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cd cover Transatlantic Non-stop, featuring Altiplano and Siyavush Kerimi ()

Altiplano from Ecuador and Chile and Siyavush Kerimi from Azerbaijan have created a unique and uplifting recording together. 'Salam-Hola' was the working title of the project, suggesting just what you hear, a striking mix of South American moods and Brazilian samba twists, sliding into the oriental Mugam improvisations with unexpected turns. The Andes and Caucasus seem to have an affinity, at least when brought together by these musicians. It seems like s strange mix, but listen and be surprised by how well the whole thing came together.


Galaliyam / El Guaranguito

Altiplano from Ecuador/Chile and Siyavush Kerimi from Azerbaijan have created an explosive party record of musical fireworks where East meets West.

"Salam Hola" was the descriptive working title of the project, suggesting just what you hear, a striking mix of tropical salsa moods and Brazilian samba twists, seamlessly sliding into the hottest oriental Mugam improvisations. Its a bit like riding a wild roller coaster with unexpected turns that tickle your musical fancy. But it feels so natural that you would think these musicians from such widely different regions as the Andes and Caucasus have been playing the same gigs for decades.

The eleven tracks on the new CD have been produced and arranged by Siyavush Kerimi in cooperation with the leader of Altiplano, Mauricio Vicencio. The record includes new material and traditional music from the East and West. A number of musicians and singers from Azerbaijan perform on a variety of flutes, string and percussion instruments from the Andes and Kamancha, and the balaban, tar and piano from the Caucasus.

Altiplano from Chile and Ecuador consists of: Mauricio Vicencio (vocals, guitar, quena, pan flute, zamponia, quarto, tiple, charrango), Fernando Villablanca (vocals, quena, zamponia, charrango, quarto, percussion), Estalin Gonzales (vocals, quena, percussion, bass guitar) and Estanislao Cruz (vocals, quena, guitar, zamponia, drums).

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