Pizzica taranta: Le tradizioni musicali in Puglia, Vol 3 - CD
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Pizzica taranta: Le tradizioni musicali in Puglia, Vol 3 (Taranta Ethnica Series)

Giuseppe Michele Gala's recordings were made in 1988 for the most part (with a few here from 2001). This edition from the Ethnica series looks at the social, spiritual and dance music of the region with a strong emphasis on the melismatic singing and friction drum of the tradition, recorded at both festivals and in local gatherings in homes and public places. The pizzica pizzica, pizzica tarantula and pizzica scherma are performed the tools most expected for this music: vocals, percussion (tambourine, castenets and friction drum), accordion and hand organ. Quadrilles, schottishes, polkas, and marzukas are offered on mandolin, violin, and guitar.

From the press kit:
Instrumental and vocal pieces of the Salento region in Apulia. Pizzica tarantata, pizzica pizzica, pizzica-scherma, scotis, quadriglia and other dances from the land of the tarantismo. A precious documentation recorded in the early 1980's from direct witnesses of a disappearing musical folklore. Recordings from 1980 to 2001.

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