Ingrid Bjoner – Dr. Jonas Fjeld – Ola B. Johannesen: Neonlys på Wergeland (Neon Light on Wergeland)
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Ingrid Bjoner – Dr. Jonas Fjeld – Ola B. Johannesen
Neonlys på Wergeland (Neon Light on Wergeland) ()

Neon Light on Wergeland presents the Norwegian national (nationalist?) poet in an unusual musical light.

The singers are joined by
Violin: Atle Sponberg
Guitar: Frode Alnæs,
Keyboards: Henning Sommero
Keyboards: Haakon Manheim

Det forste kyss
Siste Reis
Det forste handtrykk

It is with great joy and deep affection that Kirkelig Kulturverksted now presents a re-release of "Neonlys på Wergeland" on CD.

Wergeland is a poet of such variety, complexity, depth and elusiveness that we shall never be able to totally come to grips with him, but will always be fascinated by him. He is one of those artists whose voice seems to call to us from the future, a poet who has elevated himself above the petty issues of our time.

The record "Neonlys på Wergeland" has no pretensions of giving the complete picture of Norway's great poet. Nevertheless, it offers exciting encounters with a number of familiar poems placed in a new light. It was released on vinyl in 1988 and received much acclaim at the time, as the duo of opera legend Ingrid Bjoner and rock musician Jonas Fjeld was a unique and rare combination of two so distinctively different musical worlds.

Our great diva and Wagner-interpreter Ingrid Bjoner may well have sung some Wergeland lyrics before, but never in such company as this. At the time, Dr. Jonas Fjeld had hardly sung in Norwegian before, but this time he would drop his laid-back country rock style to perform compositions written by lyrical composer Henning Sommerro. Henning Sommerro was given the daunting task of uniting three such unbridled greats as Wergeland, Bjoner and Fjeld. He was to write the tunes and the arrangements for sampler, synthesizer, percussion, guitar and violin, while also integrating the spoken word through actor Ola B Johannessen, who is the third of the artists featured on the record, and whose reading of Wergeland's poetry interweaves with the other two.

The Wergeland poems given new interpretations on the CD are:
1. Det første kyss (The First Kiss)
2. Blomsten (The Flower)
3. Det første håndtrykk (The First Hand-Shake)
4. Den første sommerfugl (The First Butterfly)
5. De tre (The Three)
6. Siste Reis (The Last Journey)
7. Til min gyldenlakk (To My Wallflower)
8. Til foråret (To Spring)
9. På hospitalet om natten (In the Infirmary at Night)
10. Småguttenes nasjonalsang (National Anthem for Small Boys)
11. Den første gang (The First Time)

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