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cd cover The World Mankeri Orchestra, aka Etnopojat
Thauma $15.99

The strange and wonderful world of the Ethno-Boys is a place to behold. It's full of ancient reeds (the mänkeri and the liru) and strings (kantele), primitive percussion and electric bass (just to make sure you know it's the 21st century).

Listen to "I only saw the bear"
Listen to an excerpt from "Indulgence enters"

"I realized that the American way was not the only way to improvise, that you can improvise like a Finn, or like a Norwegian, and you need not many tools. Only five strings on the kantele were enough to make this music." - Pekka Westerholm

"Indulgence Eaters" [treats] us to the endless and thoroughly modern array of sounds that the Orchestra coaxes out of these primitive instruments. Olli Penttilä's slow, stony, Bootsy-esque bass (the only non-handmade instrument) intertwines with another astounding performance from Heikki Syrjänen's versatile liru. Syrjänen then battles it out with Pekka Westerholm's horsehair kantele, sounding like the piano from the "Exorcist" theme (it's actually a five tone harp); they get free before grinding to a halt... an enjoyably challenging, remarkably consistent and utterly original recording." - Joel Davis, RootsWorld

Listen to their earlier CD EkE!

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