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cd cover Erik Hokkanen & Lumisudet
Cosmic Meltdown Vol. 1 (Happy Wolf, Finland)

Fiddler and guitarist Hokkanen, Texan of Finnish descent, with Finns Arto Järvelä, mandolinist-guitarist Petri Hakala and bassist Tapani Varis and great guests: Maria Kalaniemi, Timo Alakotila, Mauno Järvelä, Kimmo Pohjonen. It's a bit of Finnish tradition, some old-timey American, Texas swing, Tin Pan Alley and more, played by some of the hottiest musicians around.


Cat With The Fiddle On Fire
Twilight Girl
Gypsy Stuff

the artist says:
It all began when I arrived in Finland in the summer of 1987. Austinite/Helsinki-er/friend Phillip Page whisked me away in Helsinki for a jam session/meeting with musicians from Finnish groups Fast Buck Roberts and the Town Squares and Korkkijalka at a bistro called O'Malley's. That's where I met Janne & Tommi Viksten as well as Petri Hakala. We ended up playing a lot of jams and gigs together that summer. Petri accompanied me weeks later in Kaustinen, just the two of us. We worked the next two summers together as well (1988/89).

It's important to me to include Janne Viksten here, for not only did he become Lumisudet's recording engineer and banjoist years later, but during my initial breakthrough years (87-89) we played a lot together, and he helped me greatly in getting established in Finland. When I played in Kaustinen with Petri in '87, it was there I saw a fellow about my age walking barefoot with ankle bracelet, pants from South America, and T-shirt with sleeves cut off. And he was carrying a fiddle too! It turned out to be Arto Järvelä and soon we we're jamming around the fire along with Risto Hotakainen, Petri Hakala, and many others. We became fast friends and played and laughed more than I can remember. It was there I also met the girls from Värttinä, who we're still teenagers then.

I sorta remember seeing Tapani Varis playing basso with them back then, but it wasn't until our first tour (1994) as Lumisudet that we played together and became friends. I recall Arto recommending Tapani for our group, and that was all I needed to hear. So Lumisudet's beginnings span at least 20 years now, and I feel blessed to get to work and play with all my brothers once again. It means a lot to me to return to Finland whenever I can, and performing with Finland's best is an honor and privilege I am ever grateful for. - Erik Hokkanen

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