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cd cover Zsaratnok
The Balkan Move

Not actually what used to be a full band, but rather Nicola Parov's solo enterprise under the same name.

Nikola Parov: bouzuki, guitars, ud, kanun, gadulka, kaval, clarinet, gayda, percussion, piano, bass and drumkit sequences.

Dunya Records - FY 8006 cd
Those, who know ZSARATNOK, have no doubts about its authenticity and commitment to the traditional music of Balkans. The band proved during the almost 20 years of constant activity how important is to preserve traditions in order to preserve identity. ZSARATNOK recorded half a dozen albums, presenting the instrumental and musical heritage of Balkans.

Nikola Parov, the founder and leader of the band, is a well-known figure of the traditional music scene, not only because of ZSARATNOK but also because of his willingness to experiment with other musical styles and arts. He became an expert of the Balkan traditional music and due to his solo albums become well-known in his category all over the world. In the early 90ís Nikola discovered the Irish music for himself and took part in many projects with Irelandís best known traditional musicians like Davy Spillane, Martin OíConnor, Andy Irvine and others. This Irish connection led him straight to the RIVERDANCE BAND to which he was invited from Bill Wheelan, the composer of RIVERDANCE, to represent East Europe and the Balkans with his unique instruments. Spending almost four years all over the planet Earth with the RIVERDANCE BAND Nikola released the album KILIM (Rykodisc) in 1997 on which he invited most of his fellow musicians from RIVERDANCE.

The present album is basically a compilation, some sort of "Best ZSARATNOK". On this album the most known "hits" of the ZSARATNOK group are to be heard in Nikolaís unique arrangements and "one man band" performance. Preserving traditions in not only collecting and learning pieces but also fitting them into the rapidly developing musical scene of our age for the posterity. This is what The Balkan Move is about.

ZSARATNOK was founded by Nikola Parov in Budapest, Hungary. ZSARATNOK plays acoustic music from the Balkans, keeping their repertoire fresh by collecting music and instruments from the Balkans (from Bulgaria and Romania to Macedonia and Albania). The band mix elements of contemporary music with folk tunes, featuring a very wide range of local instruments.

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