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cd cover Kvarts
Steinsprang (Kvarts)
(cdRoots code kvarts-009)

The Norwegian new-trad quartet returned in 2009 with this mareklous group of interpretations of tradition. Three of the tunes here are composed by group members, the remainder are traditional Norwegian folk tunes from east, west, north and south. The members’ musical backgrounds range from classical to contemporary, via bluegrass and blues to Norwegian folk.

Jo-Asgeir Lie: accordion
Øystein Rudi: fiddle and mandolin
Tom Willy Rustad: bass, guitar, flute and jew's harp
Erlend Styve: guitar, dobro


Polanaise etter Anton Dalseg
Bruermarj fra Vesthold
The band says:
KVARTS, today one of best-known Norwegian folk music groups, with a unique profile. Kvarts stands in the crossfire between the traditional and the experimental, playing a wide variety of instruments and expressing joy in music making. The group’s CD’s and concerts have received high critical praise in newspapers, music magazines and radio. The members’ musical backgrounds range from classical to contemporary, via bluegrass and blues to folk music. This allows them to experiment and improvise without weakening their bonds to traditional folk music. The group have been supported since 2003 by Arts Council Norway’s funding for performing groups at a high artistic level.

Their first recording, called Kvarts, was released in spring, 1999, and received a Norwegian Spellmannspris award in 1999, and their second was nominated for the same award. Steinsprang, Kvarts’ fourth CD also received a Norwegian Spellmannspris award in 2006. The group has been contracted to compose several larger works and to perform these with other musicians, dancers and actors. Kvarts has participated in most of the large folk music festivals in Norway and Sweden and has performed for a variety of audiences both at home and abroad.

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