming and composer/drummer Edward Vesala's encouraging, RinneRadio came into being in 1988 as three years of participation in the latter's groundbreaking Sound & Fury workshops in Helsinki encouraged Rinne to step to the fore as a bandleader.

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