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cd cover Bulgara
bear's wedding (Elen Music)

A raw mix of Bulgarian 'wedding music,' jazz, rock and folk music performed with hyper-energy by seven great musicians on kaval, gayda (bagpipe), gadulka, tambourine, electricbass, drums and percussion. Additional studio and DJ effects, a smattering of keyboards and samples are also used with interesting results on some tracks, enhancing, not marring, the end result. It's ancient, modern, brilliant (and often humorous), and highly recommended.

Bear's wedding
Balkan flamenco
Sweet sadness
Romanian tango

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The musicians:
Kostadin Kostadinov - kaval (wooden flute)
Petyo Petrov - gayda (bagpipe)
Darinka Tsekova - gadulka (rebec)
Dimitar Hristov - tambourine
Chavdar Asenov - el.bass
Kilril Dobrev - drums
Stoyan Pavlov – percussion

The record label says:
The idea for the project Bulgara arose in a very unusual way. At a meeting in the studio the folklore specialist, the kaval player (shepherd’s flute) Kostadin Kostadinov and the heavy metal drum player Kiril Dobrev quickly found a common language. Gradually a concept was developing – to combine folklore with new sounds and rock.

A second ‘rhythm maniac’ Stoyan Pavlov on percussion and tupan and the rock bass guitar player Chavdar Asenov improved the strong groove of the new band.
The 23-year-old gudulka player (knee violin) Darinka Tsekova represents a wonderful enrichment and absolute discovery in Bulgara.

The group is complemented with two other famous folklore musicians Petyo Petrov on the gaida (bagpipe) und Dimitar Hristov on tambura, one of the most famous persons in the band.

The music mainly comes from Kostadin Kostadinov while some music developed in the studio and at the computer. In two years of hard work in the studio a specific sound was developing. Bulgara skilfully mixes vivid live music with modern grooves and beats like drum & bass. Apart from some samplings some elements of funk as well as uneven Balkan rhythms can be found in the groove.

The concerts of the band are unique live events and endless explosions for the audience. That is why these are absolutely in with the young audience in Bulgaria. In the time of cheap pop-folk productions many young people have discovered the true nature of the Bulgarian folklore here – which is creativity.

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