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cd cover Kwartet Jorgi
Muzyka na trabkę gitarę i flet (Orange World Records, Poland)

The Smallest Quartet in the World: This name has followed the band for years. Originally a quartet, they shrank to a trio but decided to keep the name. Their music for trumpet, guitar and flute has become renowned in Poland and eastern Europe, at once accepted by avant garde, folk music and even new age circles.

Maciej Rychły - flutes
Waldemar Rychły - guitar
Andrzej Brych - trumpet


The record label says:
A Kwartet Jorgi concert is a feast for the ears and eyes, exploring the deepest reaches of Slavic tradition. Each record is a revelation, drawing from the same stylistic elements, yet breaking new ground every time.

The music of the Kwartet Jorgi is far more than a mere collection of notes. It is a reflection of the artists' very souls, their true selves and their lives. Their music overflows with energy and joy, tempered with moments of contemplation and yearning. It is powerfully alive, and - although the roots of its inspiration lie in the past - has an immense freshness, seeming to reveal our past while simultaneously foretelling our future.

The Kwartet Jorgi belong to Poland's musical pioneers currently described as "folk" (the musicians themselves have described their work as "green wave music"). Right from the start of their musical career, these living legends have attracted an enormous following which many a pop star would envy. This success has enabled them to continue developing their work, gathering experience from travelling and recording; each of their albums has been hailed as a masterpiece of Polish folk music. In fact, in the early 1980s there were no bands to equal the Kwartet. They were unique, and have continued to reinforce their uniqueness until today. There can hardly be a single folk musician in Poland who has not been fascinated by their music at some stage.

Their profound musical sensitivity and virtuosity of performance have made them idols for many. Yet the Kwartet's music is inimitable. The only way to play like this is to be born with music in one's heart.

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