Henning Sommerro - Sullabullyam CD
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cd cover Henning Sommerro
Sullabullyam (KKV)

Pianist and vocalist Henning Sommerro sings and plays his own original songs, with lyrics by Edvard Hoem. Since the 1970s Sommerro and Hoem have been collaborating on hymns and songs from Biblical sources to comment on the contemporary world. Hans Fredrik Jacobsen plays flutes and Edvard Hoem recites the lyrics on one track.


The record label says:
Henning Sommerro sings his own songs with lyrics by Edvard Hoem.

Since the 1970s Henning Sommerro and Edvard Hoem have been a creative duo with an impressive production of hymns and songs based on the Biblical universe and our contemporary world picture.

The wide use of hymns like ”The Impoverished God” and ”Evening Hymn” is proof of their popularity. Singing and accompanying himself on piano, Henning Sommerro performs 15 of the duos hymns and songs on the CD ”Sullabullyam”. Hans Fredrik Jacobsen plays flutes and Edvard Hoem recites the lyrics on one of the tracks.

The brilliant ”Catch the Sweet Scent of Summer” (written for the opening of the Ivar Aasen Centre) undoubtedly has the potential to be taken warmly into the hearts of all Norwegians. In this era of programmed drums and media hype, thoughtful songs with piano and flute accompaniment perhaps go against the grain, but what a welcome and delightful treat for the discerning listener; these songs really deserve your close listening!

We recommend this album highly to all those who believe in the power and beauty of good lyrics and good melodies. We promise, youll be swept away by all 15 songs on “Sullabullyam”.

1. Sullabulyam
2. Kjærleikens ferjereiser - The Ferry Crossing
3. Sommarfuglens nasjonalsong - National Anthem for Butterflies
4. Han skapte deg i dag - He created you today
5. På ein strand - On a beach
6. Vårt sorglause år - Our carefree year
7. Stormvarsel - Storm warning
8. Fang sommarens ange - Catch the Sweet Scent of Summer
9. Lær meg å telje mine dagar - Teach me to count my days
10.Den fattige Gud - The Impoverished God
11.Du ropar på oss, mor - We hear you crying mother
12. Kveld etter regn - Evening after rain
13. Kom heim Come home
14. Eg trudde mine dagar - I spent my days
15. Kveldssalme - Evening hymn

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