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cd cover Jienat
Mira (Artist-released, Norway)

An exploration of Sámi roots that is totally non-traditional, completely global and thoroughly original. Composed, arranged and recorded by Norwegian musician Andreas Fliflet, the musicians and singers on this project explore the world to find new ways to express old emotions and ideas. I urge you to LISTEN!

This music is made in the northern most town on Earth - Hammerfest, Norway, less than 20 lines of latitude from the North Pole. The recording studio is 150 metres from the edge of the arctic ocean. Some lyrics are in languages that are spoken by merely 5- 600 persons.

The disc is sold as a twin-pack – one CD/SA-CD that will play in any regular CD player plus providing 2.0 stereo or 5.1 surround in SA-CD players, and one Blu-Ray disc. The Blu-Ray have two options as well: Stereo or 5.1 Surround. Both are in 96KHz/24 bit resolution. It is apparently the first Blu-ray release outside the classical vein to be recorded in high definition true 5.1 surround sound. It is also one of the ten first releases worldwide on the Pure Audio Blu-Ray format.


Track info and more audio samples here


The press on Jienat:
Since brilliant art needs exclusive framework, this phenomenal music is available as a rare multichannel Audio Blu-ray! -Folker, Germany

This music is deep, vestigial and organic – what ‘World Music’ tries to be but often misses. -Sound Travels, USA

Both instruments and voices have been recorded stunningly well, and the result is incredibly immersive even in stereo. -Sound On Sound, UK

Artists [..] have combined joiking with contemporary sounds, but no one has updated it so sincerely and acoustically as Jienat. -SoundRoots, USA

If you are like us - and have / enjoy a lot of different kinds of music and are always looking for something that is not the same old derivative this or that - and yet at the same time is very very high quality sound - then you need this. -Audio Federation, USA

Being the good shaman of voice and sound, Andreas Fliflet leads us from surprise to surprise, giving new meaning to the songs of the North -Ethnotempos, France

It is music like this that truly inspires us here at World Music Headquarters. -Village 900AM, Canada

A superb album [..] A wolehearted thank you to Jienat for making this unique album of its genre available -AVHD, France

This digital piece of art is perfect to reflect the ice cold music the band plays. [..] A new step in the history of Jienat and again a surprising one. -FolkWorld, Germany

All in all a very exciting release from Jienat, both musically and sonically. -Audiophile, Norway

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