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cd cover Gunnel Mauritzson

Ditt ansikte

Gunnel Mauritzson is also a member of the ensemble Nara

Gunnel Mauritzson - vocals
Anders Hagberg - saxophone and flute
Hans Kennemark - violin and viola
Roger Tallroth - guitar and bouzouki
Rickard Åström - piano and keyboards

Gunnel Mauritzson: the press release

One of Sweden’s very best folk singers with a band consisting of some of the most interesting musicians within the new Swedish folk music.

Gunnel Mauritzson´s new album “Åter”(“Once More”) which is released on January 17th, 2001, contains both newly written and traditional material. Here we find both her own music and lyrics, instrumental parts with wordless singing, as well as tasteful compositions of poetry from the past century with both newly written and traditional folk music. All is woven together into a unity. The music and lyrics guide us through changing moods, from melancholy and the deepest gravity to joy and cheerful playfulness. With her voice and her image, Gunnel has a touch that is both unaffected and strong. She cooperates with some of the most interesting musicians in the new Swedish folk music:

Gunnel herself says about the new album:

“The whole record is held together somewhat like a story; my own and other people’s stories about embarking upon the journey into life and in to the soul. There are days when one dares. When dreams and reality suddenly come together with deceptive resemblance.

Gunnel Mauritzson has previously released an album “Silhuette” (“Silhouette”) containing interpretations of Lars Gullin. Some press comments from “Silhuette”:

“Memories we secretly carry are brought to life when she touches them with her voice.” Annika Brugge/HT

The atmosphere is deeply rooted in the Swedish folk music, performed with relaxed, virtuoso playfulness in careful yet sensitive impromptu excursions. The melancholy is barren but filled with the soul that is you and I, and the warmth of Gunnel’s music has a captivating attraction.” Bengt Ola Mattsson/ÖP

”Out of somewhere Anders Hagberg’s soprano saxophone is sneaking, sometimes his flutes but mostly the soprano with sparse notes, a single one is enough to make it very beautiful… Rickard Åström plays the piano from a mountain room in a troll forest, chords with two, three notes that preferably lie together to warm each other… And her singing voice, whispering and still muscular…” I. Glanzelius/DN

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