Kristi Stassinopoulou and Stathis Kalyviotis / Taxidoscopio - CD
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cd cover Kristi Stassinopoulou and Stathis Kalyvioti
Taxidoscopio (Resistencia)

These Greek artists are producing global pop without peer, mixing local roots with international sounds and modern technology to create, over the course of the last few years, a completely unique aural pallette that relates to almost no one else.
This is a Spanish release, with notes in Greek and Spanish, including all lyrics. It's in an interesting and clever all paper package with a little sliding "drawer" for the CD and the booklet.

Wyndham Hotel
TransEurope van


    The musicians:
  • Stathis Kalyviotis : groove sampler, elec. and acoustic guitars, saz, laouto, bass, keyboards, cajon
  • Georgi Makris : gaida (greek bagpipe), kaval
  • Stelios Petrakis : lyre & lyre arrangement (Barcelona Cantabria, Last Night I saw in my dream)
  • Dimitris Chiotis : lyre (Trans Europe Van, Sikinos)
  • Reiner Witzel : alto saxophone (Jaffa, SESC tour), soprano-, alto-,tenor- and baritone-saxophone & brass arrangement in "The Joy of Life"
  • Solis Barki : berimbaos , dohol, frame percussions, snare drum
  • Vassilis Divolis : daouli, djembe
  • Kostis Anagnostopoulos : acoustic guitar (SESC tour)
  • Lefteris Mitropoulos : tablas (Nama Namaste)
  • Lefteris Kiourtsoglou : 2nd daouli (The Joy of Life)
  • G.G. Lefev : harp (Wyndham Hotel)
  • Olaf Krueger : trumpet
  • Markus Scheltinga : trombone

El Pais says: After the over-exposure to Greek music we have had to suffer, itīs women like Stassinopoulou who help to separate the sheep from the goats. Daring and intriguing as a Mediterranean Bjork, this travelling crucible allows her to get on well with the Northern Iberian Peninsula or, more astonishing still , to come close to Kraftwerk in her hypnotic Trans Europe Van. Beautiful bilingual edition , indeed; itīs about time others followed her example.

fRoots says: The significance of the title and its new mutation was that these are mostly songs written on travels - snapshots, sketches and reflections gathered up 'in vans and airplanes, in airport lounges, in dressing rooms, hotel rooms and bamboo huts' - around Europe, North America and Brazil, Armenia, India, out there and at home. Kristi and partner Stathis have long had a world vision in their music, which has kept them somewhat underground in Greece as their international appeal has grown. But what they've evolved over their last two albums has gone beyond fusion, a slightly retro psychedelic feel and specific spicing. It has turned into a completely unique, utterly recognisable and forward-looking style of their own. And in that distillation, it seems to have become more distinctly Greek - a strange, other-worldly Greekness, for sure, but a 21st century Greekness that's modern within its own culture, out there, ahead and rooted rather than just banging off some local language version of what the globised industry dictates. No predictable Greek rock, Europop or hip-hop here then.'

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