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cd cover Livaneli
Hayata Dair (Resistencia)

As a writer, composer, film director, philosopher, activist and humanitarian, Turkish artist Omer Zülfü Livaneli is a true Renaisance man. This album of peoms set to music is his life's story told through a fiction called music. Recorded in Athens and Istambul with musicians of both countries. A bonus disc includes a video documentary with interviews and fragments of performances, with guests like Al DiMeola, María Farandouri, Maria del Mar Bonet, Joan Baez, Yorgos Dalaras y la Orquesta Sinfónica de Londres


  • 1.Sevdali Basun (Mi pobre alma enamorada).
  • 2. Nerdesin? (żDónde estás?)
  • 3. Akdeniz Akdeniz (Mediterráneo, Mediterráneo)
  • 4. Duvar (El muro).
  • 5. Askin Elinden (Por culpa del amor) .
  • 6. Güldünya (Güldünya).
  • 7. Memleket Kokulu Yarim (Canción del "mubadele")
  • 8. Adu Ask (Amar es).
  • 9. Bir Karanlik, Bir Ayinlik (Oscuridad y luz).
  • 10. Duvar (Enstrümantal) (El muro - instrumental).

What artist says about this work:
How does an album come into being? Is it the form or the essence that first appear to the mind?
I don't have the answers to these questions. The only thing I know is that "Hayata Dair" had a will of its own and it forced me to come to life. In the recent years, I have never thought "I shall record an album in which the songs are like this and the arrangements like that..." I did not have specific plans about a particular project.

But suddenly one day I found myself in the middle of the project. The melodies were flowing from within me, the poems were pouring out onto the paper and "my poet's flurry" was flinging me from one state of excitement to another.

I realized with surprise that these new songs were in fact about me, about my life with its ups and downs, about my sorrows and my joys. My accumulated experiences had created an underground well of emotions and thoughts and finally the water found its way out. It was bursting forth like a waterfall desirous to embrace daylight. OK, I said to myself; let's do it; let's share this with friends. Then started the recording process.

Without the mature, modest and profound musicianship of Ferhat Livaneli, this album wouldn't be what it is now. In fact, the same thing is true for all who worked with me in this album: Erdinç S,enyaylar who played the guitar, Mirza Bas,ara who played the tar and the mandolin, Ahmet Koç who played the bag(lama, Ali Koç who played the flute and the keyboards, Engin Demirtas, who wrote the percussion arrangements, Brilliant Dadashova who accompanied me with her wonderful vocals, Özcan S,enyaylar and Adnan Karaduman who played the violins, Gündem Strings Ensemble, Andreas Katsiyannis who played the santouri, Vaggelis Triggas who played the bouzouki; and also Göksun Çavdar, Ercan Erkan, Turgut Acim, Nikos Espialidis, Bobby Blazoudanis.

Here you are holding "Hayata Dair" in your hands.
In it you will find hearts pounding with love and excitement; you will also find passion, disappointment and resentment. Most important of all, this album is a genuine expression of feelings. I hope that you will love it.

I hope that the songs in this album will be cherished as much as their antecedents and they will find a special place for themselves in your musical universe. - Zülfü Livaneli

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