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Turututela: Canzoni Popolari (Popular Songs)

Armonetto (accordion) and harmonica (as in the mouth blown harp, not the Italian accordion) player Poggi is joined by a band of traditional and contemporary instrumentalists in an exploration of the roots of Lombardy, Italy, with a decidedly modern sound.

Senti le rane che cantano
La mamma di Rosina


The record company says:
As its title suggests, FABRIZIO POGGI's new album is a warm dedication and a sincere homage to the world and culture of Lombardy, immortalised in the musical tales of its storytellers - mythical figures known as turututela - who, armed with their rustic one-string guitar, used to wear off the soles of their shoes wandering around towns and villages, recounting to passers-by adventures and misadventures of a time when today's mass media had relatively little influence on people's "cultural" formation. It is precisely these travelling narrators, mouthpieces for simple melodies and crude or invented stories, that FABRIZIO POGGI brings back to life on this record, and with them the whole spirit of an era. Canzoni popolari includes several skilfully rearranged pieces which hail from this tradition, together with a number of tracks written by POGGI himself, including the brilliant Giovanna, la voce, dedicated to the memory of folk singer Giovanna Daffini and composed in the manner of her husband Vittorio Carpi - a famous violinist who abandoned a glittering concert career with symphonic orchestras to travel with her through the streets and squares of villages in Lombardy. Equally moving and vibrant are the instrumental piece dedicated to Poggi's grandmother Vittoria, herself the source of many tales and songs, and the setting of an old poem by Antonio Maragliano, who like POGGI himself, was born in Voghera, the town which inspired Gli occhi del cuore. The record also includes a few of the most famous ancient ballads and songs from Northern Italy, Donna lombarda, L'inglesina and La pesca dell'anello, philologically reworked to highlight their authentic traits. FABRIZIO POGGI and his Turututela have stripped away all those superfluous Baroque embellishments that over the centuries have been caked onto the original "mythical" pieces by second-rate musicians. In a similar search for authenticity, the record also includes reworkings of pieces like Senti le rane che cantano (Amore mio non piangere), a famous song sung by rice pickers to help them through their arduous labours, Il Sirio, which brings back to mind a period in which many Italians had to emigrate, often risking their life on the journey, and last but not least Cara Emma, an ideal tale for those long winter evenings reflecting on the peasant's sad lot. On this record FABRIZIO POGGI and his group along with several guests bring their musical skill and dedication to bear on a rich and wide repertoire of music, summoning voices, words and things back from a world that should not be forgotten.

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist FABRIZIO POGGI is the leader of Chicken Mambo, a group with a strong following on the folk circuit who have cut five albums to date (one of which was recorded in the US) and have performed all over the world especially in North America, vaunting collaborations with internationally renowned artists the likes of Zachary Richard, Jerry Jeff Walker, Ponty Bone, Jimmy Lafave and Richard Thompson and gleaning rave reviews from both national and foreign music press. A native of Voghera, Poggi in a delicate moment of his own life, found himself reflecting on the words of an illustrious fellow townsman, of more than a century ago: "Loving one's homeland, apart from being an atavistic pleasure that sooner or later explodes in all of us, is above all a moral duty." So was born the desire to plunge himself (as he had done with American music) into a meticulous and impassioned quest for texts, tunes, old books and rare records. Once he found what he was looking for, all that remained was to convince a few accomplices and so began the adventure of Turututela.

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