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cd cover Circo Diatonico
La banda (Finisterre)

A funambolico, a musical adventure with many references to Italian popular music, the Balkan, Neapolitan song, jazz and the great tradition of the country band, to evoke the special magic of a circus, the poetry of traveling in a caravan, the bravado of the trapeze, the chaos of the juggler, melancholy of the clown, the elegance of the high wire balancer. A sarabanda of voice and percussions surround the organetto of Clara Graziano, leader and composer of the group, making musical atmospheres of illusion, equilibrium and excitement of a day with the circus caravan. Listen to the music of the new circus: organetto, fanfare and jugglers!


Grande fuoco

Clara Graziano: melodeon, voice
Gabriele Coen: soprano sax, clarinet, choir
Andrea Pandolfo: trumpet, choir
Rosario Liberti: tuba
Gigi Capone: giocoliere
Giovanni Lo Cascio:drums

GUESTS: Banda di Villa S. Stefano
Mauro Andreoni: piano
Giuliana De Donno: harp
Massimo Cusato: cajon shaker
Hanan Al-Haj, Ying Gu: voice recitante
Giordano Treglia: voice
Olga Balan, Laura Polimeno, Mattia Esposito, Carlo Iurato, Raffaele Ros: chorus

Woodwinds, percussions and jugglers led by Clara Graziano’s button accordion come on stage to tell the enthralling tale of the world of the circus, accompanied by music and by acrobatics. It is the tale of villages where a single family was at once acrobat, tamer, cashier, actor , barman . . . and musician.

The original compositions and the communicative verve of the group is lively, joyful, yet tempered by a subtle vein of melancholy, typical of Naples and southern Italy – where certain circuses still set up their tents.

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