Haci Tasan / Alli Turnam (Archive Series)
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Haci Tasan Haci Tasan
Alli Turnam (Archive Series) (Kalan)

Archival recordings of the Turkish baglama master


  1. Alli Turnam
  2. Bugun Ayin Isigi
  3. Degirmenin Bendine
  4. Bizim Elden Goctu M'ola
  5. Giden Ay Tutulur Mu?
  6. Aksamdan Mi Gectin
  7. Billur Piyalelim
  8. Arzu Kamber Halayi
  9. Actim Perdeyi De
  10. Keskin Samahi
  11. Pencereden Bakiyor
  12. Acil Ey Omrumun Vari
  13. Yaylalar Icinde
  14. Ankara'da Yedim Taze Meyvayi
  15. Cavus
  16. Cerit Bozlagi
  17. Ne Guzel Yakismis
  18. Lirayi Bozdurayim


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