Chichimeca - Barberi CD
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cd cover Chichimeca

A young acoustic band from Sardinia has a lot of attitude (read their statement below) and a lot more talent. They are using modern instruments in a strong display of new Italian roots. But instead of simply working from their own roots, they also have used the music they heard during their time in Chiapas, Mexico to form a new attitude around their own sources, and have created an inspired hybrid that could have sprung naturally from either source.


La nave

The musicians:
Claudia Crabuzza - Voice
Fabio Manconi - Fisarmonica
Andrea Lubino - Drums
Gianluca Gadau - Chitarra
Massimo Canu - Bass
Gianni Menicucci - Percussion
A meeting of the rhythm and brightness of the Mediterranean and the poetry of Central and South America -Il Tempo

A beautiful album -La Stampa

The band says:
Barbari, the first album by this young Sardinian band, was born after a trip to Chiapas (Mexico) from the intense melancholy we feel when we left a place in which we know a part of our heart will remain forever. A place which sometimes can not be found in maps. Probably, if you want to find this lost pieces of the heart fo Chichimeca members you have to look at the eyes of some of its long suffering inhabitants or even search for in the words fo a hooded Comandante claiming for the right of his people to possess the land they work in.

From a meeting, a cross and a mixture grows an album whose roots deeply sink in the intense Mediterranean flavor of the Sardinian folk at the same time it opens its arms to the vivid coloring of South American traditional rhythms. Barbari's sounds is as bastard as fertile, a life's explosion filled with poetic echoes, with the fireworks fo joy but also with a kind of sweet sadness subtly coating most of its songs.

Chichimeca comes to increase this new generation of young bands fighting against all conventionalisms of folk. Slowly firing traditional Sardinian music and mixing it with the sound of mariachis playing a milonga or a frontier pasodoble. Giving the beautiful voice of Claudia Cabruzza to those that usually don't have. Turning true beauty into a weapon against social unfairness.

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