Svalan, by Maria Kalaniemi & Eero Grundström - CD
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cd cover Maria Kalaniemi & Eero Grundström
Svalan (artist release)
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Finnish accordionist and singer Maria Kalaniemi and harmonium (pump organ) player Eero Grundström have created a set of new works and reworkings of old songs from the Finno-Swedish tradition. They range from the lyrical to the challenging, and touch on both the east and west, from the western sea to the eatern reaches of Karelia. On some tracks they are joined by Pekko Käppi (bowed lyre and vocals) and Mikko Kosonen (guitars).


"Kom alla mina broder"


"Med angslan"



More info:
On the album, the spiritual landscape of the Finnish-Swedes meets the aweinspiring nature of Northern Karelia: a combination which can be experienced through both the music on the record and the photocollage of scenes around Salonkylä which accompanies it. The music was recorded in Maria Kalaniemi's childhood home, an old post-war house in the Kilo district of Espoo.

”Svalan – Swallow – was born from a feeling of spiritual freedom. Swallows fly free on their own wings, and the song symbolises spring and the spark of hope. When we first recorded the track with Eero - for Elina Brotherus' Tangohousut (Tango Trousers) music video - we were completely bowled over by the feeling of freedom which playing it awoke in us,” says Maria Kalaniemi. ”Life is full of highs and lows – this record marks the start of something new. Recording the album in my childhood home was at the same time a farewell to one stage of my life. We played the tunes pretty much as the fancy took us, and just let our fingers dance. I hope that this optimism and exuberance comes through on the record!” The record contains Finnish-Swedish ballads, songs about the sea, passionate tangoes, frenzied minuets from Jepua, the artist's own compositions and lyrical moods of contemplation. Kalaniemi has drawn her musical inspiration from the rich nature of Salonkylä, including some close encounters with wild animals. The Salonkylä photographs are taken by Harri Tolvanen, and the photo collage gives respect for the nature. The final track is a forest soundscape recorded in the middle of nature by Maria Kalaniemi herself; among the sounds that can be heard are the grunting of a bear and a duet between a crow and Apassi the wolf dog.

The album is a sequel to Maria Kalaniemi's acclaimed Vilda Rosor album (Wild Roses, Aito Records, 2010), a collection of tracks in the Finnish-Swedish musical tradition. Vilda Rosor rose to number two on the renowned World Music Charts Europe and was nominated for Ethno album of the year. The new compositions and lyrics are the handiwork of Maria Kalaniemi. The music was adapted for each track by Kalaniemi and the record's music team: Eero Grundström, Pekko Käppi (bowed lyre and vocals) and Mikko Kosonen (guitars). Artistic production is by Maria Kalaniemi and Eero Grundström.

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