Earth-Wheel-Sky Band - Waltz Rromano
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Earth-Wheel-Sky Band
Waltz Rromano (Asphalt Tango - Piranha)

After almost 40 years on stage, Olah Vince, a legend in Novi Sad, is taking Earth-Wheel-Sky-Band into the future. The group's instrumentation is pretty basic for a gypsy band: guitar, violin, cimbalom, double bass, percussions, voice and no electronic gadgets or keyboards. In their musical world, expression is everything. Olah Vince, a Gypsy activist, is doing things like trying to establish Gypsy radio in Novi Sad to further the cause, but the band is all he really needs. This band's last recording was a big hit here at cdRoots. This one lives up to expectations!

Azija Rromansa
Music Rroman
Choro Rrom

Vince Olah - guitar, violin, vocals
Varga Karlo - violin
Toplica Ramiz - percussion
Michael Kurina - cimbalom
Ferenc Kurina - double bass

with special guest: Boban Markovic - trumpet

Also by Earth Wheel Sky Band: Rroma Art

The record label says:
After almost 40 years on stage, legendary figure of musical scene in Novi Sad, Olah Vince is stepping big step forward, with his band. Basic instrumentation, guitar, violin, cymbalom, doublebass, percussions, voice, no electronic gadgets or keyboards, simple, but pleasurable indeed. Even "India" is involved. Or the old song from Southern Serbia, re-arranged, but with maestro Boban Markovic on trumpet. Expression is everything, they know how to slow down or lift you up. While Vince had his own bands for ages or collaborated with many local musicians (currently he is a member of Boris Kovac's LaDaABa Orchest), some of his band members performed with Lajko Felix and some also with their own bands. Region of Serbia where they are living, called Vojvodina is part of Panonia, where influences are so mixed, and them, being Gypsies can make something creative out of that. Olah Vince, the Gypsy activist, is not satisfied to live one life, he is helping others, trying to establish Gypsy radio in Novi Sad, but he cannot live without playing music. Are we not all Gypsies? Listen to this music, dance, shout be Gypsy, be free.

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