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CD cover image Nohavica, Kočko, Putzlacher, Lipus
Těšínské Niebo - Cieszyńskie Nebe (Indies, Czech Republic)

A Czech ensemble - singer Jaromír Nohavica, poet Renata Putzlacher, musician Tomáš Kočko and director Radovan Lipus – artists who have a close relationship to Tešínské Slezsko region of the Czech Republic - stage a performance with with the actors of Czech and Polish Tešínský Theatre based on the songs of Jaromír Nohavica. Accompanied by a small theater orchestra (piano, accordion, guitar, reeds and strings)

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Bláznivá Markéta


The press from the label:
We are very proud of the currently released title. Folk singer Jaromír Nohavica, poetess Renata Putzlacher, musician Tomáš Kočko, director Radovan Lipus – four very renowned and excellent artists who have a close relationship to Tešínské Slezsko (region of the Czech Republic) – have decided that they would stage with the actors of Czech and Polish stage of Tešínské divadlo (Tešínský Theatre) a musical performance, the basis of which would be the songs of Jaromír Nohavica.

It can be said about Jaromír Nohavica that he is a bard playing guitar or mouth organ and belongs among legends of Czech folk music. At the same time it is necessary to add that he is also one of the most successful artists in the Czech Republic at present. He won many prices and his songs have become real hits that have been played by radio as well as by people in privacy on guitar. His last common album was several weeks TOP 1 in sales and it still has been in TOP 40 and 100 thousand of records have been sold.

New album, which we would like to present to you, is an attempt to turn back at the past events with nostalgia and humor and cast our minds back to the true and also mythic characters bound with the Tešín region. The album has been released in an exclusive digipack with an extensive booklet. CD includes not only famous hits in new arrangements of Tomáš Kocko, but also never released songs of Jaromír Nohavica.

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