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Sinikka Langeland (born 1961) is a kantele player, singer and composer from Finnskogen in eastern Norway. Her family, however is from Karelia, Finland, and this unique mix of musical cultures is the signature of her music.

About Sinikka (from The Norwegian Traditional Music Agency)

Sinikka Langeland is a singer and player of the kantele, the traditional Finnish plucked zither. She draws her inspiration from the folk music traditions of Solør and the Finnskogen area of Norway, an area close to the Swedish border which has had a strong Finno-Ugric culture since the 1600's. Her main emphasis is on mystical songs and the tradition of the Kalevala, but she also includes in her repertory ballads from the Middle Ages and has uncovered hitherto unknown material from Solør and Eastern Norway. Sinikka accompanies her singing on a chromatic kantele with 38 strings. She works together with other folk and jazz musicians, and she also composes, having produced works commissioned by the Hedmark Theater and NRK, the Norwegian National Broadcasting. Her singing and playing has been featured in television and radio programs. Other Recordings:
Langt innpå skoga (Deep in the Forest)
Runoja (2002)
Strengen var af røde gull (The String was of Red Gold)
Det syng - ballader på vandring (Singing - Wandering Ballads) (with Agnes Buen Garnås et al.)
Lille Rosa - kjærlighetsballader (nominated to the Norwegian Grammy, Spellemannprisen)

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