Times of Day by Boris Kovač - CD
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cd cover Boris Kovač
From Ritual Nova 1 & 2 (ReR Megacorp)
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Serbian artist Kovacs describes himself as 'a contemporary naive composer.' This CD compiles his two late 80s LPs; His label calls it 'folk, jazz and minimalism filtered through a post-Eno sensibility, with a spiritual integrity reminiscent of Arvo Part."


Boris Kovač – reeds
Slobodanka Stević – piano
Vladimir Ćuković – I violin
Marta Kojadinović – II violin
Aleksandar Stankov – viola
Milica Svirac – cello
Siniša Mazalica – double bass
Lav Kovač – percussion/drums

More info:

From producer Chris Cutler:
What Boris does is without parallel or precedent, and he’s been doing it for over 40 years, perfecting a language that is uniquely his own: not chamber music, not world music, not jazz – but demanding performance skills vital to all three. What do you call a music that is fully scored, played only by acoustic instruments and demands not only extremely high technical standards from its performers but - if they are to imbue what is written with its proper ritual body - shared histories and deep cultural roots? To grasp the essence of this work, the composition and the ensemble need to be considered together and it’s this aspect of Boris’ work that is so exceptional. Composers write scores, while folk and jazz ensembles spin the present out of collective memory; Boris somehow manages to do both, and there is a depth here that’s not in the notes or in the performances but in an ability to tap into a collective reservoir of archetypical resonances. That's the source of its intangible strength and apparent inevitability. It has, as we say, the ring of truth

From the liner notes by Nora Hoppe:
Boris Kovac weaves a rich tapestry of each of the four intervals that make up a day in his universe: against the “warp” of the changes in light and various moods and activities (waking, toiling, thriving, resting, contemplating) that define a certain chapter in the recurring twenty-four hours of our lives, a “weft” of emotional, philosophical and spiritual reactions and impressions is woven to convey what it means for him to be alive in those moments.

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