IJEKARU by Mateja Gorjup
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cd cover Mateja Gorjup
IJEKARU (artist release)
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This completely unique Slovenian vocalist and composer presents original and traditional songs with minimalist accompaniment on small instruments and simple electronics. It's impossible to describe, so best that you simply listen.



"Tri su ftice goru preletele (Three birds flew over the mountain)"

"V dolino (Into the valley)"

"Bistra voda hladna (clear cold water)"

"Kak dodje tak pojde (Easy come, easy go)"

The artist writes:

The music I include on my first solo CD is for me special imprint of my work through whole life and especially in last two years. It is strongly influenced with my love and connection to the folk music, I sing slovenian folk songs since my early age. In last years I started to discover voices inside me and connection between voice and body. Through this I came also to my own songs, for which listeners sometimes almost can't distinguish whether a song is folk or it is a song of my creation. This album IJEKARU is intimate, sincere, direct and important side of me.

Mateja Gorup is a singer and performer from Slovenia, a small and very diverse country. She has been singing since she was young, mostly Slovenian folk songs, but also songs from other Slavic countries, especially Balkans. Not long ago, she started to compose her own songs.

On IJEKARU she includs Slovenian folk songs, songs from "A Collection of Slovenian Folk Songs" (edited more than houndred years ago). The melodies have long been forgotten, and there is no notation. So she added new melodies, trying to stay within the original folk spirit. Many other songs on CD are original, but often you will be hard pressed to know which are traditional and which are new compositions. She uses her voice in many different ranges, uses looping electronics, acoustic sound-making objects and more taditional iinstruments. So at any moment, you may hear ancient sounding songs, then experimental music exploring new connections between voice and body.

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