Qvale's Ensemble / Grønn (Green)
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Qvale's Ensemble
Grønn (Green) (KKV)

An unusual pop recording from Norway features a unique singer backed by an adventurous ensemble, and produced by Farmers Market legend Stian Carstensen.

Frode Qvale – vocals and trumpet
Stein Inge Brækhus – drums
Magne Thormodsæther – double bass
Vidar Eldholm Olsen – piano
Bjarte Aasmul – guitar
Wenche Losnegård – vocals

Gamle damers vals

Press from the record label

Frode Qvale is a new green leaf on the blossoming tree of nascent Norwegian pop music. Singing in his distinctive Stavanger dialect, he is backed by an ensemble of musicians that are not afraid to get down and dirty.

For more than a year now Qvale's ensemble has been working on their debut album. Songwriter, singer and band leader Frode Qvale contacted KKV last summer with three demo songs. He and the band were so encouraged by our response to these songs that they literally ran back to the studio to record more songs.

The recording in Bergen was produced by Stian Carstensen, and the outcome is a tango-like cabaret rock reflecting a lot of care-free abandon.

The lyrics are written by Gunnar Roalkvam, who also has written songs for popular Norwegian singer Sigvart Dagsland. The songs are about falling in love and give glimpses into scenes of everyday life with a twist.

These are the eleven tracks featured on "Grønn" (Green): · Såpebobler (Soap Bubbles)
· Kjangsa med armen i gips (Taking Chances with Your Arm in a Cast)
· Gamle damers vals (Old Ladies' Waltz)
· Alle andre (Everybody Else)
· Ugraset tar gatene så tar me resten (First the Weeds Take the Streets then We Take the Rest)
· Ein liten snutt (A Little Bit)
· Blyge Harry (Shy Harry)
· Alt har ein ende men pølsa har to (Everything Has an End but a Hot Dog Has Two)
· Grønn forelskelse (Green Love)
· Mange blir mye (Many and Much)
· Snøklokker (Snow Bells)

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