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Please note!
Most of our CDs have been imported from Europe or Asia. They are not all shrink-wrapped, and I am not going to con you by wrapping them here just to make you think they have been sterilized in America. I guarantee that the CDs and the contents are all brand new and in perfect condition. Whenever I can, I use recycled shipping materials. They may not look as pretty on the outside, but they save money and keep the trash dumps a little bit emptier.
Thanks- Cliff, cdRoots


  New titles

Listen to the Roots

Here are some of the Real Audio streams that are available so you can hear the fuller beauty and richness of the music I offer. If you click on the images in your Real Player, you will be able to read more about the artists, and hear some more short samples from the rest of the recording. These various programs are updated regularly, and will somtimes contain music not available in the catalog (sometimes its good to hear things you cannot have!). These audio streams are made possible via the online magazine RootsWorld's RootsRadio programs.

cdRootsRadio: the general, anything goes channel, with folk, roots, jazz, traditional and modern music in a marvelous global jumble.

Voices: a program of music from around the world that focuses on the human voice in many styles

North Waves: Nordic roots and fronds

Regional programs:
Africa (general)
More programs are added all the time, so check back regularly.

Instrumental passions:
Jew's with horns and other myths (brass bands and more)
The accordion and free reed instruments
The bagpipes
The Kantele: the Finnish folk harp (and other similar zithers from the north of Europe)

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