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Gabriel Yacoub
The Simple Things We Said / Les choses les plus simples

A collection of songs, including 4 in English, some old & some new, plus some previously unreleased. All are new recordings made in Paris in 2001. The album is all acoustic.

Listen to Beaute/12th Song of the Thunder
((p) © Gabriel Yacoub, used with the express permission of the author and record company)

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"The spare arrangements on the CD primarily strip the songs to a core trio of Yacoub, Nathalie Riviere on violin, and Yannick Hardouin on bass. They shine to great effect on "Beaute/12th Song of the Thunder," managing a dense, trance-like wall of sound to connote the power of the wind. Elsewhere, bassoon, cello, and hurdy-gurdy offer deep, subtle colors that make these new performances timeless. What emerges is a most welcome collection of songs: familiar, classic, and still groundbreaking; all roads leading to the inimitable, enigmatic Yacoub." - Lee Blackstone, RootsWorld

1. The Simple Things We Said
2. Dame: Petite Dame
3. Le Jeu Des Grillons / Je Serai Ta Lune
4. Le Garçon Jardinier
5. Mes Belles Anciennes Compagnes
6. Letter From America
7. Ami: Âme: Amen
8. Pluie D'Elle
9. Jour De Lessive
10. You Stay Here
11. Désir
12. Ces Dieux-Là
13. Beauté / 12th Song of the Thunder
14. Les Choses Les Plus Simples

Recorded in Paris - 2001

The record label sez:
When you think of Gabriel Yacoub, you think of the founder, voice and soul of the innovative French group Malicorne. For ten years Malicorne revived the magic of what some today call "world music" by integrating currently popular instruments with crumhorns, bagpipes and hurdy-gurdies, with stunning vocal arrangements. They transformed well-chosen traditional and medieval ballads, through unusual and powerful voicings, into modern songs relevant to our times.

Yet Yacoub did not stop there. With Malicorne at its height, he launched a solo career, and developed his own musical personality though still drawing on his traditional background. His lyrics, melodies and superb arrangements reflect the immense experience of fourteen albums and countless influences until now. His work has been described as ...a labyrinth that reveals more beautiful landscapes at every turn. His solo tours have taken him to over 700 American, Canadian and European venues, a remarkable testimony to this musician's stage presence.

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