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Llangres: Stura Llangres

An Asturian band emphasises the Celtic connection in its instrumentation (flute, harp, bagpipes, fiddle, guitar, mandolin and bodhran), but remains distinctly Asturian in its concept and delivery. With guests on bouzouki, bass, tambor, percussion and midi-guitar on a few tracks, the pallette is broad. Most of the songs are instrumental, but a few include vocals, including a track by the excellent Marta Elola.

Ca La Zarramica
Ca La Piesca
Deva (with Marta Elola)

The band says:
cd coverThe folk music band Llangres was born in Asturies, a country placed in the north of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain), which belongs to the old Celtia countries placed in the Atlantic Finisterres.

In our country a strong and powerful cultural movement in defense of the musical heritage, involving Celtic music, has been growing along this last years. Llangres belongs to this movement,being part of the last generation Celtis misic bands.

From its creation in 1999, Llangres has adopted a clear position for the asturian tradicional music. Llangres tries to recreate traditional topics. but their aim are their own compositions. Llangres' digest is mainly composed by their own songs and compositions.

The musicians:
Yago Prado (harp, acustic guitar and bass pedal)
He was born in Oviedo on the 9th July 1981. He starts studying clasic guitar at the age or 8 in Oviedo´s Conservatoire and obtains his elemental graduation on this instrument in Sama´s Conservatoire, where he meets Hector and David. At the end of 2000 begins to play the harp as an autodidact, instrument with wich he obtained a great answer from the public and with wich he recently recorded a CD with Mari Luz Cristobal (famous singer) edited by Fonoastur.

Viriu Fernández (bodhran)
He was born on the 5th August 1983. He lives in Mieres where he learns playing the bodhran as an autodidact from 1998. He joins the band on the begining of 2000. He also plays the bagpipe in the music band "Mieres del Camín", where he learns from Borja Baragaño and Jose Angel Hevia.

Héctor Braga(mandolin, fiddle and cello)
He was the one who founded the band. He was born in Langreo on the 7th October 1980. He starts playing mandolin as an autodidact when he was 6 years of age, and he started playing fiddle when he was 19. He studies cello in Sama´s Conservatoire, where he has the idea of starting with the band with his friends Yago and David. He also plays the asturian bandurria, with wich he works recovering traditional repertoire for this instrument. He colaborated on the recording of "Xaranzaina´s" (L´aguañaz) and "Al otru llau´s" (Emi Odeon)discs.

Borja Baragaño (Asturian bagpipe and uilleann pipes)
He was born in Oviedo on the 21th June of 1978 and lives in Mieres, where he starts playing the bagpipe with Jose Angel Hevia on 1988. He adquires experience in the "Mieres del Camin" and Villaviciosa´s bagpipe bands. He starts joining the band on 2000. he plays uilleann pipe´s as an autodidact for three years now. At the moment he teaches bagpipe in Mieres and courses flute in Sama´s Comservatoire.

David Martín (flute)
He was born in Oviedo on the 16th July 1977 and lives in the Riaño Poligon. He starts his flute studies at the age of 8 in Langreo´s music school. He finishes he´s elemental graduation on this instrument in Sama´s Conservatoire. He´s the band´s grandad.

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