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Dan Gisen Malmquist


Swedish Composer and clarinet player, Dan Gisen Malmquist, has been playing and composing music for the past twenty years. He has his own characteristic tone as a musician and a very distinct feeling for melody as a composer.

Gisen started out in the early 70's playing American jazz together with Ale Möller and several other musicians at Jazzådé, a club in Malmö which is in the south of Sweden. Ale Möller has with time become Swedens most recognised multi-instrumentalist and is now, together with folk singer, Lena Willemark, well known in the United States and Europe.

During his time in Malmö in the 70's, Gisen heard the group Arbete & Fritid, which was to radically change his style. Arbete & Fritid improvised their music, they did not play jazz but used folk music as their base for improvising. Being Swedish, Gisen had tired of playing American Jazz, and his concert with Arbete & Fritid proved to be a turning point in his musical direction. Gisen began to listen to Swedish folk music, and started to play with Ullik Johansson (a young folk music from the south of Sweden) and Birfilarna. This later lead to two new folk music groups being formed, Filarfolket and Avadå Band. He also found time to play Greek folk music. Gisen had tried to find older versions of Swedish folk music, but found it difficult as there were few Swedish clarinet players that had had their music recorded on vinyl. He therefore turned to Balkan and Greek folk music where the clarinet played a more prominent roll.

Gisen experimented with the clarinet and listened to the tones it could produce and developed his own special tone. Gisen has composed and played in several theatrical musicals and various plays, mostly in provincial theatres in the south of Sweden.

If one takes into account the records that Dan Gisen Malmquist has been apart of, whether as a a musician, composer or arranger, the list would come to between 40 and 50 titles. Gisen has made records with several Swedish musicians, the Australian rock singer Chris Bailey, the following folk groups: Filarfolket, Avadå Band and Trio UGB, as well as Drömorkestern who plays everything from folk music to classical music.

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