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Brian Peters
Different Tongues

A recording filled with old songs and new, songs of sailors, poachers, highwaymen, sinister strangers, deserted lovers, and supernatural revelations, and a cover of Richard Thompson's 'Watlzing For Dreamers.' Some nice melodeon tunes, as always, and accompaniment from Jeff Davis, Gordon Tyrral, Dave Pope and Chris Peters.

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The tunes:
Jolly Roving Tar
All Around My Hat
Nottingham Castle / The Spa
The Outlandish Knight
Bold Lovell
Mr. Moore's Hornpipe / The Red Otter
The Bonny Bunch Of Roses-O
Pretty Nancy Of Yarmouth
Sailor's Delight / Cobblers' Hornpipe
Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still
The Gallant Poacher
Two Sisters
Pretty Maggie / Marquis Of Huntley's Reel / The Dead Cow
Waltzing's For Dreamers
The Water's Edge

About the artist
"No singer outside Nic Jones and Martin Carthy has embraced the tradition and used its wellsprings in as vivid and ingenious a way" Rock'n'Reel

Brian Peters is a performer of traditional folk music who combines a high level of skill on three different instruments with a great voice and an energetic stage presence. He's a leading English squeezebox player, doubling on melodeon (button accordion) and anglo concertina, a fine guitarist well-versed in open tunings, and a passionate singer who can convey drama or emotion, while his carefully-constructed accompaniments blend adventure and sophistication. Described as "One of British folk music's finest ambassadors", Brian started out in the folk clubs of England and has taken his performances to stages all over the world, touring regularly in Europe and America, and always retaining a deep commitment to the musical traditions of his native country.

Brian believes strongly in the power and relevance of the old songs and bases his set around them, but he's no diehard, and covers the work of writers from Leon Rosselson to Lyle Lovett and Robin Williamson, as well as contributing songs of his own. He specialises in the great ballads of the British Isles: "Brian Peters plunges deep into the ancient songs, finds their power, mystery, evil, drollery and courage, and brings them to us fresh", declared one American writer.

On the instrumental side, he has been a mover in the creation of a distinct identity for Northern English dance music, researching, playing and teaching rare tunes from centuries-old manuscripts, as well as composing many tunes in traditional style. He's also become known for daring forays into ragtime, blues and rock'n'roll on his squeezeboxes, and his stage set achieves startling variety, without ever betraying his traditional roots.Brian presents his material with warmth and unforced humour to appeal to the casual listener as well as the committed folk fan.

Brian's diary is kept full working regularly in a duo with guitarist/flautist/singer Gordon Tyrrall, playing for dances in the Rising Sun Band, and indulging his more eclectic musical leanings with hillbilly rockers the Rocky Mountain Ploughboys. In the past he played alongside Sara Grey in the Lost Nation Band, and took a leading part in the stage show "The Widow's Uniform".

Brian is in demand as a teacher of instrumental technique and singing skills, having the distinction of teaching both concertina and melodeon at Hands On Music's weekends at Witney, as well as tutoring on residential courses for Folkworks and others, giving workshops at festivals, and teaching adults and children individually. In addition he reviews both traditional English and world music regularly for magazines including "Folk Roots" and The Living Tradition".

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