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cd cover Paris To Kyiv
Fragmenti (Olesia)

The 2005 release by this Canada based, Ukraine inspired global music ensemble. Marvelous music, a first rate ensemble of Julian Kytasty, Richard Moody, Paul Yee, Christian Dugas, Alan Schroeder and Rodrigo Muņoz and of course, the voice of Alexis Kochan, all contribute to make this CD highly recommended.

Golden Years
Variations On A Three Note Dance (Part One)


Alexis Kochan - voice
Julian Kytasty - bandura, sopilka vocals
Richard Moody - violin, viola, guitar, voice,
Paul Yee - bass, fretless bass, guitar
Christian Dugas - percussion
Alan Schroeder - voice
Rodrigo Muņoz - guitar
Michael Thompson - voice

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'The fifth disc from Alexis Kochan and Paris To Kyiv finds the world music group evolving yet again. Kochan often speaks of "Prairie voices" reinterpreting ancient melodies and lyrics, and a solid roster of contributors makes this beautifully packaged album a charming treasure. Julian Kytasty, Richard Moody, Paul Yee, Christian Dugas, Alan Schroeder and Rodrigo Muņoz all join Kochan on this outing, each adding his own personality to the enchanting whole. This is haunting and soothing world music that will transport you to the steppes of the Ukraine, where lonely shepherds play the violin while watching their sheep. Paris To Kyiv has recently signed a distribution deal with Poland's Koka label, which is promising because more people need to hear this music.' - Uptown Magazine

  • 1. Bells
  • 2. Golden Years
  • 3. Dream
  • 4. Village Fiddle
  • 5. Oj U Lisi
  • 6. Variations On A Three Note Dance (Part One)
  • 7. Oj Na Nebi Oblaczko
  • 8. Village Electric
  • 9. Call
  • 10. Bells
  • 11. Variations On A Three Note Dance (Part Two)
  • 12. Oj U Poli Mohyla
  • 13. Trans-Siberian Blues
  • 14. Oj U Poli Mohyla (Response)
  • 15. Harmoniques
  • 16. Dark Bird
  • 17. Oj U Poli Mohyla (Reprise)

Press from the ensemble:
On Fragmenti, the first international release from Paris To Kyiv, the signature Ukrainian folk poetry, chants, prayers and song fragments merge with electric, acoustic and classical sounds. Neatly contrasting its title, it's likely the most cohesive of all works from Alexis Kochan and her collaborators. Fragmenti sees Canadian-born singer and culture maker, Alexis Kochan evolving Ukrainian sounds into a universal sonic tapestry. With one foot firmly on Canadian soil and the other foot in Eastern Europe, Kochan's work has uncovered a place in between.

For the past 10 years Kochan has been re-birthing lost Ukrainian folk sounds with two musicians - Violist/guitarist/singer/songwriter and Fragmenti producer, Richard Moody and bandurist and sopilka player, Julian Kytasty. These bards from different cultural worlds give Paris To Kyiv its unusual and distinct flavour.

Also partnering on this new work is overtone singing artist, Alan Schroeder who throws his vocal shadows onto many of the pieces. These are enriched by percussionists Christian Dugas and Rodrigo Munoz - who also contributes his Spanish guitar talents and vocals - and fretless bassist Paul Yee.

Kochan describes the new recording more as a body of work than a collection of songs.

"It's conceptual," she says. "Of all my projects, this one feels most like a film score. The bells that open the recording and reoccur from time to time immediately pull the listener into a sound environment that is at the same time ancient and modern, sacred and secular; a sound that is mysterious, haunting, perhaps even eerie; a sound which is so full of imagery that it begs for illustration."

"Like the previous Paris To Kyiv recordings, (Fragmenti) is a tapestry made up of Ukrainian folk poetry and musical elements - bits and pieces of the leftovers from times past - woven together with new threads - a new interpretation by a chosen group of musical collaborators creating new work that is distinctively Ukrainian."

"It's bold, truthful and definitely 'music in the cracks'," says Kochan. "It invites revisits - with each new listen something new may be heard."

"For the first time in my work I feel that I've moved beyond the Ukrainian psyche to a universal one. All (songs) are comments on the human experience. (It's) cathartic, mantra-like, almost healing in nature. I'm not sure but perhaps it's meant to heal the Ukrainian people - or to heal me."

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