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Yannis Aggelakas
Loser Takes All - O Hamenos Ta Pairnei Ola

Music composed by a member of the influential Greek pop band, The Trypes. It is a moody mix of ambiance and rock, tinged with jazz, rembetika and other Greek folk idioms, and with a quirky, 1960s quality befitting of the film but quite interesting as stand-alone performance. (Notes are in Greek only.)

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"Loser Takes All" is the soundtrack to a Greek film dealing with losers, rock personas, femmes fatales and 'inter-generational solidarity against oppression' (in the words of the director) and general mayhem, by Yannis Aggelakas, leader of the most famous Greek rock band, "Trypes" (a ka the Holes). In this soundtrack, however, Aggelakas overcomes the rules and regulations of rock music and delivers a multi-fronted record that flirts with many different styles and especially dance music with snippets of ethnic. Similar in spirit to Brasileiro by Nikos Portokaloglou, this is a record that is rooted both in tradition and innovation and provides a different facet of contemporary Greek music. - Nondas Kitsos

Press from the label:
Every music fan in Greece knows Yiannis Aggelakas as the leader and singer, of the country's premier rock band, THE TRYPES. Worshipped and adored, Yiannis Aggelakas now is an iconic figurehead, with a fertile and coloured past. He has now opened a new chapter in his illustrious career by tackling a soundtrack of the film “O Hamenos Ta Pernei Ola ”. This film, directed by Nikos Nikolaides —also stars Aggelakas himself and recently had its premier at the prestigious Thessalonika Film Festival to rave reviews. This soundtrack is a welcome diversion for Aggelakas who creates a heavy and moody musical landscape far removed from his rock days and that also proves to us he can slice out a versatile slab of music. This mysterious soundtrack gem masterfully envelops the film imagery thus creating the perfect harmonious visual &aural relationship for the viewer. This lengthy opus is mainly an instrumental affair and is peppered with numerous Balkan &Eastern influences —a classy and assured cinematic testament and a tantalising work by its own merit. Yiannis Aggelakas has made a smooth transition to a previously untapped creative side and ensures we now will have a fixed anticipation for quirkier and purposefully brittle melodies.

About the director, Nikos Nikolaidis
Born in Athens in 1940. Studied film directing and stage design. Worked for a record company and also directed commercials. Apart from the feature films he has scripted and directed, Nikos Nikolaidis is also a writer and has had the following novels published: "The Gravedigger", "The Angry Balkan" and "Pigs in the Wind".

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