Fuori dal Paradiso - Piero Brega
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cd cover Piero Brega
Fuori dal Paradiso (il manifesto)


More info:
One of the most beautiful voices of Italian popular music, winner of the Ciampi Award in 2005 with his debut record "Come Li Viandanti", is back with his second work, "Fuori dal paradiso", a record of original songs written by Brega and Martire, arranged by Mark Hamlyn and produced in collaboration with the Gianni Bosio Club.

The record, twelve tracks, expresses the origins and the relevance of Brega's music, who, since his beginnings in the '70's with the Canzoniere del Lazio, has always loved the contamination of the tradition with the driving force of the rhythmic instruments. Also in "Fuori dal paradiso" music and words flow in a series of tales and colours, moving from waltzes to ethnic suggestions. Brega is in love with Rome and with its dialect, and gives us a well-balanced record in which personal stories mix easily with fantastic tales.


  • Adriano Martire - Pianoforte, Chitarra, Canto
  • Alfredo Messina - Fisarmonica
  • Fernando Fera - Chitarra
  • Ferruccio Corsi - Clarinetto
  • Francesco Consaga - Sassofono soprano, Flauto traverso
  • Giorgio Vivaldi - Percussioni
  • Grazia Porcino - Viola
  • Laura Pierazzuoli - Violoncello
  • Marcello Sirignano - Violino, Mandolino
  • Mark Hamlyn - Pianoforte
  • Massimo Bartoletti - Tromba, Trombino
  • Oretta Orengo - Oboe, Corno inglese
  • Paolo Cintio - Pianoforte
  • Piero Brega - Canto, Chitarra
  • Piero Fortezza - Batteria
  • Stefano Cantarano - Contrabasso

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