Lamia Bedioui and the Desert Fish
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cd cover Lamia Bedioui and the Desert Fish
Athamra (artist release)
cdRoots Code: lb-1

A journey around the Mediterranean - the Inner sea of the Greeks, the Mare Nostrum of the Romans, the Bahr El Abiadh of the Arabs.

Bedoui and company travel the seas from Italy to Algeria, from Tunisia to Greece, from Marseilles to Sicily, in search of sounds from the tradition they can make their own.

''...Greek-based Tunisian singer Lamia Bedioui treats the traditions she draws from with the musical respect they deserve while still maintaining her own sound throughout." - fRoots

"Ela Mar"
"Sti Filaki"
"Lo Guarracino"
"A La Srir Ennoum"
"Mau Marideia"


More info:

  • Lamia Bedioui : Singing , Narration
  • Giorgos Vournas : Oud , Guitar, Kaval (Flute) , Mandolin , Ney , Vocals
  • Loukia Konstantatou : Qanun , Vocals
  • Dimitris Chiotis : Cretan Lyra , Guitar with bow , Lute , Vocals
  • Yiannis Eustathopoulos : Percussions


  • El mar music : Loukia Konstantatou , lyrics : Cecilia Joyce
    1. Sea
  • Sti filaki Traditional from Asia Minor
    2. In jail
  • Lo guarracino Traditional from Naples , Italy
    3. Coracino
  • A la srir ennoum Old song from Tunisia c.1920
    4. In his arm
  • Mau marideia Traditional from Marseilles , France
    5. The hapless wife
  • I pirati a Palermu Song from Sicilia , Italy
    6. The pirates in Palermo , music : Rosa Balistreri , lyrics : Ignazio Buttita
  • Yia kalbi Traditional from Algeria
    7. Intro 8. My heart
  • Kato stou valtou Traditional from Greece
    9. Down at the swamp
  • Gerineldo Sephardic romance
    10. Gerineldo
  • Ana radhik Old song from Tunisia c.1920
    11. Tell me, coquette Salouni aalache Traditional from Morocco
    12. Intro 13.The wedding
  • To oniro music : Lamia Bedioui , text : Lamia Bedioui
    14. The dream

    Lamia Bedioui is a Tunisian singer and story teller, living in Greece since 1992. She studied Economics at the University of Tunis where she gained her Bachelorís and Masterís degree. She studied music and singing at the Tunis Conservatory and at the National Conservatory of Athens. She has also attended many body-movement, voice-training and theater workshops.

    From 2002 until 2010, she participated at the Vocal Arts Workshop under the Greek baritone Spyros Sakkas.

    In 2012, she graduated from the story-telling School of Athens (Center for myth and fairy tales studies).She is a founding member of the House of Oral tradition " Mythologio "

    Her professional career in singing started in 1995. Her repertoire embraces mainly traditional music and songs from the countries around the Mediterranean as well as contemporary vocal compositions . She has collaborated with many Greek and international singers, musicians and performers of the Ethnic and Jazz music scenes such as Savina Yiannatou , Jon Balke, Wouter Vandenabeele, El jazzeera, Estudiantina Orchestra,Nikos KipourgosÖ

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